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Abe jaldi karr...
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@Sheen: Loved your comment Miss Reader.
 Not feeling sad for her eh?? Me too. LOL

@indiegirl: so beautifully you gathered everything together. Wow! Heart
We are about to see whether Kanha/Maan helps her or not!Wink

@nihatri: Pls don't die. I don't want to be a murderer at such a young age!Cry

@Kkiran: Well, that is Maan for you. Not a dream guy every girl wishes but a force behind every path chosen or every decision made.Embarrassed
Very Inconspicuous.LOL

@Madhuri53: did you say separation? Shocked
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34. "A Thousand Half-Loves Must Be Forsaken..."

Leaning against the trunk of the huge tree, he wiped his face and checked his phone, glad that it hadn't gotten wet. he brushed off his sleeves and his body of the excess water and looked up to see her stand by the edge of tree where it ended its shade and admire the swaying branches. She was dripping wet and still played with the water dropping down the leaves. He smiled at her childlike nature. She had long hidden it perhaps and he saw her today, in her reckless abandon. And he delved deeper into his thoughts of her, in a very long time.

The drop of water caught her attention and her gaze followed it... from the tender branch to the leaf blade and then drop down. Invariably, her fingers went up to her wet hair and detangle her plaits. Wet hair, especially in the rain, gave an itchy scalp. Running her fingers gently through her wet hair, she smoothed the locks and then realized there was a certain someone standing behind her, his piercing gaze boring into her back, she could feel the intensity. She turned back and faced him. Her wet hair turned with her and stuck to her face.

There he stood, hands crossed over his chest and one of his legs, raised up and resting against the trunk, lost in some world of his making. She opened her mouth to say something but then stopped, looking at him when her own realization from the past came crashing down at her. he was just there. Like how he had always been. Not speaking yet making his presence felt. And now she realized the emotion that she had felt back in his study, in his arms.


Immense respect for this man welled up from the deep reservoir of her heart and then it slowly surfaced into gratitude and then morphed into gratefulness. And she smiled, with all her heart.

His brows narrowed and another gust of wind shook their shelter. The rain gushed in and wet her. He leaned forward and caught her by her elbow.

"Stay at one place."

And he pulled her over to him. she tripped a little and then giggled, holding herself from falling. He revelled in that sound.

She found a small puddle, more of the runoff water and jumped into it. he saw that and shook his head., getting back to his spot of choice.

"You are such a kid."

She flashed a smile, "At least I am not boring."

He raised a brow, "You think I am boring?"

She teased, "I didn't say that."

"But you implied!"

"I didn't. You took it all upon yourself." She twisted her lips and then laughed.

He wanted to get back at her but then the light bulb went off.

Ohh she was getting back at him for the previous time... she repeated his words from the afternoon!

He shrugged and let her have her share of fun.

"Very well Miss Handa... so, when are you going to tell about your baking to Ana?"

The seriousness in his voice zipped her mouth and she looked at him with wide doe eyes. That was another problem she had at hand now.

She sighed, "I don't know. She will be so mad at me but I really don't want her to get into this."

"Just tell her Geet. She might be mad but she will understand your reasons."

She rested against the trunk by his side and watched the leaves dance. They remained silent for a minute and watched the rain together until she spoke.

"The branches of the willow tree swept away the crown from Alexander's head as he was crossing the Euphrates river in a boat." She tried recalling the bits and pieces of what she had read. And he listened.

"...The soothsayers predicted that it was an omen for his death which eventually came true. And since then perhaps, the willow tree came to be associated with pain and death and hence named the Weeping willow."

She stopped and watched him lost... perhaps in the distant memory of the time when dadima was in hospital and she had asked him if he knew the story of the weeping willow.

You miss dadima even now... don't you Maan?

She was tempted to ask him but then she stopped herself. They had had a wonderful time and she didn't want to push him back into the memories that would haunt her.

"the weeping willow," he spoke after a pause, "was also once a wife of a villager and she died when the king ordered to chop the tree off."

He waited for her curious mind to question him about the story he talked about but she surprised him with her silence. She was dripping wet and he knew she was cold, seeing her hands wrapped tightly against her body. But they had to wait until the rains subsided.

"Once the rain stops, we will head back. I hope Raj isn't lost though..." he muttered thinking about the dog they had lost on the way.

Her silence welcomed him. He cocked his head to his side and waited for her. She raised her head and looked at him with blank eyes, all so suddenly that scared him.

"How did you know about Raj, Maan?"

The blankness in her eyes surprised him. And at the same time, he knew she was hopeful for an answer.

"Its easy Geet. Do you realize how you reacted every time I called the pup as Raj? Or the way you forget everything when you get a call from him or the way you speak to Ana about him? I heard you both a few times but then I didn't ponder over it until you confessed that evening."

Her eyes twinkled a little, after a long time in satisfaction. He had left her restless since the moment he had mentioned about Raj. And now, she was glad she knew. She was glad, he knew. She took a few steps ahead and ran her hands on the tender branches that had turned heavy with the water drops hanging on them. and then they fell like pearls, those drops of water. she smiled and turned back to see him.

"Say Maan, did you ever have a girlfriend? Or do you have one now?"

He smiled, "No, I don't have one as of now."

"Can I ask you something? I know its personal and I shouldn't be getting into this but that evening, when you and Kabir had a fight, he mentioned something about relationships. Its totally okay if you don't want to tell..."

"You sure do have a curious little head, eh Geet?"

She gave a sheepish smile and watched him walk towards her and stand, looking at the still dark sky.

"yeah.. I had been in relationships before but they didn't work out."

She gaped at him like she was hearing Hebrew.

"what? how? I mean knowing you... the kind of person you are Maan... how can it not work out?"

Lightening struck. He wondered if it rained in spring.

"Why can it not not work out Geet? To be a person like what I am right now, it took me so many years. It took some failed relationships and heartbreaks and a lot of experience to build the person that I am."

She looked blank again, "But are so.. different from others..."

He smiled, "I had a girlfriend when I was in school but then that was a teenage thing. I came to the US and joined college. There was this girl in my class and we hit off instantly. We liked partying together and roaming around and having fun but that remained there. Stuck. We were good for that only and soon we realized that was not meant to be. We were young, reckless and carefree. Even that didn't hurt until I met Sarah when I joined office. She was Kabir's classmate and he introduced us."

He watched a drop of water roll down her forehead and run towards her eye. With an involuntary movement, he wiped it off with his thumb pad, making her sigh.

"What happened with Sarah?"

"We were in a serious relationship. We liked spending time with each other and talking and roaming around. I had just started working. My priorities changed. We thought we were in love until the realities of life started hitting at us. She wanted all my time and I was growing in my career too. We had arguments, we cried and we fought. I didn't want to let her go, not at any cost but she broke it off. That was the worst phase I thought I would ever have in my life. Kabir and Ana loved her and they really wanted both of us to be together."

She kept looking at him for a while, going back to the time she had felt that pain and yet it still cropped up, slowly in a simmering heat, somewhere from the deepest corner of her heart.

"You loved her..." she whispered.

He gave a weak smile, "We thought so too. We thought we were in love... but that wasn't love Geet. We were just two people who had fallen so perfectly in sync with each other that letting go became tough."

"Then when do you know that you are in love?" she asked with such sincerity that he couldn't help answering.

"You should know that better right?" he smiled at her and threw her back in a never ending whirlpool of emotions.

She trudged down the memory lane once again and saw her entire life pass in front of her eyes. The engagement ceremony, the sangeet, the dance... ohh she had cherished them so much. The ache now seemed to slowly intensify and her eyes burned.

"I..." she couldn't form words, "I don't.. I mean I love him but..."

He watched his little tornado waver in the rain, fragile enough to fall apart and something tugged in his heart. Did he say something that he wasn't supposed to?

The thunder struck louder than ever and he pulled her towards the trunk of the willow tree, hiding them. in such a delicate moment, she stepped into a small ditch that remained hidden under the running water and twisted her ankle.

"Ahhh..." she winced.

He pulled her closer and pinned her against the trunk. Staring deep into her eyes he sought answers, "What do you think you would do now Geet? You still haven't moved on."

She gasped and stared back into his eyes, forgetting her ankle. Her hands remained clasped with his and he intimidated her...yet again.

"I... I have..."

"No." he whispered over her lips and his warm breath sent chill down her spine instead of the cold.

"You are in a state of denial, aren't you?"

He didn't know why he spoke all that but all he knew was the fact that she still pined for the man who was not hers anymore. Such was her love that she kept that man still enclosed and he knew she felt the burn of it too.

"No..." she managed to whisper.

A finger of his trailed down her cheek, pushing off those wet hair that stuck to her skin and he realized the feeling that had been gnawing at him for a few days now. he was a man who knew his moves. He knew his brain. He was a practical man. And as a man, felt himself attracted towards her. it was a natural phenomena in every living being but he had never realized until now what he felt for her. The name now came into existence and he shuddered at the thought of it.

"You are still stuck to the past. I know it Geet..."

Her eyes liquefied and he knew he had disturbed her. her hands now clutched his shirt over his abdomen, tightly.

"I am not..."

"You're lying..."

A drop of tear escaped her eyes, "I...I am not?"

Running a finger across her cold cheek, he held her captive with his gaze and his arms.

"Can you forget your first love Geet?"

His question shook her. His eyes demanded answer.

"Isn't it like asking to reverse time?"

And another drop of tear rolled down her eyes. Her life ran like a projector in front of her, making her weak on the knees.  Drops of rain from the branches fell on their faces, making them aware of the weather conditions.

"Can you catch the drops of rain in your palms and still hold them?"


"Can you go back to being someone you once were?"

She had no answer. She couldn't meet that piercing gaze. She had convinced herself that she was moving on but what was the reality? Would she allow herself to do that? All these days she had kept chanting to herself that she was moving on; but was she really?

Her tears made him step back and he looked away, sighing. He wanted her to know the reality and not live in some mirage that she had created for herself. And with the force of his movement, a fingernail might have stuck to the fabric of his shirt that it broke at the edges.

He walked away from under the shelter of the tree and stood in the dying rain, now drizzling and ran his fingers through his hair. He was attracted to this woman. Heck, he had never realized it! Was it even legit? He had been in relationships and knowing him and her, he was sure if they wanted, the thing that they share could go somewhere.

But how right that should be?

He had had enough experience to know what he really wanted in life and he wasn't even sure if he could reach to a point where he would be sure that Geet is the one! He had shaken her pretty bad but then the intensity of his own feelings for her lay heavy on his heart. In the process of rattling her, he had thrown himself off balance. He had wanted her to know herself and ended up finding himself on the way.

The drizzle stopped and he quickly called Kabir asking them their location. He turned back and her still frozen, stuck to the willow tree, lost in some world she knew of. He walked to her and held her hand, giving it a soft squeeze.

"Lets go..."

He pulled her out into the open. Dusk had fallen and the street lamps came alive.

"You don't know..." she whispered after a long time.

He looked back at her red eyes, her trembling lips and the wet woman who shivered in the cold.

"Maan... you don't know anything what it means to feel this way. You have no right to ask me something like this.."

She didn't know if she was angry or if she was hurt way too much. But she wasn't at peace. she jerked her hand away from him, "You have no right..."

She raised her voice for the first time... and at him. He was shocked at first but then he felt angry... at himself and at her.

What right was she talking about? After sharing so much, she would say something like that?

"Stay away from me.!" she screamed now, letting hot tears tumble down those eyes.

He clenched his fists and turned away, feeling irritated.

"Everyone is waiting."

He spoke with utmost formality and walked ahead. Where was all this heading to? His brain felt too sentimental to think of anything. But he didn't say a word further. He had always been in control of his emotions and at this juncture, he would remain so too.

She limped her way back to the place where everyone waited and worried sick. Dripping wet, she looked up at the sky and felt the drizzle again. Tears rolled down and the rain washed it away. More tears spilling and got washed away again. She looked up to see him walking ahead of her. He did something today that she was scared he'd do. He shattered her beliefs. She thought she had moved on. It didn't matter if she loved raj or not. But she was moving on. But he broke that invisible wall she had created for herself. The more she knew about him and her, the more restless she felt. He didn't even turn back to look at her, even once. She sobbed, pressing her hands on her mouth, as hard as she could lest he heard it.

They reached the parking and she quickly wiped off the tears from her face but her eyes remained red. Ana and Kabir rushed towards them, worried.

"Bhai, Geet, where were you stuck?"

Maan shook his head and took the towel his mother offered, worried sick about her children.

"Ohh my god Geet, what happened to your leg?"

It was then she felt the twisted ankle that left a shooting pain up on her leg. She sniffed, "I think I twisted it a little."

"Were you crying?" Ana asked.

She raised her head and met his eyes that looked at her with no feelings inside.
She felt tears clouding her eyes.

She was pulled into the warm hug of Ana and Kabir, "Come on. tell us what happened. You were with bhai right?"

She looked away from him and blinked a couple of times, "No...nothing. lets go home."

Ana opened her mouth to ask if Maan told her anything but Kabir gestured her not to.

"Lets take you to the hospital Mi Bella and then we'd drop you home."

"No, stay with us tonight." Mrs Khurana intervened.

She once again looked up at him and he looked away. For some reasons, it hurt.

"No aunty. Its nothing serious. I will go home."

"we can discuss that later. Take her to the hospital first."

"yes dad..." Ana agreed, "Bhai, come on."

She wanted to throw the car keys to him but he stopped her.

"No. You guys go ahead. I am heading home with mom and dad."

She gasped and looked at him. he didn't even spare her a look he got into the car and turned on the ignition, giving a cue to his parents to move.

She cried all the way to the hospital, pressing her hand to her mouth, looking out of the window, without making noise. Kabir drove while Ana sat with him in the front, letting her stretch her leg on the back seat. What has he done to her? His walking away from her hurt more than his words now. The pain about everything was so much more that she didn't know at the end, why was she hurt so much? For what he said or for what he did? What was going on between them? She asked herself for the first time and hid her face in her palms, trying to hold back those tears.

"A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home."

>>Okay, Did I surprise you?

>>Wondering about the Letter? We still have time for that. Rest assured.

>>Impt News: This writer is traveling the whole week.
So, no updates till 2nd march.
Pls bear with me.

>>Just to be nice, a little precap.Wink

"Geet, I need to talk to you about something important."

She hopped on one leg and sat on the chair, gesturing him to sit beside her.

"hmm.. tell me."

He thought for a while not knowing how to start but then it had remained a burden.

Taking a deep breath in, he leaned closer to her and held her hands, "Geet..."

His eyes were just like Maan's... dark and beautiful.

Geet shook her head and concentrated on what he wanted to say.


Huffing, she reached the end of first flight. She was just in her long loose shirt that reached her thighs and shorts underneath. Tying her hairs up in a messy bun, she prepared herself to climb another flight of stairs.

Two long warm hands went around her waist and picked her up from behind making her gasp and then she was being taken up the stairs.

"Oh God Kabir Put me down I am..."

>>That's All for now. Miss Me!Embarrassed

Chapter 33

Chapter 35

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Woah what was all this in this chapter... What should I say about it now??? Today you were saying to others you might surprise them...but Ms.Writer I am telling you something You are mistaking between giving shock and surpriseTongue

What you did to me with this chapter its called giving shock...And It was totally right when you said it last chapter in the end about entering another zone cause it literally Was something else today... Gone my poor Dream of Mr. And Mrs.Sensible Broken Heart The prologue thing is working here fully and I know very well letter thing come more lately cause before that You have many things on your mind to trouble us and also might make us happy Smile

Discussing about Maan's previous relationship... Well it was also shocked to me that his previous relationship didn't work but then he reveals everything to geet...And Then whatever had happened I was confuse should I feel for geet or Maan...He Got the reality in all this that he is attracted to geet and Made Geet vulnerable again... Cause from where it started now she's on square one again...She could not move on ahead...

Then the way geet reacted I'll say it was justified but then the pain of ignorance ...That really hurts yaar...And Maan I am not able to say now what or how I want him to behave now after what she had said to geet... But You are not helping at all...You should not have give this precap ...what he wants to say now ??? The way things is moving from it feels like from now on every chapter will bring shocks and surprises with it...

Hey I was on so much into my dreamland of Mr.And Mrs.Sensible You know what I was thinking while reading precap... He will confess his feelings or will ask Well Ms.Handa Are you ready to become My Mrs.Sensible...LOL

And the 2nd one Kabir and Geet ...Its really hard to connect your precap...You can't update soon and had leave us in pool of thoughts... This precap is torturing me...

And what about my dream of Mr. And Mrs.Sensible????With this chapter everything just changed... Like the previous things didn't matter at all...Everything will be different now... But one good thing in this whole chapter The realization Maan had About his feelings... Its the start of my dream to make his little tornado as his Mrs.SensibleWink

But Long way to go for that... Huh...And its end here with it...

Take care and Egarly waiting for next month to read the next chapter SmileSmile Lots of Love To you Heart 

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 wow loveley amazing omg update..te way update started with beautiful poem and end with sad note,te way geet was lost in te nature enjoying te rain and my maan lost in her.. so my maan was been attracted towards his geet and geet too felt some thing with my maan.. te way my maaneet talking and it leads to my maan ki outburst hurting his geet with his words tat she didt move on,omg geet's words stay away from me, omg..maan wat happen to him,but he just show te reality of his geet's life to her which she was just masking it...te way my maan ignoring his geet was just hurting her why geet u te one wants my maan to stay away the wat happen..i love te update yar
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hoo god ... wat a twist...
in hurt geet told maan he does not have right...
maan is hurt by words... poor him
wat is the precap... god is kabir n geet are in relationship ... no way plzzz
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 omg curious teaser cant wait but our luck we have to wait he he he
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Ye kaha aa gaye hum, yunhi saath saath chal kar
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Fabolouss one
Maaneet scene in lovely
Finally he told him about he know abt raj n give her some relief..
Bt what.. He hurt her.. Actually they both hurt each other.
Geet words that he have no right make him so much angry that he hurt her.. N then ON REACHING to place one tym he not turn to see her..while she was expecting
Surely Geet is in love with Maan though he giving her feeling name respect. Bt it is love also n same with Maan
he to share his past n his past somewhere pained hwe n make her jealous as well that's why they hurt each other..
Is not maan become a sobber guy last 2-3 updates n phir se dust sanav wale avtar Mein a gya.n Geet jst wanted his one Najr vt sadu ke mood ka kya pata.
Pahelii hai each Mein maan..waiting foe nxt
N what is the precap.. Ouch
Is this Geet or some other girl with kabirr.
As Geet sirf maan ke leye bani haii.. BAs uske leye.. So pls dnt spoiled itt
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