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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Aquamarine03

guys, for the next chapter I will team up SouOmRu. I will post it as soon as I type it up.
And, Again thanks for all the support Embarrassed


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Posted: 4 years ago

Few days before, the divorce incident.

OmRu and Anika had tried to expose Tia, multiple times, but their every attempt failed.

Most people, would have given up at this point, but not Rudhra. He has to stop this Tia pregnancy nonsense at any cost. No one can separate his Anika Bhabi from his Superman Bhaia. Thus, A.K.A Angent Rudy searched for assistance.

Whenever he was in distress, there was only one person who had this magical ability to provide relief to his anguish and it is none other than - Soumya. He still remembers exactly how he first met her on that very dreadful day at the hospital. He was completely shattered with possibility of losing his Superman, but it was her--Soumya, who provided him with hope and strength that day. In fact now he realized, she has always been there for him. The thought of her, formed a subtle smile on his face. She is truly an Angel, his love Angel.

Rudra hurried through the hallway, to his room on second floor, which Soumya has taken over. Even though it used to bother him very much in the beginning...it doesn't anymore.

Rudra rapped at the door anxiously until Soumya opened it. She was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt and jeans, her hair was in a high messy bun and had a Pringle potato chips can in one hand. 

Seeing her sight, Rudra thought to himself - she is such an adorable little thing, almost next best to a yummy Belgium chocolate fudge ice cream with cherry on top. As he thought this he smiled and licked side of his lip with the thought of the delicious ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzling over it. 

Soumya puzzled seeing him standing and staring at the ceiling and licking his lip, asked "Hey, Rudra! What's up?" "Why are you here?"

Snapping out from his brief delicious daydream, Rudra said: "Soumo, can we talk? It is very urgent?"

Soumya, lead him into the room. Ruda pointed Soumya to sit on the edge of his bed...ops he corrected himself, her bed then sat down beside her. Soumya attentively listened to him as he began telling her everything: How he, Om and Anika tried to catch Tia since the Karwachawt incident, then how they followed her into a resort and each time they failed.

At one point, Rudra overcome by emotion, he started to cry. He does not want his Anika didi to ever leave OM. Soumya understood his concern and turned his face toward her to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes. Rudra looked at her and put his hands over her hand that was touching his face. 

This is what Rudra admired  most about Soumya-- her magical touch...It had the ability to turn his darkest and deepest night into a beautiful bright day with rainbows, and flowers, and singing-birds, and butterflies... By now he have already accepted it, though he never expressed to her; as long as this bundle of cuteness was beside him, everything would be just alright!

Soumya, finally took her hands off his face and  asked "So, what is your plan now Angent Rudy? Are going to give up so easily?"

Rudra, smiled and said "NEVER! That lady Baba has to go! And I won't rest until I get her out from Bhaia's life! But, Soumo... I need help. I cannot do it alone. Would you help me? Please... Please...Please? I know with your brains and my biceps we can be like Sherlock and Dr. Watson."

Soumya laughed and asked "so you have FINALLY accepted it, even though it's the truth that I am smarter than you?"  Rudra smirked, "so we are a team, partner?" and held his hands forward to Soumya. She held his hands replied "You've got that right, partner!"


Om's Studio far from OM:

Next, morning Soumya decided to hold a secret meeting with Om and Rudra at Om's studio making sure no one learn about their plans. She didn't even wanted Anika to attend the meeting, because she didn't want Tia to get any ideas.

 As, the trio sipping through warm cups of coffee, Soumya start to explain her plan. One of her friend will give her contacts of her friend of a friend of that friend; who was a private investigator. Once, they get the contact, they will have the private detective to keep Tia under surveillance. The detective will send them continues live updates...in other words the detective will become Tia's shadow. Soumya also, tells them that they need to go through 1000s of hours of CCTV videos both inside the OM and outside in the lawn. Soumya, justified that even though it will be a very boring task to look through hours of mundane footage, but if three of them divides the task they can accomplish it soon enough and maybe they will get some clues... after all this is the least they can do for Bade Bhaia and Anika Di.

After, Soumya finished speaking about her plans, Rudra couldn't help but to feel immense amount of pride for having, someone so intelligent and adorably cute in his life. Om was very proud as well, he gave Soumya a brotherly hug and placed a kiss over her forehead.

Cellphone rings--Soumya, excuses herself to attend it. Rudra still staring at her with an awestruck expression, which fails to escape Om's keen observation. Om thought, though it looked bit odd',  he will let it go as they have more important task to deal with than to pull his baby brother's leg right now. At times it feels as if his baby brother isn't baby anymore...Maybe Rudra is finally growing up.

Soumya, comes back and informs the brothers, that she found the address of the private detective and that they should leave as soon as possible.

A place few kilometers away from the City life:

The Trio, reaches the address of their destination, which was rather a long ride from the main city. It was a small bungalow, surrounded by  trees and a small porch with a flower pots lining the edge, a small signboard hanging on the door written: "Private investigation Services. Appointments Only".

Soumya dialed the number and informed the lady on the other line, which seemed to be the secretary, that they have arrived, and were waiting at the door.

The door opened, and a slender looking girl in her 20s, with short black bobbed hair dressed in casual white shirt and khaki pants, led them to a sitting area and said "Please help yourself to Coffee or Tea and some cookies" pointing at the corner table with the said items neatly arranged. The trio appreciated the gesture and took a seat as they waited for the detective.  

Om looked around and thought the sitting area was very modestly decorated, like an ordinary living room, with a wooden sofa  with bright color cushions and coffee table in the center. There are Dark curtains draping the big widow facing the front yard most likely to shelter in privacy from outside world. The walls were painted in neutral tones. There are some clay vases with wild flowers (most likely picked from the backyard) standing at each corner of the room. Om admired the simple open space concept. He felt it made the environment more inviting.

As Om was about to sit down, a beautiful painting on the wall caught his eyes. He went close to examine it, despite being a print copy of the original painting: Two Sisters on the Terrace by Renoir--he thought to himself, this detective sure do have tastes in art and a smile creeped up to his lips.

Before, he could turn around, he heard the detective come in and in a familiar female voice said "Sorry, I was on a phone. So what brings you here, today?"


I hope you guys like this Chapter 2 Smile

BTW, any guesses who this detective is???LOL

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Posted: 4 years ago
Awsm update...and thanks for continuing it...
Rumya are so cute...the agent rudy and love angle pair is the best...
I think the detective must be ishana...*finger crossed*
Do continue soon...

Love you,
Anya Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Ofcorse..it must be Ishaana...LOL
Superb update yaar!!!
Ek dum dhaansu...
U know soo thrilling... awsomely written Clap
Brilliant girl! Clap
The way u have taken turn is amazing...nd u have to admit that i never expected such a thing!!
Super coolWink...continue sooon.

Love Sharmi.
Posted: 4 years ago
Aw guys thanks a lot. I really appreciate your  support.  Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
I believe it's ishana
Continue soon
Posted: 4 years ago
i know... the detective is Ishana for sure..
Yay!!! Amazing update.. woo hoo!!!
loving this.. please continue sooonish..
Posted: 4 years ago
That's one nice update, I liked it.

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