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Burning skin

Crackles of fire

Screams of the pained

Tears of the grieving


Sweat trickled down his temple as he shot up awake yelling incoherently, his chest heaving, his hands fisted the blanket as he glanced around looking for the dangers.

He blinked covering his eyes as the door swung open and the lights switched on blinding him for a few seconds.

"Maan..." Rhea came rushing to his side with her husband. "Are you okay?" she touched his unmarked cheek in concern.

He tensed for a moment blinking and slowly nodded. "I'm fine mama"

"Do you need anything son?" Rajeev asked gently touching his shoulder.

"" he shook his head, he swallowed thickly as he inhaled and exhaled as his therapist suggested. He wanted to shove back the memories, he didn't want them.

Rhea and Rajeev looked at each other in silent understanding then slowly stepped away.

"Just call if you need anything" Rhea brushed her hand over his thick hair pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"Mmhmm" he hummed nodding but kept his eyes averted. They slowly walked out closing the door and he lay down staring at the white ceiling thoughtfully.

Why don't the nightmares stop?

Why do they continue reminding him that they'd died and he survived?

He didn't want that.

He should've joined them.

He closed his eyes once again hoping the nightmares don't return for the rest of the night. It seems someone must've heard him and his nightmare didn't visit him for a second time.



Distances came

Time didn't stay still

They parted


 "I cannot wait to get home" Kanchan murmured.

"We've got around 22 hours ladies" Jamie chuckled flashing a cheeky smile as the ladies they walked passed.

"You do realise you weren't given this uniform to flirt with the ladies?" Geet looked at Jamie arching her brows.

"Now it isn't my fault, the ladies are drawn to me" Jamie winked.

"Mmhmm remember you're married to this lady" Ashley slipped her arm around his arm smirking.

Jamie's smile widened. "How could I ever forget? You come up with such beautifully creative ways to remind me"

"I don't want to hear anything, I've not had any in two weeks" Kanchan scrunched her nose at them. "So don't mention sex!"

Geet rolled her eyes at them and continued ahead showing her badge to the officials as they all made their way to the terminal and towards their plane.

She pulled out her phone calling her mother before she climbed aboard.

"I was just thinking of you baby"

Geet smiled brightly. "Hey Mum, I'm just about to climb on aboard. I'll be landing in about a day..."

"Oh that's great. I really wish sometimes you didn't have to be away for so many days".

"It's only been 3 days" Geet laughed.

"Hey baby girl" Suneel called out from the background.

"Hey dad" Geet chuckled loving the sound of him. "How's he been mum?"

"Your father is well, he's been accompanying me in the gym"

"Only to fight off the men" Suneel spoke taking the phone of Marissa.

"You sure it's not to check out the ladies?" she teased.

"I only have eyes for your mother"

"Good answer" Marissa spoke taking the phone off Suneel. "Geet, your little boo has been asking for you"

"I'm coming to get him" Geet laughed. "I missed him so much"

"Mmhmm, I'll tell him" Marissa answered. "Have a safe flight honey"

"I will, I'll call you when I land"

"Tell me your flight number, we'll come get you" Marissa suggested.

"It's okay mum, I've left my car parked up so I'll drive back. I'll probably see you a day after that..." Geet trailed off.

"Why don't you just come straight here? You can sleep in your old bedroom"

"I'll think about it mum" Geet responded. "I've got to head off now, I'll see you soon"

"Alright baby. Take care of yourself" Marissa replied cutting the call. Geet switched her phone off and climbed aboard preparing herself mentally for the long hour flight.

"Are you going to speak to her or shall I?" Marissa questioned Suneel.

"Let her rest for a while then we'll speak to her" Suneel responded thoughtfully.

"What if she says no?" Marissa arched her brows.

"We'll see when it comes to that. It's going to be her decision" Suneel replied. "I don't want to pressurise her but she isn't so young anymore"

Marissa nodded in understanding and smiled.  

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wow me first! Smile Happy New Year! All the best! hw r u? Hope u r n family r well! congrats on the new story! superb banner! intriguing prologue! excellently written! Maan has nightmares! his parents console him! Maan restless! Geet teases Jamie! she speaks 2 her mom n dad! seems like she is an airhostess! her mon says her boo is missing her! Does Geet have a child?? her dad wants 2 speak 2 Geet abt something! he hope she will nt deny! update soon!
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Posted: 3 years ago
congeatulations for the new one prologue seems intresting yet a bit confusing..but m sure it will b oner one of ur fab story so excited to read ot
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Posted: 3 years ago
OMG new story :D 
N the name is so intimidating :D 
Maan having some nightmare :/ 
What did he meant by only he survived 
He should have died as well??!! :O 
Waiting for that to know :I

Geets side of story is full of life :) 
Lovely parents :D 
But they r trying to say something to her :/

Well I'm damn exited for it :D 
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Posted: 3 years ago
A new story
Really interested to read further
Prologue is confusing
Maan was having nightmares
But geets family sounded really sweet and caring
Comtinue soon
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Posted: 3 years ago
Tanya Hug

Finally this story has commenced. After more than a year. LOL So congratulations on that first. Party

Since I know what's what, I'll just say I'm super excited to read this one. I'd been excited a year ago and I still am. Dancing Day Dreaming

Can't wait to read this fresh concept, something that I truly believe will be new for your readers and they are surely in for a ride. And lots of surprises. Wink

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Posted: 3 years ago
That was a mixed emotion  beginning nightmares and then something very easy with geet talking to her parents so this shall be interestinfg to see what you stored for the twist and turns!
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