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Originally posted by dqno1

the tenderest of love!

I love it... I feel like I am submerged in them..

lovely writing Aish

it leaves goosebumps 

shukriya shukriya...Embarrassed

You caught up??Shocked you are pretty phassttt Wink
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@Sheen: zuban nahi kaapi?ShockedShocked
kya dialog maara sheen... wah wah... kaabil-e-tareef mohtarma...
tum tho mujhse bhi badi nautanki nikliCool
haiye forehead kiss se neend udd gayi?Shocked
aage tera kya hoga kaliya?Wink

@saadi88: hey... so good to see someone asking about Kabir.Big smile
he is one of my favorites!
Emily will be making an entry soon dear... very soon.Wink

@Rashmi di:
mein late ho gayi... sorry.
Welcome to my thread!! your comments are adorable dii just like youHug

@Madhuri di: doubt..well yes! she isn't thinking about love
because the last time she thought about it, she was almost destoryed!Ouch

@ALL: You guys are wonderful...
EmbarrassedThanks a ton for all the love and support.

40.And Here He Was, Fighting Battles For Her...

She sat with her brother, lost in her thoughts. Her friend had been lying to her all this time and how foolish she had been to not notice! Wrapped up in her own world of studies, internships and her tryst with Arjun, she realized she had been a failure as a friend to Geet. She meant so much to her and guilt, including anger, sat heavy on her heart. she was angry at Geet, yes, that was legit but this guilt was something that weighed her down.

Maan watched his sister staring at the floor for a long time and closed his laptop.


She didn't reply.

"Ana..." he called out louder, gaining her attention.

"Yes are saying something?" she blinked her eyes a couple of times to get away with the thin film of tear that had gathered over her eyes without her knowledge.

"If it is bothering you so much, go ahead and talk to her."

Ana gulped down that knot in her throat and shook her head, "No. that isn't necessary. Let us finish this now and I will go home. I am tired."

He sighed and walked towards his sister and stood beside her. Caressing her head with his palm, he tried to make her understand, "You aren't in the right state of mind right now. Just talk to her and clear things up Antara. The more you keep it in your heart, the more it hurts."

She sighed and hugged him by his waist, "I will bhai. But I really want to clear my head right now. I will head home."

He saw her off and looked at her cabin through the blinds. She had been restless all this time, and she was on alert the moment she realized Ana had walked out.

Geet rushed out and stood in front of Ana, looking at her apologetically, "Ana please... I am sorry."

Ana looked away, "Leave me alone for some time Geet."

She walked away but Geet held her hand, "Ana, don't shut yourself from me. I wanted to tell you..."

Ana pulled her hand away and walked off, leaving her in a turmoil of her own making. the confrontation of a few minutes back had left her on wet clay for she knew not how her friend would react. Ana was a sensitive girl, she knew well. When Ana had caught her working, she had asked her of her deeds and she had honestly confessed that she had been working in KE for almost a week now. Ana had been as hurt as she had been angry. She even confessed about her baking and the fact that she had lied to hide the truth. Ana shouted and screamed and gave her an earful and then retreated back to Maan's cabin. She went to talk to her but Ana had refused the presence of Maan's PA when she was with her brother.

She knew Ana was not in the best of her moods right now and she felt sad. She should have told her... she could have saved both of them from this! It had never been like this between them. Ana did so much for her and Geet realized the importance of her presence in her life.

That night, Ana refused to pick her calls and she never came to pick her up for college the next day. Surprisingly, it was the first day that Ana had skipped college as per her knowledge. She went to work and remained distracted. It was just Friday night and she had no idea how to confront Ana. Unable to sleep, she sat down to study. Working and attending college had been taking a toll on her studies. She pinged Ana and found her offline! She felt helpless! Frustrated, she threw her pen away and fell on her desk.

Saturday morning hadn't been welcoming. She had no college but she had to work because Maan worked. she dragged herself out of the bed and the first thing she saw was her phone, hoping Ana called or even texted back. But there was

She kept messing up in the office and he had been trying to be patient. but when she forwarded the wrong figures to him, he lost it. He hadn't been in the best of his moods owing to a negotiation with the telecom company he had been working with. The meeting failed miserably and he threw the phone on the floor angrily.
She jumped in fear and gaped at him, shocked and scared.

"What the hell have you been doing Geet? You sure know better than this! Do you think I hired you so that I can keep correcting your mistakes?"

She had never seen him this angry... or maybe she had seen better... back when he had come to her door, looking for his sister. She gulped the throat down her throat and looked down, "I..I am sorry... I wasn't paying attention."

He banged his hands on his desk, "Not paying attention? Yeah right! When you do ever do that? You don't want to work then just get out..."

He closed his eyes and left a long dragging breath. This was insane! He walked to his floor-to-ceiling window and watched the setting sun over the Big Apple.

She felt the corner of her eyes burn, not because of his anger but the fact that she wasn't proving good to anyone. Collecting her notepad, she walked out, feeling extremely upset about everything. it was weekend and she was slogging. She wanted to run to the estates and see for herself if Ana was okay but she couldn't until she was done with the work. She had known about the failed negotiations and that she had messed up a few times and there was nothing that could help her through this!

it was an hour or more later that he closed his laptop and checked the time. It was 7 already and the dusk was in passing. He looked towards her cabin and found the blinds closed. He took a sharp breath in and held his head in stress.

What was he doing?

He picked up his coat and phone and walked towards her cabin. Knocking once, he entered her cabin and watched her sit amidst files, reading something.

She stood up immediately, "Sir, you need something?"

Her face had paled and there was nothing he could do to undo the past. That was how he was.

"Wrap up. We are heading home."

Her brows shot up, "I am not done with the work you gave me Sir. Please go

"You don't want to go home? Everyone is leaving."

"I will finish this and then head home."

He held her captive with his gaze, "Miss Handa, do what you are asked to. Keep the files. Work on them on Monday. You are coming with me."

She wondered where he was taking her. but nevertheless, she was in no mood to argue.

"I will be right there sir."

He walked out without glancing back. She fell back on the chair, the mental and physical exhaustion catching up to her. Working and attending college together wasn't easy. She'd run to office the moment she was done with college and then run back home late in the evening and study for her mid-terms till late night. And then she'd be up early, ready to face college.

Stretching herself, she picked up her bag and walked slowly towards the gates where he waited.

Kanha... I don't understand this man at all!

She quietly sat beside him and they drove off in silence. She rolled down the window and rested her head on the window pane, breathing in the fresh air and her eyes fell on him, quietly driving somewhere she knew not of. He seemed stressed, his forehead still wrinkled, she realized he was still upset about the failed negotiation. His one hand, she noticed rested on the window pane while the other controlled the steering. The metallic watch on his free hand shined every time a vehicle on the front flashed light. The cuffs of his shirt had slid down a little revealing his wrist that held the watch in spot. She could see that one vein underneath his skin, very prominently owing to the tension in his muscles.
A honk in front of them made her look around and she read the sign board.

Broadway??!!! How long have been driving?

She quickly looked at him and he seemed as poised as ever.


"Umm?" he replied, looking lost.

"why are we in Broadway?"

There was light all around and people flocking the lanes and pavements. The huge hoardings and posters of brands and new talent and plays and movies all sparkled in the glitz and sophistication of the place. They crossed the Marquis Theatre at the 45th Street and she could just gaze at it in awe. There it was, glowing in every kind of colourful lights and the name of the play was written in big bold letters- Peter Pan. She couldn't admire it longer for they trudged forward.

"Umm??" he answered her after a long pause and her attention went back to him. he still looked so unfazed by the lights and the crowd that she wondered if he had heard her at all. she shook her head and looked outside as they took a turn on the 51st street and stopped in front of a diner glowing in orange.

What are we doing here? We didn't have any meeting at this time Kanha!

He gave the key to the chauffer and walked towards her and gathered her in his arms.

"do we have a meeting here?" she asked finally.

His lips twitched and he smiled after a long time, a soft one albeit.

"No. we are here for something else!"

She looked confused, "something else?"

He chose not to answer and gestured her to look for herself. She did and glanced up to check the name of the place.

Ellen's Stardust Diner.

Okay.. she knew they would be having dinner but never had she imagined what she witnessed inside! The diner was nothing but a huge hall, shrouded with a Blue and yellow motif and the tables were spread throughout the place. There was a bar to one corner and a make-shift dais in the front. There were so many people around, laughing, talking, seemed every bit famous.

They settled at one corner and she looked up at him curiously, "I know about dinner but Maan, really, why?"

He kept the phone away and relaxed back on the chair, "you will know soon!"

She wondered what his motives were! To her, he was a mystery. She had never been able to understand his mind. She gave a little push to her brain and delved deeper into her thoughts until a singing voice distracted her.

She gaped at a funny costume wearing man standing in front of them, singing.

"Your orders please!"

She continued staring at the man in surprise and amusement.

Maan watched her and smiled, "Geet... order!"

She blinked slowly and looked at the menu and finished with the formalities. Once the waiter was gone, she looked at him all confused, "Maan, what is this weird place?"

He leaned forward and rested his weight on his elbows on the table, "we are at Ellen's Geet. One of the finest diners where you will find a singing and dancing waiting staff!"


"Yes. This is Broadway Geet... you cannot expect anything bland here. Everything has to have a bit of drama.."

Her eyes lit up in amusement when she saw a couple of girls wearing flashy poodle skirts go up the dais.

"..and this is famous of creating a lot of famous Broadway performers too."

She watched the girls sing and dance and entertain the crowd with their enthusiasm. She was awed with everything around. She couldn't even realize when their food had been served until the girls finished their routine and walked out.

"This is wonderful..." she squealed in delight.

He pressed his fork into the steak, "Isn't it? It is one of my most favourite places in New York."

"won't they perform another song? I love this place..."

He shrugged, "who knows! They might!"

She kept her hopes up and dug into her food. She was hungry as hell. She gulped down her crostini in quick succession and found him looking at her, amused.
His gaze was soft, tender like a simmering fire in a winter night and she found herself warming up to that look.

"Feeling better now?" he asked in all gentleness.

So this was all because she felt better?

Her eyes widened in surprise at first and then the reality of the day sunk into her.

"Are you?" she questioned back.

He narrowed his brows at her, "to be honest, No!"

He looked away into the distance and she kept looking at him for a while.

"Its just one negotiation Maan... let it go. you cannot do anything about it."

He shook his head, "No... its not about that! I was thinking something else.
Anyways, you tell me, have you talked to Ana yet?"

She found him a little distant from her, not like the usual one where he would answer anything she asked. His answer to her, was vague and held something else.

"No. she isn't taking my calls. I messed it up, haven't I?" she asked guiltily.

He nodded in agreement, "I had told you so! But then, everyone has his/her own way of learning and dealing with things."

"I feel guilty about it.." she sighed.

"If it makes you feel better, she isn't in a better condition either!"

"i know. I am extremely sorry about whatever i did. I should have told..."

"but then there is no point in crying over spilled milk!" he added.

"Maan..." she cried, keeping her fork away, "What do I do? She doesn't even want to speak to me."

"I will not interfere in this Geet. You should know how to deal with it."

There was another group of performers on the stage and her attention went back to them. a guitarist, a vocalist and a drummer made a medley of sorts of all the popular songs of the 90's and were cheered with applause and whistles. For a moment, Geet forgot about their conversation and lost herself in the fun. She clapped for the performers with a wide smile spread over her lips.

"Encore! Encore!!" she squealed with other customers who wanted the performers back and turned to tell him how beautifully they performed.

He kept his gaze focussed on something in the distant she knew not what! she realized then that he had been disturbed for a long time now. it was very unlikely of him to let his focus waver. She had known him that much! He had been too much angry back at the office and she wondered if he was that disturbed about his work!

"what are you thinking?" she asked finally, unable to see him so disconnected from everything.

"Nothing.." he shook his head and gulped down a sip of water.

She gave him a weak smile, "I am a good listener."

"I know."

"then speak!"

He took another bite of his crostini, "Its nothing of importance to you Geet."

"I know its not related to work. It is related to you, right?"


"Then of course it is important to me."

She swung his heart this time with her words and he gaped at her for a few seconds letting the feel sink in. Her soft glowing eyes looked straight into his.

"We were never like this Maan. Please don't do this. I know I cannot solve it... and I am probably not the best person to understand it, but still..."

Her hopeful eyes made forced him to open his mouth. She was right! They were never like this. They were two individuals with different backgrounds, different beliefs, different outlooks but they fell in sync like no other!

"Its something that had been on my mind for some time now." he spoke slowly and thoughtfully.

"That I know.." she replied in the same tone.

"its just that... sometimes when I look at what I have, I have this feeling of

His eyes, she saw again, was lost in the distance like they had been sometime

"Detachment? Like?"

"Like nothing is mine! What have I achieved? What I have is what I have inherited..."

The waiter interrupted with the bill and he ended the conversation leaving her confused. She had never known of such kind of a feeling... a feeling of detachment! He paid the bill and they walked out.

He unlocked the car and found her warm hand holding his arm. He turned back to face her; her face glowing in orange light splashing down the hoarding that held the name of the diner.

"I am going to treat you at this place the day I get my first salary."

He smiled and she found it beautiful...yet again! she could never get bored of it.
He leaned closer and gently patted her head, "I will be looking forward to that day."

He parted and gestured her to get in, which she eventually did and they drove off.
"But you have to work harder to see that day.." he mocked.

She twisted her lips, "I will but I doubt my boss will ever find anything good with me!"

He chuckled, almost forgetting the topic that had bothered him sometime back. She always did this to him!

"What is wrong with your boss?" he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes at the memory, "he screamed at me today for a silly thing!"

"Geet... that was silly. That is why he scolded you!"

Now they were talking!

"Really?" she complained, "then he needn't be so rude! He could have told me in a better way too!"

He held the steering in one hand and flicked her forehead with the other.

"Oww..." she caressed her head.

"If you allow your personal feelings to blend into your professional circle, he is bound to get angry. Haven't you understood him yet Geet?"

She wondered if she ever understood this man! She kept looking at him and thought of each of their interactions with him... the day she had informed him about her land issue; the time when she had gone searching for solace and had found him there; the time when she had cried out to him... he had always been there, known what she needed at that point, held her from falling down and she questioned herself!

What had she done for him? it felt shameful on her part that she had never known his heart... what troubled him or what made him happy... what music he liked or how did he deal with problems now that dadima wasn't there! she realized now that she had been a terribly ignorant girl! That is why he always asked her to look around her... know things! That is what he meant and it took her so long to understand!

The huge gates of the estates welcomed her sight and that is when she realized she wasn't at her home.

"Maan...why are we here? You were to drop me at my home right! What are you

He got down the car and threw the keys to the chauffeur. She followed him up the steps of the porch and held his hand, stopping him.

Scared and uncertain, she looked at him with confused eyes, "Why?"

All he did was smile gently, "Go, talk to her!"

She couldn't believe he did this for her!

Who is he kanha?

She had not thought on those terms and here he was, fighting battles for her... If not on the forefront but definitely a force behind all her victories she had tasted till now. She felt herself too much weight down by  his gestures.

"hey..." he called out to her, "where are you lost? You have a battle to fight and mind you, Ana wouldn't give in so easily!"

She had bit her lips to hold back those emotions but that look in his eyes, of trust and something more was just her undoing! She rushed up the remaining steps and threw her arms around him, "Ohh Maan... what have you done?"


>>You guys didn't see this coming, did you now?WinkLOL

>>Still curious about Geet-Ana confrontation? I thought why not not go for the obvious. So next, Geet-Ana confrontation and a tiny mini surprise.Wink

>>Stay Tuned. And for the regular updates, what do I deserve?Embarrassed

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So, I will shut this trap and let you enjoy.Embarrassed

Chapter 39

Chapter 41

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Here I am it was a very pleasant time while reading this chapter..Never this thought cross my mind thst reading it for the 2nd time... Ohh Kabir and his anger While geet was trying to pacify... I was thinking Geet is pacifying both khurana brother and sister just one person left Guess who Miss.Kawaii..Did you get it its My Mr.Sensible.. Hehehe...It will be really worth reading to read something like that Geet trying to clam our Monster khurana LOL
May be in future OK now Geet alone in cabin I don't why but I really like those moments feel like sometimes being alone living our past moments or recollecting memories also can be beautiful and that's what I've felt here... And then he came every time he enter into the frame automatically a smile come to my face... You have magic with you Ms.Kawaii cause you have portrayed everything so beautifully that I exactly can't tell you how good its feels to read this... He noticed her stare which has some different feeling... And it was a really serene and peaceful feeling while reading the sweet and caring conversations between Maan and Geet... That forhead kiss Touched my heart it was like full of love with caring and showing his feelings towards her...Really It will not be enough how many time I say but still I'm not satisfied to tell you how beautiful this chapter was..And egarly waiting for that picture when they will be captured in same frame... That moment will be really beautiful to be captured I believe...

Kabir's reaction for Geet Baking cakeLOL

And really Was it that bad...but she had also baked some perfect muffins did he forgot that... OK now he had forgive geet but Ana is still remaining...

Arjun I really don't like it when someone how easily forgive that person who had hurt her and also made her cried cause I'm not like that...I think this is the reason it get difficult for me to accept this kind of thing in story also ...

Ok it was really hard to keep it short LOL.. And I'm not satisfied with this comment
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I don't know exactly if I should paste my comment here cause it was not a proper comment but feelings of my heart while reading this chapter cause it made me upset today...
Title made me happy but after I completed reading half of it ...this chapter has already left me totally upset with it The other half could not compensate that feeling which I've already gone through... You know why all this happened reason is only you.. All fault is yours cause you have till date write so beautifully that I've always felt connected to them and same thing happened today Cause of this connection I'm going through this pain now

Ana was so disturbed and it's totally justify to get upset or angry I was feeling like that my best friend hidden something from me and I'm in this same situation this was the of 1st few lines then when Ana was not listening anything and was avoiding her for days I've started to feel so low Why Everything is getting messed up ??? It had felt like to me as if everyone was upset and in pain I don't know if Others felt the same for this chapter but it was a very upsetting chapter from my point of you view cause I'm still now didn't overcome the feeling...

Nothing is our hand Ana is upset and here geet is upset cause she is not listening to her nor forgiving her or ye sab kya kam tha abhi Maan bhi pareshan hain ...why why why You made me so upset???? My heart was so happy with last chapter and was egarly waiting for this chapter but you have brutally hurt it's sweet innocent feelings '"'" 

Can you understand just cause three of them was was stressed and upset I've to gone through all this ...then what will happen when they will be separated... How much Painful it will be can you imagine?? Just cause I feel for both of them my heart will be in more pain... I think you are gonna kill my heart with your writings... There was nothing that can made me so emotional but why my heart is behaving this way I don't know... May be because both of its part were upset today that's why... Yea right my heart consider "Someone Like You" Maan and Geet as a part of it...I'm not able to comment anything today cause my heart is overpowering me...Are you really believing me sis I can be this much upset over this small issue but its really true I'm very hurt and I myself could not able to believe my heart is this weak when it comes to them... You and frost doing a very wrong thing... You both zaalim writer gonna make me cry in future for sure 1st you both write so beautifully that I feel connected and then same connection is proving injurious to my heart... Hey Allah bachao mere massom dil ko inn writers se ...

When Already I was so upset Maan is again scolding geet for her mistake I was not feeling bad for that but the thing is that with being together also they were at distance cause of their own problems and when he take out her on dinner and rest of things could not make my mood better because the damage is already done you know when geet said its important for her if that matter is related to him...if it was some other time I would have smile for sure reading that line that geet is confessing his importance in her life but today it didn't happen cause I've lost my smile " 

I don't have doubt that the moments they spent in car with their talk or in dinner was not beautiful it really was But I was so much into their feelings before that I could relive those moments...

He take her to estates and then she was thinking who he was asking to kanha cause he have done all things for her... And I was telling geet you don't know him he is Mr.Sensible Your future husband and when it will happen only Aishwariya Kawaii knows  

That moment when geet was thinking he was always there for her but she had done nothing its wrong cause she was also there for him what they both share its beyond anything but I've like that portion last of this chapter...

And that hug was much needed... All those emotions which is she going through its really needed to calm... And what is the Moral story of this chapter you know sis?Whatever the characters gone through or feel affect me very much when it comes to this story... Show some mercy towards my innocent heart from future cause past few months you and frost started affecting my heart a lot...

My heart will be on peace only when geet and ana will return to their previous state of relationship... Cause from the beginning of this story their relation was something that I adore...

Sorry if I caused you problems through this comment but I'm really upset yaar ""
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 Big smile  Awesome 

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Thats a life of a girl one can look up to 
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