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Ab kya hai na... U know dulhe ke saamne wo kaise sharmayegi... Like kareena in Main prem ki deewani hu... :P
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Originally posted by mishtiritu

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LOL...Ceazy Ritu... LOL

Hehe... Arey sachi... see she is busy in make up... Dulha jo aa raha hai dekhne...

chup reh kamini n let me updt in peace
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Ab kya hai na... U know dulhe ke saamne wo kaise sharmayegi... Like kareena in Main prem ki deewani hu... :P
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

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LOL...Ceazy Ritu... LOL

Hehe... Arey sachi... see she is busy in make up... Dulha jo aa raha hai dekhne...

chup reh kamini n let me updt in peace

In peace nahi ho sakta... Shadi toh dhoom dham se honi chaiye na... 
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Aashu weds Adi... Hayee kya jodi hogi... Dono chasmish... :P Edited by mishtiritu - 2016-12-17T21:18:19Z
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To All: I am so overwhelmed with your love...thank you guys
You guys Rock!Cool

@Ritzz: Stop day dreaming about marriage!Angry

@soch_ti: ohhh physics! I come from a field closely related to you.
.so can totally understand your observation skillsBig smile

guys thank you. Embarrassed
but i would appriciate more if you LIKE and drop in a comment from time to time.Big smile
It would really encourage me to write more and give quicker updates!Wink

19.What Do The Shooting Stars Leave In Their Wake?

He finished the story and watched lost; her eyes twinkling like a child hearing her first bed time story. He kept the mug down on the table and stretched himself, "Its cold. Go get some more sleep."

He stood up to leave and she stood up behind him too.

"How?" she asked softly.

He turned back and raised his brows in question.

" do you know it?"

"Like I said I had heard it in my childhood!"

She watched him walk towards the stairs when she recalled his book on Krishna back from his office. Curiosity piqued her head and she rushed behind him.

"Wait Maan..."

He stopped at the first step and looked at her, "what is it?"

"Are you too a Krishna devotee?"

He chuckled and shook his head, climbing up the stairs. She fell in steps with him.

"No am serious. Tell me..."

He ran his fingers along the cold balustrade as he climbed up and so did she, beside him.

"Geet, don't question your fortune, Just enjoy it!"

He entered his room and closed the door. She kept on thinking about his story and lingered around.


He walked out of his room after an hour or two, buttoning his cuffs when a warm sweet aroma hit his nostrils. He looked around and sniffed the air a bit and felt his tummy rumble. He found a yawning Ana on the other side of the corridor, sniffing the aroma. They looked at each other and shrugged. Curious, they walked down, Ana still in her night pyjamas and Maan pulling on his dark gray suit.

The aroma grew stronger as they stepped down and the stilled seeing the sight in the kitchen! Kabir sat on a bar stool by the kitchen isle, his elbows on the counter top, holding his head, his mouth curled up in a big smile and a dreamy look on his face.

Geet stood right opposite to him, leaning on the isle, just like Kabir with her elbows propped and smiling cheekily at him.

"haiye...Mi bella.." Kabir sighed in glee.

"Haiye.. Kabir.." Geet cutely imitated him with that huge smile on her lips.

His eyes had that dreamy look, "You are amazing."

That dreamy sigh made Maan and Ana cringe but nonetheless wondered what all that cheekiness was about.

Geet giggled and imitated his tone, "I know right.."


Maan cringed.


The oven timer went off and she quickly hopped back to the oven and kabir remained so, enjoying the sight. She wore the oven mitts and took out the tray that held a few mugs that held something. she placed it on the counter, picked one up and kept it in front of Kabir.

"taste and tell me how is it!"

Kabir took his spoon, dug into the mug and scooped in a spoonful into his mouth and then jumped around panting.

"ahh hot hot hot..."

Geet laughed, "Ohh Kabir.. please be careful."

Kabir gave her a look and gulped down a glass of water to soothe his burning mouth.

Ana was curious too. She walked towards the counter and looked into the mugs,
"hey Geet, what are these?"

Geet quickly flashed a smile, "ohh its a mug cake.. basically a cake baked in a mug. You wanna try?"

Ana climbed up the bar stool and took in the aroma of the chocolate mug cake. It was appetising! She dug a spoon into it and tasted. Her eyes widened in happiness.

"Oh my god Geet...this is awesome." She took another spoonful and quickly gulped it down.

Kabir joined them and sat beside Ana relishing his mug cake, "what is so special today mi bella?"

Geet filled in another mug with the batter and placed it into the oven.

"Nothing. I just happened to wake up early so thought of making breakfast! I even made pan cakes. Do you want some?"

Kabir nodded vigorously and she turned to get the pancakes when her eyes fell on him, watching her intently with a look akin to curiosity and surprise.

He had not expected her to be chirpy especially after the feather fiasco but she always had something different to show him. he had watched her how carefully she had put all the ingredients of her mug cakes and how enthusiastically she was serving her friends.

"Maan, why don't you have some?" she asked, seeing him stand and watch them.

Ana licked her lips, "yes bhai..try it. its awesome."

She turned to Geet, "where did you learn this by the way?"

Geet placed a hot pancake on Kabir's plate and watched Maan sit beside his sister.

"ohh that... I actually found it on YouTube!"

"really? Its awesome yaa"

she nodded and handed a mug cake to Maan and kept talking to Ana.

"yeah I was in California right. So I couldn't sleep that night and ended up browsing random videos on YouTube and found this. Its so simple that I wanted to try first thing I landed here."

He took in a bite and didn't know how to react. It was soft and flavourful but the sugar just made his taste buds cringe. She placed a pancake in front of him, looking at his expression.

" it not nice?" she asked meekly.

He watched her face and knew she was nervous. She was perhaps baking something of her own for the first time. But what was he if not straight forward?

"Its nice but the sugar is too much!" he spoke honestly.

Her heart fell. This was the first time she had tried to make something and he just pushed the cup aside. He asked the servant to get toast.

Ana rolled her eyes and nudged Maan with her elbow, "Bhaii?!!"

"what? I told her what I felt."

Ana looked at Geet and sighed, "Geet, don't listen to him. He just doesn't take sugar. So even there is a little bit of it, he runs away. Its perfect for us normal people."

Maan kept his toast down, "what do you mean by normal' people?"

His eyes tinned down at her and she gave him a cheeky smile, "Well, normal people means people like us who take normal sugar. Not like you who likes everything bitter!"

Maan shook his head and concentrated on his toast while Dadima and his parents came down, surprised at the breakfast she had prepared.

Kabir sipped his coffee, "Ana is right Mi bella. Who would know his choice better than you?"

Geet looked at him quizzically not getting what he meant.

He rolled his eyes, "Uff silly! Didn't you always come complaining how the monster likes bitter bitter than anyone could die of Bitterness Overdose?"

Maan's head riveted towards Kabir, "what did you just say? Monster?"

Kabir bit his tongue and looked at Geet, asking for help. she was as mortified as him and didn't know how to handle the situation, knowing the monster would lecture her once again!

He should have been a professor at some university. He is wasting his talent by lecturing his poor family...and me!

She sighed at her own thought and witnessed Kabir running away on the pretext of getting late and Ana went ahead to get ready for college.

Phass gayi Kanha!

She dreaded the lecture he'd have ready for her and gave him a weak smile.

"I... I will go get ready for college too."

A quick exit is the mark of intelligence!

She turned to leave when his voice stopped her.

"Geet wait..."

She turned to find a smug smile on his face.


She watched him as he fished something in the inner pocket of his coat and couldn't believe what he was offering her!

A new blue-green feather! She gasped!


He placed it on the counter top and stood up, checking his phone.

"here, take this."

She didn't know how to react. He always left her speechless. He taunted her, irked her but he always left her flabbergasted.

Kanha who is this man?

She watched him walk out and quickly called out to him, grabbing the feather,
"Maan...where did you get this from?"

It felt so soft against her palms that she felt she'd almost cry in happiness.

With a smirk on his lips, he turned back, "Geet, Don't count your fortune. Just enjoy it!"

And he walked away, leaving her numb; clueless how to react. He said the exact same words that he had this morning. she looked at the feather, now feeling the kind of love the peacocks must have felt when they had Kanha with them! She felt exactly the same...her Kanha had come back to her!


Winter passed in glee and decided to recede slowly, dragging...almost excruciatingly undemanding. Exams came and went and everyone found Geet a little disturbed. She kept to her apartment and didn't speak much, disturbing her friends and making a certain Monster Khurana wonder about her whereabouts. And when it was too much to bear, Ana drove down to her apartment and found it in a complete mess.

This was definitely not Geet!

Messed up shelves, unclean drapes, unkempt cushions, pizza box lying down with a half eaten pizza and her feather lying somewhere in the floor, forgotten. Ana looked around for her in concern and found her on the bed, lying on her stomach, sniffing. She quickly rushed to her and pulled her up, hugging her.

"Geet...Ohh gosh, what happened?"

Geet hugged her by her waist and hid her face in her stomach, sniffing.

That was when Ana's eyes fell on her father's photograph lying on the bed.

"You miss your father, don't you?" she asked softly, really worried about her state.

Geet was a strong girl she had come to know. She knew how to hold on. This was the first time she was seeing her so broken. She wasn't even this vulnerable when she had told her about Raj.

Geet took a long time to reply and her voice was laced with sadness that made Ana sad too.

"today... sniff..its his first death anniversary Ana and I..I am here... " she hid her face in her palms and sobbed uncontrollably. Not having a family is what Ana saw today. she felt her own tears welling up in her eyes. Her heart felt heavy.

"why didn't you go home Geet?" Ana asked softly, pulling her hands away and wiping her tears.

"We...we have this project to submit plus exams so I couldn't... and I know they have kept this puja back in London... but I...'

She couldn't continue and sobbed. Ana held her letting her cry. She had to do something to cheer her up. Geet breaking down like this...she knew she was troubled. She quickly took her phone and called Kabir to get to her apartment. And she even called Maan too, asking him to visit her at Geet's place urgently. Geet protested but she never gave a damn.

One hour later, Geet found herself sitting by the window, looking outside at nothing in particular while Ana kept blabbering about what they planned to do the upcoming weekend, trying desperately to distract her. Kabir had joined her in a while, worried and frantic and helped Ana clean up her apartment, letting her be. Geet didn't talk and they didn't bother her, knowing she needed time.

"Guys...where are you taking me?" Geet protested.

Kabir led her to his Jaguar and Ana trailed behind.

"Geet... just come along na."

"but Kabir I really am in no mood to go out."

But Kabir heard none. He pushed her into the car and drove off. Ana followed behind in her own car. They stopped at a posh Indian restaurant and Geet refused to get out of the car.

"Come On Geet. Please come out. We really can't see you like this." Ana tried to coax her.

Geet sighed, trying not to sound rude, "I know you guys care about me but please you don't have to do all this for me. I just want to be left alone."

Seeing her so adamant, Kabir sighed and pulled her side of the door open.

"Fine Mi Bella. You leave me no choice."

She shrieked in horror when he lifted her up in his arms and walked in, making Ana squeal in joy.

"Thats my bro!" Ana fist pumped and followed them inside, to a waiting Maan!

Maan waited impatiently for Ana who had called him to this restaurant saying it was urgent. He had some meeting going on and he out rightly refused to go to her apartment. His sister came up with this idea! And what he saw almost made his eyes pop out of their sockets. Kabir carried a meekly protesting Geet and Ana following them cheerfully!

What in the world is that?

Ana rushed to him and quickly answered his question whispering in his ears as Kabir put her down and pulled a chair for her. She had been embarrassed enough with everyone around staring at them and she had no more energy to do anything. so she quietly sat down, as told and waited for the next course of action.

It came as a surprise to Maan that she had lost her father. He had been angry at everyone for wasting his time for such silly games. But he had gone numb when Ana had told him about her father's death anniversary and that the little lunch was a way to cheer her up. Her mother...and then her father! He didn't know how to react for he had been so shocked. He thought she was one pampered kid due to her stupidity but he definitely didn't expect that. He felt bad for her. she remained quiet all the while, looking away. Ana and Kabir ordered lunch, trying hard to involve Geet but she was far too distant in a land with her parents. They let her be and ordered her favourite dishes and ended up bickering over the weekend plans. They tried to involve Geet but she just gave a small nod and stared at her food, aimlessly.

What do the shooting stars leave in their wake? What do the falling leaves leave in their wake? What does a lost love leave in its wake?


 A void.

 The sky sees a void... the trees witness an emptiness and so does the heart. and she was that emptiness today, a void that nothing filled. No one filled.

He took in a spoonful of rice and stopped midway, watching her lost in her memories of her family. She just kept staring at the food, forgetting the world.

"Geet" he called out softly. She looked up with those forlorn eyes and he stilled.

He was a man of few words. and he knew he had no comforting words to say. All he had was truth. Ugly and Naked truth.

"yes?" she took her time to reply. They sat right in front of each other and felt their eyes meet for a second before Geet looked away. Ana excused herself and went to the washroom while Kabir enjoyed his food.

He kept his focus on her face and spoke what he had intended to. She had been missing out her present because of her past.

"it is not wrong to remember the past Geet... but if you don't let go of the past, how will you live your present?"

He said it straight, making her numb. His words sparked something in her.

Something akin to a distant memory.

"If you don't let go of the old memories, how will you make the new ones?"

He looked at Ana and Kabir arguing over the dessert and looked back her. she remained frozen in time and he was done with his part. That was his solace to her. that was it! he had nothing more to say.

Memories of Raj and her hit her with a force that almost made her shiver. Wasn't she the one who had told the exact same thing to Raj?

If you don't let go of your old memories, how will you make new ones?

Raj had tried to remind her of her e-mails and she had shrugged it off saying he needed to let go of the old memories. She looked at him, eating his lunch with utmost concentration and then at Ana and Kabir who were trying so hard to cheer her up! Was she losing her present because of her past? Her friend had been so kind to her, helped her whenever she was down, stood by her all the time and is this how she should repay them? True she missed her father on this particular day but she had been gifted with two such nice people in her life. She turned her head to look at Maan.

And him???!!!

>>Monster Khurana being too nice these days, doesn't he?Wink

>>Lets see what I can do about it in the next update!Cool

>>Next Update coming up mid-week!Wink

Chapter 18

Next: Chapter 20

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Kamini doll... U made me cry... Not fair at all...
This is what i Loved... Ur writing made me cry...
Update was sooo beautiful... 
Kanha ki story batane ke liye uska devotee hone ki jarurat toh nahi hai...
Evryone has their own belifes.. 
I loved the way maan was so straight forward with her...
But u know meko usko sugar taste karte dekhna hai.. and u know what i mean by that... :P 
And about last i already told u that u made me cry... Thats ur win as a writer...
Simple sweet yet makin u stick to ur update... 
and I agree...
Dont let ur past blackmail ur present to ruin ur future...
Love u doll... Hugsss
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Me second LOL

Lovely part
Oh so sweet he got her the feather ...
He is not being nice ..h wiz just being himself
I don't think he did anything special Angry yet
If this is being nice I don't even want to see him being mean LOL
Loved the update
Thanks a lot for updating Edited by muskanp - 2016-12-17T23:50:34Z
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