MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #4(Page 35)

Posted: 2017-03-23T08:22:22Z
Nice update
Waiting for next update.  . .
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Posted: 2017-03-23T08:46:35Z
I get this beautiful feel when I read ur update... like detached from everything
Just in this world.. where I feel those flashing lights hear that chahel pahel of busy 51st street
& this sudden churn in the stomach with the distant look on mans face & the sudden chill of their hug
Love it Clap
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Posted: 2017-03-23T09:07:24Z
Loved the update. Ana and geets friendship going through the testing times. And geet realising how maan has always been there for her, through thick and thins, and that she has not been able reciprocate that. Loved their hug at the end.
@muskanp - loved ur comment on this update. You described exactly what even I felt abou the update :)
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Posted: 2017-03-23T09:23:23Z
Great part
maan taking care n supporting geet super
Geet growing up thinking abt maan as she dont know abt him anything
Thinking annie will not be angry on geet..

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Posted: 2017-03-23T10:25:11Z
Wonderful update.
Loved it.
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Posted: 2017-03-23T11:17:27Z

wow lovely superb amazing date dear..te way  ana ki anger thinking geet hide it from her eyes she is indeed a sensitive girl and geet trying to talk with her but she ignoring her was lovely emotional..omg monster khurana blasting his geet and taking her for diner omg,, wat kind of person he is..te way he cheering geet and making her smile was lovely but he was lost in some thing wat bothers him..te way geet thinking he did everything for her but wat she did to my my maan asking her to talk with ana and geet ki heart just flipped seeing my maan ki gestues for her and hugging him was lovely amazing scenes..i love te update so much yar

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Posted: 2017-03-23T11:30:09Z
Hey thanks for the update.its such a pleasant time for me to see the new update and while reading getting curious for the next turn

Very well written but I'm in curious about what maan has in his heart to share with geet by seeing his current succession point and feeling empty hand is something to think about

Waiting for next ANXIOUSLY
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Posted: 2017-03-23T11:43:09Z
Geet buri fassiLOL. First Arjun (though she some how convince him) & now anaLOL. Annie ain't gonna leaver her this easily.
What a lovely moment b/w maan & geet which geet so politely broke by saying this lone thing which must have put smile on everyone's face, "We don't have a picture together".LOL

Such an overwhelming update i'm confuse what to mention & what to not. Honestly i haven't read anywhere in IF so deeply about someone's emotion that it felt they're very much of your own as if you can feel all of that.
What geet did i can understand, she didn't tell ana & kabir about her financial crises knowing they'll help her without any second thoughts & she didn't want to take help as they have already done so much for her & as of now she wants to do things for herself on her own. & as her friends, that too so close, they have a right to be angry on her. But ana's condition is way too different in this matter. geet had been always there for her & now this guilt of not being able to help out her friend or not having any slightest idea about her financial condition, can understand that very much.
I'm at a loss of words for maan here. He's a complicated person yet such a darling. Despite her being silly at work, which cost him a deal, he didn't forget about her feelings & to make her feel better he brought her to one of his best place for diner.Embarrassed
I admire how they both care for each-other & those close moments together though their relation still being just to Friends. Surely things are more than friends b/w them but sometimes it's best to not name a relation b/w two & just go with flow, but when reality hit things become messy.
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