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Anyone wants an updt?Blushing
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Itni subah..?
I m  ready
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M not commenting in each of the update ,as because I feel few words will malign the beauty of updates...i don't want to write one word to describe it .

Past few updates were rollercoaster to all the characters is taking examination in its own way ...

Kabir nd Emily ,Ana nd Arjun ,maan nd Geet ...the destiny is weaving der story with common link "Geet"...nd m worried how the things r going to affect the relationships when all this comes out in white .
How the equations r going to change it changes between Geet nd maan nd how will they work out ...have to c ...

Updates r rocking..especially the description of nature nd study room u warmth ..

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new banner!!
credits: hinal_maaneetHug

37."I Have Asked The Sun Not To Rise..."

And then in the moonlit forest,

Kanha held her close, looked into her eyes,

"You have forever my dear Radha,

I have asked the sun not to rise."

The wind dropped and the room was shrouded in a silence that echoed her sobs. He had never expected her to be so restless about something. And so, he let her cry and take it all out that she held within herself.

Hiding her face between her palms, she didn't know why she was crying. But it felt all so right to do that at this moment. He hadn't been around and she had endured everything. And now that his presence soothed her, the overwhelming feeling that she had suppressed, found a channel.

It was minutes after, when she felt his hand over her head, caressing gently. He hadn't spoken a word. Like always, he had just let her be.

"I... I am sorry." She stuttered.

"Its okay Geet... let it out." He whispered.

"I am sorry." She repeated in her own world and then the tears didn't stop. She had remained strong for so many days and his mere presence was just her undoing. Exactly what she had needed at this moment.

"I don't know why...I can't..." she mumbled and heard silence at the end. And then there were footsteps of him, walking around.

Was he going?

No... please don't go...please.

She bit her lips to stop the cries but she couldn't. And in the world of her own making, she never realized when he had come and knelt before her.

Holding both her hands, he parted them from her face and like a touch-me-not, she curled away, dipping her face lower than it was. She didn't want him to see her miserable face right now!

"What is it that bothers you so much?" he asked.

She didn't reply. She looked up at him with those teary glassy eyes and found his orbs gently beckoning her. She sniffed and wiped the tears with the back of her hands and they came back again.

"I... I don't know." Her lips trembled.

She heard his sigh in the silent room and then a soft music wafted out of nowhere. His fingers gently slipped between hers and she just kept watching.


She whimpered as he stood up and softly pulled her to him. She resisted and clutched his hand that held hers.

The music went on, some kind of instrumental it was. He stopped, their fingers laced mid air and she sat in front, her feet on the floor, stopping the chair from moving.

"Silence isn't always the best solution Geet. And that is why we have music."

So out of context, she didn't know why he said all those words and hence, she made the effort to look up at him.

Dresses in a black turtle neck tee and equally black trousers, he looked every bit of the riches that he owned. And those glasses... she sighed! With a gentle pull, she was on her toes with her eyes still puffy and red. He cocked his head to the side and watched her keenly. She seemed so victimized by life.

His little tornado was in shambles perhaps...

His lips curled into a smile and then he tugged her harder. She gasped and then landed on his chest, her cheek resting on his heart and the music still in the background. She thought it was an accident and despite wanting to hug him tight and pour out her heart, she knew morality played hard. With a heavy heart, she tried to push herself away and then she couldn't.

For the love of Kanha... she just couldn't!

His hand had ventured towards her head and even before she could think of moving away and they ran along her hair, soothing her. If a minute back she thought of morality, this man yet again proved her wrong! And she resigned. One of his hands went around her waist and the other softly caressed her until she succumbed, which didn't take even an ounce of effort.

The soft music wafted in the air like the fragrance of tuberose at night and she felt herself moving. Her fingers clutched his shirt tight on the sides and his caress remained, softer than ever, simply running through her hair, sometimes running along her cheek, sliding down that forehead. His feet guided her and she had no strength to resist. The piano piece was calming, like the lilt of heaven. She was tempted to ask him who the composer was but she chose his embrace over their conversation. They moved like the music, sliding and gliding and softly twirling. She closed her eyes, feeling like the dream she had had. Each note of the piano pushing her a step towards peace.

And then it faded.

She softly opened her eyes, wanting to go on. She didn't stop. Not now.



He silenced her yet again and kept moving, still holding her in his embrace like a baby. Another song came into being and this time, they had lyrics.

"Did you have fun today?" He asked after a brief moment of silence.

She closed her eyes again and they moved.

"Umm.." She nodded.

The song was in some language she didn't understand.

"What is this song?" She mumbled.

Her mind suddenly settled down from the randomness that she had been.


With another sweep, he held one of her hands and placed it on his shoulder. She obliged.

"You understand?"

It was a slow, sad melody, she could gather, almost like the song of a hurting heart. And yet, it had a soothing effect of sorts.

"It isn't necessary to understand every time Geet. Just go with the flow once."

She nodded, her head now comfortable resting on his chest, she let the other hand reach up to his shoulder and they waltzed. Slowly, like water, they flowed. His warm breath tickled her cheeks and she sighed. He always had ways to calm her down.

The man sang his heart out, perhaps calling out for his lost love and she felt a weird solace in that painful voice. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and listened.

"You are joining office on Monday."

He spoke after a prolonged silence, more of a statement he made. She was half the scent of roses and half that of his study. She nodded and followed his steps.

"I will be working as your Associate."

He smoothed her back a little, "You didn't apply for vacancies that suited your portfolio?"

"I did..." She let out a sigh, "But I applied on the last day. All the posts had been filled up..."

"Do you think you can pull it off?"

The song narrowed down to a solo violin piece that broke her heart.

"I had worked before, remember?" She spoke with a smile.

"Hmm..." He nodded and placed his chin on her forehead.

"I need something to start with Maan... Being your PA is enough right now, until I find something."

"Then why are you so troubled?"

The singer crooned in the softest notes and then the music faded. They stopped and remained so.

She slowly opened her eyes and pulled herself out of his embrace. He didn't let go. She didn't, either. Her hands rested on his chest and his arms rested around her waist. She looked into his eyes and found herself slowly losing focus of
everything else.

"I don't really know. That day, after picnic, I... I was scared for a bit..." She confessed with utmost honesty. Her lashes dropped and he looked at her. That evening was equally taxing for him as well. He hadn't been able to take his mind off it. Her fallen face was what made him realize the truth. He had been at peace with his realization because he knew what his heart felt. She didn't know. She had no idea where everything was heading and that was why she was so upset. He let his finger trace her cheek and cup her face with one hand. The other hand held her still.

She leaned into that touch. For some odd reasons, it felt so like home'.

"Why are you scared hmm?"

His deep drowsy voice set goose pimples on her skin. She revelled in that feeling.

"I thought you wouldn't want to talk to me again... I behaved so bad and then... Well.. Ermm... And maybe you wouldn't want to see me again..."

She didn't know what she was saying. She had no clue.

"I am not going anywhere..." He interrupted her blabber.

She stopped and looked up to meet his eyes.

"Geet... I am not going anywhere okay. I wouldn't shut myself from you, rest assured."

Her pupils dilated in relaxation. She had been so insecure, he realized and now he realized that he meant something to her at the least. But he wasn't going to force his feelings on her. He would let her be and enjoy the child within her from afar.
Warmth from his hands seeped right down into her heart. She held his hand that rested on her cheek and gave a weak smile, "You aren't angry at me, are you?"

He sighed, "No Geet. I cannot be. In fact I wanted to apologize for ever hurting your feelings back then. I never wanted to question you like that and put you in a position such as this but I really wanted you to know yourself."

She felt better in weeks! He had indeed rattled her but she could live with that. She realized now. But what she couldn't live was with that indifference. She leaned forward and rested her head on his chest once again.

He held her warm and dropped a soft kiss on her head. She needed to know the reality of her being. He knew the kind of things that went in her head now and one thing he concluded now about her.

She was scared!

She was scared of losing more people in her life.

The sound of the silence was broken by the distant song of a bird. The music player had stopped and they had been talking, still gently swaying to an unknown music. And another bird joined the band and a few others tweeted in unison.
Curious, she pulled herself out of his embrace and looked towards the bay window.

"Its still dark! What kind of birds sing at this time?"

He crossed his hands over his chest and watched her with a protective affection.

"Could be a robin or song thrush! They usually sing at this time."

She raised her brows, "what time is it?"


Her jaws dropped, "really? Its been that long? It was just 1am when I had walked in here."

He slipped his hands into his pocket and shrugged, smiling.

"You should go to sleep now."

He raised one of his hands, gesturing her to come to him. she did and held his warm hands.

"I think you should too." she stated playfully.

He walked towards the door and she fell in steps with him.



They strode along the corridor. She held one of his hands and played with her hair with the other.

"I was thinking... I will be in college most part of the morning. And after classes only I will be able to join you in office. Will that be okay? I mean...  I just have 2-3 classes this semester so..."

"So?" he looked at her with that mischievous glint in his eyes.

She narrows her eyes at him, "So, are we good with that arrangement?"

He gave her a blank look, "That depends on your boss! You should talk to him."

"Yeah I am talking to him right now..." she twisted her lips.

He looked around as if he was searching something, "where?"


"I am asking where is your boss right now?"

She opened her mouth to retort but then stopped looking at that smug smile on his face.

"Don't play with me."

"I am serious Geet. I don't see your boss here."

They stopped in front of Ana's room and he gently let go of her hand.

"Sleep now."

His eyes held a promise of something she couldn't understand. But she knew he was playing with her.

"Fine. I will talk to my boss on Monday."

His smile widened, "Good night Geet."

His charm caught up to her and she smiled back too.

"Good Night."

She walked inside and closed the door. It was still dark outside and the sun was still sleeping. She quickly got into the bed and closed her eyes, hugging Ana.

He has a beautiful smile...


Oh no kanha!! I am late!!

She rushed into the lift and pressed the 10th floor button. Monday it was. She had morning classes and she really wanted to make it before lunch time. Her first day in office and she didn't want to get late. But traffic at the peak hours delayed her and she prayed her boss wouldn't be angry! Running out of the lift, she didn't even see or hear Adi who greeted her. she quickly rushed to his cabin and knocked.

"Come in.", came his curt answer.

She pushed the door and peeked her head and found him working with some files. Nothing about his mood could she gather but then she was relaxed that they shared a good rapport now.

"Hi." She walked in and greeted, "Sorry I was late..."

"Is this the time to report on the first day of your work Miss Handa?"

She was surprised to hear that tone. Suppressed and way too serious.

Kanha... he is angry!!

She gulped, "I am sorry but I was stuck in traffic..."

He looked up to see her with that intimidating look of his, "I don't care about your excuses. Do you realize the bounds of professionalism?"

"But Maan...I said.."

"Its sir for you.." he spat out.

"I hope you know how to behave."

She wanted to say something but then his look, his way of speaking; his demeanour screamed who was the boss. She recalled that night when he had walked her to Ana's room.

So this is what he meant when he had told her to deal with her boss!

She nodded, "Yes Sir."

He eased back into the chair, "Good! Now that we are done with the pleasantries, catch up with everything you missed because of your delay."

She nodded and quickly took out her notepad. He had taught her how to take notes when she was here the last time.

"My schedule for today isn't in order! Call Stacy and take the report."


"Fix the meeting I have with the telecom company and ask them if they could meet for lunch today. Get the files ready before I leave and call the Morrison's and ask them to finalize the deal."

"Morrison's?" she stopped scribbling and looked up at him.

He shot her a pointed look, "You have all afternoon to go through the project details but I want their consent today."

She nodded and walked out, wondering how to catch up with so much. She took the cabin beside his and started with fixing his meetings. She had no idea what project they were working right now and with Stacy on maternity leave, she had no one else to help.

Working on the Morrison's file, she realized the vastness of the work he undertook. And if she had to brief him about it by the end of the day, she had to slog. She looked at her college bag that she carried and sighed. It struck 1pm and she stretched herself and looked at his cabin, through the blinds. He took his coat and walked out talking to someone.

Lunch meeting!

She sighed and looked around for Adi Sir to help. she was sure she had seen him in the morning but he was nowhere to be found. Someone from the 10th floor informed that even he left with Maan. She was tempted to look for Kabir but resisted knowing she had work.

He walked in almost by dusk. The meeting went longer than he had expected and stopped by her cabin to get the details of the Morrison's. He knocked once but there was no response. Curious, he opened the door and found her sleeping with a file in her hands. He sighed and walked into his cabin.

She woke up with the loud ringing of the intercom and held the file from falling down!

Gosh, how did I sleep off?

"Hello.." she tried to keep her drowsy voice as normal as possible.

"Miss Handa, I don't pay you for sleeping."

His booming voice sent a shock through her spine. He was back?

"Sorry sir..."

"If you are done with the files, get me a mug of coffee."

She almost cried seeing another set of files in his hands. First day was exhausting.

"I want these done tonight."

"But..But its too much..."

He shrugged, "You should have thought about it before getting late to work!"

Monster!! Slave driver!

She checked the time and saw everyone leaving and her boss wanted those files before she left. He stayed though. He was busy with some phone and video calls and she slogged with the files. Her stomach rumbled and closed the last of the files.

She stood by the bus stop waiting for a bus or cab or anything. She was bone weary. Her stomach was crying and she couldn't wait to go home and crash. She didn't even have energy to make dinner for herself. A long sleek merc stopped in front of her and the window rolled down.

"Hey..." He smiled.

She gave him a weak smile, "so finally you decide to go home, eh?"

"my work is done for the day. Hop in. Will drop you."

"No I will take the bus or something..."

He rolled his eyes, "you will faint if you stand here one moment more. You look pathetic Geet. Now come on."

She sighed and got into the car, knowing she couldn't argue right now. Her exhaustion was catching up with her.

"How was your first day in office?" He asked, taking a right turn.

She pushed the backrest behind and relaxed. That playfulness in his tone was back.

"Tiring. My boss is a slave driver!"

His lips curled into a smile, "hey, he couldn't be that bad!"

She twisted her lips, "yeah right. Then you haven't met mine."

He laughed.

She rolled down her side of the window and let the cool air crash her. She felt so much better. They drove in silence until she felt her eyes lids heavy and she gave in.
>>Ooohhh happy now?Heart

>>I wonder where Maan is taking her!!

>>Okay,thats enough hint! Shower me with all your love now!!Embarrassed

Chapter 36


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Uff this stupid geet
  please some one put some mind in her head..
Gosh she was missing him so badly and she could not realise it..Duffer kahin ki..LOLLOL
Maan let her cry  without any word as he knew she was holding so much within her heart..
No matter she acts herself to be strong but before him she is so helpless..Geet idiot ..ab to samajh jaLOL
she even asked sorry but did not know for why she was saying sorry..Uff kya hoga iss geet kaConfused

 Maan knew how to find the peace withine the restlessness.. he made her dance a little to some music taking her with his arms and it worked... she found the solace in his arms and by staying close to his heart.. 
he had started to know his little tornado quite well..and he then took her in her embrace ...She wanted to move away but could not-Geet don't even try to do that..LOL
Maan has realised his own feelings for her but she still was unaware of her feelings and he did not want to force her..
and geet stopped to try and left herself for him to rule and guide the way he wanted..
And then maan told her to join the office..
haila..Maan ke bolne ke baad bhi usne last day par apply kiya...Kya hoga iss geet ka..I don't know...Only Maan can handle her ..No one else..WinkWink

and now madam geet was little relaxed and shared her fear with Him.. She was scared for Maan's reaction..She was worried if he was not going to talk to her or see her? But maan assured her that he could not do that ever..Even he too was feeling guilty for that evening when he said all that to him which had shaken her badly...
and she was so relaxed and calm hearing him...he knew that she was scared of losing more people from her life..
 They cleared everything and Maan led her to her room so that she could sleep...Geet tried to talk abput office but he suggested to talk to her Boss not to him. ai lo Madam phir se buddhu ban gayi..when she said that she was talking to her boss...
Geet-Your Boss in Monster not Maan..samjha karo yaar... LOLLOL
and she realised on Monday why he said to deal with her boss
So Monster Boss is back..

but after the office he was again soft and sweetu Maan who was taking her obviously for making her grumbling tummy calmLOLLOLLOL..
chalo ab next update type karna shuru karo aishu Day Dreaming

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After Reading this whole part sorry I should be saying like that after living this part with my Mr.Sensible/Monster Khurana and Future Mrs.Sensible khurana though I don't have any idea when it will happen SmileSmile Ohh I'm really afraid right now about only one thing and that is maybe today I might get failed to tell you how beautiful part it was or how goood I've felt while reading it...Cause while reading it I was feeling loss of words to comment this time... It was amazing wonderful fantastic awesome splendid beautifully written part...

Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are with your thoughts??? And How with each part you force me to fall deep in Love with your writings??? Many things are in my mind and heart that I want to tell you but Controlling my hand always cause that few days I've torture you with comments and msg still fresh in my mind but Feeling like now I have to repeat those few days have told once Maybe in future again I've to break my promise and share my feeling that I've done in past...

You are best Ms.Kawaii and wish that Allah always bless you and give you all your desired happiness cause you always get successful to bring a smile to my face with your update Smile

Whole Time I was smiling today living this part.And it was really beautiful part.I was egarly waiting for this part cause I know the coming things gonna be really beautiful and you have written this part more beautifully than my expectations... Now the main comment gonna start regarding this part... It was just few feelings for your writings till now 

The banner its really beautiful yaar thanks to #Hinal for that.. But in banner Mr.Sensible is shirtless we didn't come to that situation till now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Forget it Sometimes my hand type weird thing that's not my fault ok WinkWink but it was beautiful...

Starting with that book Smile Can anything be better than this both were together and in study room let me tell you my favourite thing in this story their study room in this whole house tell them be there don't need to come out cause all those moments they have spent there are exceptional to me.

Geet let out her feelings which she was holding from few weaks and it was really really necessary to have this confrontation and Conversation with Maan...Tell you what the feeling that geet had after their confrontation in picnic and was sacred I was feeling same may be they can never be like before or Maan will never talk to her when he ignore really hurts to be ignored by someone who have made a place in your heart and its more complicated with geet cause she has no idea where all this is leading them both... She don't have any idea what they share but Maan has...that's why I call him Mr.Sensible but I will never blame geet for anything cause I feel connected to both you can say they are two part of me cause I feel always connected to both of them so its impossible to blame my self for anything right when I understand both of them so well.. Before reading any part I always take out free time cause I know I'm gonna go out of this world and live in their world.

Geet was little reluctant to be with him in his arms but then she let it the atmosphere the silence of night and them it was really beautiful and the feeling was out of the world.You know I was thinking that I need this Sensible khurana right now beside me gosh he was in his black tee with trouser and not to mention those glass... I so badly want to see him like that he looks best with black... I really want "Someone Like You" Maan in my life I would have always hold onto him and never let go.

Their dance their hugs those talk nothing can be better than that Aishwariya Kawaii sis this part was brilliant. I'm really not able to say what feeling it was reading this part those moments of Study room and then the talk about office.I very well know that Maan never was her boss when he was out of office but then also geet couldn't understand it.I really liked it when Maan was searching for her boss LOLLOL She's really innocent she had forgot how it is to be with monster khurana...

1st day and she's late wow what can be better than this? And the reaction that came which I've expected from Maan...huh..she really need to know monster khurana very well Embarrassed this part was mixture of Monster and sensible khurana LOL

She slept on desk with files great...hectic and tiring day it was but in last Mr. Sensible came with his smile I've felt it was worth of it. Really Love both personality of Mr.Khurana and Our GEET Heart

Mr.Sensible khurana need to take out geet on a dinner now poor baby not in a condition to Cook.

In last this part was one of the best and I'm in love with it. Will not say waiting for next part cause I'm going to read it again as I'm not satisfied with this comment I may come latter to comment Wink

Thanks a ton for giving this beautiful part and Love you so so much for what you are Heart
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Lovely update..
Waiting for next update..
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