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Chapter 7


A week ago


Abhay and jeh were hunting down sid's men.  Sid had sent his men to get their family will and the mask protecting  it. And they failed as usual.  Abhay and jeh were chasing them out of the forest. 20 chased by two.  They ran all the way down the lake side then entered deeper into the woods. Abhay had cleverly directed them into the centre of the seven stones where his power reached the farthest heights. He ran his eyes over stones one by one. the huge rock blocks obeying his silent command formed a powerful invisible shield surrounding them. They were unable to move out of the rock surrounding centre. abhay Gave them an evil smile. "you can't escape after hurting us. He won't let you go unscratched. You won't be able to save yourself from him" one of them shouted out to abhay. "I'll make sure he's not saved from me. Now you try to save yourself" he roared and fisting his right hand palm smashed a force into the ground making all twenty of them go hurling in the air. He looked up, his eyes burning with fury and they all landed on the ground lifeless. 

Geet woke up due to a sudden sound. Wearing her robe, she walked up to the window and looked out into the dark forest behind the hostel. A light wave abruptly flashed from the centre of the forest and she crushed her eyelids to secure her eyes.  She felt a sensation she couldn't quite figure out. The forest fell into deep silence again which scared her. her hands started shivering and sweat beads started dripping from her forehead. Not knowing what to do she stood there still, staring out of the window. She didn't know whom to call out to. The sky was changing to darker shades. The electricity had gone out too. Her mind went blank. She closed her eyes tight cursing herself for getting up from the bed. She somehow mustered up her courage and tried to divert her mind in order to calm herself. And that lead her to think about just one person, abhay. A small smile formed on her lips thinking about him. She felt him somewhere near. "abhay" she uttered his name as if he's next to her. abhay looked up surprised. He was returning home with jeh when he heard someone call his name, and it was not just someone but geet. He recognized her voice. He remembered him passing by her hostel while chasing those guys. The collage and hostel were just nearby the forest. Had she seen him? He wondered. He closed his eyes to check what had happened and smiled when he came to know. Geet felt a pull towards the forest. She opened her eyes and involuntarily her legs carried her to the huge window pane. She kept her hand on the transparent glass and stared out wondering if he was somewhere near. Suddenly something tiny and shining amidst the bushes caught her eyes. She wondered what it could be. Should she go and check? But at this time of night, will it be safe? And how will I get out of this hostel premises? Could it be something magical? oh god! What is it? Her instinct kept telling her to go for it. Atlast her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to sneak out of the hostel.  She got outside her room and saw that everyone was fast asleep in their rooms. Without making any sound, she tip toed downwards towards the ground floor. Checking one more time that the warden was nowhere to be seen, she went to the back lawn and climbing up the back wall, jumped out. After searching for few minutes she found that 
tiny shining substance between the well grown bushes. Picking it up, she realized it was a piece fallen off from a locket. She ran her fingers over it. She didn't know why but she didn't want to let go of it. She loved the feel of it in her soft palms. She wanted to keep touching it. She became aware of her surroundings and decided to get back to her room. the eeriness was really creepy and was killing her. getting back in her room she locked the door, thanking god that no one got to know of her little stunt. She laid back on her bed and stared at her little finding wondering whose it could be and how it landed there. Enclosing it in her palm she laid there silently staring at the ceiling. Abhay was watching her from her window. He had come to check on her and saw that she was peacefully placed on her bed. Geet sensed something at the window and turned to look at it but found no one. She didn't know why but she felt that she was being watched. sleep geet' abhay said in his mind when geet turned her gaze towards the window. "abhay" geet said recognizing his voice. She was shocked to hear him and not able to see him. Abhay was surprised that she could hear his mind. Coz no one else could ever do, either human or not. Geet saw a mist clouding on the window. She ran towards it still holding the piece of locket securely. She caressed that part of the glass, it was him. She knew it. She could feel him. go to sleep geet. Go' abhay repeated in his mind again this time well aware she could hear him. " it's you. Isn't it? How are you talking to me? And why am I not able to see you?"  she whispered placing her forehead on the glass pane, still caressing it. you'll know, very soon.' She saw two dark brown orbs becoming more visible on the transparent medium and her fingers moved to them automatically. She found herself getting drowned in them. go to sleep' he said and she started feeling dizzy. She was about to faint and the last thing she saw before black out was his two chocolate brown eyes staring at her intensely. Two masculine arms caught her by waist before she could land on the floor, carried her to her bed and laid her down. Giving her a last glance he left. "hope she forgets everything by the time she wakes up" jeh said as they drove back to which abhay nodded. But a part of him didn't want her to forget. Next day morning, geet woke up with a mild head ache. She sat up on her bed pondering over her weird dream. Then she felt something in her left palm and found the piece of locket. She looked at it shocked and surprised, realizing that whatever happened wasn't a dream. He was here. It was him. But why is he so mysterious? Why is everything about him so mysterious? What is the mystery behind him?  Determined to get her answers she left to collage.

Geet saw abhay getting inside the pt room. they were having an inter college football match the very next week and they were practicing for that. she saw him looking all the more handsome in his jersey and unknowingly started drooling. She chided herself for not concentrating on the topic. She had wanted to talk to him on it but decided to snoop around a little before that. she saw him remove a chain from his neck and place it inside his back. Picking up his tracks he left to the dressing room to change. Seeing the room empty, geet went in and on an instinct took out the chain from his bag. It had a frost icicle shaped locket with a blue shining stone in the middle. She found the last part of the locket incomplete. Taking out the piece she found the night before, she brought it close to the locket and surprising her, it automatically got fixed in place of the incomplete part. Her doubts were becoming clearer now. Hearing the dressing room open, she ran out of the room keeping the chain back in its place. Abhay came out dressed. He lifted his bag and took out the chain to wear it. He was surprised momentarily to see it just as normal. In the morning he had found a piece of it missing and had decided to get it mended today. And now he's finding it with all the pieces in place. He got a fragrance of a human and understood that 

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someone had been there a moment ago. Closing his eyes, taking in the scent a smile formed on his lips knowing who that someone was. God was making it easier for him.  Geet decided to act all normal and notice abhay closely. The whole day she kept up with the act in front of all. She noticed the difference in his eyes. His touch, his palm felt very cold, but it warmed down slowly. Abhay was noticing her expressions and he knew what was going on in her mind. Back in her room geet googled about the inhuman tendencies and aspects in people but just got more confused with the results. Atlast she came to the conclusion that he was not a human but something else. She got giddy at that thought but she knew that it was true. She fell back on her bed tiredly and cuddled her pillow. " whatever he is, he is mine." She decided.

*Flashback over*

" so you already knew he was a vampire?" jeh asked geet. They were still in the forest. " I knew he wasn't a human. But just now got to know the rest" she said resting her face on her palms. That's when it actually dawned on her. omg! Omg! I'm in love with a vampire . she wanted to freak out but controlled herself. That's when something else popped up in her mind. "I understand that you guys aren't scared of being with though aware who he really is" geet said looking at jeh and mukund. "are you scared of him?" jeh asked her back. "no. infact I feel  safe with him" she replied making abhay smile at her fondly. "duh, you're not scared and even we are not. And there is this little secret about me, not being scared of him" jeh said and pointedly looked at his raised palm which turned into a furry claw for a flick second and again turned back to normal. "im a warewolf" jeh said making her go a little dizzy not able to take in all the new found reality all of a sudden. Abhay kept his hand firmly around her waist supporting her from falling down. "I've read in books that vampires and warewolves are sworn enimies but you both?" she left that question hanging. "well, surprisingly we aren't . from the time we met, we've been each other's support" abhay said. "your families..?" , "our parents know and they don't have a problem with it. The rest of our clan, they don't trouble much knowing very well that we won't change" jeh finished for her. her gaze then landed on mukund and she stared at him curiously, confusing him. "you are going to marry payal, right?" she asked him and he nodded not getting what she actually meant. Then it struck him. "hey I'm like you only. A normal human being." He said getting that she has mistaken him to belong to some other species like his friends. But geet still looked at him doubtfully. He felt scared of what she would tell payal and decided to do something and prove it to her that he was normal. "you see this big rock, I won't be able to move it even if I push it hard. Wait I'll show you" he moved towards the rock as the other three looked on. He prayed to god chanting some mantras. Mukund was about to place his hands on the rock but even before that the rock moved on its own. He looked everywhere shocked and scared as geet gave him a knowing look. " it's the wind, maybe. I'll try once more" he said and again the rock moved before his hands touched them. He started getting restless thinking about his love, his payal slipping off his hands. He looked around scratching his head not knowing how this was happening and also thinking about a way to convince geet when he saw jeh struggling to hold his laughter. He got more irritated knowing he was the one fooling him. Mukund ran upto jeh and started hitting him. "you idiot, you're playing with my life you get that", he screamed at jeh. "chill dude,we'll tell her. relax" jeh replied tackling him down. "guys stop this child play" abhay turned to geet. "mukund is a normal human. We saved him from a waterfall when he was five and from then on he's our friend". Abhay told her and the duo friends stopped fighting.

Geet was keeping her books in the locker after the test. She locked it and was about to turn when she felt a tug in her hand. Soon she was pushed between the lockers and abhay. He stared at her intensely making her blush beetroot red.  "we couldn't do anything that actually follows a love declaration coz of what all happened in the morning and also my friends' presence. So let's continue?" he whispered huskily in her ears. "what follows after love declaration?" she asked acting innocent. "You don't know?" she nodded her head in no to tease him. "that's bad. Let me teach you" he said and started leaning down towards her when she stopped him by placing her palm on his mouth. "there was only me telling you that I love you. You still haven't given me a reply. So till then, no... all these" she said gesturing towards his lips and hers. "ahaan. But I have my own style to declare my love" , "how?" she asked him breathlessly. He stared at her with passion filled eyes, holding her gaze onto him. Slowly decreasing the distance between them, his lips found hers and they started kissing slowly. Soon it turned into a passionate kiss as her hands wrapped themselves around his neck and his palms squeezed her waist.

They broke out from the kiss, geet falling out of breath and stared into each other's eyes. He slowly bent down near her ears and whispered "I...LOVE ...YOU"  as if he had invented those words and that too just for her. he left from there winking at her, hearing the bell. Blushing uncontrollably geet ran to her class. Unknown to her, someone was fuming seeing the kiss episode. this sid is useless. I must do something myself to scare her' she thought.

"the work you gave is done. I've talked to her father. Marriage is fixed"

"thank you jaison. You'll get your reward soon" sid cut the call and looked at his watch. It was just past noon. "sid. The paper work is done. The place belongs to you now" said a sudden intruder. "good. I need to visit the place once. And make sure that this time everything ends once and for all" he said crushing the pen he was holding. "I understand. Even I'm struggling oz of a so called brother of mine. He's a superstar and here I have to run around trying to save my poor laid business." , "you don't understand kuku. He's your step brother. But mine is not. You can finish him off in a tiff. You're just scared to do it. My brother is not like that. he's way powerful. He has spoiled all of my plans till now. I should also make sure of my safety this time"

"guys your target is in the locker room. surround her and scare her to death" piya instructed the guys. They moved towards the locker room where geet was in. "why are you doing this piya? If abhay gets to know about this, he'll bury us alive." Kabir said. "just shut up and watch the show. No one will know" .

Geet was going to unlock her locker when she found it already unlocked. She opened the loker suspiciously and got pulled inside. "what are you doing?" she asked coming out of her shock. "shhh" he closed her mouth with his palm. "I haven't started anything yet. Just going to" abhay winked at her locking the door.

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marvelous update
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beautiful story Liah.
U write so well. Hardwork is totally visible
Nyc update
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Nice update 
Loved it 
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Awesome update..!!
Geet can hear rk's thoughts & abhay too didnt wanted geet to forget it..
Next geet fix the parts of chain & abhay knew its her.. She doubted on abhay's exiatence but she has fallen for him.
The love declaration & kiss miss..Wink.. Very noce.. Loved it.. I loved this abhay.. Too bold vampy..Wink
They pulled muku's leg.. Hehehww..
Now again abhay popped up..
So whats next ?
Thanks for pm..!
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Superb part,
Amazingly written,
Geet knew he was not human and now she came to know he is a vampire and she loves the way he is,
loved their moments,
Sid is behind geet's marriage proposal,
kuku is jealous of his step-bro's popularity,
thanks for the pm

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