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Hope you update before this week ends.
Nothing exciting in my life except for this.
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Update will be up tomorrow ladies.
Save some pages for the last updt LOL
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Nice part
geet just dont think anything before doing... playing with his pphone...maan is in good mood so no serious reaction from him, if not another class for her
she saw ring...what she thinis of ring now...or she will ask abt ring directly
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

Update will be up tomorrow ladies.
Save some pages for the last updt LOL

Jaldi karo behna I've only left few hours with me Embarrassed
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Waiting SmileSmileSmile
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@Marium: it feels really great when someone connects to the writer.
that motivates us to write more. thank you.
Playing games on phone... I hate kids who do that, be it mine or anyother person's phone.LOL

@PaintedSky: let me know if I surprised you!

@TaranaGeet: You read 5 times??Shocked **me faints**
but i like the calculations and speculations...Wink
That VM!! Its lovely yaa.. and on one of my fav songs. Heart
Loved loved loveddd it!Hug
Creative profession??!! Not yet but I am thinking of it nowErmm

@honeygrape: haye haiye.. that woman just doesn't realize why that rude man gives her so much attention..LOL

@nihatri: I am so uff...LOL let me know if you are able to concentrate on your work now.Wink

@payal.gupta177: Maan is unpredictable, hain na? LOL
thanks for such a lovely comment.

@paponecon: never ever think like that okay. I read everyone's comments. Yes, I do miss out replying to a lot but that doesn't mean
I am ignoring. Comment delete ho gayi... koi baat nahin. You can always come back later. You enjoyed the updt na...that is important.
I have replied to you a few times earlier too, haven't I? Don't feel sad. you comments are as significant as any one else's here.
Having said that, you actually caught the right nerves. Maan is attracted and his realization is pending.
and same is for geet though she doesn't know what is happening.
lets see if I surprise you in this!Wink

p.s kuch karne ko mann nahi karta?ShockedBlushing why do you imply by that woman? don't feed ideas into my brain.Embarrassed

@Redross: J wala?? Coming soon. (hopefully...Ermm)

@khwahishfan: thank you so much for the lovely comment. well, ana wasn't talking about any serious twists but yeah, something else is
on the way.Wink

@Doracake: I just googled Dr Jekil and Mr. Hyde. LOL
excuse my lack of knowledge.

kabhi kabhi reader

dear reader,
it gives me immense pleasure to see you back in the forum
and making your presence felt. and truly, it overwhelms me
that people like you still remember me even after years.
I am looking forward to know your pov on this story, good or bad.
I presume, owing to your comments, that you are enjoying this as of now. LOL

Parineeta writer

44.Suna Hain Log Usey Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhte Hain...

The woman in front of him was gorgeous in every way possible. Thick kohl laden eyes held orbs that one could drown in easily. Her features were sharp, beautiful, as if sculpted with God's own hands and her laughter was soothing. They had met up and they talked. they talked for a very long time and then he never realized how long it had been.

"What do you expect out of this marriage Maan?" she asked.

He chuckled at the question and looked at her in amusement, "why don't you tell me what do you expect from me?"

She rolled her eyes and he sighed. She was beautiful, inside out.

"Well, for me, what I expect is a trust... some people call it blind faith'."

"Interesting." He encouraged her.

She was a woman of stature, he had come to know by now. she was an independent woman, daughter of Mr. Sharma, working in Silicon valley. She had flown to Miami just to meet him because their parents wanted them to. He found no reason to deny and they clicked really well. she was a woman with a mind of her own and he loved that about her.

"Maan? Where are you lost?" she clicked her fingers in front of his eyes.

"Nothing. You were saying about blind faith! What does that mean?"

She sipped in the fresh melon juice and revelled in its taste.

"Have you ever wanted to find someone to whom you can share the deepest and darkest secrets of your heart?"

She paused and looked up at him. she had his attention... all of it. and so, she continued.

"No matter what it is, good or bad, they are just there with you through out, silently. Not judging, not indulging but just being there, right beside you, listening to all of it? that is exactly what I expect out of a relationship. Its a place where I cannot hide, even if I want to. A place where things would flow out of me
automatically...whether I want it or not."

May be because I know you are there to answer me...with utmost honesty.

The dead don't suffer Maan... and that is why you and I are still here.

You have no idea how difficult it is for me to wake up every single morning and
deal with the day knowing I have no one to go back home to...

"I am ready to share that space if we ever agree on this. But are you? Will you be able to give that space to me?"

  She caught him off-guard then, first time it happened that he had no answer. He gaped at her, lost and she gave him time and space to think.

"That one person is that special and that is why we let our guard down. Will you be able to do that?" she reinforced her statement and zeroed down to the silence.

I know its not related to work. It is related to you, right? Then of course it is important to me.

He saw flashes in front of his eyes and he realized the passage of time in visuals. The times in the study danced in front of his eyes and then, him gathering her broken pieces into his arms, the tears that he shed when dadima left and then he looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. Will he be able to give that space to her?


Suna hai log usay aankh bhar ke dekhte hain
So us ke shahar main kuchh din thehr ke dekhte hain

He was getting married!

The chills ran down her spine and she shivered, not knowing whether it was the fever or something else. The ring in her hands glittered in the streaming sunshine mocking her. What had she been thinking? She knew this already from Ana. Then why was it tugging at her heart right now? She was supposed to be happy because he was getting married...her...


Was he her friend?

With trembling hands, she kept the ring back on the table, just like it had been prior to her intrusion and walked down to calm herself. She looked around and found breakfast on the table. With a choked nose and a dizzy head, she only managed to gulp down some lukewarm milk that Lisa had left for her. Breakfast remained untouched.

She had been delusional. She was supposed to be happy for her friend but she wasn't. He would be gone from her life too... just like Raj and Pooja did...


He walked into the house and looked around for her. He had been out the entire day and it surprised him that she never called. She had been sleeping when he had left and hence, he didn't disturb her.

"Geet?" he called out, looking for any sign of hers and heard the faint sound of the TV running.

Smiling, he walked to the living area and found her sleeping on the couch.

Crazy woman that she was...

She had left the TV on and slept off. He went closer and knelt in front of her, his eyes keenly watching her pale face. She seemed to have been dreaming perhaps for her eyebrows had scrunched up.

"Always the troubled one..." he whispered and let his finger gently caress her head to ease the wrinkles on her forehead and gasped!

Suna hai rabt hai us ko kharab halon se
So apne aap ko barbad kar ke dekhte hain

There was the mist again and this time, she heard no voice. She screamed his name, louder and louder until her voice grew hoarse but the darkness endured and so did the silence.

"Maaann..." her tears rolled down.

Kanha, help me. Please.

The mist grew thicker and she found herself all alone, falling into a pit of darkness that held no light at the end. She cried and screamed and tried to reach her hands out to hold anything but there was nothing. And there was no one. No one heard her voice and No one answered her call. She was left all alone.

" me.." she winced.

Her temperature was high and she was mumbling in her dreams. He quickly reached out and patted her cheeks.

"Geet...wake up."

He felt her shiver in his arms. Must have been the pool and the wind from the previous day. She twisted in her sleep and clutched his shirt tight in her fists.

"I am here...wake up Geet... open your eyes."

He pulled her into his arms and rubbed her back, trying to wake her up from whatever dream she was having. He held her in one arm and pushed her hair away from her face with the other and gently patted her cheeks.

"its okay... I am here. Whatever it is, its over."

It was then he felt drops of tears on his palm and he looked at her in shock. She wasn't squirming anymore. She went calm and her hands left him. Her body relaxed but the tears endured.

His heart constricted seeing her so and he tried one more time.

"Open your eyes little storm... I am here."

Suna hai dard ki gahak hain chashm-e-naaz us ki
So hum bhi us ki gali se guzar ke dekhte hain

She slowly opened her eyes and the remaining tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes. Her heart felt heavy and so did his, seeing her that way. She had that dream again and it lay so heavy that she could cry perhaps.

"Geet..." His voice surprised her, and she dared to look at him, almost as if scared that it was just a mirage. And when she did, she couldn't hold back those emotions within her. She resigned to his arms and cried.

He gathered her in his arms, "Shh... its okay. Its fine..."

"Ma..Maan..." she sobbed, "I... I had a very b...bad d..dream.."

"I know I know.. its over now. Its okay.."

She choked with the blocked nose and remained limp in his arms. When he knew she was better, he gently swiped those hairs away and checked her temperature.

"You are burning Geet. Lets go see a doctor."

He tried to move but she held him back.

"No...No its okay. I am fine." She snorted, picking up a napkin from the box beside.

"Geet, you are not well."

"I will be fine. Please. Its nothing serious."

He sighed and wiped those tears from her cheeks, "why didn't you call me when you woke up?"

She looked up at him with those soft brown eyes and he could still see that tinge of pain the dream had left in its wake.

Suna hai us ko bhi hai sher-o shayari se shagaf
So hum bhi mojazay apnay hunar ke dekhte hain

"I..I thought you were busy."

He rolled his eyes, "Are you mad?"

She looked away, the flashes of the ring dancing in front of her eyes.

And some day, he would be gone too...   

"be here. I will get something warm for you."

She watched him walk away to the kitchen and fell on the couch, shivering. He would find someone important in his life and move on. She would be left behind, like always. Did she even mean something to him?

Did he mean something to her?

She closed her eyes and thought of him. The battles he fought for her. The times he made her smile. The times he was there for her when she was crumbling down. And she wondered, what was he to her that she felt so? They are friends, to some extent yes but that did not end there. There was more... She knew now.

A warm blanket covered her and she opened her eyes to see him place a hot bowl of soup in front of her. She sat up with effort and he placed the bowl in front of her, gesturing her to eat.

"Why didn't you have breakfast?"

She sipped in a spoonful of the hot fluid and sighed in relief. Her throat needed it badly.

"I.. I wasn't feeling very well." her hoarse voice not sounding any better even after the piping hot soup sliding down the tract.

He sighed, "Why are you so careless?"

She didn't answer. What could she have when the hours she spent without his presence were nothing but fears to her already scared heart.

Suna hai bole to baton se phool jharrtay hain
Ye baat hai to chalo baat kar ke dekhte hain

"Geet, you didn't have lunch either, did you now?"

She shook her head in denial.

"What do I do with you?" he snapped, "You could have just called me you fool!"

"I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to disturb you.."

"Shut up." He screamed, "Just shut up and finish the soup. let me see what I can do for lunch."

He looked into the shelves and felt glad that Lisa had stuffed some groceries before their arrival. Taking out the jar of rice and dal, he worked his way around the kitchen, simultaneously thinking of the answer that he had given.

Will you be able to share that space with me? she had asked. And he had answered.

No! he couldn't. He couldn't share that space with anyone else.

Because "she" had taken it all. because "she" was the one to take it all. Because "she" was that special one...

He set the table and called out to her. She had been too weak to move around and hence, he took both their plates to the couch and found her looking lost.


She looked up, startled and then calmed down immediately.

Suna hai aaina timsaal hai jabeen us ka
Jo sada dill hain ban sanvar ke dekhte hain

He handed her the plate and sat down beside her, "Kya soch rahi ho? I have been noticing you... what is it that bothers you?"

She looked at the piping hot dal-chawal and potato curry and gaped at him like he was an alien.

" made these?"

Her eyes, so childlike... the curiosity in them made him smile.

"Yes I did."

"You can cook?" shock laced her hoarse voice.

He pushed a spoonful of rice into his mouth and smiled, "Isn't the answer obvious now?"

She was surprised at the taste and she relished it like it was a piece of heaven.

"Its amazing. I can never cook something as good as this... where did you learn?"

His lips curled into a smile that she loved, "Dadima!"

The mention of dadima brought faint memories to them and he quickly stepped back before they dragged him down the lane. He picked his plate along with hers and she pulled it back.

"No. Its okay. I will take these."

"Shh. Rest. You aren't well. Are you sure you don't want to go to a doctor?"

She snorted, trying to get that blockage out of her nose, "I have some anti-pyretic in my bag. Once we fly back to NYC, may be then!"

Suna hai us ke shabistan se mutasil hai bahisht
Makeen udhar ke bhi jalway idhar ke dekhte hain

When he came back, he found her still lost in her thoughts like she had been before, pensive and scared. The dream perhaps still haunted her. He sat beside her and patted her head gently.

"Spit it out now... what bothers you?"

She looked at him for a moment and then sighed.

"I... I had been having weird dreams of late.."

He relaxed back on the couch. She tried to move away to give him space but he held her back, shaking his head.

"relax. And what kind of dreams?"

She looked to a distance, feeling those emotions back again and the ring flashed in her head.

"The kind of dreams where I am lost.. I don't understand they imply but its painful to be left alone..."

Her voice faltered and he looked at her innocent face that was struggling to hold back the tears.

"Dreams are often representations of our unfulfilled desires or fears or insecurities. What we cannot acknowledge in reality, dreams i believe give life to them..."

She pulled the blanket closer to herself and thought for a while before speaking.



Her voice dropped to a low whisper.

"Are you getting married?"

His ears shot up at the question and he stared at her for a minute. She, as a result, curled up more into the blanket. The afternoon was bright and the waves crashing outside echoed in the beach house.

"How did you know?" he asked raising a brow.

She looked everywhere but him, trying to form an answer that she could convince him with. He looked straight at her, not wavering, with a kind of look that demanded an answer. She squirmed in her place and felt him move.

"Ana told I saw the ring."

She felt him touch her hands and pull it into his warm hands. She looked up and found him sitting on the table in front of them, looking at her intently. His hands caressed her and she liked it.

"Do you want me to get married?"

She gasped and remained stunned for a moment. he was asking her?

"What do you think I should say Geet? I met up with the lady in whose finger I am supposed to slip in that ring... Dadima's ring. And she is amazing. Tell me, should I say yes?"

No Kanha... he can't... he...

She felt tears forming a layer in front of her eyes and she felt like crying. He would go away too. she didn't want that. Ever.

Don't take him away from me...please!

"I was out with her the whole day today..."

Her dreams flashed in front of her and she gave into that fear that she had harboured all along. A drop of tear rolled down her eyes, he saw that but her lips spoke otherwise.

"If...If you think she is worthy, then say yes."

Rukay to gardishain us ka tawaaf karti hain
Chalay to us ko zamanay theher ke dekhte hain

He smiled inwardly and pressed both her hands to his lips, "if it is hurting so much Geet, then why are you holding back?"

She trembled with his touch and the fever that sent chills down her spine. And she sobbed.

He watched her for a few seconds and then gathered her in his embrace.

"Why are you scared?"

He could feel her tremble.

"I... I don't know. I don't want to lose you Maan. I don't know what it is between us but it just doesn't let me be in peace. You... you will go away too like others did and I... I can't.."

She hiccupped and he sighed, holding her tighter. He knew they shared something and he knew what it was. She didn't. She had no idea what it meant to her. he dropped a kiss on her head and patted her to calm down.

"Geet... don't think so much."

"It just doesn't let me be in peace.." she repeated, sobbing.

"We share nothing." He spoke lovingly.

She stilled for a while and took time to let his words sink.

He knew her way too well. She was not ready now. She wasn't in the right frame of mind to accept things. More precisely, she was in a transition phase where the old her and the new her conflicted. His little tornado was so clueless that he could almost hide her from everything that troubled her. But then, she wasn't the one to be tied down. He would never let that happen to her.

"wh...what do you mean?" she finally wiped her tears and faced him.

He always had answers and she knew he would have answer to her restlessness as well.

He gently pushed her back into the couch and wiped the tears off her face again and smiled.

A reassuring one.

"You are bothered because you cannot name what you share with me?"

She nodded softly and looked down.

"Geet, let this relationship remain as what it is."

She flicked her eyes up to him, "Unnamed?"

He nodded, "yes."


"because I wouldn't want you to change."

"Maan...I cannot understand..."

"I am a selfish person Geet, I will admit. What you share with Ana and Kabir is what you call friendship and I am certain you consider them your family. What we share, you must understand, is different."

She just gaped at him and he realized now that he had to make her understand what she was going through. she was a little woman struggling to make ends meet and he wouldn't snatch that away from her.

"With names, come limitations and restrictions Geet and I wouldn't want you to draw lines between you and me. Like I said, I am a selfish man and I would hate it if you limit yourself to the name. I want you to talk to me like you used to, fight with me, cry, shout, laugh, complain...without any bias and without any fear."

She remained in awe with that statement of his now that it slowly made way into her head. Why hadn't she been this frank with Ana or Kabir like she had been with Maan...she understood now. why they shared what they shared...she understood now.

"Will you like it if I stop talking to you because we have given rise to formality owing to the name? Will you like it if we lose this space that we have now between us?"

"No..." she gasped.

She couldn't...never!

"Then its simple." He smiled, "Don't think so much. Enjoy your life Geet... you are supposed to live the life that you had been deprived of..."

"But you...I mean what about you.."

"I will be right here. For the sake of your Kanha, go out, meet people, make friends, fight your way into the world and most importantly, Live! I will be right here, always."

She felt better in ages. She leaned closer and rested her feverish head on his chest and let out a breath of relief.

"Thank you..."

He held her gently, "You don't have to worry about anything Geet. I am here...Just Live!"

Kahaniyan hi sahi sab mubalaghe hi sahi
Agar woh khawb hai tabeer kar ke dekhte hain...!


>>Okay... very different chapter. let me know how you liked this.

>> The poem used here is one of fav ones by Ahmed Faraz and very close to my heart.Embarrassed

>> Do leave me your awesome blossom comments and likes.

>>Next: one epilogueWink

Chapter 43


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Posted: 2017-04-08T23:56:13Z

There are so many complex and conflicitng emotions this story makes me feel, it is not easy to gather my thoughts and put them down. Though I will try.

There are some chapters that have absolutely mesmerized me and some that have frustrated the heck out of me.
I have cried real tears for these fictional characters and forgotten momentarily that they are just a figment of your imagination.
Their joy and their misery have somewhere become so relatable that it feels just like an extension of me and my tribulations in life.
The city of New's amazing that you have never been to that city. The sights the sounds the smells you have studied them thoroughly and made the city your own.That dear Aishu is the sign of a brilliant writer

There have been a few favorite chapters of mine so far. This chapter has now joined those favorites rank.
Not only because of it being a game changer chapter, or because  it is the chapter about Maan's realization(Oh my that in itself is so precious. I thought this man would never get there) 
What I love is how you brought about the realization.
How you defined what perfection meant to him personally. 
He met a perfect woman with marriage in mind and it only helped underline the imperfections of his Geet that suddenly were perfect for him
The poem/shayari that you incorporated was absolutely beautiful, and though there were many words that I did not grasp I understood that it just made it that much more mysterious and beautiful. Kuch Maan aur Geet ek rishte ke jaise. 

Suna hai dard ki gahak hain chashm-e-naaz us ki
So ham bhi us ki gali se guzar ke dekhte hain

This is going to be self- prophesying isn't it? She is not going to make it easy for him. But he is finally aware of the truth in his heart,so that's half the battle won. 
And now we wait... for her.

There is another song that came to my mind that I think fits beautifully right now.

John Legend's, "All Of Me"

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind
I'm on your magical mystery ride
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright
My head's under water
But I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind
'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh oh
How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you

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Oh my God! What just happened...
Their hobest conversations and Maan's understanding just blew me away.
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