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He cares for her & she knows things are going somewhere else, but no one wants to focus on these things!
Oh  man! The fight b/w brothers!Shocked
Kabir was so damn angry on maan for stopping that project on which he was working. I feel maan got to know something otherwise why he would do such thing with his own bro! & that damn horrible thing he said to maan, that was so so rude.Cry
But geet presence make him forget everything.

No mention of why kabir said all that to maan & what does those words really mean. Hopefully we will get to see about it in later updates.
It might be nothing for us but for geet it was a huge thing that didn't said anything like other when she told him about her selling the land back in India. That's the thing b/w them, they always save each-other back in some way or other but never directly.
Poor geet is going to bear maan brunt because of the ana-kabir.LOL
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Pls give a fast update...I can't wait..  m travelling and my flight is after 1 hour.. I want to read this before my boarding... Otherwise I can't read it immediately...Pls update fast...
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Day Dreaming

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Hi All
Lot of new readers are boarding.
Welcome All.Hug
So glad to see you all enjoying.
Do leave me your feedbacks.
Will reply to all of them.Embarrassed

 33.Reckless Abandon...

She stretched herself and groaned in pleasure. The day was warm enough to not let the chill get into them and it was cold enough to not let the heat stir them up. A perfect balance to the both, the weather sung of the spring and so did the birds. They had a hearty breakfast in the estates and drove to the Carl Schurz Park to spend the rest of the day together, relaxing. Soft green leaves now started making their presence on the naked branches that the winter had left behind. New grass came into being, shining due to the dewy remnants of the night felt soft on the feet. Birds that had hidden themselves from the cold came out and sang in glee and above everything, there was a certain peace.

Lying on the soft blanket, above the softer grass, she squinted her eyes. Soft rays of the sun pierced through the lesser leaves of the tree and fell on her eyes. Ana sat with a coke and put on some music on her phone, leaning against the trunk of the tree and Geet rested her head on her lap, looking through the leaves overhead that let the patches of sunlight through them. A heavy breakfast demanded some rest and they obliged. Awaara hopped around Kabir who played fetch with him and the elderly couple sat right beside them, talking and enjoying the bright day.

Ana stretched and looked up at the sky, clear with floppy clouds here and there moving around in a lazy haze. She found one right over her head looking like a tiny elephant and another looking like an ice-cream cone. She smiled and looked at her friend who was lazily outstretched on the grass, doing something funny.

Geet slowly opened her eyes, trying to look through the light that fell right through the leaves on her eyes. She sighed and lifted her left hand up and opened her palm towards the light, thereby blocking it. she opened her eyes fully and looked at her fingers, in the shadow. Her fingers pressed against each other didn't let the light pass. With a faint smile, she parted her index and middle fingers and the light seeped through, though less in intensity but falling on her eyes. She brought the fingers closer and the light was gone. She parted her other fingers again like curtains and smiled at the solar halo she saw through them. Pressing her fingers together again, she blocked the sun and parted them again, playing with the mighty sun that looked like a tiny blob through her fingers. It felt amusing.

"What are you doing?" Ana twitched her brows.

"Hmmm?" Geet kept playing.

"Geet, what are you doing?"

Another cloud hovered around the sun and this time when she parted her fingers, she couldn't see the halo. She brought her hand back and looked at the sky and frowned at the cloud that hid the sun behind it. Sighing, she sat up and looked at Ana looking at her weirdly.

"Nothing. Why didn't Maan come with us?"

Ana looked in front at Kabir, who waved back at them and gestured them to join him in playing handball and then at the sky, trying to figure out the shape of the cloud that shadowed the sun.

"You know him well by now Geet. don't you?"

"yeah but he knows right that we have a picnic?"

"He wanted to come but then there is this client from Canada who wanted to meet up with him before flying back. He'd join us in an hour or so...or most probably at lunch time."

Geet looked at her watch and they still had an hour before lunch time. She nodded and heard Kabir shout.

"Come on you lazy people, don't just sit there. We are here to have fun.."

He threw the handball at Ana who caught it mid air before it hit her face. Awaara barked in glee.

"Lets play..." Mr. Khurana stood up and walked towards Kabir.

"Yo dad...lets team up. Geet and Ana versus you and me."

The men high-fived while the girls looked at the father, surprised.

"What, you girls think I am old and that's why I can't play?"

His wife intervened, "That you are darling. Just be careful with that knee."

The kids giggled and set out to play. The cloud over the sun went on its weary way letting the sun shine again in its fiery softness. And time just passed... just like that.

Geet threw the ball and Kabir caught it right in time before it went over his head. He was very agile and loved sports, Geet had come to realize.

Did Maan even play any sports?

She had never known anything of these sorts about him. What kind of music did her prefer? Did he have any favourite band? What did he prefer more"Indian cuisine or Chinese, like the tofu she had?

"Geet, beta your phone is ringing."

She heard the elderly lady and ran back to their seating spot and quickly checked her phone. She looked around and took a few steps away from audible distance and made it quick.

"Is everything okay Geet? You looked worried!" Mrs Khurana asked as she
stretched her legs into the sun and basked in the warmth. She had got beautiful feet, Geet noticed. Her toes beautifully sculpted and her second toe on each leg held two beautiful silver toe rings that glittered in the sun. She had heard from somewhere that longer the second toes of a woman, the more prosperous her family is. The lady in front of her just proved its authenticity.

"No aunty. Just someone from college."

She put her phone on vibration and hopped back into the game. She had never played anything this fun in a long time. The men teasing them and the ladies giving back in kind, or even kinder, she felt free, like soaring in the sky, laughing loudly and screaming and giggling, she had forgotten what those felt like.

The sun had reached its pinnacle in the sky and it was time for lunch. Sweaty and panting furiously, she swiped a hand across her forehead and looked ahead for the ball.

He strode in  swiftly as silk; playing with his car keys and her eyes invariably went to him. Dressed in a loose grey full sleeved polo t-shirt, round necked and sleeves folded up to his elbows, he matched it with blue denims. Her insides squealed in joy and she kept looking at him with a smile she never knew.

He was late but nonetheless he made it. The client was demanding and he wouldn't go before he had met up with him and he had to go. He threw her camera keychain in the air and then grabbed it and looked at the people playing in front. There was Ana and Kabir and his dad and then there was her. He stopped to take a look at her. Two plaits tied on either side of her head, she looked cute.
Wearing a simple off white kurti, lined with pink border and jeans, she looked every bit spring. Their eyes met in a brief acknowledgement.

"Geett... watch out..." kabir screamed.

The ball hit her head and she lost her balance, falling on the ground on her rear.

"Oww...oww..." she held her forehead and winced. Everyone rushed to her and he just smiled at her stupidity. She should have concentrated on the ball coming
towards her. Shaking his head, he walked towards his mother who looked every bit happy seeing him finally arrive.

"Where the heck were you looking at you dolt?" Ana chided, pressing a wet
hankie on her forehead, "does it hurt now?"

She felt nice with the cooling effect she had on her face. Kabir knelt in front of her and pushed away the sweaty curls from her forehead and blew on her face, "I am so sorry Mi bella... but where in the world were you looking at?"

She pressed her lips, embarrassed at her folly and shook her head, "No. I am okay. Just tired.."

"Okay kids, game over. Lets have lunch."

Ana walked with her father while Geet slowly walked back with Kabir helped her stand and walked her to their seating.

She sat down and chugged down the bottle of water in one go and reeled in the pleasure of her quenched thirst. Wiping her lips, she watched Ana happily talking to Maan and her eyes invariably went towards Kabir. His eyes looked sad and they looked at Maan. She knew the brothers couldn't stay without talking to each other but this cold war was just getting the better of them. Even though Kabir spoke some hurtful words, she knew he was sorry about them and seeing Ana so close to Maan, she knew he felt the pinch. With a weak smile, she squatted towards Kabir and rested her hand on his shoulder.

"Everything will be fine." She whispered in his ears, "Go talk to him."

He was surprised at first and then looked at her gentle and smiling face. she knew!

"No. its fine Geet." He pretended to be fine.

Geet shrugged, "Its your call Kabir. I know you love him way too much to stay mad at him for such a long time."

Lunch was light but fulfilling with fritters and sandwiches and chips and salads and slaw and chilli-lime corn wheels and of course the chilled soft drinks right out of the ice basket. She revelled in the chill of the drink when she felt her phone buzz right in her pocket. She pulled it out and sighed. She knew she couldn't talk over the phone right now and even though it was difficult, she painfully


"Lets go for a walk Ana... I am bored."

She stood up, putting on her shoes and watched kabir sleeping. she rolled her eyes and looked at Ana expectantly. Kabir ate too much and then he just slept off, putting a magazine on his face. The weather had turned pleasant with patches of cloud now making their appearance. The sun stayed low and soft. The parents had gone for a walk and Maan was out, playing with his dog.

Ana looked at the stuffs around and at a peacefully sleeping Kabir.

"Sorry Geet. I have to watch over. Kabir is asleep and there are kids and pets around. I don't want them to eat all the leftovers too."

Geet pouted.

"Don't make that face please. And I think I had a little too much to eat too." Ana confessed with a cute smile adoring her lips.

"You and Kabir are the same!" Geet accused, exasperated.

"hey, not our fault. We love food. Why don't you go around and look for Maan Bhai? As such I can see both of you bonding very well these days."

She cocked her head to a side, "You think so?"

"Ah han! Its visible. Now go. He must be somewhere around."

Geet shook her head and slipped into her sandals. Taking in a long deep breath of the spring air, she walked ahead, looking around the place. The park was beautiful. She smiled as she passed other families, playing and bantering, kids who ran around and pets who followed them. the sun hid again and she looked up at the sky. A huge dark cloud now turned veil to the sun.

Was it going to rain? The weather forecast said it was going to be a sunny day!

Shaking her head, humming a tune of her own, she half walked and half hopped. Passing by the rows of flower beds, she saw butterflies fluttering around and she stopped, watching them keenly, collecting nectar.

A tap on her shoulder startled her and she looked behind to see that pair of
smouldering dark eyes with a little mirth in them.

"Maan!!" she exclaimed.

"What are you doing here alone?"

Raj(the dog) came running, holding a stick in his mouth. They were probably playing fetch. He knelt down and patted his head. Taking the stick, he threw it again, and he threw it so far that even Geet couldn't see.

"Go get it my boy..."

Raj ran away, after his muse and he stood up to meet her amused eyes.


She shook her head, "No. Nothing. I just came for a walk. Ana wasn't willing so..."

He took a step ahead and she fell in steps with him, so naturally. So pleasantly!

"How was the meeting?" she asked after a minute of silence.

He slipped one hand into his pocket and played with his aviators in the other.

"It was boring."

She giggled, "Since when have you started finding work boring Mr. Khurana?"

A soft smile tugged on his lips, "I love my work but exceptions can be made, can't they?"

She nodded her head in agreement, "fair enough. Hey... why don't you talk to Kabir?"

Their pace was slow and rhythmic and at times, he noticed, their legs worked in sync. His right to her right and his left to her left!

"You know it too, don't you?"

She rolled her eyes, "Duh!! I was there, remember?"

He slid his aviators into his neckline and looked ahead, looking lost in his thoughts.

"I think I am being too hard on him..."

She turned her head to look at him but his eyes didn't meet her. they looked at something at the distance and they walked along the narrow lane, lined with freshly laden trees. The weather had turned cooler.

"I know he is ambitious; I trust him and I know he'd do well but for some reasons I want him to take things more objectively rather than emotionally. Makes me feel like a dictator I know..."

"..You are just being protective Maan.." she added softly, making him look at her for a while and then back into the distant woods.

"I don't know. With Emily's project, I can't seem to know why he is being so adamant."

"Why are you being so adamant then?"

"huh?" he looked up to meet her eyes.

"Didn't you ask me to take my decisions of my own? they will be right or wrong, time will tell. But what is important is that you made your own choices. Then just let him do what he feels correct. You know he won't do anything wrong that would let you down, won't you? So just let him explore."

She stopped and looked at him, stunned a little and gaping at her like she were some alien.

She flushed, "Okay don't laugh at me. I don't know anything about the project or the profits and losses involved in it but what I am trying to say is just let him explore new options and learn of his own. And I know Kabir well. If he found something wrong, I am sure he wont shy away from the accountability."

They walked in silence for a while and he just kept looking at her blankly which made her squirm.

"Maan?" she whispered. His constant gaze at her face made her conscious.

He snapped back and smiled, "How?"

She looked confused.

"How do you get such complicated stuffs into that little head of yours?"

She narrowed her eyes, "Do you think I am dumb?"

He laughed and raised his hands, "I didn't say it."

"You Implied!" she whined.

"I did not. You took it all upon yourself."

"No..." she fought and then looked around.

They had walked along the tree lined pathway and what stood in front of them was a stoned arch leading towards the centre of the park. She was marvelled at the beauty but nevertheless, kept walking.

"So," he asked kicking a pebble on his way, "what is with you these days? How is the job hunt going?"

She shook her head dejectedly, "Horrible. It sucks big time. I am not able to..."

She stopped when sanity hit her head and riveted her head back to him with wide eyes. He wasn't even looking at her. they crossed the artificial lake along a cobbled pathway and headed towards a denser part of the woods.

"How did you know about this?"

Shock and fear laced in her voice, she couldn't believe he'd know something like this. He didn't react though... nothing that his face revealed but he did look at her with a soft questioning gaze.

"You are facing some problem I know Geet and I don't understand why are not verbal about this. I know you have applied for a few places and I know you have been lying to Ana about your baking classes too. What is it? And why would you hide it?"

She pressed her lips at the seams. No matter how hard she tried to stop herself, this man always coaxed the truth out of her and she couldn't deny.

"Well, I need a job right now Maan. Baking classes were fine but education demands funds. Remember the land I sold off, I thought that would help but it is not enough for the bills. Major part of it, I have paid for my college. I have an apartment rent too and then my basic needs. Baking didn't fit anywhere. I had to cut down somewhere."

She sounded sad. He knew how much she enjoyed baking.

"If you are going through financial troubles, why didn't you tell me or kabir or Ana at the least? Or your family for that matter?"

She sighed, "Ana and Kabir? They would happily bear all the expenses and I didn't want to hurt my self-respect...And forget self-respect. I just can't keep taking favours."

He opened his mouth to deny that but then he knew. He knew where she came from. Had he been at her place, he would have denied it too.

".. and back in London, they have done a lot for me Maan. More than enough. I just...I just cannot pour all my troubles on them. Sooner or later, I have to be on my own. I know it is difficult but I want to do it of my own."

He nodded and heard the rumbling of the cloud. It would rain.

"Would you let us help you Geet if nothing turned up?" he asked thoughtfully to which she smiled.

"If nothing turned up... if I see worst days, I would."

That was the end of discussion. That was him and that was her.

He glanced up at the sky, "lets head back, its going to rain."

They had reached the banks of the East river, the plantations had thinned down. People who thronged the place, now rushed back to shelter because of the impending shower. The sky had darkened and the wind picked up speed.

How long have we walked kanha?

They turned back and retraced their steps. The wind was cold and soothing at the same time. She had enjoyed her day with abandon. She had laughed wholeheartedly and she had eaten to her fill. She had talked to him and she had never done any of these before with such enthusiasm.

The sky rumbled and then it poured, making her squeal. He held her hand and pulled her close.

"Ready to run?"

She giggled feeling the cold droplets of water dancing on her skin, "I don't think we would make it back without getting wet."

A streak of lightening struck and left the sky blazing and then a thunder roared.

He wiped the water off his face, "Hurry up now. lets find a tree or something."

He held her hand tight and ran, looking for a tree dense enough to hold them from getting wet. and she giggled in the process like a kid, following his steps.

"its awesome. It's been so long since I have last felt the rain like this..."

"me too.." he screamed, not allowing the sound of the rain drown his voice. Her enthusiasm was catching up with him.

He found a tree and dragged her towards it. she refused to move.

"Geet... you don't want to catch a cold now."

She flashed her teeth and shook her head, "we are not going there."

"what? don't be silly..."

She rolled her eyes, "come with me."

She dragged him to the opposite side and pushed him under the weeping willow tree and joined him under.

The tree, true to its name, wept. Water cascaded down the slender branches and then dropped like tears. She stood there and just watched the drip and drop of the waters in awe. She felt happy today, even though she was facing troubles. Even at the face of adversity, she knew there is one person always standing beside her. And she felt it again...that exhilarating feeling she had missed all these years...her reckless abandon!


>>Warning: Before the next update, I would really appreciate if you all went back to the prologue.

>>Something big coming up! Perhaps, a big realization!Wink

>>Tighten your seatbelts. We are entering another zone!Ermm

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