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Count in... Me also waiting 
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Originally posted by swetha03

Count in... Me also waiting 

Mee too 
Jaldi karro 
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Part 38
Wow they are getting closer...
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kab dogi...tittle bhi naseeb nahi kya mere aaj
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@SHIK.LOVMAANEET: I hope you get the Maan in your life you desire...Hug
so, ready for the separation?Evil SmileROFL

@Sheen: tum aue massom?? Ye kab hua bhai?ShockedShocked
Galatfehmi me mat raho tum behna...
thanks a ton for the whishes sheen... you are adorable Heart

@Marium: thanks for the lovely comments and for supporting sheen. you aren't that massom either..Evil Smile

@honeygrape: omg.. I so love your commentsHugHeart

@maaneetsangel; hahaha yes, do try that and let me know their reaction.
 its one of the most soothing and my most fav
way of waking up (by which i mean someone does that to me and not the other way round)LOL

@idunno: Geet ko kuch kuch hota hain...par wo nahi samjhegi!LOL

@kkiran: and you are so freakin' cute with all the comments..
I love reading them. in fact I look forward to reading them.Hug
creepy you say? hahahaha i get that but then thats his bday gift to her. Wink
up for more monster-giri and cuteness?Big smile

your comments always brighten up my mood. thank you so much...Hug yes,they are opposites.. she is clumsy, always falling into
troubles and he is her north star.. but then thats a phase of their budding relationship. thats how they are meant to be but at times,
with role reversals. In all honesty, I don't know where I am heading towards with this story though...

@twilightsparkle: OMG look whos back!!! Shocked
welcome welcome... have missed you sooo much...Hug
will you go back to hiding again?Ouch

@Sundari.: haiyyo rabba inna chotu comment? tujhe punishment milegi ruk!!!Angry
FSD..abhi tak nahi dekha yaar... mood not hoing. you know how shitty life is... Dead
about maan's feelings and yes your question in the prev thread about the past being repeated and hiding things from geet... all i would
say... thoda sabar karo.
I have a habit of leaving things in the middle
and then coming back to close the loopholes.
you will get your answers slowly but surely.Big smile

@paponecon: so many questions!! ShockedLOLBut well, I am here,ain't I?Wink
 and I will answer all of them in the upcoming updts.
can you give me that much time?Embarrassed

@anu5: hey, welcome back. read all your comments on prev thread too. They are amazing and I am so glad to see you here. Embarrassed

@nihatri: novel?? are you serious? Shocked

@hira2010: thank you soo much for the lovely poem. you are a sweetheart.

You and me 
Poles apart
You tuant me
For you am little turnando
I call you monster
But what between us
 Bound us 
It love or attachment
I don't know 
I just wanted to don't let this moment go away cherished this moment
With my heart
Your words maybe rude but give me strength to fighting
You became the guidelines
You are the some one I don't want to let go
What relationship we share
You scolded me 
Me smile with my heart
You are some one 
I don't want to let you go

(pls read the beautiful poem)

39."What We Lose Always Comes Back To Us..."

She followed Kabir as he stormed down the hallway, pleading him to just listen to her.

"Kabir... please... don't get mad."

He pressed the button of the lift and waited it to arrive. She had been hiding such a big thing and never bothered to tell. He was angry... more than that, he was upset. He had come back from his meeting and went to the 10th floor, looking for Maan when he had found him missing. He had walked into his secretary's office and found her lost in her work.

"Kabir... listen to me for once... I wanted to tell you."

"then why didn't you?" he snapped.

She looked own guiltily, "I was... well I thought you would get worried..."

"So, now I can't worry about you?" he bit back.

"its not like that!"

He ignored her and got into the lift. She followed too.

"Kabir, please forgive me. I was worried that you would go out of your ways to help me..."

"So, helping a friend in need is a sin now?"

The lift stopped at the 7th floor and he got out.

"Go back to your work Geet."


"If you can hide stuffs, then I have every right to be angry."

"Kabir please... I didn't mean to hurt you. I would do anything to make it up to you."

He pressed the button and the lift closed with her still inside.

She sighed and walked back to the 10th floor and checked her schedule. Her boss had been on a crazy spree of making her go through all the old files and she had no idea why. It was a boring task but he did keep asking here and there about them. And so, she had to do so because she had no other choice. Kabir was angry and she was done with the report she had been working on. Desiring to show it to her boss, she walked into his cabin and knocked.

No answer.

May be he was on a phone call. She entered the room and found it shrouded in silence.

Oh yes, the meeting!!

She sighed and turned to leave she noticed some files and folders lying on the floor. She shook her head and smiled. he was careless when he worked, be it back in the study or in the office.

So, he had some flaw!

She kept her report on his table and sat on her haunches, picking up the files and papers strewn across. He had been working on something big it seemed. She picked one, checked it and stacked it accordingly. She had been here during her internship days too... and she had screwed up pretty bad. She smiled, recalling her past days and looked up at his floor-to-ceiling window, closed with the blinds. She had loved the scene from there when she had been here the last time. She kept the files back on his desk and looked around.

The bookshelf had been a matter of curiousness for her. she picked up one of the photo albums and pulled away the blinds, letting the light flood the room. The New York cityscape looked marvellous in the afternoon sun. She started at the scene in front of her for a while and then, riveted her attention back to the albums. It had been of his office, of his awards, of dadima accompanying him, of his family and his working staff... and she went back to the memories of dadima. It had been months to it now but she remained like a fresh memory. And memories reminded her of the ones that he had gifted her.

Those photographs!

The previous night had been unbelievable beautiful for her. how could he think of something like this? Her heart beat faster at the thought that he had been secretly taking photographs. Taking pictures of his family was understandable... but her?!! a warm fuzzy feeling arose in her stomach and she turned red. she felt needed...she felt important!

He entered the room, pulling off his tie and found her standing by the window, in the flooding light, lost somewhere. She probably heard his arrival and she jumped. Turning back, she pressed her hand on her heart.

"Ohh.. its you. I was scared..." she sighed in relief.

He had not expected her to be around. the meeting went longer than usual and he was pretty sure he was in for a headache.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in that bossy tone of his as he threw the tie on the desk and raised his brows at her, unbuttoning his collar.

She closed the album and looked at his profile. One had resting on the desk, he balanced his weight on one of his legs, slightly leaning towards her. silence seemed profound between them.

She took time to reply, "I... just came to give you the report."

He shook his head, "get me a coffee please."

The sun rays, he noticed now had tilted in an angle that fell on her face, illuminating half her face and the other half remained shadowed. Her eyes looked at him so lovingly that for a moment he was taken aback by what he saw. And hence, he had asked her for a coffee to avoid any awkwardness between them.
She entered his room after 10 minutes with a piping hot mug of coffee and found him stand by the window, looking out. He appeared as a silhouette and she was instantly reminded of the time when she had taken one of his pictures. She slowly walked past his desk and found his suit discarded just like his tie.

"here, your coffee."

She watched him as he gave her a weak smile and took the coffee from her hands. He seemed lost in a world of his own because like other times, he didn't ask her to go away owing to his rules. He just took his coffee and looked out of the window. She didn't feel like going back either. She stood beside him, looking out. The only sound that remained was the soft sipping noises of him.

"Maan?" she asked after a long time.

"umm Geet?" he didn't look at her.

"Thank you." she whispered, overwhelmed with so many emotions she had been feeling.

And this time, he turned his head towards her and cocked his head to the side, "for what?"

Her heart skipped beats! He was one gorgeous man and she realized now, that there is always a certain way he looks at her. the kind of ways when her heart skipped, like right now.

She met his eyes, "for the photographs."

He smiled and her heart warmed up.

He had a beautiful smile...

"That is nothing..."

She intervened, "For last night..."

He stopped and closed his mouth, now the depth of her words sinking into his head. The steam from the coffee rose and vanished between them but they stood still. The look in her eyes said something else to him... something he had not seen it before. And so, he listened to her...all of her!

"And for making me feel Important."

She waited for him to speak something but he didn't. He kept looking at her and he seemed lost.

"I had never thought I would feel something like this again. Truth be told, I had lost some part of me all these days... but you brought them back..."

His warm hand rested on her cheek and she leaned into it, not realizing when he had inched closer but it felt nice. It felt so natural on both their parts... the action and the reaction.

"You are important Geet... and you have no idea how much!" his warm breath with a heady mix of the scent of coffee fell on her lips. She felt herself reacting... her breathing going in sync with his, her skin erupting in goose pimples every time his breath fell on her lips.

"What we lose always comes back to us in another way and in another form. So never think you lost something... never think you lack somewhere. You are special Geet.. to Ana, to Kabir and to me too."

She almost lost her footing at that! She wanted to express how surprised she was with that confession of his but she couldn't. His eyes held her captive and she felt limp with the tension flowing between them. his fingers, she realized now treaded into her hair, gently stroking her scalp in soft strokes and she sighed. Her eyes closed on their own and she revelled in his touch.

"Maan..." she sighed feeling the warmth of his body gently seeping into her skin.

How close was he?

And then she stilled, feeling his warmer lips press a kiss on her forehead. She trembled in the onslaught and clutched his hand that now slowly moved back, gliding over her cheeks. She had felt this earlier too but this time, it felt more intense, more gentle and warmer than ever.

"Maan..." she didn't want to come out of the stupor that he had put her in and so, she tried doing anything that stopped him from pulling away.

Her hands held his, in tight clutches and slowly opened her eyes, not wide but hooded now. He watched her and didn't pull his hand away. He leaned closer and caressed her cheek softly.

"You are so delicate..." he breathed out.

Their foreheads touched and her fingers wrinkled his crisp cuffs. She didn't reply but she just remained still in his embrace. His fingers stroked her skin in slow rhythm and she could do nothing but drown in that feel. He was completely a different person when they were together.

And she realized now that with him, she herself was a different person altogether! And she loved that. All these years, she felt she had stopped feeling so many emotions within her, like they didn't exist in her anymore. But he proved her wrong. He brought those feelings back. His long dragging breath fell on her cheeks and she dared to raised her eyes to meet his dark ones that looked deep into her soul.

"We don't have a picture together."

His eyes widened a little in surprise but he still didn't pull away. A soft smile tugged at his lips.

"We don't?"

She nodded, her forehead now sliding against his, "Umm. I have a picture with everyone except you..."

He parted a little and pushed that strand of hair behind her hair, "do you want one?"

She looked at him with wide eyes and then immediately looked down, blushing, "I don't know."

He laughed and inched father away. She couldn't help but feel disappointed with this parting.

"Someday Geet..." he looked at her with utmost seriousness, "One day... we might take one."

His vague answer didn't make any sense to her. she looked out of the window and then realized she still had to work.

"Do you want me to schedule the meeting with the Morrison's for tomorrow?"

He sipped in the last bit of his coffee and put the mug down on the desk, thinking something.

"No. let that be. I will let you know when to fix it. You continue with what you were doing."

He picked up his phone and tapped away something, focussing his attention on his gadget.

"okay.." she sighed!

Kanha... back to the boring files!

She walked towards the door and stopped short. Turning back, she watched him trying to make a call.


"yeah? You need anything?"

She shook her head in denial, "Kabir came looking for you."

He raised one of his brows, "Is it something to be sad about?"

She pouted, "Not for you. But he found out about me!"

He smirked, "Well then good for you Miss Handa. You didn't have to work much for it, did you?"

He went back to his work and she walked out, thinking how to pacify her friend now.

Monster never helps...grrr! Kanha... please help your child.

She walked out, wondering how to pacify Kabir and sat in her cabin, holding her head in stress. She had conflicting emotions within her right now... happy, anxious, scared, shy, restless and what not. Unable to take those, she kept her files away and walked towards the 7th floor.


"please Kabir, maan jao na! I will bake a cake for you!" she pleaded.

His eyes widened in shock, "Cake??!!! No ways!"

The memories of his birthday cake still gave him tooth ache. She realized it too. she had barged into his cabin and bugged him to listen until he conceded. And when she had found that tough wall cracking, she had gone all out "cute". She knew kabir well. he would never remain mad at anyone for a long time for he loved his people so much!

"I will do whatever you say. Please forgive me. You know why I did this... please please pretty please... I will cook you anything or just anything... you ask for it!"

Kabir postponed yet another meeting by 1 hour when his secretary came to inform him about it and looked at her sternly.

"promise me... you are never ever going to hide anything from me!"

She nodded, "Promise. Promise. Never!"

"Promise karo... the next time you are in trouble, you are going to call me and be honest about it!"

"Pakka promise." She made a baby face.


"Maaf kiya na?" she asked cutely.

He looked away suppressing that smile, "Han kiya. But this is the first and last time. Okay?"

"Ohh Kabir... you are the best!"

She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"thank you thank you thank you sooo much..."

Kabir smiled and hugged her back, "but you have to treat me with a dinner Mi bella..."

"This Saturday at my house... I am going to cook for you." she added a cheeky smile, showing all her teeth.

He fist pumped, "Yes!!! What is better than a beautiful woman cooking for you..."

Geet giggled and pulled his cheeks lovingly, "So cheeky... but you know what, I am so glad you understood..."

Kabir raised his collars, "I am an angelic soul Mi bella..."

She twisted her lips, "yeah I can see that!"

"By the way, does Ana know about it?"

Her face fell, "Well, that is something I am scared about."

"You didn't tell her you quit the baking classes?"

She shook her head, "I.. I just couldn't muster up courage to tell her anything. she'd be so upset!"

"You think she is going to love you when you tell her now?" Kabir waited for her answer.

"I know... but I will tell her. I just need to find a perfect time to drop the bomb."


That night she found Ana at her door, looking lost and defeated. She let her in, cooked dinner for both of them and sat down by the window, talking.

"Are you okay Ana?" she found her friend oddly quiet.

Ana looked up to meet her eyes and she looked so troubled.

"Arjun wouldn't stop Geet!"

"Didn't you tell him that you didn't want to see him?"

"I did. But he wouldn't budge."

"he was with another girl right? What happened to her?"

Ana sighed and rubbed her face with her palms. Apparently she hadn't had any sleep of late.

"I don't know. He said they broke up and that he realized he had been in love with me all this time... but how can I trust him Geet? After all that he put me through... how can he think I would go back to him?"

Geet saw Ana's eyes twinkling with tears and so, she pulled her in her embrace,
"Don't think about him. he doesn't deserve you Ana, remember that. I know its hard to face him but we will do it together. The next time he comes after you, he has to face me too."

Ana sniffed, "thanks Geet..."

"You needn't be..."


The next few days went like usual and Arjun kept a low profile. Ana drove back home after finishing college, surprising her. She said she had something important to look for and she left. Geet checked the time and went to office. She checked his cabin first and he was working on something there. She went back to hers and looked around for her schedule. Her intercom rang and she picked it up in one go.

"Ma'am, Miss Khurana is there is see her brother. Please pass on the message!" the receptionist informed.

She froze on her spot! Ana was here???!! She couldn't, for the love of Kanha, stay
here like this! Wasn't she supposed to be working for some internship? And then Maan's words came back to her!

Ana would be working in KE for a while...

Ohh No

She wanted to hide somewhere than face Ana's anger. She was a replica of Maan in her temperament. She paced up and down her room when her intercom rang.

"Geet... come to my cabin Quickly!"

Aaj phass gayi Kanha..

Shooting a quick prayer to her Kanha, she stood in front of him taking notes. He walked around browsing through the file and she sat in front of his taking notes. She wasn't paying attention, he noticed, for her eyes were going back to the door again and again.

"is that it?" she asked for the third time.

He put the file down and towered at her, "Anything wrong Miss Handa? You are not paying attention."

She quickly looked down at her notepad, "N..No. its nothing."


She nodded and then cursed herself for the umpteenth time. Ana could be here any minute now! the moment he was done, she picked up her notepad and ran back to her room, sighing in relief. Glad, Ana hadn't reached yet.

She walked out of the lift in a super happy mood, humming a tune and flicking her hair. It had been a long time since she was here in the office. she passed by Stacy's cabin and thought of saying her a quick hello before she went to Maan. Stacy was one lovely person she had ever met. Without knocking, she opened the door and flashed a cheeky smile, "Well, hello there!!"

She looked at the sight in front of her and gasped.

"Hello..." the other person greeted her with a weak smile.

Her shock slowly turned into anger as she screamed, "What the hell are you doing here Geet?"
>>Oops... what will Ana do now?Shocked

>>Enjoyed? Kill the Like button people. More maaneet in the next!!!Wink

Chapter 38

Chapter 40

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1st time I was so confused regarding the thing that Should I read This chapter now or in evening...From morning busy with this or that and now had to go out for some work so thought I'll read after coming home in evening but My heart literally start fighting with me saying how cruel you can be You are gonna avoid my MR.Sensible ...there you go I've melt with its emotional torture and I could not deny it anymore cause I know how precious is Someone Like You to us so quickly get some time out for a peaceful atmosphere and get set to meet with my Love I always prefer a calm atmosphere while reading Unless I could not concentrate properly...OK end of my side should I start now WinkStarting from Your giving replies... I like to read those replies which you give to your readers... And I've read all replies of Chapter 38 and I've like that poem also earlier itself Smile But what do you think of me sis Cry and your sheen we really are innocent believe us...And if You don't show your trust on us I can show you some others thing (That thing will be a gunLOL) So you see you have to show your trust unless this gun can be dangerous for you WinkLOL OK OK Stop not gonna do anything to you... You know na How much I Iove you sis Heart

"What We lose come back always to us" The tittle is enough to attract me Ask me how I've controlled myself cause I've not read it last night My heart was really sad Sleepy Lo phir se start ho gayi ye ladki OK shut my mouth only will talk about Someone Like You  

Kabir's reaction justified totally cause when someone hide anything it really bother us but geet was Also worried we also can't blame her exactly... Huh But she had to try more Smile

Geet after completing her work went to Her boss cabin And I 
was expecting that Maan and geet moment is coming in this chapter cause you have said earlier but didn't expected it will be in office and With Monster khurana ...haww its sounds Scarry cause the professionalism Mr.Monster khurana maintain in office it was not expected from me at all..but it is good isn't it?

When any writer write all characters emotions very beautifully and clearly I like it a lot cause it helps me to connect with them and You are one of them Sis...

Everything you write so beautifully their surrounding and portray their emotions perfectly whenever I read them I can feel warmth spreading in my heart...

Geet enter in his cabin and saw those files scattered but hey How can that be a flaw Ouch Its not OK My Mr.Sensible is perfect and will not hear anything against him my heart will start fighting then LOL

Standing beside the window and seeing those album all feel so beautiful right living few moments with this Serene feeling and then the memories of last night It was really special feeling to have those  pics clicked by Maan... There he came in his bossy avatar and surprised geet with those loving eyes staring at him... How can I say you how beautiful part it was??? Why it always happen with me? After reading every part I fall more in deep love for Someone Like You Heart

She come back with coffee and seeing him standing there she remembered the thing of capturing him like that before... I so much love that chapter that moment when she captured him... And now the thing has came thanking him for those photographs which had made her feel important and needed.. She could not done that last night properly on phone...

She realizes now only that he's a gorgeous man and also had a beautiful smile well geet you are late I've realized it much beforeLOL 

Ohh the way he look towards her how could I explain that feeling it's so beautiful right... And I want Gurmeet to look at me that way and sure will probably die on that place seeing his Loving stare Ohhh Gurmeet I love you so much when will the day come when I'll meet you Confused

"You are important geet and you have no idea how much"... Aww how beautiful it was to read that line and the warmth I've felt as if he had said it to me Embarrassed And was thinking how more beautiful it will be when he will confess his love in futureHeart

You are special that forhead kiss and you are so delicate how more beautiful this chapter can be??? The warmth that feeling erupting in my heart reading those lines that feeling of love I had to say it again one of the best chapter of Someone Like You...And in this chapter many times came when geet realized about her feelings that she feel around him but that's not enough still both had A long way To go in this journey of Life...

"We Don't Have a picture together" Finally it came out Tongue And When he said "We don't" I start laughing LOL

She blushed also Hayee...Seriously I've never thought they will have those beautiful moment In office it came as a total surprise...

He's parting away from her disappointed geet...really geet had come across many feelings in this chapter... I'm egarly waiting for that one day when both will have a picture together that moment will be really special I guess... I had to go I'm getting late Mamma is calling me..OK let's finish it quickly Smile

Geet get one thing straight in your mind monster never helps only Maan and Kanha do LOL and when you are in office Maan can never help Tongue

Kabir forgive geet now ANA left that's a tough task now...I'm having really short time had to go now can't write more though few things were left... Like Arjun part I have to skip may be latter...OK let's end it here

Want To Say Loved this chapter love Someone like you Love my Mr.Sensible and his little tornado love your writings and last but not the least Love you so much sis Heart
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Chhota laga tujhe...Angry
Well mujhe update chhota laga
Toh equation balance Evil Smile

Just gimme 2 months...LOL
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yaar main sach mein masoom Hoon believe me sis... Sab ka ek hi problem koi mera believe nahi karta ish bareme ...LOLLOL

This much space cause I was wiping my tears that comes off my eyesCry cause you have not trust me...hehehe ok bye going to sleep ohh forgot to say tittle is really looking great this chapter gonna be interesting waiting to read tomorrow morning...good night Edited by MariumChoudhary - 2017-03-18T13:00:34Z
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