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~ Saroj gets married to Dr. Prakash & Tilk to Pushma.. Tilak didnt see Pushma's face bcz he was forced to marrying Pushma as his dad promised Pushma's father that his son will marry to his daughter.. & only Tilak's dad, Tilak & Pushma were in marriage (no other family members).. When they were coming back home, they got bus accident. Pushma died but Tilak didnt know. Saroj was in same bus with her hubby and brother. Tilak's dad died & Saroj's hubby & bro missing.. Saroj was unconsinous. Tilak saw Saroj in shaadi ka joda and he thought that's Pushma and he took her with his at home. Tilak's mom was in terribly shock bcz his dad was no more. When Saroj gets in consinous, she tells Tilak she's not Pushma. but Tilak requests her to stay in Chopra family til his mom gets well and Saroj agrees. Both tries to search Saroj's hubby but they could not find them.. Rakesh gets married to Sunaina agaist his family. Sunaina is evil person and she wants to ruin Chopra family.

~ Tilak's sis Guddo was in love wid Uppal's son Sukhi. She was preggy.. and they come 2 know Sukhi died on border war. Saroj pretend like she's preggy and she leaves with Guddo in some ashram so she can hide abt Guddo's pregnancy.. They come back after few months with Guddo's son and tells everyone that he's Tilak's son. Tilak was shocked and thinks Saroj is not his wife, he never touched her then whose baby is dis.. and he starts to drink 2 much as he was in love wid Saroj. To see Tilak-Pushpa's fight, Guddo tells truth to Tilak that its's her baby.. then Guddo's marriage got fix with Thakedarni's nephew Harsh. Guddo told him truth that she was in love with Sukhi and she has a son.. Harsh is agreed to marry wid her after knowing truth. Both were gonna married and Sukhi comes back. Saroj comes to know abt it and she hides that from Guddo and others bcz Guddo was happy wid Harsh.. On marriage day, Guddo got married to Harsh and Sukhi comes there and tells everyone Guddo loves only Sukhi and they have a son. Guddo is shocked to see him alive. Everyone asks Pushpa and blames her 4 hiding all and tells her she'd tell truth that Sukhi is alive b4 marriage.. and tellls her to leave house. and Tilak tells them truth that Pushpa is not Pushpa, she's Saroj.. Pushpa was died in accident.. Saroj was living in Chopra family for their happiness and Tilak-Saroj leaves home.

~ They were happy together and were gonna get married. One day, Reshma comes to Saroj and asks her how much money she wants to leave her son.. y she's separating mom-son.. and then Saroj starts to go to Chopra's office and trying Tilak to see that she just cares for money so he start to hate her.. and Tilak starts hating her and goes back to Chopra house. Tilak's bauji knew Saroj was lying bcz Reshma told her do so.. Tilak starts drinking 2 much again.. Docs says it is dangerous for Tilak. They might lost their son.. Nanda makes Reshma to bring Saroj back. Saroj was leaving city and she meets old man in train. He was sick so Saroj takes him at his home where she meets Manju.. Manju was calling her Saroj didi.. Tilak n Chopras were searching for Saroj and finally they found her.. Saroj goes back in Chopra house.. All decides to get Saroj-Tilak married.. Manju also comes with Saroj.. Manju tries to separate Tilak-Saroj.. Tilak-Saroj gets married but on marriage day, Manju lied to Saroj that she's Pushpa, Tilak's wife.. and both gets separate again.. Cry after facing many problems, they come 2 know Manju is not Pushpa.. and Manju lies again dat she wanted to separate them bcz she's Pushpa's sister..

~ Tilak-Saroj goes to honeymoon where one lady died by Tilak's car.. and she was Dr. Prakash's 2nd wifee. Dr. Prakash had a son.. He sent Tilak to jail.. and make condition to Saroj that she'll have to stay with him, if she doesnt want Tilak in jail.. and Saroj agrees. Saroj was leaving wid Dr. Prakash.. Tilak in same drunk man condition.. He was spending 2 much money on his sharaab and wid his friends.. so Bauji and Kuku decides to not give him a penny from ttheir property.. Tilak meets Roshni in kotha.. Roshni was dancer (nachnewali).. Roshni falls in love wid Tilak. Saroj comes o know abt Tilak's bad habits and she goes to Roshni and tells her to leave Tilak.. and she finds Roshni really loves her lots.. She makes Chopras to get Tilak's marriage with Roshni.. Everyone is agree.. where Tilak leaves home.. He was mad at all bcz he loved only Saroj.. Saroj goes to search him and kamjor pal comes btween Tilak & Saroj.. Embarrassed They were lost in jungle and stays in cottage for a night where they slept together.. They come back home. Saroj tells Tilak to marry Roshni.. Roshni was living at Dr. Prakash's home wid Saroj.. after few days, Saroj knew she was preggy.. Roshni feels Saroj-Tilak love each other and both r made for each other.. Dr. Prakash also knows abt her pregnancy.. When Roshni-Tilak were gonna get married, Roshni creats scene and says she's nachnewali n blah blah... and tells everyone Saroj is preggy wid Tilak's baby.. She sacrifice her love for their happiness.. Dr. Prakash also tells Saroj to go wid Tilak.. and gives her divorce paper.. Saroj-Tilak together againEmbarrassed Rsohni was leaving wid Chopras.. She meets Raj (Saroj-Tilak's best friend ).. and both falls in love.. after spending gud time wid family, Raj got murder.. Roshni blames Tilak that he killed Raj bcz they had some problems.. (they were trying to expose Manju, so pretending that they were no more friends) Tilak was in jail.. Roshni was preggy but she had miscarriage.. while Saroj had problem in delivery n she just wanted to meet Tilak.. Doc tells Chopras to bring Tilak.. Roshni makes condition to Tilak that she'll take her gavahi back if he gives his first baby to her and tilak agreed. Tilak gives his son to Roshni and lies to all that baby was dead..

sorrrry dunno more I stopped watching showCryCryCry then I started watching show after leapBig smile

~ Amisha aka Saroj was living wid Vivek.. Vivek has two daughters- Suhana and Alpa.. Suhana-Vishu gets married, Saroj was living at Chopra house that time. Vishu tourters Suhana lots.. He tries to separate Shubham and Alpa.. poised Alpa that Shubham-Suhana have affair.. Alpa-Shubham were gonna marry soon.. but after all misunderstanding both got separate. Saroj dies.. and Suhana keeps crying n waiting for Vishu.. Vishu was busy wid Sush.. Alpa got married to Bhuvan and went to abroad. Shubham wanted to ruin Chopras bcz he thought Saroj died bcz of Tilak and he also lost his love.. when Suhana comes to know Shubham is Tilak-Saroj's elder son.. Shubham was trying to kill Tilak and Suhana tells Shubham that Tilak is his real father.. Shubham was in jail and another accident happened to Tilak. In court, Suhana gives gavahi that her dad Vivek wanted to kill Tilak.. All r shocked. He got jail.. Shubham got jail 2..

~ Kuku's mom- biji wanted to see Vishu-Suhana's baby b4 she die.. Suhana lies she's preggy.. Vishu and Minu looks shocked bcz Vishu had no relationship wid Suhana. Biji feels Tilak's elder son is alive.. She was very sick.. She tells all that she wants to meet Tilak's son.. One day, Suhana tells biji that Shubham is Tilak-Saroj's elder son.. and after seeing Shubham, she dies.. Guddo and Nihal comes to India.. Nihal always make Suhana happy.. Suhana-Vishu got fight and he asks for divorce and tells all that she's not preggy wid her baby.. Everyone blames Suhana... Vishu was abt to throw Suhana out.. and Subham comes wid Suhana's aunty n her aunty says Suhana lied to all abt her pregnancy.. She was never preggy. She did it 4 Biji's khushi.. All apologize to Suhana.. and tells her to live in Chopra house...

~ Vishu leaves Chopra house and living with Sush..

~ Everyone wants Vishu to come home. Reshma tells Suhana to promise that she'll bring Vishu back.

~ Manno & Billo got married where Nihal meets Megha. Megha is Manno's neighbour and she's like his sister. Nihal falls in love with Megha.  Megha knows Nihal loves her but she always ignore him bcz she thinks Nihal is imatured and childish guy who cant make his own decisions. Nihal and his mom Guddo ask Suhana to advise him. Suhana prepares him how to propse a girl n etc.... (It was cute scene, Nihal grabs Suhana to him, holds her tightly and proposes SuhanaEmbarrassed but then he says I'll propose Megha like disCry)

~ Manno, Billo, Suhana, Tejal make a plan to get close Megha n Nihal.. Manno & Billo were going on their honemoon in Manali and they tell Sonu-Tejal, Nihal, Suhana to go with them.. Megha was going to Manali for doctor conference.. Everyone enjoys lots in Manali. Nihal always try Suhana to keep happy. In club, Nihal proposes Megha front of everyone and Megha agrees to marry Nihal.

~ They come back home from Manali. All r happy to see Megha & Nihal together.. Chopras comes to know Shubham is Tilak-Saroj's elder son. They fix Shubham-Alpa's marriage. Suhana & Nihal goes to live with Alpa.. so they can make all marriage preparations. Nihal sees Suhana's pictures when she was in collge .. Nihal-Suhnaa-Alpa had such a gud time. Suhana & Nihal plays football in rain (another cute scene of Nihal-Suhana).. Alpa, Suhana, Nihal went to shopping and Nihal buys cute ghagra-choli for Suhna and asks Suhana to wear it on Alpa'a marriage. On Alpa-Shubham's marriage, Suhana wears dress which Nihal gifted her. Nihal seems choo happy to see Suhana in that dress. Alpa-Shubham got married. Alpa tells Suhana to marry wid Nihal. Suhana is shocked and Nihal hears their convo. Alpa's viday take pace. but Suhana didnt go back at Chopra house on marriage day bcz her Ammu said not to leave house empty when marriage takes place.. Everyone leaves. Suhana is alone at home, Nihal comes back to her.. (sizzling scene btween Nihal-Suhana) but Megha calls Suhana that time and Suhana yells at Nihal and tells him to leave.

~ Chopra family fixed Nihal-Megha's marriage. Nihal realises he loves Suhana, not Megha. Suhana makes Nihal to agree to marry Megha. Shubham searches for Vishu everywhere and bring him home back. On marriage day, Nihal comes to Megha and tells her he cant marry her and he left home.

~ Reshma tells everyone she'll transfer property to Vishu-Suhna's baby. All thinks Vishu has been changed. Vishu was trying to go close to Suhana but she was ignoring him. Suhana was searching for Nihal. Suhana's friend Natasha and her fiance who is police r helping Suhana to find Nihal. Everyone send Suhana & Vishu on honeymoon where Vishu tries to rape Suhana. Suhana hits something on Vishu's head and runs away. Suhana yells at Vishu and tells how cheap he is.. Vishu remembers he tortured Suhana lots after their marriage n had relationship with Sush.

~ Sush is pregnant with Vishu's baby so Suhana brings her at Chopra house.. Sush's bf wanted money so he sends Suhana at Vishu's home to stay there.. Sush's bf tells Sush to abort Vishu's baby but Sush refuges and Sush leaves her bf.. Chopras tells Sush to home but Suhana says she wont leave home and Vishu'll have to marry Sushma and accpet her baby. Vishu and Sush both r changed. Vishu loves Suhana now. Vishu asks Suhana to go movie with him when Suhana tells him she doesnt love him bcz she loves someone else.. Suhana asks for divorce to Vishu and accept Sush and her baby.




Short Update By vinee_cutepal


The post leap saw suhana as the young heroine.She fell in love with his college mate Vishwa and married him without disclosing it to any one...and finally accepted by Vishwa's family except him. Yes he had framed and married her only to take revenge of Suhana's so called mother.

He did not accept her even once and suhana's agony started the very day of their marriage.
He tortured her, beated her and finally was into illegitimate relations with sush.
It was at that time that Nihal(suhana's brother-in-law) Vishwas's bua's son came to india from
Canada with his mother to marry an indian girl. Nihal a young enterprenuer, handsome and sweet soon became Suhana's agony aunt.He acted as her mentor and guide and Vishwa's rudeness towards Suhana which was hidden from everybody else, only he cud see.He understood Suhana to the core and even Suhana out of everyone one confided in Nihal.

He was also after her life to find him a girl just like her and finally zeroing on a beautiful young
doctor Megha.
Suhana taught Nihal tricks of wooing girls, she was matchmaking Nihal with megha fulfilling a Bhabhi's duties and this gave her the only respite in her otherwise meaningless life.
Nihal addressed Suhana " BHABHI" and Suhana adressed Nihal as "DEVAR JI".

The bonding between them was very beautiful and suhana started revivng from her miseries.
She selected cloathes for nihal, waited for him for dinner, taught him all ladki patao tricks.

Vishu meanwhile left the home and started living with sush.The whole family came to know of the rift and always blamed suhana for it, but later realised Vishu's mistake. Suhana's condition worsened but how cud nihal had led that happen to his dear bhabhi.

Suhana making nihal and megha come close..Nihal instead of megha fell for Suhana.

His condition was pitiable, he was all confused all puzzled as to what he is feeling for suhana and why.Till now he only discussed megha with her and did not let bhabhi rest unless she told him ways to please her.But now megha does not interest her and there was all unrest within him.(Nihal's realisation of his love for Suhana were captured very beautifully)

Megha inspite of liking this young handsome nri refused to marry saying, he is too immature for his age and takes bhabhi's advice in all matters so he is a mama's boy.

Suhana took it on her shoulders the responsibility of reuniting the broken couple.

Suhana and Nihal understood each other to the core...and the whole family felt very happy always about it.They were worried about suhana and nihal was always there to support. So after knoing each other so well, there cud be no reason that suhana does not realise the storm within nihal.But when something which is so undesirous like this happens we tend to give ourselves excuses that this cannot be and the same suhana was doing.

Nihal was so descent that he never said anything to suhana but his love supressed within him spoke volumes to suhana which now even she cud not ignore.

She tried to ignore it and be as normal with nihal as earlier but now something had changed between them. that comfort was gone and aukwardness had taken its place.

She stopped selecting cloathes for nihal, waiting for him, and tried to maintain a distance but cud not help herself for worring for him when he returned late or when he did not eat well.

But let testing times come ...Here also vishu asked suhana for divorce and she as all into peices...but even at this crucial time nihal was with her.He joined those peices to make a new suhana....and suhana also unknowingly, undesiringly always confided her griefs to him , even those tears which she hides from everyone were unbounded in front of nihal.

Nihal always supported suhana, even after all her rudeness, he knew her and cud not see her in pain.He was always silent and never said anything to hurt suhana's dignity.

suhana was unaware of this but slowly nihal was becoming her necessity...She was always otherwise serious,trying to keep him at distance but when she crossed her self created boundaries he never realised.

She waited for him when he was out of town, grapped the phone on slightest of ring thing it to be nihal, and even
running towards the door as an automatic reaction when the door bell ringed thinking nihal has returned.

She herself did not realise but she had fallen madly for nihal.
She started laughing with him from within, something she had never done in so many months, she played with him,
ran after him, teased him, cooked for him.After ages she had returned to her youth.

But now someone else was also in love with was megha hom suhana had promised nihal.
She was hoping that bhabhi wud surely give her her love.

The feeling which suhana always tried to supress had formed lava within her...and when her sister made her realise this she was shattered.How can she love her devar,this is sin, how has she done it.
her conscious started poking her and she became all the more rude to nihal for no fault of his..she was adamant that now this must stop...but
almost submitting to nihal when in that rainy night he saved her from falling...the first time nihal touching her...his hands sliding in her waist a firm but soft touch...his gentleness made suhana close her eyes....she was allin his strong arms...all veins visible.
he loved her caressed her,,,a feeling which made both oblivious of everything else..the first time nihal ever coming so close to her....first time she forgot that she is his bhabhi.

But soon the phone rang and it was megha...and she insisted suhana to fulfill her promise...this made her come out of the dreamworld she had reached into.
She pushed him back and slapped her..and this time nihal expressing his feelings of wanting to marry her.
But she adresssed him DEVAR JI again which she had stopped using some time back.

She fixed nihals marriage with megha and everybody cud not stop praising her...sha has fulfilled all duties of bhabhi, nihal has got the best bhabhi were everybody's words.
But two ppl were dying within...Nihal and now also suhana.

She now no more loved vishu and nihal had become her life.She had never cried so much when vishu tortured her, when he got her another women, also not when she was cursed by the family, when false allegations were put on her having illegitimate relations, never cried so much asmuch as now she does.

How did this feeling which she always ran from took her in its grip never to let loose.
ni\hal's condition was not better.
No one in the family cud think of something like this,
Now even vishu decided to return and there were dual celebrtion in the family and dual mourning also.
suhana hided her tears from entire family who all were happy that suhana is getting her happiness back as vishu is returning and also her dear devar is getting married with the girl she has selected for him.

Suhana thought of running away with nihal...but stopped after going through utmost pain and dillemma.
but nihal did not marry megha and left home...there suhana also did not accept dev but nihal thinking suhana now happily married did not want to return to ruin her life....there suhana cud not forget nihal and only and always missed him.

She got vishu married to sush and divorced him....and now settled all her obligations started towards nihal to say him what was always within her but which she never said but nihal thinking her married , married to megha.
This is how nihal was in her life but they never united. she till date havent ever confessed her love to nihal.

thank u Vinee...



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wow......thanks......i catched up wid the story after the had no idea wat all happened b4 that..but now i know....all thanks to u... .Clap Clap
Posted: 15 years ago
wow......thanks......i catched up wid the story after the had no idea wat all happened b4 that..but now i know....all thanks to u... .
Posted: 15 years ago
wowwwwwwwwww Wink

dats choooooooo sweet of ya 2 post dis! Clap Clap Clap

fanxxxxxxxxxxx alot! Tongue

xxx hinal xxx Tongue
Posted: 15 years ago
wowwwwwwwwww Wink

dats choooooooo sweet of ya 2 post dis! Clap Clap Clap

fanxxxxxxxxxxx alot! Tongue

xxx hinal xxx Tongue
Posted: 15 years ago


im soooooooo sorry 4 triple postingCry

duno wot happned 2 my so sorryCry

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We have the middle part in our past archive.

Well done Vandu Clap Clap Clap

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Clap Clap Clap wow, thank you so much for writing such a wonderful are great... Big smile

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