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Missed last two updates. Maan and Geet are getting to know abt each other better and getting much comfortable with each other. At this pace i think it will be Geet to realise her love first. Waiting for the day to continue.
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It was a wondeful update yet again. I have heard of kanha and radha's story, but I could envision the scene and feel the pain. It was so beautiful that it brought tears in my eyes. Hahah, awesome to see Monster Khurana driving around. On a serious note, Geet should consider cooking as her career option. I mean the Great Monster Khurana was impressed ( It is a BIG DEAL lol). They are definitely becoming friends. :). The last scene was just magical. I could imagine the whole scene.Maan did share his love for photography and Geet taking picture of him was also beautiful. In future, if maan and Geet were to confess, I hope they do go back to Brooklyn Bridge because this is the first time we saw maan exposing himself to Geet. Looking forward to next update. Please update soon.
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Part 20 - So lovely part. I was sad reading initial kanha-radha part. Radha too knew that she don't have kanha in her destiny. I was thinking what would be its meaning to geet-maan story. Is it geet couldn't have maan in her destiny, as her letter in prologue says. But I will wait for right time to come. Lets see where & how their story proceeds.

Maan liked muffins made by geet, just the way he wanted.

Ana faked crying and bound maan with geet to for shopping for kabir birthday. Maan was so irritated and upset initially got more annoyed with geet's improper planning.

He stopped at bridge to take sunset pics. Geet was stunned to see his passion for photography when she saw the clicked pics.

I thought that she will find her pics which he had clicked long back but then he already had deleted them.

She innocently asked him and he opened up freely with her telling her about his passion for photography. He too was shocked that he talked so much with her.

She expressed to snap and he agreed to. Oh...she captured his silhouette.

Maan found she was good at this also when he saw his snap.

So from next will monster be back...waiting for it.

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21.And Then He Smiled, In Light and In Dark...

He sighed in relief when she was finally done with her shopping in Brooklyn and got into the car.

"Done?" he asked, turning on the heater in mild. Dusk had fallen and the cold remained. She pulled on her cardigan and flicked her ponytail out.

"yeah all done."

He was about to turn on the ignition when he heard a faint rumbling sound. Suppressing his smile, he turned to look at her face, glowing red in embarrassment.

She caressed her tummy, "Shh Shh baby... we will be home soon."

W*F? Did she just talk to her tummy?

And he laughed unable to hold himself back. She was definitely not mentally very sound it seemed. She looked down, mortified and didn't know how to tackle this but she tried.


He turned on the ignition, his shoulders shaking form the laughter he tried to control now.

"Geet, stop talking to your stomach. We will have something on the way."

She nodded meekly and looked out. He had put on some random song and that was the only sound in the car. And it was soothing.

She gawked at the small Chinese food stall he had stopped by in the market they were driving through and watched him hop out. She pulled her cardigan closer and walked out behind him. It was a small food stall, with some Chinese letters written on the top, probably the stall's name. It was small but it had a good amount of crowd. It had a counter on display with hot plates serving a lot of Chinese dishes, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. There were stools right outside where customers can sit and eat by the same counter. The aroma of the food made her stomach growl again.

"Come here.." he stood by the counter and waved at her. she nodded and walked to him to check the menu that confused her.

"Geet... be quick. There are other people waiting in the line."

She sighed in defeat and looked up at him, "I can't decide. You tell me."

He shook his head and quickly skimmed through the menu and looked at her, "Veg or non-veg?"

She thought for a while and settled for veg. She wasn't an enthusiastic non-vegetarian.

He quickly placed order and the chef was as quick as him to pass two packets to him. he paid and handed one to her. they looked around for seats but all of them had filled up. So they just walked back to their car and placed their packets on the bonnet. She pulled open her packet and drooled over the tangy-spicy aroma. Standing on either side of the bonnet, they used it as a table.

"Ooohhh..its tasty. What is this thing?" she licked her lips with the first bite.

He popped in his food using a chopstick with great expertise, "Tofu. The dish is called Ma-Po Tofu. Quite famous Chinese."

She took another bite and closed her eyes in delight...the tangy-spicy flavours tingling her taste buds.

"what have you got there?" she took another bite and peeked into his packet.

"The same as you!" he continued eating.

She looked back at her own packet and then at his and cringed.

"What?" he raised his brows.

Weird woman!

"why is it that your tofu looks different than mine?" she asked suspiciously.

He mentally slapped his head. What did she think? He was giving her poison?

"it's because yours is veg and mine is non-veg!"

A look of understanding passed on her face and she looked relieved, "Ohh!"

They continued eating in silence until Maan found her stealing glances at him every now and then. He rolled his eyes.

"What is it Geet?"

She opened her mouth to say something and then stopped and shook her head, looking down at her food.

"Say it. I know you are dying to let it out!"

She smiled sheepishly and dug her chopstick on to a soft tofu, "No.. actually I was just wondering how do you know this place? I mean know you are the Maan Singh Khurana and eating at a place like this... its weird!"

He cocked his head to a side, "Why is it weird? And what has it got to do with my name?"

She shrugged, "Don't know. I just couldn't imagine you eating at a small place like know being rich and famous and all that jazz.."

He smiled at her naivety, "I am rich but that doesn't mean I can't eat at a place like this! I like this place...I had been in University when I discovered this place with my friends and totally fell in love with this dish. I come here whenever I get a chance."

She gave a nod of understanding, "Ohh I see! What is the name of the dish again?"

"Ma-Po tofu! A very typical and very famous Chinese dish."

She wiped her lips with a paper napkin, "But isn't it Korean?"

"No Geet, Its Chinese. Who told you its Korean?"


He looked at her confused, "Maangchi? Who is that?"

Her eyes twinkled when he asked the question, "Maangchi...she is this awesome Korean chef who has her own YouTube Channel. I was browsing through some videos when I came across her uploads. And one of her dishes was Ma-Po tofu. So I thought this was Korean."

"Ohh a lot of people have their own versions Geet. But this dish is typically Chinese. In fact this is one of the Imperial Cuisines of the Sichuan Province in China."

"wow really?"


They finished their food, trashed the packets and headed home; the warm heater of the car warming them up after spending a good amount of time in the cold.

"Say Maan...have you ever been to China?" she asked stretching her arms. They still had a long way to go and the dusk had passed. Spending time together and talking a bit here and there had made them comfortable around each other and she liked how he had explanations to everything.

He honked and kept his eyes on the road, "Yeah once... for some business trip. Why?"

"Umm... no just like that. They have this Imperial palace there in Beijing..what's its name...ermmm.."

"..The Forbidden city?" he completed her sentence, smiling warmly.

"Yeah The Forbidden City. Have you been there?"

"Umm..No. I didn't get a chance then. Have you been there?" he asked her, taking a left turn.

She looked up at him and eased back, pushing the backrest down, "No. I am just curious. You know my friends back in London, they had been there on their honeymoon and Pooja described how beautiful it was...I was so tempted to go there but the name gives me creeps. The Forbidden City. Who names a palace like this? I mean its so scary."

She watched the lights of the vehicle from the other side lighten up his face in passing. He glowed pale yellow and then it was dark when the vehicle passed. For some reasons she just loved the play of light and shadow on his face; it just fascinated her. And then he smiled, in light and in the dark.

"There is a reason why it is called The Forbidden City Geet."

She just watched him, his eyes focussed on the road and his lips moved.

"it was used to be the imperial palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and ordinary people were not allowed in without permission. Hence, it was called the "Forbidden" City. In addition to that the kings had their concubines and harem to protect. So they didn't allow everyone in without prior permission!"

He felt her silence and looked at her. She looked at him in awe.

"How do you know that?" she asked after a moment of wonder.

"Why can't I know things Geet?" he rolled his eyes.

She found it legit and nodded, "Yeah..You can know. Fair."

He dropped her at her apartment and drove off. The day had been tiring with all the driving and sighed at her decision of him taking all the baking stuffs to the estates. He watched her wave him and mentally decided to make Ana do all the shifting from his car.

He fell on his bed, feeling relaxed actually. The whole evening, there was no office, no calls, he did a good photography, ate at his favourite place and talked. He talked!  He grabbed his camera and looked at his silhouetted picture. She was one curious cat, he realized today, eager to know a lot of things all at once. And for a change, he enjoyed the time away from office.

With Her' Maan...with her!

He shook his head... not with her! it was just a small getaway from office.


"Geet... how long is it going to take?" Ana checked her watch and then at Geet who was busy whisking her batter for the cake. It was the evening of Kabir's birthday and he had been out on an official tour. He'd land in just a few hours and they decided to surprise him with a home baked cake. It had been a working day for all and hence, Ana and Geet completed their college rushed to the estates to finish up the preparations.

"The cake is going to take 30 more minutes Ana. Then all we have to do is finish the icing." She spoke, stirring her butter-cream. She checked the online recipe again and measured the sugar in her measuring tea-cups and added to the butter. Putting in the blender, she waited for the frosting to fluff up. She dipped her little finger into the cream, pulled the little bit of the frosting and tasted it.

Umm Umm.. it was good.. but not sweet enough! Hmmm... what should we do now Geet? Yes, a little more sugar! Perfect!

She grinned to herself and took another half a cup of confectioner's sugar and gave its serious thought. After contemplating a bit, she filled the cup to the max and poured it right into the cream mix. She watched Ana blow the balloons and sigh, "Geet me a bit here."


The oven timer went off and Geet rushed to check on her cake. She pulled out and felt proud of the aroma that filled the house making Ana hoot. She cooled the cake, put it on the cake tray and dug the knife into the surface to check the softness.

Kanha No!

She stood horrified! No No this was not happening! She did everything as she had seen in the YouTube channel she had learned. The cake wasn't supposed to come this hard!

Ohh dear...

She checked the time and realized there was not much time before kabir arrived and she just couldn't prepare the batter all over again! Gosh! This was so bad. Where did she go wrong? She had followed similar recipe previously and they all had been good.

What do I do? Not today out of all days... kuch soch Geet... you just can't ruin kabir's cake! Think woman think!

She tried to recall every damn video she had seen till date and got down to business.

Alright! No need to panic. A little bit of sugar syrup and your cake will be as moist as the rain! You rock Geet!

She fist pumped at her own thoughts and quickly prepared the syrup, not too thick...not too thin!


In the meanwhile, she cut her cake to make layers...with a little difficulty to set the surface flat!

She smiled wickedly as she poured the lukewarm sugar syrup on the layers of the cake and poked them with her knife.

Umm soft enough! Phew!

She hummed her favourite tune and happily layered her cake and layered the butter-cream frosting with utmost pride. Her first full-fledged cake! She felt overwhelmed at her own emotions. She decorated the surface with lots of dark and milk chocolate chips and colourful sprinklers and wrote "happy birthday kabir" on the top with pink icing and placed it on the table of the living room where everyone waited for Kabir to come home.

Maan walked in and glanced at the cake. It looked nice. It reminded him of the muffins she had sent to him earlier...the sweet-less one. He still had to thank her for that!

They heard the car approaching and waited for kabir to make an entrance. Ana had been all praises about her cake and that pumped her up. She couldn't wait for kabir and see his excitement.


Everyone shouted in unison when kabir entered all rushed to hug him. he had been tired with the journey but the warm welcome just cheered him up. What made him happier was the cake that Geet put in so much effort for. He hugged her, "Thank You mi bella... you just made my day!"

She grinned and urged him to cut the cake. She had been nervous and fidgety and anxious to know everyone's reaction. She clapped when kabir cut the cake and broke out a piece.

Okay! Moment of truth!

She prayed under her breath and watched as kabir fed the first slice to Ana. She watched Ana's expression curiously..her eyes widening at first and then she held her cheeks and squeezed her eyes shut.

"How is it ana?"

Ana watched her friend's hopeful face and managed to gulp down the cake and gave a weak smile.

"erm...why don't you try yourself?" she mumbled and quickly looked for water.

Kabir grinned and took a slice for Geet. And Geet being the most humble of all creatures snatched the cake from his hands and stuffed the entire thing in his mouth!

"Its your birthday Kabir. You must eat the cake first!"

She watched Kabir's mouth contort weirdly and then he smiled...a wide smile it was and she could see the cake in his mouth.

"now tell me how is it?"

Kabir couldn't have broken her heart. he looked here and there and found Ana at one corner, gulping down water and shaking her head vigorously for a no! He managed to gulp down the cake and thought of an escape. His eyes fell on Maan and he quickly cut another slice.

"uff kabir bolo is it?" she asked impatiently.

"Well... Maan Bhai is expert at giving awesome reviews Geet. Why don't you ask him?"

May be they were just playing with her!

Geet thought and watched him stuff the cake into Maan's mouth.

He closed his mouth, took a napkin and spit it all out, his face contorting in an ugly expression.

Her heart beats stopped when he wiped his mouth and glared at her.

"You call that a cake?" he thundered, "do you want to kill all of us here Geet? What in the world was that?"

She stilled, hearing him, hurt and suddenly uncertain at the outcome. She looked out for Kabir and Ana who stood at one corner, looking at her apologetically.

"Is it that bad?" she asked meekly.

"Well, why don't you try it yourself? This is the most disgusting cake i have ever had!"

Shocked and scared, she looked at dadima who looked equally baffled with Maan's outburst and dared to taste her own creation. The next moment saw her spitting out the cake and rinsing her mouth with water. it was horrible. It was terrible. The cake had turned soggy and the sugar was too much... it killed her taste buds. No wonder Maan was angry. He hated sweet stuffs. So sweet that even she being a sweet lover couldn't bear!

She looked at everyone giving her apologetic looks. She didn't say anything. she just took the entire cake and threw it in the trash can.

Turning to Kabir, holding back her tears, she looked down, "I...I am sorry. I ruined it."

"No mi bella...please..."

He couldn't even continue, seeing her so broken.

A sob raked her body and then she was in pieces. She sat on the kitchen stool, hid her face between her palms and sobbed.

Dadima and Ana rushed to her and held her, "No Geet...its okay. It happens.."

"no...sniff... its not okay.. I..I just wanted to do something for kabir and I just ruined everything. am so sorry."

Her sobs turned into a cry and kabir rubbed his temples, feeling extremely sad to see her sobbing on his birthday.

Maan watched everyone trying to calm her down but she was nowhere near stopping. And thats when she realized why Kabir had fed him the cake out of all. he was one straight forward person who could tell the brutal truth with utmost honesty and not feel guilty about it. he had always been like that. And he was glad that she knew what was wrong. She needed to know if she wanted to do better. He did what Ana and Kabir couldn't do. Hence, he left from there, somewhere glad that she knew her mistakes.

>>Well Well... a crying Geet! Do you think we get things as easily as we think?Wink

>>Oops... Monster is Back! Many of you missed him, didn't you?Evil Smile

>>Those who are wondering who is Maangchi, she is as real as it gets. She makes awesome korean dishes and has her own YouTube Channel. You can subscribe to her if you are a foodie. Am sure you will enjoy.Wink

>>The faster the response...the faster I update! Fair Deal?Big smile

Chapter 20

Chapter 22

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Nice update 
Maan has good time with Geet 
Larkin thora saa Jhoot nahin bool sakta tha 
Monster Khurana 
Poor Geet aus ka sil toor diya
Update soon
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