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It's marks the end of chilly winter and dawning of rejuvenation, jubilation and festivity. It's Lohri time again in the month of January and the people in Punjab begin their celebrations. Bonfires are lit, traditional songs and dances accompany the fire in evening.

There are many origins of Lohri, all forming a part of Indian culture. Traditionally Lohri is believed to be the cultural celebration of 'winter solace'. It's a festival dedicated to fire and sun god'. When sun shines from the"Uttrarayan'', meaning it passes across Makar (the zodiac sign Capricorn) andmoves northwards, folks suggest that days get longer by the grain of one sesame seed'. As the sun's position alters, so does it brings forth warmth and comfort for Earth's inhabitants marking the commemoration of Lohri on the longest night before winter solace.  Lohri celebrates this impending comfort and sees nightlong festivities that has people lighting bonfires to combat the chilly weather, and singing and dancing around it in a festive mood. The fire also symbolizes the sun and is seen as a source of energy and spiritual strength.

A key feature of Lohri, the bonfire.

Lohri occasion is generally accepted to be celebrated as a 'harvest festival'.Coming at the end of the winter season, it marks the last day of the month Paush, and beginning of the month Magha, wherein the primary North Indian'rabi' crops are harvested. As farmers gleam with joy on the first harvest of sugarcane and wheat crop, Lohri brings in merriment in their lives.

The origin of the Lohri can be traced back to the tale of Dulla Bhatti. By the end of the first week of January, small groups of boys ring the doorbell of houses and start chanting the Lohri songs related to Dulla Bhatti. In turn, the people give them popcorn, peanuts, crystal sugar, sesame seeds (til) or gur as well as money. Turning them back empty-handed is regarded inauspicious. 

'Let purity come, dirt depart
Dirt be uprooted and its roots Cast in the fire.

Crazy Creative de walon sab nu Lohri di lakh lakh vadhayi!

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This day is celebrated with a great pomp by Punjabis in India and all around the world. It's not only a festival but a symbol of life . The hopes of farmers are associated with it as they look forward for good plantation in the upcoming year . 

Usually the day is celebrated with the family and relatives. People make Lohri Goddess idols with cow dung, decorate it, and kindle a fire beneath it. Dancing is one of the fun aspect of Lohri. The menfolk perform Bhangra, Luddi and various other dances while giddha and kikli are performed by female. The drums play an vital role as it is used for most of the folk songs. There are specific folk songs sung in the festival. 


In the morning the children go from house to house singing , 

"Daba bharaya leera da

Ai ghar ameera da" 

[Box filled with cloths strip, the house is of rich

The main character of most of the Lohri songs is Dulla Bhatti, the hero of Punjab. 


The central excitement of the festival is the bonfire. People lit huge bonfires in the harvest field, in front of their houses and gather around the bonfire throwing puffed rice , popcorn and other items while singing "Aadar Aaye, Dilather Jaye".

[May Honor come and Poverty Vanish


There is a Pooja performed in beside bonfire and the Prasad compromising til, gazak, gul, moongphali, phuliya and popcorn is distributed. The people sing and dance all the night long. 

The traditional food cooked in Lohri is Sarsoo ka saag, makki ki roti while Rau Di Kheer is the popular desert . 

There are many fairs in villages in Punjab where people from various places come and take part in the fair and enjoy.  

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Dulla Bhatti or Dulha Bhatti is also known as 'Son of Punjab' or 'Robin Hood of Punjab'. During the Lohri celebrations, women go around the fire singing the song "Sunder mundriye ho" which is dedicated to this great 16th century folk hero of Punjab.

Dulla Bhatti was born in the Rajput clan of Pindi Bhattiyan. He led a rebellion against the Mughal emperor Akbar when he came to know that the emperor executed his father and grandfather. He also used to supposedly steal the taxes and tributes sent to the emperor and redistribute them among the poor. Some people say that the Lohri custom of giving money or sweets to the children who go singing from door to door is in honor of Dulla Bhatti's acts of generosity.

Dulla Bhatti also rescued many girls who had been abducted by Mughal soldiers to be sold as slaves. He also used to arrange the marriage of these girls and save them from doom.

According to one legend, while arranging one such marriage, Dulla acted as her father and gave her one kilo of sugar as her wedding present. In the absence of the priest, Dulla himself lit the sacred fire and as he didn't knew the sacred chants of the wedding, he sang a hilarious song and finished the marriage -


  Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!
Dullah bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari eet!
Sanoo de de lohri te teri jeeve jodi!
Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pit!


Oh Sunder and munder
Who will think about you
He is Dulla Bhatti
Dulla's daughter got married
He gave 1 kg sugar!
The girl is wearing a red suit!
But her shawl is torn!
Who will stitch her shawl?!
The uncle made choori! The landlords looted it!
Landlords are beaten up then!
Lots of innocent guys came to save
One innocent boy got left behind
The police arrested him!
The policeman hit him with a brick!
Give us lohri ..long live your couple!

Whether you cry, or bang your head later!


This event was supposed to have taken place during the harvest season and thus, is associated with Lohri. This song is still sung during the Lohri celebrations.

The people of Punjab remember this brave warrior with a heart of gold, even to this day.


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Lohri ki lakh lakh wadaiya ! Dancing
Awesome thread EnF team ROFL 
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Happy lohri everyone Wink
BTW very beautiful threadClap
All these poses such beautiful poses Makes any boy feel like picking up roses :)
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Happy Lohri everyone!!
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Lohri ate maghi dia bahut bahut vadayia
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Happy lohri
 Very nice threadClap
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