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Nice update...
His realization is similar to his earlier affairs...
But anyway he would come to know any his love 
Don't know what geet will realize in this separation
Waiting for your update
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I'm still unable to understand what the hell happened! I mean a moment they were all okay & the next all the emotions inside them just do their work & then they both before even coming together fall apart. 
What are they running away from? Each-other. 
One doesn't know whether this will end up with her on a best note or not & the other, still living in her past, that love that she still harbors for her first love & then this new love all ready to take its place, but he with his words pushed her away that too on a very bad note
Wasn't update enough that you gave us such a twisted teaser!Ouch
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Anyone missed me? WinkWink
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

Anyone missed me? WinkWink

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Kab Milegi Update??????
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how much longer kawaii?
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I am desperately missing Monster Singh Khurana, please jaldi karo!!!!!!
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Hi All.
Reach home just an hour back and managed to squeeze in an update.
Thanks a Ton fpr waitng patiently.

@anmirza: Hug
Ab mein so jaun??LOL

@ALL: replies pending, I know! I am bone weary right now but
will definitely get back to you guys
in the next update.

35. Steam From The Kettle Rose Against The Dewey Backdrop...

She didn't protest when Kabir carried her into the hospital and got her ankle bandaged. She'd have to stay home for a while and not stress her leg. The doctor prescribed some painkillers and let her go. She limped and it was Kabir who picked her up in his arms yet again. She remained quiet suddenly feeling extremely tired of everything around.

Ana joined them with her medicines and looked at her pale face.

"Geet, did bhai tell you anything?"

"huh?" she remained dazed as Kabir gently slid her into the back seat of the car.

"You look pathetic Mi bella... tell us please."

She shook her head, "No. I am fine. I just miss my father so much."

She sniffed and Ana slid beside her, hugging her friend, "Stay the weekend in the estates Geet. You won't feel lonely too."

"No Ana.. I will be okay. I am exhausted. So most probably I will just crash."

"Are you sure?" Kabir's voice was laced with concern.


They dropped her home and helped her until she changed and settled down.

"Sleep off and don't walk around. Any problem, just give me a call."

She gave a weak smile to her friends and closed the door. Limping back to bed, she just fell with a thump, letting all her anxiety seep into the soft mattress. It felt good beneath her. She stared blankly at the ceiling, devoid of any thoughts at this moment. There was so much silence that could scare anyone. But not her. Not today. She felt weirdly nice in that eeriness. There was a loud honk of the car after a very long time that thoughts began returning. And slowly, very slowly the day seeped back into her numbed brain. The weeping willow wept in the rain and she had wept with it too. The legends seemed true to her now. Weeping willows were always attached to grief. Her eyes felt heavy and she felt that intense urge to cry out. She did and never knew when she slept off.


Steam from the kettle rose against the dewy backdrop of her window and the whistle brought her back to the world. The clouds had over taken the sky and it had rained perhaps. The glass of her window had steamed up entirely baring a few points where water droplets still endured and then slowly slid down leaving a train of clarity behind. The bubbling of the water echoed in the silent apartment telling an unknown story of its own.

She had woken up late and feeling lazy, she put the kettle on the heater and sat on the bed, waiting, lost in her thoughts until the whistle of the kettle had gained her attention. She felt restless. The compression wrap on her ankle squeezed as she tried to balance herself on both her legs but it hurt. Her ankle had swollen up and she knew she would be evidently missing her college. Dragging herself to the kitchen, she turned the heater off and heard the doorbell.

Ana greeted her with a wide smile and hugged her.

"hey Geet... how are you feeling?"

A sweet aroma of clarified butter and something else filled her nostrils and she
took a deep breath in, eyeing the bag that Ana held.

"Mamma has sent breakfast for you. Freshen up and then we can eat it together."

Her heart felt a motherly warmth after a long time. Not that pooja's mother didn't shower love on her but more than them, she connected to this family. she had known pooja and her family for a long time now, so long that she couldn't even remember the time. But her own conditions and her own state of mind had put all her relations in jeopardy. She felt everyone look down at her with sympathy. But this family took her in without any conditions.

She nodded and quickly freshened up. Ana, in the meanwhile opened all the boxes and spread out the lavish breakfast. Plopping themselves on the rug and cushions, they welcomed the cold and wet morning. Piping hot Aaloo Paranthe with spicy and tangy tomato chutney and cold yoghurt went inside their tummies in quick successions and they found themselves rolling on the floor, too full to move around.

"Ahh.. am so full. Lets sleep off." Ana yawned.

Geet couldn't agree more, "Hmmm. This is the best breakfast I have ever had in ages."

Suddenly Ana plopped herself on her elbows, "hot news Geet. Bhai actually spoke to kabir last night."

Geet's ears popped, "Really?"

"Yeah.. last night post dinner, bhai called Kabir in his study and they had their talk. I think now things are pretty much normal between them."

The mention of Maan brought back memories of the previous evening and she found herself getting lost. That restlessness of not being able to answer his questions came back.

What was he trying to say?

And so conveniently he had broken the fake wall she had built around herself. Could she ever forget Raj and move on? All these days she thought she knew the answer up until this moment. Shaking her head, she kept herself engaged with Ana to not think of things and sat down to study when Ana was gone. She had nothing to do.

Opening the window in front of her study table, she stared at a tree on the front slowly bearing leaves of the spring. The clouds remained and the weather remained damp. Scribbling notes on her copy, she stilled feeling a cold breeze gush past her. the familiar scent of the wet earth again threw her back into her memories. She had a few job interviews lined up for Monday and Tuesday and there was no way she could be moving around like this! She had no job, no money and no real goals, she realized now. and he had not turned back to see her even once. It hurt somewhere deep down and the result of it came as drops of tears on her copy, smudging the ink.

It was difficult for her to get job... first, she had no real experience and whatever experience she had garnered at KE, went down the drain with her performance report. It remained as a blemish on her portfolio. Ana was doing so well. she had interned in two biggest companies already and her academics were so good. She, on the other hand was slogging. If this went on, she realized she wouldn't get a job. And she didn't want to go back to London. And studies proved to be the best distraction of all.


Kabir dropped her home and looked at her with utmost seriousness. He had come by to visit her and then took her for a check up. The swelling had lessened but the pain still remained.

"Geet, I need to talk to you about something important."

She hopped on one leg and sat on the chair, gesturing him to sit beside her.

"hmm.. tell me."

He thought for a while not knowing how to start but then it had remained a burden.

Taking a deep breath in, he leaned closer to her and held her hands, "Geet..."

His eyes were just like Maan's... dark and beautiful.

Geet shook her head and concentrated on what he wanted to say.

"I am seeing Emily."

It took her some moments to let the feel sink in and then she reacted, "What??"

Kabir left the breath he was holding and looked down, "I know I know its sudden but I had to let this out. Geet... I couldn't find a better person than you. Ana is Maan Bhai's minion and she would never approve of this. Maan Bhai..well you know him. This had been such a burden on me..."

Geet gaped at him, "Kabir, do you realize what you are saying? She is just a client and... and... how... I mean just how?"

Kabir shook his head and cupped her cheeks, "Geet.. Geet.. calm down. Shh.. listen to me."

His hands were warm and they held her in a firmly soft grip. She blinked her eyes in slow deliberate strokes to let the information sink in.

"Emily is a very nice woman Geet. This wasn't planned or something. We just clicked while working. I know you have heard so much about her but trust me... she is a very beautiful woman at heart..."

Geet pushed his hands away from her cheeks and gave him a pointed look, "yeah right. Three divorces just by the age of 28 makes her look so good at heart!"

Kabir pinched the bridge between his eyes.

Just like Maan...

She shook her head and then slapped herself.

Don't think Geet... Just. Don't.Think.

"Out of all Geet, I never expected this from you. I thought you knew better."

"But Kabir.. you know how she is right? Ana was telling she never had any stable relationship with anyone and how do you think you are going to stay with her?"
Kabir ran his fingers through his hairs and she was once again reminded of him.

He never called...

"Geet... just because she is a stranger, we can't be judgmental towards her! You should understand that really well by now.."

"But all those things they say about her..."

" not her fault." Kabir cut in.

Geet closed her mouth and waited for him to speak. Who knew about it better than her about being judgmental?

"What do we know about her Geet? That she has divorced three times because everyone says so? But have you ever thought why she got divorced in the first place? Her first husband had physically abused her! she had married at a mere age of 21 and she thought she loved that man. Her second husband... she had expected it to work out with him but it just didn't. They had hell lot of differences. Her third husband was one she thought she had finally found her love but he cheated on her Geet.. can you believe that?"

She couldn't. For the love of god she never could believe that something like this could have happened to her!

He watched her expressions and held her hands once again, "I know you would understand me Geet. And I want you to meet her."

Sanity hit her, "wh...what? Meet her?"

"Yes. We are going out for dinner Saturday night and am taking you with me."

That night went sleepless for her yet again. It was just Wednesday and Ana hadn't called. Emily Huston now seemed like a mystery to her and Kabir's words echoed in her head. How would she be like in real? She checked her phone for messages from Ana but strangely there were none. She scrolled down her contacts lazily and then stopped at one particular name.


It pinched. She pulled the duvet and slept off not wanting to think of him.


She looked at her leg and then at the flight of stairs she had to climb. She had been to college on Thursday and Friday and somehow managed with all the limping and hopping. Ana was there too but something remained off about her. she asked but then the lady had ignored. The lift was down for maintenance work and she had two flights to climb to reach her apartment. It was Friday evening and the kid living right below her flat had his birthday. Both his parents had been working and since they couldn't order the cake on time, they requested her to bake one for the birthday party. She had agreed. They had been good neighbours. She hadn't believed them when they asked her to bake the birthday cake because she thought she lacked somewhere. It took a little pout from the kid to convince her that she was good and the muffins and cookies she baked were delicious. They even paid her in advance for all the supplies.

She had hopped her way downstairs with the help of the kid and his friends to deliver the cake and now that they were all inside, partying, she was left to climb the stairs on her own.

Baking does help in the money matters Kanha... but I don't think I can do much from it. Oh and please help me climb the stairs.

With a defeated sigh, she hopped on to one step and another and one more, trying to avoid stressing her injured leg. The bandage was off but she still felt the ache and it would take one more week to vanish. Huffing, she reached the end of first flight. She was just in her long loose shirt that reached her thighs and shorts underneath. Tying her hairs up in a messy bun, she prepared herself to climb another flight of stairs.

Two long warm hands went around her waist and picked her up from behind making her gasp and then she was being taken up the stairs.

"Oh God Kabir Put me down I am..."

She stopped when a faint but a familiar smell of the cologne filled her nostrils and she stilled in his arms.


She couldn't believe he was here! She must definitely be imagining things. But she knew that touch all too well... She knew that scent. He waited for 2 seconds in front of her door until she realized she had to open it. She did and then he strode in, still carrying her and then placed her gently on her feet. She felt breath coming back to her and felt her cheeks warming up.

He had been angry at her all these days but he knew he wouldn't endure. Not when he knew where he had headed with her. But then he could contain himself. He had chided himself.  She needed to come out of the stupor that she had been in all these days. And when he had found time, finally, he had gone to check on his little tornado and found her struggling with the stairs. Wearing cute red slippers she looked like a tiny tot and he had just not waited for her.

He watched her turn slowly and felt the awkwardness of that confrontation still present.

Who were they together in real?

Her face painted in blush pink, he took a quick look at her and then let his gaze linger a bit longer on her injured ankle.

"When you can't walk, why do you take the stairs?" he spoke in that nonchalant non-caring voice of his and found her squirming under his gaze.

"Ah No...I had just gone to wish the kid on his birthday."

She felt it too... he knew. That awkwardness! The silence lingered and it was a first for both of them.

"How come you are here?" she finally broke the silence.

He wasn't himself if he ever spoke circuitously.

"I was in the neighbourhood for a meeting so just came to say hi. Ana told you have a swollen ankle. How are you?"

That strict professional tone of his made her realize he still hadn't forgotten her outburst that day.

Ana told My foot! He knew that day too that I was hurt but he wouldn't say...

She had known him well all these days. So she too decided to give back in kind, the sudden rift between them now morphing into a cold war of sorts.

"I am fine. Healing. It would take a few more days though. Do you want some coffee?"


"Take a seat. I will be back.."

She walked and he watched her walk. She wasn't hopping though but the limp stayed. Her shirt swayed over her thighs as she made her way and he just kept watching her because he had nothing else to do. he hadn't seen her in the past one week and thoughts of her had kept him awake. Now that he was here, he might very well capture his muse!

She extended a mug of coffee to him and sat in front, waiting for him to say something. the room was silent except the bubbling of the water in the kettle.

"Did you find any job?" he asked after a long pause.

She sipped her coffee and sighed, "No. I had interviews on Monday and Tuesday but I couldn't attend them owing to my leg. And since I don't have any experience, companies aren't willing to give me one."

"What do you plan to do now Geet?"


The sound felt nice to her ears. She looked at his face and saw those dark eyes looking at her through the rising steam of the hot beverage.

"I don't know. My internship performance isn't very good either so even that becomes another reason for the delay."

His mind invariably went back to the day he had given her performance report. Thanksgiving it was. And ohh how she had run away from him!!

"Do you want me to look something up?"

Her eyes popped out and she gulped down the hot drink too quickly that burned her tongue.

"Why would you do that?"

Ohh pitying me... are we?

"Oh and if you think I need help then no thank you Mr. Khurana. If I had to ask for help, wouldn't have I asked Ana or Kabir first? Jab unse nahi poocha tho aapki help kaise le sakti hun?"

Stubborn woman! She isn't okay and she knows that too. But she wouldn't admit!

"hey, stop jumping into conclusions! I am not doing it to help you either. Ana will be working with KE in a few days. I was going through her application and there are a few vacancies available in various departments. But it's entirely your call if you want to work or not considering you had had your internship with us."

She had been ready with a reply but then shut her mouth up hearing his side. She watched him finish his coffee and place it on the table in front.

"Thanks for the coffee. And do tell Ana about whatever is going on with you. She is worried."

He left without saying another word and she just kept thinking about him. he wasn't wrong in his stand and she quickly checked the internet for vacancies in KE. Had it been any other day, she wouldn't have applied but she was in dire need of money and for the first time she realized that beggars like her, cannot be choosers!
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Chapter 34

Chapter 36

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