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And Finally, I convert this from an SS to FF.

Thank You everyone for all the love.
It is only because of you that I am still here, even after 7 years and writing.Hug

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Character Sketch

Geet Handa - The ever vivacious, happy and fun loving Geet gives up her love for Raj when she gets to know that her best friend Pooja and Raj are in love. She moves to NYC to complete her studies and to search for a reason for living until she finds the Khurana family... more precisely a certain man named Maan Khurana.

Maan Singh Khurana - Settled in New York with his Dadima, siblings and parents. A man of few words, he isn't the ideal man to date or fall in love with. He is rude, he is arrogant and he doesn't think twice before speaking out the truth and keeping you grounded.

Antara Khurana
- Maan's sister, youngest of the Khuranas and Geet's best friend. She found Geet and connected to her like a soul sister. She has a strong personality just like her brothers, doesn't have alot of friends, or may be she has only one friend i.e Geet.

Kabir Khurana
- Younger to Maan but older to Antara. Fun loving, charming, excatly the person girls love to  date or fall in love with. Chivalric, understanding and a little flirt, he loves to love the people who are important to him.

Pooja and Raj Khanna
-  Geet's childhood friends who feel in love and got married. They are settled in Manchester and feel responsible towards Geet.

Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Can You Forget Your First Love? Isn't it like Asking to Reverse Time? To Catch Drops of Rain! To Go Back to Being Someone Like You were Once?

And Can You Find The Lost Love Back? To Find Someone Who Can Mend That Little Heart of Yours! Can You Love Him The Way You had Loved Once?



Maan Khurana

Khurana Empires

New York


Can I try and reverse time? Can I catch drops of rains on my palms? Can I go back to being someone I was once? You had asked me and perhaps now I know my answer. NO! I cannot turn back time or catch rain in my hands or change myself. I have come a long way from there; walked miles ahead and there is no turning back. And all I have for you is my apology.

I know a simple apology will not even lessen your pain even remotely close to a hairline but now, all I have is this. I am perhaps the most selfish person on earth to have done such a terrible thing to you and I deserve every bit of your wrath. But I want you to know Maan that I never intended to hurt you. I never intended to give you false hopes. I never intended to leave like this, hiding. I am a coward; I know but I don't have courage to keep fighting this stupid heart. You are a wonderful person Maan and I am such a fool to have hurt you so much. But that was all I could have done. I know you have questions but perhaps, I am not ready to answer them right now.

You had asked me, if I could ever fall in Love with you. But tell me, how do I make this heart understand? How can I fall in Love with Someone Like You?

Save Your Love for someone who deserves it. Not me.

Please Forgive Me.

I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you.

Thank You and Good Bye.


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PartyAnd finally, this is an FF.Party

~happy holi~

38.If Ever Time Halted...

She woke up to a soft voice that felt like music to her ears. Despite not wanting to open her eyes, she did so because she realized it was his voice.

Have they reached home?

"Geet... wake up. Come on."

She felt ticklish on her scalp and his voice came out in soft whispers. They had stopped somewhere and she realized it was anywhere near her house. Looking around, she found them standing in some lane, lined with shops big and small.
She felt that tickle again and it felt so nice. His fingers, she realized, were bunched at the side of her forehead and they ran in a gentle caress.

"Umm... where are we?"

She mumbled and rubbed her eyes. That tickle vanished and she saw him move away from her.

"Lets have dinner." He got down the car and waited for her.

She sighed. They were to have dinner? She watched him look around and then let her own fingers rest on her forehead where his touch still remained. He watched her though the wind shield and waved his hands to join him. Still drowsy, she quickly set her hair with her fingers and joined him outside.

"So, what do you want to eat?"

She looked at him blankly.

Upon hearing no answer, he looked at her and gave a smile, "Still sleepy eh?"

She shook her head like a baby. He chuckled and patted her head lovingly.

"Chinese? Italian? Indian? Choose quickly."

"Umm... Italian!" she answered in a daze.

He looked thoughtful for a while and held her hand. She seemed too tired to comprehend things and so, he dragged her to a small diner nearby.

The waiter served their risotto, a simple Tuscan chicken and garlic bread and left them to their own. She just sat quietly, looking out of the glass wall, lost in her thoughts.

"What are you thinking?"

She heard his voice and then looked back him. he, with so much gentleness,
peeled away that coat form his shoulders and let his crisp white shirt come into her view. His nimble fingers went to his tie and loosened it, opening the first few buttons.

He looked tired!

"No... Nothing. Just tired."

She watched him pick his fork and knife and dig into the chicken with such poise that made her wonder if he were brought up in some palace or sorts!

"Was it that bad?" his lips curled into a soft smile.

She sighed and shook her head.

"This would take time."

He shrugged and both ate in silence. She felt oddly nice even in the silence that lingered between them, except the clanking of the cutlery with the porcelain on the table. It was so rhythmic to her ears... once his fork clanking and then the knife coming to aid it.

She felt that familiar tickle on her forehead and revelled in the feel. She raised her head up and found him looking at her quizzically.

"What did you do just now?" she asked, amused.

"You are spacing out Geet. Eat." More of a command it was.

She softly pressed her fingers on her forehead, where he had tickled and smiled, "What is this that you keep doing? You did it back in the car too."

He bit into the garlic bread and raised a brow at her, dark eyes rife with amusement. Leaning closer, he bunched his fingers together and tickled her forehead again.

"You mean like this?"

She giggled in the feel, "ha ha yes... you keep doing this all the time."

His smile widened seeing her reaction. She was a kid from the inside.

"You like it?" he smirked.

She nodded and then turned pink for no apparent reason.

"I do that to wake sleepy people up!" 

"That's a new thing.." she popped in that piece of chicken in her mouth and sighed in its taste.

He shrugged, "Technically, we shouldn't wake up sleeping people with a sudden loud sound or violent shaking. So, I do this so that they slowly wake up. In fact I used to wake Ana up like this when she was a kid.."

She rolled her eyes, "...and you still do!"

"Sometimes!" he sighed, "She has all grown up now and has her own time of doing things."

He dropped her in front of her apartment and forwarded her an envelope.

"What is this?" she looked at him quizzically.

"Something! Just take it." he urged her.

She rolled her eyes, "Maan... really, what is this?"

"You have all the answers inside!"

He shoved it in her hands and drove away. Shaking her head, she walked into her home, placed it on her bed and went to take a bath. She had been too tired to even think of looking into the envelope. She changed into her shorts and tee and sat on the bed, relaxing. Her eyes fell on the packet with something scribbled on top of it.

Strange! How did I not notice it downstairs?

She picked it up and found her name written in big bold letters.


Nothing more. Nothing Less.

"Kanha, you can never tell what the man thinks!" she giggled at her own thoughts and let the contents of the packet fall on her lap.

If ever time halted for anyone, then this was it! This was that halt' for her. An interlude of sorts in the fleeting time called Life. And he had been the reason behind every thing... even for the pause in her life she felt right now.

There she was... holding her Kanha in the estates.

And there again, hugging dadima!

There was her again... holding her kanha and looking somewhere. Her hair had splayed across her face, perhaps she was in motion.

There she was yet again, in focus, lighting lamps in diwali and another where she was hugging Ana. She was also there in the lawn, playing with Ana and she was, laughing at something. She was there in kabir's arms and she was there with Mr. And Mrs. Khurana. It was her whose forehead dadima had kissed and even on the Brooklyn Bridge, looking at the waters and there was only her in focus when she was doing something in the kitchen...!

So many photographs that captured her and only her in focus... she had no idea how to react! Every time she had been at the estates, he had captured some part of her. there was her picture with Ana and one with Kabir, there was a picture of her with the entire family and there was another with dadima and then, she had so many single pictures of her she never knew he ever clicked!

He clicked!

The pictures fell from her hands and landed on her lap and some on the floor. Too stunned to react, she let her hands press her mouth and allowed her tears to do the talking. She wasn't sad even though she felt like crying. She was happy in a very long time... a hopeful kind of happy that she was special. The kind when you don't know how to express yourself but with your tears. She felt special.

He made her feel special.

She had no idea when he took those pictures but all of them had her in focus! Wiping the tears with the back of hers and quickly picked all of them and went through them all over again. Tears kept pouring and she sobbed and let her tears fall on those pictures. She picked one of the photograph where he was captured too but not in the same frame. There wasn't a single picture where they both had been captured in the same frame. There was everyone else though... everyone with her but him. Even if he was captured, he mostly appeared in the background. She just couldn't pinpoint what she felt right now but she could relate it. She could relate this feeling back to the time when she had been in his study, in his arms and he had said how proud he was of her!

Wiping the last bit of her tears, she placed all the pictures inside the packet and called him.

He put on some music and groaned with the tiredness. From her apartment to the estates it took a good 40 minutes and almost an hour if traffic showed its true colors. He was almost at the gates when his phone buzzed with her name flashing.


He heard a sob from the other side as he entered the driveway and worried.

"Geet, is everything alright? Are you crying?"

"No." she sniffed.

"No? Really?" he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. I am not crying."

"Oh then Geet do tell me the joke that made you laugh so hard that you cried!" he
chose sarcasm.

The chauffer quickly reached him and he threw the keys at him as he walked in, waving his hand to his mother.

She smiled through her tears, "Yes. True. But a little correction. The joke was so bad that it made me cry."

He hopped on the stairs, smiling, "Please share. I will be honoured."

"Maan..." she pouted, as though he could see, "You know why I called!"

He threw his coat on the bed and sat on the chaise chair of his room, pulling off his tie.

"I have no idea Geet, as to why you called."

"Uff! I called you about the photographs."

He raised a brow, "So, you saw!"

Her voice dropped to a whisper, "They are so beautiful. When did you take those?"

He sighed and lied on the chaise chair, stretching himself, "Why do you question so much? For once why can't you just accept things as they are?"

He heard that sharp intake of breath and thought of her reaction. She might be scrunching her nose right now.

"Being rude runs in your genes, doesn't it, Monster!"

He chuckled, "I wasn't being rude! I was just saying..."

She twisted her lips, falling back on the bed, "I called to thank you but it seems you don't need that!"

"Like I always say, don't count your fortune. Just enjoy it. Now go to sleep. If I found my PA getting late tomorrow, then God save her!"

He laughed at the disconnection tone and sighed. This woman was crazy!

Throwing the phone on the table beside, he just let the silence seep in. His one hand rested on his forehead and the other lay on his chest. Legs stretched over the chair lazily, he let the cool night breeze soothe his tired soul and closed his eyes, not bothering to change.


"You look tired!" Ana locked her car and looked at Geet who stood yawning. Ana had driven to Geet's place the next morning and both rode to college. Geet, in all her tiredness, had slept off in the car.

" I?" Geet sighed and stretched herself.

The two of them walked slowly towards their classes from the parking. The morning was beautiful. The weather was cool and the air was fresh, still carrying the dewy remnants of the night. Geet breathed in sharply and felt the moisture in her nostrils.

"Geet, haven't you slept last night?" Ana asked, waving at her friend.

Last night...

She recalled how sleepless she had been after seeing all the pictures that he had captured. She was tired and she was sure she wouldn't wake up till 10am the next morning but that small gesture of his; that he cares; had rendered her sleepless.

"Yuhoo.. Geet? Where are you lost?"

She snapped and looked at Ana waving at her.

"No... I just couldn't sleep last night. Don't know why..."

"Is something the matter?"

She looked at Ana's hopeful face and felt tempted to tell everything. Kabir would have come to know by now. even though she had kept herself away from the 7th floor, she knew news travelled faster than lightening.

"No Ana. You tell me, so what have you thought of Arjun?"

Ana dipped her head and looked at their moving feet, "I don't want to look at his face anymore. He had called me a few times but I didn't answer. He says he is sorry about all that and that he truly wants me back!"

Geet placed her hand on her friend's shoulder, "What do you want Ana?"

Ana looked at her and shook her head, "That still hurts Geet. I cannot forgive him this easily."

They attended their classes and walked out together, discussing about the upcoming tests when she found Ana stop all of a sudden.

She turned back, "What happened Ana?"

She found her friend rooted at her spot and her gaze locked at a point. She followed her gaze and found a man standing right in front of them. She looked back at Ana, who looked mortified at first and then looked angry. And then she looked back at the man standing right in front of them, near the college gates and looking at them, looking at Ana in particular.

Dressed in black formals, he formed a gorgeous picture. Pulling his shades off his face, he looked at them with an emotion she couldn't understand.

"who is this?" she asked and checked the time.

Oh No! I will be late again!!!

"Arjun!" Ana spoke with a low voice that made her gasp.

"what?" she gaped at the man who slowly walked towards them.

Ana held her hand in a tight grip, "Lets go home Geet."

Geet looked at her hold and then followed Ana. She was as angry at Arjun as was Ana.

"What is he doing here?" she asked, looking back. Arjun was following them, calling out to her.

"I can't believe he followed me to my college." Ana cursed with a swear word and put on her sun glasses. Unlocking her car, she gestured Geet to sit and went to the steering.

His hand gripped hers and pulled her to him. she glared at her and tried to pull her hand back.

"Antara please, listen to me."

"what the hell are you doing? Let me go."

Geet watched them quietly, not knowing whether she should interfere or not and settled for the latter. They had to settle this on their own. the last time she had been involved, she had been hurt pretty bad.

That reminds me... Kanha... I am late!!! Help!!

"You know I am trying to apologize. Please listen to me once." Arjun pleaded.

"I don't want your apology. And dare you follow me around..." Ana warned and jerked her hand away.

Ana pushed him away, got into the car and drove off. fuming, she sped up, scaring Geet.

"umm.. Ana?"

"what?" she snapped and then sighed.

"Sorry. What were you saying?"

"Can you drop me near xyz mall?"

"Why? If you need something, we can shop together!"

Geet wondered how to get away from this! She knew Ana was mad and if she didn't her office in time, her boss would be mad too. She wanted to tell her about the office but then stopped short, owing to her mood.

"No. I will take time. Plus, you had some after-class activities right?" Geet tried making up anything.

"Ohh yeah! You are right! I had to finish up the final formalities of the previous internship. Thanks for reminding ya! I have time now so maybe I will just be done with it. Thanks Geet. You are a darling."

She pressed a kiss on her cheek and dropped her at the designated place. Once Ana was out of sight, she took a cab to KE, praying badly that her boss wasn't around. She was late the second consecutive day. Taking a cab, she reached KE in 10 minutes and rushed inside, like a hurricane in ecstatic vigor.

"hey hey hey... Mi Bella...what brings you here?"

Kabir had been walking out for some work when he saw her running in like she was on fire. Smiling, he grabbed her elbow and stopped her mid way. She was panting and she was in no mood to sit and explain everything now.

"has Maan come to office?"

Kabir wondered if anything was wrong.

"Yeah. He had been here for a long time now. what happened?"

Kanha... he will fire me today.

She pulled her hand form his grip and ran away, "I will explain later Kabir. I need to rush. Bye."

Kabir sighed and walked out. He might just check on her when he returned.

she knocked the door and heard his permission to enter.

"g...good morning Sir."

He heard that voice and lifted his head up from the files. She was a mess in that jeans and kurti with that bag dangling down her shoulders. And then he looked back into the files.

His silence scared her.



"I am sorry." She looked down.

"Tell me something better!" he snapped.

"I will work extra hours may be."


He instructed her of what she was supposed to do and sent her off. it was while working on his files that she realized he was a hard task master when he went all professional. He strictly kept his personal and professional life separate and she had to work hard to keep pace with him.

A knock followed and her door creaked open. She heard footsteps around and looked up to find Kabir standing with an angry look on his face; hands crossed over his chest and his foot tapping in a rhythm!

"Kabir??" she gasped.

She had never realized how long she had worked until she had felt his presence around her.

"care to explain?"

She gulped down hard looking at that unhappy expression.

"explain what?" she asked meekly.

"that why in the world are you working in here?" he raised his voice for the first time and Geet jumped in fear. She had always known Kabir to be a charming young man and now that he was angry, she knew Ana would follow suit soon.


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Chapter 39

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