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anmirza: this maan is meant to be like that... unpredictable and unconventional. and defintely not
a knight in shining armour for our geet. Cool

Avi: welcome welcome. Hug
am so looking forward to your insights.

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nihatri: Maan definitely is NOT gay! ROFL
Otherwise I would have included another guy with him too my dear.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Have faith n patience, if that you can.
Things will move from here pretty fast.Wink

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24.She Found Him Crumbling Down...

To say that she was shocked to see him this cold would be an understatement. All these months she had been so welcomes by this family and now Maan was throwing her out? His icy cold look made her shiver more than the chills of the receding winter did. Who was that man? What was he doing?

"You don't deserve to stay here..." he spoke, seeing her shock, "Now Get Out."

Wasn't he the same man who helped her with her feather?

Wasn't he the Maan who talked to her for hours in his study? About tofu and China and music and his childhood?

Wasn't he the one who let her take his picture in Brooklyn?

She could see everyone inside, gathered by the door and look at her in disbelief. She looked at their scared faces who didn't try to help her out and then at the cold man right in front of her. Humiliation was poured right on her and her fists clenched at her sides.

Everyone inside never expected to see this turn of events. Ana rushed out to help but Maan held her hand and pushed her inside.

"No. No one brings her back. I don't want to see her here..." he shouted.

"But Bhai..." Ana tried to protest but she wasn't even allowed to complete her sentence.

"get inside Antara... When I said no one brings her back, I meant it."

Ana gulped down, seeing his anger and then looked at Geet apologetically before walking inside.

He had known from Ana what happened to her and he felt pathetic. But then she had to deal with it. Shutting herself up from everyone wasn't even an option if she wanted to survive in this world. And she needed to learn that big time. Her voice brought him back from his thoughts.

"M...Maan I..." Geet mumbled, feeling extremely hurt with such humiliation.

"Shut up and Go away!" he roared, making her jump.

Her eyes watered. What had she ever done to him?


Maan...why are you doing this to me?

She thought she had finally understood Maan...she thought the ice was melting slowly but then he just came suddenly and proved her wrong. And that hurt.

He rolled his eyes, "Because I cannot tolerate spineless cowards in my house."

She gasped. She knew he was an honest man but hearing him say so, really disturbed her. was she really?

"I...I am not..." her lips trembled and she didn't know for what!

He left a breath he had been holding and stepped out of the house, a little close to her, folding his hands across his chest.

"then tell me Geet, who is running away? Who is hiding?"

She felt his voice soften but it didn't lessen the coldness in them.

Did he know about what happened to her?

"I am not running.."

He gave a laugh... a sarcasm laced laugh.

"You slapped the guy who troubled Ana didn't you? But I guess that was a lie. You are good for nothing actually."

He turned to leave and then stopped and looked back at her.

"Actually the fault is mine. I thought you are better than that."

She felt angry. Hot tears rolled down her eyes. Why was he being so judgmental? He had always been judgmental about her. Always forming opinions and putting her down.

"Maan..." she raised her voice in a long time, making Maan smirk inwardly.

He looked at her nonchalantly

"I am NOT hiding!" she stressed on each and every word.

"Oh don't tell me that. You think I don't know you? All these months you did nothing but run away from situations!"

"I did not..."

"Do I even need to give you an example? You know it better, you coward!"

She never felt this angry in all her life. Never.

"You are no one to judge me..." her voice was high again. she didn't know why she was feeling this angry...this affected by her words but she couldn't control her reactions.

He scoffed, "Yes I can and I will very well judge you. Now get out of this place and don't show your face."

He walked in and closed the door shut right on her face!

The sound of the shutting door reverberated deep in her chest, bruising her ego.
Who was she? A trash he could easily throw out? A coward? A good for nothing idiot? She burned inside. If he thought she was that cheap... he made her feel so cheap... then he needed to see what she really was!

She was not taking crap from him!

Maan walked in, ignoring the angry stares from everyone and casually stood beside dadima, who perhaps by now knew what was happening. She held his hand and caressed it softly.

Leaning closer, she whispered, "I am proud of you Maan. How long do you think its going to take?"

He looked back at his beloved grandmother and smiled a bit, "Three. Two. One..."

The door shook with the violent bang from the outside, startling everyone.

Maan and dadima smiled at each other and waited for the drama to unfold.

She banged the door and she banged it hard. That monster could not just come and blow her away.  He needed to know a few things about her first.

Ana rushed to the door and opened it and who did she see but a fuming Geet.

She barged in, like a raging bull and walked to him in quick strides. And before anyone could think of anything, she clutched the lapels of the monster's jacket and jerked him close, not that she could do much but she did shake him a little. Her raging eyes met his and he knew he was pretty much done here.

"Listen you Monster! Neither am I a coward. Nor I am hiding..."

He would have pretty much appreciated her had it not been the way she held him, close to his collars!

How dare she?

"...and you are no one to tell me who I am or what I need to do!"

He looked at her face, red eyes and felt her heavy breaths and looked down at her hold on his lapels. Gritting his teeth, he held both her hands tight and pulled away from his jacket.

"Is it? From where I see, Miss Sulking Handa needs to be pampered by her friends to even have food! You are no one special...remember that Geet."

His voice was deep and serious and threatening...all at the same time.

She felt her bruised ego hurt even more.

"Sulking? I was sulking? Ohh Please Mr. Khurana... don't jump into

He held her wrists tighter and pulled her closer to him, "Ohh were you not? I think I mistook you hiding in your room for days and not going to college as standing-up-for-yourself'. Am highly sorry for thinking you were just being a coward! You loser!"

Her jaws dropped to the ground at his dark humour.

Loser? It came to that? That jerk of a Monster...

"What did you just call me Maan?" she trembled in anger.

He smirked, "You want to hear that name again?"

No she didn't want to...

"Shall I say it Geet?"

No you monster...

"Shall I?" he poked again.

Grrr...I hate you..

She struggled to free herself and he left her hands. Everyone just gaped at them in shock! What in the world was happening?

He watched her face change colors and gave her a lopsided grin and walked back to the dinner table.

"Alright everyone. Lets have dinner."

He walked along with dadima and the rest just followed not knowing what to door how to react. Geet stood there, watching him enjoying his food. She was so so so angry at him. he just knows how to push all her buttons!

Wait you monster. I will get to you for this!

He put in a spoonful of curry and looked at her, still standing and glaring at him!

"Loser!" he mouthed, without making any sound and she fumed. Became redder than she already was!

He enjoyed her reaction and concentrated on his food, ignoring like she never existed!

Ana came to her and put a hand on her shoulder, " okay? Sorry yaa..Bhai can sometimes be..."

"A Jerk??!!" she completed Ana's sentence and continued, "Ana... get my baking stuffs. I want to go back to my apartment tomorrow!"

Ana squealed in joy with that statement. Now she understood her brother! He always had his own ways with everyone. And she just knew even though he liked irritating Geet...somewhere deep down, he cared for her too.


Dadima woke up to the sweet aroma of something cooking and smiled wider, knowing who that could be. she freshened up and walked out only to see Geet stand by the kitchen isle and whip something up. Ana sat on the stool, watching her. Dadima joined Ana and took in the sweet aroma of chocolates.

"Geet... am so glad to see you baking after so long."Ana chimed.

"Yes Geet bete... in fact I think you should join baking classes. You are so good in it. "

Geet stopped stirring her chocolate ganache and looked up at dadima, "Baking classes?"

Ana nodded, "yes Geet... I mean you have learned all this from Internet only right. And still you are so damn good. Imagine it would be so awesome to join classes and fine tune your skills..."

"Hmm..." Geet thought for a while. It was not that bad an idea.

"Yes and I could help you find classes too." Dadima added, "You must join Geet..."

Geet walked back to the stove and brought the pan in which she had been boiling some cream and poured it over the white chocolate chunks she had kept aside.
Ana and dadima looked at her in awe.

"Geet..what are you making?"

She carefully kept the bowl aside and leaned on the isle, "Ohh.. just making some chocolate truffles.."

"Yummm..." Ana dipped her finger in the dark chocolate ganache she had prepared and licked it off, "Ohh that is why you were up the whole night yesterday watching YouTube videos on your phone?"

"yeah.." she nodded and went to complete her dish.

And to teach that monster a lesson!

She set the two bowls in the fridge, "Come on Ana. Lets get ready for college."

Ana and dadima looked at each other. She hadn't been to college after that incident and just that confrontation with Maan the previous night brought a miraculous change in her. they watched her in absolute amaze when she brought another third bowl of milk chocolate ganache and added two huge tablespoons of sugar in them.

"Err Geet? What is this third bowl for?"

"Ohh this.. I made the other two with less know especially after what happened on Kabir's birthday so this one is for people who would want more sugar."


Ana thought and walked with her to get ready for college. The chocolates needed to be refrigerated before being made into truffles and hence they decided to continue with it post college.


She made the regular ones and left them in the fridge for some more time and looked at the extra sweet bowl with a fire in her eyes! With great expertise, she rolled the firm while chocolate ganache into tiny balls, and dipped it into more extra sweet white chocolate ganache and then dipped it again into confectioner's sugar like an evil scientist and finally, dipped the entire thing in extra sweet dark chocolate and finally rolled it into cocoa powder!

She made a few and kept it in a completely separate bowl and refrigerated them. she was evil in motion. She was cleverness personified. She grinned to herself.

That will teach Monster Khurana a lesson!

Lesson Number One: Never Ever call Geet Handa a Loser! He had done that blunder...

The evening went in glee as everyone was glad to see her back to her old self. The chocolate truffles were a huge success. Geet couldn't be happier, hearing praises from everyone. She might as well join some baking classes too, she wondered!

They had quick dinner before Geet went home. And this time it was Kabir who would drive her home. She still had that stitch on her forehead but her cheek was coming back in shape. She thanked everyone, packed her stuffs, baking paraphernalia included and went to the refrigerator to get her master piece. Maan was in his room. He had just returned and neither of them looked at each other. 
He pulled off the shirt and put on a black wife-beater over the jeans.

A knock and then a bang followed.

He rushed to open the door and found her standing with a box in her hands and a goofy grin on her lips.

He still hadn't forgiven her for holding his collars! The lapels of his jacket actually! But who cares! She did something that no one ever dared. He raised a brow, waiting for her to continue.

She took the cue and flashed a smile, "Well Maan...I am heading home. Just wanted to thank you for making me see the truth. You are right. I was being a coward. So as a token of gratitude, I made some chocolate truffles for you..."

"Chocolate truffles?" he looked at her suspiciously.

She feigned innocence, "Its sugar free! I made those especially for you, keeping in mind your level of sweetness. Hope you like it."

He stood there for a while...looking at her. She looked so innocent. Her eyes twinkled with that smile. Warmth spread in his heart. She actually got back to baking. He really felt nice and to have gone a mile extra to make those truffles specifically for him..He sighed and couldn't help that grin appearing on his face.

"Here..." she extended and he took it, "let me know how you liked it okay?"

"Okay. I will have one now." he opened the box and the truffles looked delicious.

"Okay bye. Am heading home. Will see you later."

He watched her hop and walk towards the stairs.

She walked ahead until she was out of his sight and then hid behind the pillar. Once he went inside, she tip-toed to his room and mentally danced seeing his door ajar.

Yes you it. eat it!

She watched him take a truffle and observe it for  a while and then pop it into her mouth. She didn't even wait for his reaction. She ran away to Kabir who was waiting for her in the car.

"Hurry up Kabir...I need to get home quickly. I have assignment to finish."

Kabir looked at her quizzically, "weren't you the one who asked me to wait?"

She sighed, "Yeah that was then. Now hurry up. Chalo chalo...jaldi."

Kabir rolled his eyes and drove off. and she sat beside him with that smug smile plastered all over her face.

His mouth hurt like anything.

That Chit!

The sugar was way too much...even for a normal person. And he ate the entire truffle all at once. The initial flavour of cocoa was tasty but when he chewed, his teeth hurt. the sugar gave him pain and he rushed into the washroom and puked everything out. Even after rinsing so many times, his teeth remained sensitive, aching like he had rotten teeth all over! That woman tricked him and he thought she was being nice! He sat on the bed, holding both his cheeks in his hands, wincing in pain. he was super sensitive to sugar. His jaws hurt big time.

His phone beeped right at that moment and he found a message from her.

"Take That Monster Khurana!"

And there was an emoji attached with its tongue sticking out.

He had really been mad at her for feeding him those goddamned truffles but then her text made him smile.

So, that was her revenge? So childish...

She got back to her routine because she wanted to take revenge?!! Even though he felt immense pain shoot up in his jaws, he knew the purpose was served. And for the toothache she gave him, he would deal with that in his own way.


She reached the hospital and found everyone pacing around, tensed. Ana was sitting in a corner, totally lost. She walked to her and sat beside.

"How is dadima?"

Ana rested her forehead on her shoulder, "Umm.. doctor says not to panic but how can we so worried Geet.."

Geet had been in her apartment when Ana called her, telling her about dadima having a heart attack. She had rushed to the hospital immediately.

"she will be fine Ana... relax."

"I know she will...but I am more worried about Maan Bhai!"

"Does he know?"

Ana shook her head in denial.

"But don't you think you should tell him?"

"I know...but you really don't know Maan Bhai. When it comes to dadima, he will perhaps break down. They share a very different bond altogether...everyone knows and thats why no one is willing to break this news to him, especially when he is out on a trip."

Geet held Ana and looked at the wall clock in front of her, ticking away. And somehow her mind went back to the time when he had told her about the relation he shared with his grandmother. He had grown up with would he react?

The very next day, she walked into the hospital, carrying some flowers. Dadima would love them. she walked towards the room she had been kept in and heard his voice, angry and loud. Her beats quickened and so did her feet as she rushed to find a worried Maan, angry at everyone, shouting to have not let him know about his grandmother. His mother tried to calm him down but he asked everyone to just go home.

She just watched everyone disperse, quietly, without any argument. When had he come back?

There was silence once drop silence. She breathed in sharply and decided to put the flowers near dadima before leaving. And so, she stepped out in front.

He was as alert as a crow. Her faint footsteps didn't go unnoticed by him. he looked up and then at her. she looked up at him...and stilled at the eye contact. He seemed so tired...his eyes were red...his face breaking into an emotional cry but she noticed his pressed lips. He was trying to hold on.

"Maan..." she whispered.

"Go home Geet." He didn't even let her finish the sentence.

And for the first time, she didn't feel intimidated by him. she watched him pace around the corridor and then sit on the nearest chair, holding his head in stress. She just couldn't go. she went and sat beside him.

"She will be fine Maan... don't worry."

She felt him leave a long breath, "Just go away Geet. Leave me alone right now."
His voice came out broken. And suddenly she found him crumbling down. The big personality that he was...the aura of confidence that she had felt... that intimidating voice... those captivating eyes... they vanished and she saw a new man today. a man she had never known. A man who surfaced in front of her like a sun does after a long time. He was a fortress in fracture!

>>Liked It? Loved It? Then how about a precap?Embarrassed

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Chapter 23

Chapter 25

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what a part it was superb'' 1st tittle left me to thinking about Maan being crumbling down and I forget for what I have been waiting to read these days the main reason... And When Read the 1st line of this story I remembered I was waiting to know why maan behave in last part like this and I've got my wanted result. Maan was being good he's not a Monster at all.And in this story Even not for once I've hate him In fact I feel for him even special his Being so truthful and sensible nature I just fall for him long back don't need to wait.Now coming to the part..Maan And Geet both their confrontation was too good... He has got that wanted reaction and little more than that She had in fact said monster to him also...And Only Dadima was able to understand our Monster Khurana.Finally geet came out from her shell...and When she was baking truffles I was thinking if she will bake For Maan again After that incident but You again surprised me because she was in revenge mood by making him eat that the sweetest chocolate truffle that Maan ever had...ohhh Poor maan fell for her innocence trap and eat that I was screaming here that don't eat that... But Geet messaged him And that brought a smile on his face.Aww My Maan look so sweet while smiling well I'm just imaging that... And at last that heart attack. Maan is very close to Dadima so a breakdown is expected but geet is there beside him ...hope this time they will come little close...All and All good one'' Waiting for next take care... Smile
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Daadima in hospital and yeah that would break Maan as they have a very special and close bond
Maan sends all home but Geet refuses to go its like she knows its time she too stand by his side and help him to his weakest moments
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