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aww   abhi bhi waiting 
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Kahan kho gayi aishu ...
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Let us not make any resolutions this year.
Rather, lets just try to be a little kinder, a  little more compassionate and a litte braver.Embarrassed

Most of You Loved the Song in the Prev Update.
It is Originally sung by Hemant Kumar.
The version I used is from the favorite playlist of the late singer
Jagjit Singh, which is a beautiful rendition.

Fairy Tail??!! Hope you enjoyed.Embarrassed

@sdlife19: welcome back. I missed your presence in the thread.Hug

@leena63: the song on first page is Tera Woh Pyaar(Nawazishein Karam) from MTV coke studio.

@Avi: itna comment kiya hain tho padh bhi lo.LOL

CrySo Less Likes in the Prev Update?Broken Heart

23.There Was No More A Golden Cage...

"Ohh gosh...we are late! Maan bhai is going to kill me. And I have a report to make for this damned internship." Ana looked at her watch and cribbed.

The girls had been out shopping and amidst having fun and dinner, they never realized the time. Geet looked around and found a departmental store right across the street.

"Hey Ana, drop me here and go home. I have to buy some stuffs for my house plus its a walking distance."

"No Geet..i will drop you!"

"No. you are getting late. Go home. Finish your report. Its important. I will take time buying groceries." She spoke, getting out of the car.

"will you be fine?"

"han baba... stop worrying and go. else your brothers will chop me into pieces and throw me into the Hudson." She giggled.

"Okay. Take care. Alright?"

"Han Okay. bye now. good night."

She enjoyed her time, walking down the aisles, checking the shelves and just simply running her fingers down the products. She brought some of her toiletries and groceries and hummed her way home. It had been a long time she had spent time with her kanha and herself. Of late, Ana, Kabir or Maan seemed to be around her that she was left with very little time for herself. A very little time to sit by her window and look at the children playing, a very little time to just lie on the bed and ignore the alarm clock, a very little time to take a few minutes extra in the shower. Someone or the other from the Khurana family was always with her.

Maan... Maan Khurana..No No Monster Khurana!

The name rang in her head and she smiled, adjusting her carry bag in her hands, as she walked down the street with thinning crowd and took to a deserted alleyway that walked her home. It was way past dinner time and the chill grew stronger. She left a breath and hurried up, clutching her bags close to her chest. The cold had forced everyone to go home earlier than usual. She heard footsteps behind her and hurried up, hoping whoever it was behind was as much in hurry as her.

Strange, why aren't those people taking over her?

Barely had she thought when she felt a hand grab her slam her to one side wall and shut her mouth with his palms. Her eyes widened in shock and fear as she realized it was not one but two men, one holding her tight and the other ransacking her bags. She struggled, trying to scream. This was not happening. Tears filled her eyes...


She tried to kick her legs, move her hands, shake her head, scream and then squeaked in fear seeing one of the men point a sharp knife towards her and pressed her mouth harder, making her unable to move. She watched the other man fidget her stuffs, take her money and other valuables when she felt her hands go loose. Relief had not come to her when she froze feeling the mugger's hands right under her shirt, trying to tear it off.  she tried to scream but her mouth was pressed. She wriggled and shook and stomped her foot.


She felt the man agitated with her struggles and left her mouth to grab her neck. She gasped at the powerful grasp, her eyes going wider at the onslaught. She frantically tried to shake her head and saw people at the far end of the alleyway. She had to get out of this. They had pulled off her cardigan and were looking for quick ways to get done with her. fear and utmost fear gripped her heart, adrenaline rushed in her veins and she knew she had to help herself. Reflexes worked best in fight or flight mode in human body. Gathering all the strength that she had, she kicked one of the muggers right on his stomach, making him stumble backwards.

His hold loosened on her throat and despite the choke, she screamed. She felt her hairs being pulled and head thrust right on to the wall but she didn't feel the pain. she screamed louder and coughed and she screamed again despite the breathlessness.

She felt their hold loosening around her as she slid to the ground, in a slow motion, against the wall. Her eyes were closing slowly and she suddenly felt tired. Her hands refused to hold the wall to support her, her legs felt heavy and she heard noises of people around. Were they gone? Was she safe? What did they do to her?

More voices followed...someone asking if she was okay... someone asking if she needed to call somebody but she felt utterly tired for unknown reason and then her eyes closed, heavy and unyielding to her demands to remain open. One side of her face felt wet and cold but it didn't hurt...not yet! She was safe perhaps... and she gave into the sleep, right in the middle of nowhere.


"Geet...Mi bella...wake up...Geet..."

"Geet...wake up... you scared us.."

"Geet bete..."

She had been in a very deep sleep...perhaps the deepest sleep ever in all these days. She didn't want to wake up but she had been stirred out of the deep slumber. Her eyes still felt heavy and something on her face burned. The light was too bright and she felt her head throb.

Slowly, very slowly, she opened her eyes, adjusting to the painful lights and found the blurred faces of her favourite persons around.

"Dadima... Ana...Kabir..." she mumbled and blinked a couple of times to focus her eyes on the people around her.

"wh...what are you doing here?" she asked, confused seeing their worried faces.

And then she felt Ana sigh and hug her, "thank god you are okay!"

She lifted her heavy hands to hold Ana back and felt she had no energy left.

"What happened?" she asked meekly.

Ana straightened and looked at her urgently, "you get mugged and don't even give us a call? Gosh Geet...we were so worried when we got a call from the hospital. Thank god you are safe..."

Geet looked at everyone with a blank face until memories of the incidents started filling the void of her brain. The men...the knife...the choking...the struggle... she froze on the bed, stiff and cold. The side of her face hurt now, beginning with a faint throbbing and then climbing a notch higher.

Seeing her so frozen, Kabir called the doctor and asked about her medication. It was then she realized that she was in a hospital. Who got her here? The last she recalled, she was walking down the alleyway, back home.

Dadima kissed her and caressed her all through her ride to the estates and she didn't even protest. She was too shaken up with the events to notice anything. All she knew was Kabir driving and Ana ranting about something.

"Geet...I am saving mine and Kabir's numbers on your speed dial. You idiot, you could have called us immediately na..." Ana fidgeted with Geet's phone.

"...yes, am also feeding Maan Bhai's number and dad's and dadima's and mom's number too."

She kept punching numbers and then realized her friend had been so lost. May be she needed time to get over all this. It was only 24 hours to the incident and she realized Geet needed her time. The doctor had told she was okay. But one side of her face had bruises and there sat a stitch on her forehead, neatly bandaged. she felt angry on the goons to have done this to her anyone actually.

Geet was given a room right beside Ana's, which was so unusual. They had always shared Ana's room but then Ana sighed, watching her friend go quietly into her new room and fall on the bed. The sedatives were still in her system it seemed.

Geet squirmed in her sleep hearing a faint knocking sound and then a click. She still felt sleepy. What had gotten into her? she felt the curtains being pulled and covered her head with the comforter.

"Geet bete... wake up. Its morning."

She heard the faint voice of dadima who slowly pulled away her comforter and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"Good morning..." dadima flashed a smile seeing her rub her eyes like a baby.

"Umm good morning dadima.." she yawned and sat up.

"How are you feeling now?"

She checked her face and her forehead, "does it hurt?"

Geet nodded, " okay dadima. It just hurts a little."

"okay.. now freshen up. I will send breakfast and then you have to have your medicines."

She felt her father around her at this juncture. The care that she received in here was something so inexplicable for her that she felt overwhelmed. Gulping down that knot in her throat, she shook her head.

"where are everyone else?"

"They are in the hall..."

"I will have breakfast with everyone dadima.."

The wrinkled face of the old woman wrinkled more when she smiled, "yes. Come down. Everyone is waiting for you."

She walked towards the washroom and stood in front of the mirror, watching her face. her cheeks scrapped against the wall burned as she splashed water on herself. The stitch on her forehead hurt...her entire body just felt tired, even though she had been sleeping the whole time. She pulled off her dress and then froze. Flashes of the terrible night made her cringe...what could have happened if...


She shook her head, trying to forget everything. She was here...she was safe! All this time, she had been cocooned in a golden cage and now suddenly she had been thrown out into the unknown world she had no idea how to deal with. She shivered with the thought itself. There was no more a golden cage...there was only the ruthless world...! she had never faced anything of sorts and this she knew would not let her sleep for nights together!


Days passed slow and gloomy and Ana sat by dadima, worried sick. She placed her head on dadima's lap and sighed, "dadima...What do you think is happening? She is not being herself! Its been 5 days already."

Dadima sighed, "Hmm... she is just shaken up with all those events. Give her time."

"Kabir also told that. I know she needs time to get over this but not talking much, remaining subdued, not attending college... gosh dadima she has even stopped baking altogether!"

"she has?" dadima asked surprised, trying to recall when she had missed that.

"Hi dadi darling..." Kabir joined them, pressing a kiss on Dadima's cheeks and
making her smile.

"What is the hot gossip?"

Ana turned to him with a sigh, "Kabir, did you notice Geet baking in all these days?"

"Huhh?? Baking?"

Kabir scratched his head and tried to recall anything related to Geet and baking. He knew she had shrivelled into her shell and he had tried so hard to talk to her but all she did was just nod.

"See dadima?" Ana pointed, "its been two weeks to his birthday and she hadn't baked a single thing since that cake disaster! She even left all her baking stuff here. When I asked her, she just said she would get back soon. And now this...I am worried."

"Who is worried?"

All of them turned towards the voice to find Maan standing behind them. Ana jumped and ran to him, hugging him tightly.

"Ohh I missed you so much bhai..."

"In just a week?" he smiled, taking his little sister in his arms. She always filled his world with love. She was his baby.

She nodded cutely, "How was your trip?"

"It was good. Now why were you worried?"

She raised her eyes in concern and sighed in defeat. She could never hide things from him.

"Its about Geet, Bhai..."

He rolled his eyes hearing her name. The whole week he had been so wrapped up with work that he hardly even got a chance to ponder over other things.
Everything about him took a backseat when it came to work. And she took a back seat too.

"What about her?" he handed his bag to the servant and walked towards the couch where dadima and Kabir sat, taking Ana by her hand and settled down, loosening his tie.

"She has been mugged..."


He watched her walk down the stairs, slowly, with deliberately careful steps, her eyes looking down and her hands knotting her dupatta. Kabir went to her and pulled her down, playfully.

"Geet... lets play cards after dinner."

She smiled weakly as Kabir dragged her towards the dinner table. She sat between Ana and Kabir while their mother served her.

It was then he saw the stitch on her forehead, neatly bandaged and the slowly drying bruises on her cheeks. What Ana had told, came back to him. he narrowed his brows at her and waited for her to reciprocate to everything around her but to his surprise, she didn't.

"Geet... have a little more daal..."dadima coaxed and she gently shook her head.

What was wrong with her?

"Geet finish your food fast okay and then we will play rummy. If you lose, that you would, you are going to bake us a chocolate cake." Ana poked her friend.

Things that happened were bad. But she should not stop her life...

"Mi Bella...speak something..." Kabir pulled her cheeks and she winced in pain.


Kabir immediately pulled away his hands, "sorry so sorry..I didn't.."

"No...its okay Kabir..." she spoke meekly.

She was anything but meek...

"Keep away from her Kabir.." Ana slapped his hand and turned to Geet, "Okay... how about we all go out somewhere for the weekend? What say Geet? Skiing?"

"Ohh yes, didn't you say you loved skiing? Okay then.. we all are going this weekend.." Kabir added.

She was a person who could easily be rattled if he ruffled her feathers even the slightest...

"Oh Geet..say something na... please don't shut yourself like this. Its over. You are safe." Ana gave up, finally.

"yes Geet you are a brave little girl. Good and bad things happen to everyone. Its going to be almost a week. You can't stop going out because of this thing!" Mrs Khurana tried to make her understand, which only made her shrivel into herself. Her eyes stung with tears.

"Geet please. Forget it. didn't you ask me to be strong when I was down? Then do it for yourself." Ana held her hands which only made her whimper.

Maan watched everyone near Geet, trying their best to console her, help her out. He knew from Ana how she had tried her best to distract her, to get her back to college, to get her to bake something but she always avoided. She must know this was not the end of life. He, in fact, felt angry. Out of all emotions for her, he felt angry.

How dare she...

He got up from his chair and marched towards her, with a rage that she would witness in a while.

"leave her alone." He roared, surprising everyone.

They turned to see him and never expected him to be so angry. He reached her, held her hand and pulled her out of her place, shocking everyone...even her.

She looked up...into his angry eyes.

How long has it been that she had seen him last?

She looked at him and then at his hold on her hand.

Where had he been all these days?

And then he dragged her out.

She wondered where he was taking her and then she looked ahead, the door fast approaching. Her confusion now morphed into shock realizing where he was taking her. Dadima shouted from behind.

"Maan...chodo usey! Where are you taking her? leave her..."

She looked back at everyone's worried faces behind her and then at the fast approaching door.

He couldn't be...No...Kanha...

She tried to stop pull her hand out of her tight grip but she failed. she was scared. She had never seen him this angry and he scared her.

She tried to put some force and stop him but she was nothing in front of his mighty form. He pulled her with a force that made her lose her balance. Opening the door wide, he pushed her out of the house and looked at her in contempt.

She looked at him with shock and hurt and an emotion that almost choked her in the gut.

How could he...

"get out of my house..." he spat at her.

She gasped with those words and stared deep into his eyes. He felt so cold... so distant.

"...and never show your face again!"

>>Ohh No! Monster Is Back!D'oh

>>What will geet do now?Ouch

Chapter 22

Chapter 24

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hi Ash ..
what a sad update ..first geet being mugged ..she is in terrible state and that monster khurana threw her out of the house ...why ..
waise i know he want to help geet in his own way but throwing her out in such state ..not correct ..
waiting to see geet's reaction ..waise i want geet to go back to her house ..she is depending too much on khurana's family ..first it was pooja's family now annie's..
though i like the way khurana family take care of geet but in the end she only getting hurt .

thanks for update
waiting for next

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yipee ..
me first ...Big smile
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oh no..geet stayed back for shopping
she was walking alone
n caught with 2 rogues
she fought to save herself
n ended up in hospital
maans family took care of her
geet was so lost 
she stopped going to college
or bake
or mingle with all
maan saw geet
she has shut down herself
he thinks she shouldnt be like this
haawww..he threw her out of house
may be its for her gud
to face the world again with bravery
nice part
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"There was no more a golden cage" a beautiful line which explains alot of things happens in our lyf n shows reality,,,
Geet was soo shaken n I don't know wat maan is dng by throwing her out of his house,, n maan inner thoughts about geet reactions are cute, he observed every actions of her,,
Thanq for PM's
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