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Continue soon please
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Posted: 3 years ago
Maan will remain Maan but he seems to have developed a soft corner for Geet and Geet also cant discredit Maan anymore. lol I am always unsure about Kabir! Does he only like Geet in a friendly way or is there more to it??
How I love Ana and Geet's bonding. I really hope whatever Ana said to Geet, sinks into her and she stops wasting her energies on Raj!
Cant wait to read more and more of Maaneet =P
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Posted: 3 years ago

Part 19 - Geet was so impressed with his story she could not stop  to ask him whether he too is a Krishna devotee. Even I am thinking like geet, he always come to her rescue when she couldn't find any way out. He is Krishna in disguise of maan. Lol...

Kabir & geet's pda...omg...maan didn't like it but he was surprised to know that she was doing something by her own. She is good in cooking. She thought he will praise her like kabir & ana but he was straight forwards saying it was too sweet.

He gave her feather back. Her reaction was very sweet.

Geet was missing her parents and was in very sad mood b'coss of her father death anniversary. Ana was again worried about her gone missing. Kabir & ana were so sweet trying to pacify her, bringing her into good mood, so much doing for her. They were true friends.

Maan first was upset for calling him for such reason. But he got shocked to know her parents' death.

He was rude to say such things to let go her past. He was more practical and very diff views than her. She was too much sentimental to let go such things easily. He gave that push to her she needed to come out of her sorrow.

It happened again. She pacified raj & ana and they moved on but same thing she doesn't apply for herself. She was stunned to hear same words from maan which she said earlier to raj.

Maan's words hit her hard and she forced to think what she had presently rather thinking over her past.

She, now, thinks maan as her friend.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Fabulous update ClapClap
Woww maan gave her a new featherBig smile
She was very much upset on her father's death anniversary but ana and kabir didn't leave her alone...even maan came in the restaurant FOR GEET!
Thanku for pm 
Continue soon 
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Posted: 3 years ago
superb update
maan give her another feather 
geet is very sad  remembering her father on his death anninvery 
ana and kabir cheer her but she not  paying attention them but maan one line off gurad her 
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Posted: 3 years ago
Geet in a bad state at the moment remembering her father while Ana and Kabir tries very hard to cheer her up
I actually admire Maan his truth always sets him a bar higher telling Geet to forget her painful past
Geet does seem to enjoy cooking she should opt for that maybe a chef
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She got Feather  that too from Monster Khurana... Kya baat hai! 
As physics is common thing... Got a thought about *Theory of relativity*... Geet was very lovely, jovial, fun to be around, protected, madly in love... but her father's departure shook her or say pushed her towards the door of crowded train she was travelling in with her friends, love, and * Self Proclaimed* relatives... Then... her best friend and love tied a knot and with that little jerk (as she is unable to relate herself with reality or gravity of pain it caused her) she is now out of her compartment. She thought life was moving around she was heading somewhere with Ana's high and low, with Kabir's flirting, with her joining a course, with Raj's mention she got the feeling of various vendors moving around that distracted her... Is she really moving No. She's just standing and watching other's life moving as if a train moving in front gives a feeling of motion to person standing outside thats where She is... Who is Maan then?? For me he is a passanger who loves to travel and touch all dimensions of life he is unknown to... Right know he was planing to go on a trip with his experience ka luggage and had a collision with a dazed Geet. 

She disliked him because he hinted her of living in illusion and adviced to get out of it... Being in same state for such along time its difficult for her... But there luggage have something in common.. Kanha... He can't be imagined without all his Glories attached, now could he... So she have Kanha and he have his glories... And life is a journey.

With this recent advice and knowledge of her surroundings Hope she will move on literally... 

Does it make any sense...??Geek

Thank you.

P. S. - Please don't make her to open a bakery buisness... or anything like that. Though she has messed up with her grades big time so let her join some dioloma course say C.S (company secretory) to make a carrier her father once wished for. 
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edited my re

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