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Posted: 3 years ago
Hello Everyone,

This is an IMPORTANT  Note to all the forum members. Of late we have been seeing quite a few recurring issues which need to be addressed with top priority.

Name-Calling: We  have noticed a steep rise in the name calling of contestants in the forum,  every other contest is name called in the most derogatory and demeaning way. Criticisms are part and parcel of discussions, but name calling them, with the intention of bashing/abusing or inciting fan groups or mere fun will not be tolerated .

Members have been found to be referring to the contestants by demeaning/offensive/ fabricated names assuming the DTs do not know the hidden meaning behind those names. Some commonly used demeaning, derogatory terms for the contestants are,
tharki  chor
 Pee Pee
 susu rani
ghatiya aurat
Gutter mouth
Anda devi
Gobar Bani
Susu Swami
gaaliyon ki dukaan

These are just for sample, and the list would be updated from time to time with names which are found to be offensive/ derogatory. Members involved in continuous name calling of the contestants would be dealt with severity 

Name calling or typecasting members: Typecasting, generalizing and name calling of members or  fan groups are a strict NO in the forum. This is a forum and criticism are part of discussions. Please be tolerant to different views expressed as part of discussions. Being a fan of one contestant need not be labelled/tagged or typecast as "hater " of other contestants. and please refrain from passing judgmental remarks on the intentions of the forum members based on their comments, as they will be deemed as personal attacks. Typecasting a member/fan groups and name calling them as "hater/s" or categorizing them as "so and so fans" will be strictly dealt with and members involved in such comments will face severity from the Dev Team.  

Posts targeting forum Members/fan groups : Topics made to target/address/counter a member or a fan group must be strictly refrained . This forum is for the discussion of the show and it's contestants, please confine to it without venture into member/fan group related discussions. Please be more tolerant and agree to disagree without resorting to "name calling" or "targeting or attacking " each other for their views and opinions . Making posts to malign/attack a member/fan groups are strictly not allowed and consistent violators will be dealt strictly. 

If members come across anyone breaking the forum rules, please follow this "report , but do not retort".  Members are requested to report any offensive posts/comments without retaliating or being a moral police of the forum or venturing to personal attacks . Members who continuously violate the forum rules would first be addressed by a Warning PMs and  repeated violations may lead to a rise in warning level !

Hence kindly be guided accordingly and refer to the forum rules : Bigg Boss Season 10 - Rules Thread

Looking forward to everyone's co-operation in the matters concerned, for the rest of the season. 

BB10 Dev Team.
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