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@SHIK.LOVMAANEET: nothing was over the top darling.
In fact you always leave me speechless
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thank u so much for all the lovely words. it really means a lot.Hug

@soch_ti: Woah... who would have thought Theory of Relativity could be twisted like this!
If Enstein was alive, he would have been proud
 to find his theory affected real people too.
it was such a beautiful analogy.. the crowd, the station, the stagnancy and then Maan finding her lost. You had me amazed dear.
It did make all the sense it was supposed to. Thanks a ton.
about bakery...I have something in mind but that is in far future.
Lets see how it turns out.
HopeI surprise you.Wink

@Lakshmi86: thank u for such a cute comment. Geet and Monster Khurana have a lot more to see.
doctor, teacher, engineer, plumber, babysitter...just wait and watch. Kabir has a lot more too. Wink

PartyThis Update is Dedicated to hinal_maaneet (Hinal)Party
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20.She Captured Him...

One day Radha asked Krishna, leaning against his shoulder, "Tell me Kanha, where do I reside?"

Krishna smiled and looked at the far lands ahead of him, where cows grazed and birds flocked, happily dancing at his mere presence.

"You, Radhe, reside in my heart, in my very soul, in every breath I take and in the very air that surrounds us!"

Radha felt something choke in her throat and it hurt. she gulped down that knot and asked again, "And where is that I do not reside Kanha?"

Krishna looked into her eyes; beautifully dark and a swirling pain in them, as if she knew the answer already.

"In my destiny!"

She walked behind everybody lost in her thoughts...lost in what Maan had made her realize. Had she really been that wrapped up in her own misery that she had blocked the warmth of the new people in her life who loved her just like their own? She knew Ana and Kabir were a little upset that they hadn't been able to make her feel better but she needed a little more time. Her eyes fell on Maan who walked just ahead of her, talking on the phone. He had a meeting lined up but still he came. She knew he came because of his sister but he had known the reasons. And still stayed back! For the first time in months she felt "loved" and "belonged".

He heard her sniff and turned back, putting his phone down and saw her stand on the steps of the restaurant and watch him with a certain emotion akin to admiration. He raised his brows at her, gesturing what she was doing. She quickly wiped those unshed tears and gave a weak smile, hopping down the steps, towards him.

"Are you alright?" he asked and started walking towards the parking. She fell in steps with him and nodded, "Umm. Thanks."

He turned his head to look at her, "If you miss your family so much Geet then go, visit them."

Hands in his pockets, a slight shiver in voice made her aware if the winter still persisting. She was well covered in warm clothes but he wasn't. He perhaps had just rushed out of his office.  Her heart warmed up.

"No. I'm fine now Maan. I just need a little distraction...may be a break and I will be good."

She didn't know why but having encountered him in vulnerable situations all the time, she felt at ease now, to talk to him. She heard him exhale and she saw his dense winter's breath leaving his mouth, even in the afternoon.

"Then why don't you take a break? Your exams are over I suppose!"

"Umm... why didn't you get your jacket? You are cold."

He froze a little and then smiled softly at her thoughtfulness, "I'm fine Geet. I will rush back to office now so it's okay."

She opened her mouth to say something when Ana rushed to them, thus ending their conversation.

"Bhai, do you have your camera in your car?"

Geet's eyes narrowed, "Camera?"

Ana chuckled, "Yes Geet. You don't know? Bhai and his Camera are in an eternal love-relationship. He always has it in his car."

She looked at Maan smiling, "Really?"

He felt nice, seeing her smile...not that much of a very happy smile but genuine nonetheless.

"Yeah... its there in the back of my car. Why do you need it?"

Ana rolled her eyes, "Of course Bhai, to take pictures!"

"And make me the photographer? No ways. I am getting late for office."

A little bit of whining from Ana had Maan on his knees. Geet just loved the way he cared for his siblings. Had it been a few months back, she'd have hated him for being a monster.

Well, he still was!

She giggled at her thoughts and they took loads of photographs. What amazed her most was Maan's expertise in photography. He didn't even need to take his viewfinder close to his eyes. He just raised his camera in one hand clicked pictures like a pro. Kabir had made a snowman with the snow piled up on the pavement and they even dragged Maan for a selfie.

She had never felt this better ever! The pain was not less but it didn't resurface anymore.


He stared at the packet of muffins Ana had kept in front of her and couldn't believe her explanation. She had been at Geet's place for a night out and now that she was back, she had brought a pack of muffins with her, saying it was Geet who sent it for him.

"Bhai... she made this very carefully with less sugar just for you. try and tell me how they are."

He had seen her bake stuffs before too and she was learning all kind of stuffs from the internet. And she was good too, for a beginner. She was enjoying it perhaps and thats why she made something new all the time. But to think that she had made an effort to make something he liked was definitely something that had thrown him off guard. Yes they talked now these days... talked better and didn't bite each other's heads off but that was a very sweet gesture from her. Were they becoming friends?

He took a bite and fell in love with the flavour. It was exactly the way he liked, perfectly baked and the perfect amount of sugar he liked...very very mild. His heart warmed up at her gesture and he felt obliged to thank her. Ana kept blabbering about her plans for Kabir's upcoming birthday party and one particular thing made his eyebrows shoot up.

"what?" he snapped, "No ways Ana. Stop with that childishness."

Ana sat on the floor, by his couch and made that cute puppy face that he had never been able to ignore.

"Bhai please please pretty please! I would have gone myself but you know this internship keeps me busy. Kabir will be out for a tour too. this is the perfect time. You have to take Geet around Bhai... she is baking a cake for him. Bhai please!"
Shopping and him??!!

The thought itself made his head spin. He was Maan Singh Khurana after all. he never had chauffeured anyone...well except his sister but this was crazy!


Ana pouted, "Please bhai... don't say no. she doesn't know all the places here. Its for Kabir. Please na... pleaseee. You don't have anything important lined up, you said it so yourself, didn't you? Please."

He had to concede to his sister's demands because she had cried. It was much later that he had found out that she had been faking it. he sighed and waited for Geet in front of her apartment. The snow had been melting slowly and February was nearing its end. The chill still remained though.

She rushed out, hurriedly and got into the car, panting.

"Oh.. sorry. I was late."

He pulled on his shades and turned on the ignition, "Its fine Geet. So where do you want to go?"

He pulled on to the main road and hoped she had a proper agenda chalked out. He hated when Ana dragged him everywhere, without proper plans.

"Umm..", she thought for a while, "there is this baking supplier store I googled. Lets check there."

His eyes popped out, "Check there? what do you mean?"

She gave him an apologetic smile, slowly getting comfortable with his presence,
"I have a few other stores too."

He felt exasperated, "Gosh Geet! Why don't you women just order stuffs online?"

"ahh well... I actually tried shopping online and got confused with all the sizes and shapes. So I thought it was better if I checked them myself in stores to have a firsthand idea about those.."

Great! Just Great!

He kept mum and drove towards the store she instructed him via Google Maps, mentally cursing Ana to have landed him up here! But he couldn't have helped too. It was his brother's birthday after all. he gathered all his patience as she went into the store and took forever to come out.

She placed the stuffs on the back seat and found him standing with a frown that made her smile.

"All done?" he asked irritated, as both got into the car.

She gave him a sweet smile, knowing the volcano could burst anytime. She had come to know him at least this much in all these months.

"Erm... we have to go to Brooklyn!"

He pushed the brakes hard and looked at her pointedly, "what?"

She played with the end of her kurti, "well... I wanted a particular kind of ramekins but they didn't have it here. They told I could find one in the store in Brooklyn!"

Kanha... please let him agree! I really want to do something for Kabir!

The afternoon had been bright and now the sun was slowly sinking, but still well above the horizon. He glared at her, suddenly being so open with his emotions, unlike his controlled nature.

"Woman, do you realize I am missing my office because of this shit and you are totally not helping at all!"

She sighed, knowing this was to come sooner or later.

"Maan, please? Its for Kabir! Not anyone else!"

He sighed and drove off without any word. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, it was going to take time. He wondered why he even agreed to Ana in the first place. And all the women had to do was tell them- Its for Kabir and he'd have no option left!

The 20 minutes drive was silent and she thoroughly enjoyed the view. She hadn't ventured to this side of the city and hence, she was totally thrilled about it. They entered the Brooklyn Bridge that connected Manhattan to Brooklyn and felt them come to a halt abruptly. He had pulled over. Curious, she turned to him but he was already out. He took out his camera and stood on the edge, by the ropes, clicking photographs.

She came out, wondering what he was up to and found him clicking pictures of the setting sun. His mind was totally focussed on what he was doing and she just watched him in awe.

The sky had turned completely orange with the huge orange blob slowly approaching the horizon. The sky was clear with a few clouds here and there dispersing a red hue as a highlight. She went up and stood beside him, looking at how he captured the mighty sun in his lenses, through the ropes and revelled in the beauty of it.

Once satisfied, he finally put down the camera and found her standing beside him, admiring the beauty.

"Isn't it beautiful?" he asked, after a long silence. Cars honked and passed them and they just stood by the bridge, taking a moment with the nature.

She sighed, "yes... Can I see those pictures?"


He clicked on a few buttons and gave the DSLR to her, "Click on this next button to view the rest."

She followed his instructions and pressed the next button, totally awestruck with his skills. Besides the setting sun, there were lot of other pictures of nature; there was the picture of a water droplet in focus, sliding down a window, the mist of New York, snowfall, the moon, a few pictures of his family. But there was this one picture of the rains taken through the window of a car that bowled her over.

"this is so beautiful Maan!!"

"which one?" he leaned closer to her and peeped into the tiny screen, their head touching a bit due to standing this close.

"Yeah this! I was driving down the highway when it started raining. I knew I had
to take this pic..."

They kept discussing and for the first time she saw him talk about his photography so openly. His eyes twinkled as he explained why he took a certain pic or where he took those and she kept admiring those twinkling eyes. She had always known him as a calm and composed person, very controlled one and today she saw something entirely different altogether. He had never spoken to her this much ever in those last so many months! She smiled and watched the glowing rays of sun color him in a shade of orange; his light stubble more prominent; the curl of his lips more curved; the contour of his nose sharper!

He realized he had been lost when he felt her gaze on his skin. He looked up from the camera and found her staring at him. He thought she felt him silly doing stuffs for he had exposed himself too much. But then her look told another story altogether! It had been the first time in his entire life that he had opened up about his photography to someone. Everyone else just knew.

Silence lingered and the sun sank deeper, the bright orange now slowly fading.

"You really do love photography, don't you?" she spoke softly.

He saw admiration written all over her face. She was always so easy to read. His heart skipped a beat before answering that question.

"Yes. And nature just sets me off" He admitted honestly and looked away quickly, surprised at himself that he had given away so much about himself. Sighing, he pulled on his shades and heard her speak.

" do you take a pic with this thing?"

He saw her turning and twisting the camera and running her fingers over all the buttons and the lens. He quickly pulled it away from her.

"Hey careful. Don't touch the lens."

She raised her brows at him in amusement, "oohh sorry. I was just checking how you take the photographs in this!"

"you want to try?" he looked at his camera and back at her.

"Only if you are okay with me touching your thing!" she teased making him smile.

"Ohh come on you. I am not that stingy!"

The next few minutes saw him telling her the basics...just how to look through the viewfinder, focus the lens and click.

"Okay okay... let me take one picture please." She jumped in excitement and he just didn't know why he couldn't refuse. He gave it to her and she looked here and there through the viewfinder, searching for something good. Sighing, he looked away, towards the river, thinking about how easily had he exposed himself to her. she just brought that side out and he gave in easily.

Maan... what the hell is wrong with you?

He adjusted his shades over the bridge of his nose, looking at the sunset over the East River and let out a sigh of defeat.


And her voice followed.

"Caught you!" she squealed.

She had that wide grin over her face and he cringed realizing she had taken his photograph.

"you didn't take my photograph, did you?"

Her smile grew wider and she nodded happily.

"delete that!" he commanded, reaching out for that camera.

"It has come out nice Maan. Don't delete." She pulled her hands back.

"give that me Geet." he gritted his teeth.

"I will but only if you promise not to delete that...hey.."

She screamed when he had just grabbed her and snatched the camera from her hand. Quickly browsing through the pictures, he found the one she had taken of him and then stopped before he could press the delete button.

She leaned closer and peeked into the picture of his that had frozen him and grinned.

He stood by the edge of the bridge, looking at the sinking sun, his finger adjusting his shade...the bright light had just made him appear as a silhouette against the sun and the sparkling water. it was as if someone had painted him in black, against the bright backdrop of the red sun and the sparkling blue water. And it was beautiful. He looked at the picture and then at her...not knowing how to express his thoughts as of now. but her smile was contagious because he found himself smiling too.

"Isn't it nice?" she asked cutely.

He look a lingering look on the picture...he was a silhouette!

"Yes. You actually took a silhouette photo."

He didn't say more. Because he never knew how to be verbose. But she noticed him run his finger on the screen, on the picture where she made him a silhouette and she knew he liked it. her heart swelled in pride... he liked her photography. She did something good after all!

"shall we go?" he switched off the camera.

"Umm." She nodded and hopped back to the car.

He looked at her getting into the car and pulling the seat belt and then looked back the sun peeking just above the horizon and sighed. She captured him... she captured him in silhouette!
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Chapter 19

Chapter 21

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N wowww this is just like i imagined in fact way better than that!!

Wowww i can totally imagine it as it happened!
Them stopping at the bridge
The pictures being captured
Spending time just talking
N then him being captured by his muse! 

Overall this has been my fav for obvious reasons
But my most fav part was the convo between kanha n radha Heart
 Thank u yaar for this beautiful update 
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Awesome awesome awesome awesome just awesome update 
Omggg loved the way things going better with maneet
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Amazing. I loved the first part where radha was asking kanha where she resides and where she doesn't. Though i had heard this story already but still it feels amazing. So it's kabir's birthday coming. Ana requested maan to take geet  for shopping as she is going to bake cake for kabir.maan denied completely but when ana insisted he got ready. He reached at geet's place and picked her up. He directly asked from where she wants to do shopping. Hearing geet's answer ,maan gets to know that she is going to make him drive whole city. Finally in one perticular moment he got irritate but again he controlled as it's for his brother. That photography  part was nice. Geet  was in awe seeing maan's shinning eyes when he was explaining her about his every pic. She gets to know how much he loves photography. Geet  also learnt how to take pic from maan. Geet  clicked maan's pic. At first he was annoyed but seeing the pic he was surprised. Waiting for next dear
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hoo maaneet are into shopping for kabir's bithday...
maan opening up about himself to geet...
geet noticing maan his love for photography...
aww gee has taken maan pic was lovely,...

waiting for their shopping n maan anger... plz update soon
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Beautiful update
geet baked with less suger n maan loved it
maan went shopping with geet [:)]
Geet awed with his photography skills
he thought her tooo
she clicked his pic [:)]
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