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Posted: 5 years ago
Welcome to the discussion thread of the contest. 

The do's and don'ts of the game

-The teams can have a discussion thread o n l y in the Forum Games.

-Each team is supposed to prepare o n e thread putting forth their motion on the topic. The thread has to be posted in Forum Games.

-N O backups will be provided to the teams. If any member doesn't show up for discussions or fails to contribute in the preparation of the argument, the team members are requested to mention it in a PM and send it to either unitatoxo. or -Koeli_Appy-. The CC team will make sure that the judges are well informed about the number of members who worked on an entry. 

-The teams are supposed to PM the link of the thread they prepare to crazycontests by February 13th, 2017 11:59PM IST. Although, the team to send their entry first will get extra 10 points.
The Topic
The world has come a long way. From rubbing stones to lighters, from varied provinces to a global community, the humanity has come a long way and s c i e n c e, has a major role in making this happen. The development is technology is commendable and now we see ourselves moving towards an era where intelligent super computers will be as important as humans, or maybe more.

Yes, we are taking about Artificial Intelligence. 

From automatic driven cars to detection of fraud, the spread of artificial intelligence will be a blessing to the humanity. But, are we really ready to give machines the p o w e r to rule us? That's for you to answer. 
Do not forget to introduce yourselfEmbarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
Hello everyone! Ramya this side!
Mou, thanks for opening the thread!
So, lets get to work?
Posted: 5 years ago
Where is the rest of our team Mou? Should we start without them?
Posted: 5 years ago
So, I will start with the basic difference between a human and a machine. While a human brain has a great sense of logic and thinking capability, a machine on the other hand is high on memory,something which we kinda lack or say, we aren't able to apply it efficiently. To illustrate this further,we all have gone through the experience of trying to learn everything a day before the exam and then being able t retain say about 20-30% of it only? A computer does not have this problem and memory is a pretty cheap resource with the technology we have today. So we can say artificial intelligence is a way by which we intend on utilizing this asset that we enjoy in case of a computer or machine.
Posted: 5 years ago
Hello nandini!
Your input to the discussion please!
Posted: 5 years ago
I guess rather then focussing only on the present aspect of AI,we should make a motion which spans through the Past,Prsent and the future of AI
Posted: 5 years ago
@FlightofTheEagle-I agree! Lets go for it!

Posting a few examples of AI of the present and also illustrating how successful they have been.

1. DeepBlue: A computer by ibm that was majorly designed as a chess playing one. It defeated the then world champion, Garry Kasparov in 1996 and also in 1997. In the former year, it played a 6-game match with him and could win only one (the first match) while Garry won 3 matches and 2 were draws. So it was heavily upgraded and in the following year, it won game 6, defeating Garry in the match.

2. Watson: The question-answering computer that won the popular American Quiz show, Jeopardy. Further highlighting the win is the fact that it enjoyed a clear win against the former winners of the game, Bard Retter and Jen Kennings in 2011. It had access to approximately 4 terabytes of data including all of Wikipedia's but it did not have connection to the internet during the game. Indisputably outperforming humans in the game, this artificially intelligent machine is a proof of the logical capabilities and the power 'Cognitive computing', a term closely knit with 'Machine Learning'.
Another fascinating thing about this computer is its capability to understand and interpret natural language, the language that we use rather than having to use computer language. This advantage has lead to ibm announcing a Watson API that we can include in our software based applications for 'intelligent' solution to the problems.
Posted: 5 years ago
We can add Siri and self driving cars as example, it is the science of artificial intelligence which is behind siri's secret of recognising voice . This is how a self driving car knows when to turn. Edited by Sonatia - 5 years ago

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