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Posted: 4 years ago
Fantastic  update husna 
Posted: 4 years ago
^^ These two have to be the best I have seen in a while! The are gorgeous, and the quality is amazing!

^^This is stunning. Just simply stunning.

^^ loved the hints of blue in this! Also, if you don't mind, what fonts did you use for this, because they look amazing!

Posted: 4 years ago
The Shivika and Advay-Chandni stuffs look stunningApprove

http://i.imgur.com/rZAWgM6.png This siggy looks gorgeous love the texture usedEmbarrassed

The coloring on the fawad gifs look fabbClap

Keep rocking husnaHug

Posted: 4 years ago
What a great workClap
I loved the animated stuff most.

You have used perfect blending and then animated especially in the chudi scene of ShivIka

Icons are also very good.

If you are open for suggestions can you make something on KaSh AsYa (KaBhi)


Posted: 4 years ago
I absolutely love this update. Heart
The Burak- Hande icons are so gorgeous! So classy and sexy! Clap

Shivaay and Anika gifs are beautiful. Seriously! Every gif is so vibrant and are such a pleasure to eyes!

And then there is my suggestion. I cannot get enough of it. Its just so perfect. Even the quote is beautiful. I am in love them. I guess I am going to use all of them one by one. Heart 

Thank you so much for putting up so much wonder in your works Smile

Posted: 4 years ago
Most of the days when you are inactive you keep thinking that what is it that is missing out in your life. Then your heart whispers missing out some real sexy graphic works. Maybe after this i'll be rejuvenated and be refreshed. I have missed out your previous work and i'm extremely sorry for that. Reason ? Khair jane do. 
Yesterday I opened PS and i lack motivation, innovation, creativity and then suddenly you see updates from this woman who knows how to woo humans with PS Cool. Was this cheesy ? Fukk, who cares.

Hande x Burak : Dang it Husna like these are effing gorgeous. I dig into those b/w icons of Hande. This woman is extremely beautiful. One you keep gawking at for ages. Your picture placement is amazing.

IPKKND 3 : Sings *rabba vey* first ! How many more parts are the producers wanting to release ? 4, 5 ,6 ? Does anyone watches this without Sanaya ? All i see in Fb is that journalist keep criticizing the series for what all reasons.  Nothing worthy to watch except checking out the effing jewelry. Like who designs them dude ? ROFL I want them badly. The gifs are sexy. The colouring is extremely wonderful and i like the text and the style too. The size of the gif is also to dig for.

IBZ: Babe your text style is worthy enough to crave for. This gif though http://i.imgur.com/GsLakG9.gif Masterpiece ! 

Suggestions are so magnificent. The first signature is gorgeous. I got that texture too. Was thinking where dafak and how should i be using. Seems like you show me light to my andhera path. ROFLI'm spellbinded when i saw him. Okay lets say it like this. I CAME. I SAW FAWD KHAN. I FAINTED. Also, saw gifs in b/w = dead. I like the style in your shadow hunters set. So tumblrish and the grunge textures looks hot. and, not to mention again, the text style is wonderful. 

My ang ang gets so happy after this. And why shouldn't I ! You need your hand to be kissed and be stored in a PS museum. Can you do edits on Game of Thrones ? 

Edited by Dips.. - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago

What do I say about this update... Day Dreaming Absolutely spectacular. Clap 

HanBur, Shivika, Fawad, AdNi, FarZal... No complains at all. Embarrassed 

EVERYTHING is sheer love. Heart

~ Mrina <3

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