OS: wrong way right life partner. Epilogue PG 3

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One boy writing a letter, who seat mountain at danger point.

I m ram amarnath kapoor, a successful business man, whom everyone adore and consider as an inspiration but the real ram is zero, everyone think I m living a happy life but, l m living sake of my Dadi who left me few months back, bhagwan be sab Kuch Diya money, fame everything, but he forgot to give me any close once, jise mai aapni saari success & failure share kar Saku, I m missing my mom dad who left me when I was 6 years old, then my love of life who is not found in past nor in present that can I share my feelings, Express my love towards her, god don't want to see me happy that's why I am going to asking him that why he do with me like this, why he snatching my all happiness...

Confused right ! ! ! OK...

I m going to end my life in few minutes, the person who read these letter just throw it as I have no one.

This letter is just to express my feelings...

Ram amarnath kapoor.

And he stop his writing, he is think about jump from mountain, and he saw girl came there wearing a torn jeans, checks red & black color stripes shirt, she is looking damn cool she is looking at sky and talking with god.

God ji! Why you hate me so much! Sab Kuch hai mere paas lekin phir bhi Mai failure, I hate my self so much... my parents are world's bestest! Lekin aapne meri jaisi ladki kiu di unnhe! Ab Mai aapne maa Papa ko aapna burden se aazad Karne wali Hun, she all said these.

Ram think that she also came there for jump, but she did next is shocking for ram.

She took out paper from her pocket and started reading aloud.

935 RS given to neha- check.

Submitting my assignments in clg- check.

Given rent of my room- check.

Given my notes to radha- check.

Given my favorite T-SHIRT to madhu- check.

Ram smiling her antics before suicide.

She saw ram is standing there and she started walking towards him.

Girl- what are you doing here? Are you jumping from here to kill yourself? Why do you want to do these?

She started speaking continually with out giving any chance to ram, he didn't understand how to stop her and he said.

Ram- pin drop silent, she stop.

Ram- god how much you speak, by the way what's your name?

She didn't give any reply.

Ram- bolo.

She give him irritating look.

Ram- sorry over!

She didn't told her real name and say.

She- Hitler, with smile.

Ram smile back and say- I m aloo paratha, with little attitude..

Hitler smile and asked reason about his dieing, they both share there thoughts about suicide..

Hitler- hmmm, wow we both are die soon.

Aloo paratha- Haan.

Hitler- what is your last wish, if we don't fulfill our last wish then we will be ghost... and I m scared of ghost, she said all words in cute tone..

Aloo paratha- love is my last wish and your...

Hitler- nothing I have fulfilled my all wishes before I m going to die coz I don't want to be a ghost..

Aloo paratha- umm then what about my last wish.

Hitler- let us fulfill your last wish..

Aloo paratha- how? Confused.

Hitler- simple... think I m your love for a day, enjoy your day with me.

Ram (aloo paratha) smile & nodded in yes.

Hitler- so what will we do.. we have only one day...

Aloo paratha- we will enjoy the day..

Hitler- OK then chalo... and they started walking hand in hand.

First ram take Hitler to his home.

Aloo paratha- Hitler can you cook me something for me plz.. and also you feed me, I missing my mom so much..

Hitler make him his favorite lunch, aloo paratha with curd & and his favourite kheer and put it on dinning table.

Aloo paratha- wow Hitler I amezed to see all my favorite food is her... smell is awesome..

Hitler tore the aloo paratha and deep in curd and feed him, he ate that and said.

Aloo paratha- it's amazing Hitler, these tested reminds me my mom...

Hitler- don't emotional now, namak jaada hoga.

Aloo paratha smile.

After sometime they both watch some romantic movies hold to each other in arms.

Aloo paratha- can we go for dinner out ..

Hitler- OK...

Aloo paratha- go and ready fast.

Hitler- what should I wear..

Aloo paratha- wait for minute n he went upstairs and came with pink & orange colour saree.

Hitler- for you aloo paratha and she imagine him in wearing saree and started laughing.

Aloo paratha- ha ha ha very funny, these saree for my love of my life now you are my love, wear it..

Hitler- thank you aloo paratha, where should go for change.

Aloo paratha signal her to go upstairs in his bed room.

After an hour, she didn't came yet.. he went upstairs, if she is fine or not..

Hitler is trying to tie the knot of her dori, he saw these n came near her and asked.

Aloo paratha- shall I help you!

Hitler- no I can manage my self ..

Aloo paratha- we both are going for dinner not tomorrow morning breakfast.

Hitler turned herself, back to him, aloo paratha tie the knot but by mistake his figure touched her back and she close her eyes aloo paratha saw her by mirror and he smile by her actions and he again touched her back and little bend towards her shoulder his hot breathe touched her shoulder, Hitler fits her tight and feel his hot breathe..

Aloo paratha little move her ear, she listen his breathe and he say- can we leave...

Hitler look at him, there lips inches from kiss and she say- Haan chalo ...

Aloo paratha only smile...

Hitler- where we are going...

Aloo paratha- it's surprise my love...

They both reached there place.

Aloo paratha- now close your eyes...

Hitler- why?

Aloo paratha- it's surprise na...

Hitler- OK n she close her eyes.. he put ribbon on her eyes.

Hitler- arrye aankhe band ki hai na phir kiu..

Aloo paratha- if you are excited about my surprise and may be you open your eyes then my surprise will be not surprised naa that's why ..

Aloo paratha help her to walk and the reach there..

Hitler- I m listening these sound, and these sound is my favorite, may be these is beach we both are on beach..

Aloo paratha open her eyes, she want believe... she is on cruise, that is fully decorated by flowers & lights a romantic music play from back.

Aloo paratha stand back of her and he little bend towards her n asked- you like it...

Hitler's eyes filed with tears n she nodded in yes- haan, bahot jaada.

Aloo paratha- ah-ha don't emotional now... came Hitler n he forward his hand she hold it.

Aloo paratha offer her seat , then he seat Infront of her..

They both had dinner..

Then Hitler asked his for dance, he hold her hand they both dance very closely..

As the time passing by his way, they both scared for losing each other, they entire time spent with each other in arms looking at sky, they memories there entire day spent with each other.

Aloo paratha hold Hitler in his arm, Hitler listen his heart beats clearly..

Hitler- thank you aloo paratha for making me so special & happy too.

Aloo paratha tight his grip of hand- thanks to you for making my last wish fulfill..

Hitler- oops we are going to be die tomorrow...

Aloo paratha- one more favour from you, can you fulfill that... he so much nervous about his favour..

Hitler saw his nervous face n she asked- what..

Aloo paratha- I never kissed to anyone, so can I ...

Hitler- what! You want kiss, why?

Aloo paratha- I m not married, so 8 never had a kiss... filed with love, and today for one day you are my love, tomorrow we will die and my wish will not fulfill then I will gone be a ghost and I am also scared about ghost.

Hitler- but...

Aloo paratha- PLZZ Hitler..

Hitler- OK.

They both started kissing each other but things gone beyond the kiss...

Next morning, ram hold her by her waist and other hand hand hold her hand by chest, ram woke up first and saw her she peaceful sleep in his arms.

After sometime Hitler woke up and saw he look at her, then once saw to each other and feeling shy & guilty in their eyes, coz of previous night interaction..

After an hour they started moving there suicide spot..

Hitler hug him tight- thank you aloo paratha..

Aloo paratha tighthis grip - thanks Hitler for the wonderful day n memorable night and he kissed her forehead.

They stay in each other arms for some time..

Hitler started speaking..

Hitler- don't jump Infront of me PLZZ I can't bear it.

Aloo paratha- even I m saying same..

And they both started walking opposite side...

One year later...

Aloo paratha (ram) & Hitler didn't commit a suicide, they madly love each other but they didn't. Know about there real names...

They never met each other after that day...

In this last one year ram didn't go his office he work from home, and only thinking about his Hitler and there special moment & special night...

He only going for meeting which is out side of his office..

Ram's manger called him for some signs on important file..

Suraj_ sir we need your signs on few important files.

Ram- send someone at my place.

Suraj- OK sir.

Ram had his breakfast and waiting for the employee, one girl enter in his farm house and they both shocked to see each other..

Ram- Hitler...

"Aloo paratha" she saw him and there both eyes filed with tears..

Ram- Tum yaha ..

"Tum yaha kaise" Hitler asked the same..And put the file on table.

Ram go and hug her first and kissed her forehead.

Ram- kaha thi Tum, last one year how much I miss you, want believe me Hitler, when ever I go home I miss you most, you stay there for some hour but you memories was everywhere...

Hitler- I came here for signs some papers, our khadoos boss not came to office last one year he handled his all work from home...

Ram- khadoos...

Hitler- nahi toh Kya sabhi yahi bolte hai, Pura aadha din nikal jaata hai yaha Lonavla aane ke liye aur aaj Mai Mili sab ko, but thanks to them if came little late to office, then this chance miss na and thanks to God that I meet you again, how much I miss you, and love you so much..

Ram- yahi par kam Karti ho toh kabhi Mili kiu nahi.

Hitler- Tum bhi toh mujhe Milne AA sakte the...

Ram- I don't know your real name na..

Hitler- same here...

Ram- OK then meet me again..

Ram- ram amarnath kapoor, Kapoor industries owner and your aloo paratha...

Hitler started steamer- KHA...KHA... Khadoos...Khadoos boss.

Ram smile- seriously I m Khadoos!

Hitler nodded in no- you are my sweet love..

Ram hold her hand and say- what's your name.

Hitler- Priya sudhir sharma your Hitler.

And she hugged him tight, ram also hug her back...

They both broke the hug, ram kiss her forehead, then on eyes then cheeks Priya did the same and they kiss on lips..

30sec later the parted there lips for fresh air.

Ram asked- will you be mine wife..

Priya nodded in yes and started crying...

Ram- hey why are you crying  OK I m sorry we stay in relationship..

Priya in crying tone- no..

Ram- then..

Priya still crying n say- jjdjsksjdnska...

Ram didn't get what she say- what..

Priya- I will marry you..

Ram- then why are you crying..

Priya- it's my happiness...

Ram- oh-ho my Hitler don't cry, smile now.. aur jaldi shaadi karo mujhse...

Priya- kab karni hai...

Ram- jab Tum chaho my love..

Priya again hug him tight he hug her back.

Ram- I love you so much..

Priya- I love you too... forever...

The End.


Love RaYa... Edited by Arpipatil - 2017-03-19T03:18:20Z
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Posted: 2017-03-12T14:17:58Z
It's sooo cute beautiful update
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Posted: 2017-03-12T14:49:09Z
Awww aloo parante n hiter wahh cool name n both went to do suicide n decide to spend one day with eachother n that day they had best day of their life n both ending making love n they thought that eachother had did suicide but both met again after 1 year has both had fallen in love wow n ram priya ka boss tha n finally dono ko asli naam pata chal gaya n both confess that they love eachother n decide to get married wow n plss epilogue likho na pls
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Posted: 2017-03-12T15:45:41Z
Sooo sweet...
vry cu8 os
thnks fr pM
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Posted: 2017-03-12T23:11:01Z
awww really a cute story just made for RaYa... both wanted to ended up their life but ending up falling in love with each other... the special thing in story was the way they destinies to love completely different way... thank God no one ended up their life but loved in each other memory of love awesome just wonderful then meet one year after their separation God this was cutest story ever on RaYa they were awesome plz write epilogue plz... will waiting n continue Rishta plz...
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Posted: 2017-03-13T00:41:41Z
so so cute and lovely os ...
want read more like this...
shadi karvadethi those aur be achha hota...
thank for penning this lovely os...
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2017-03-13T00:42:45Z
if possible plz write epilogue...
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Posted: 2017-03-13T03:17:47Z
Sweet, cute and lovely os. 
Do write more. 
If possible please write epilogue.
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