MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #2(Page 32)

Posted: 2016-12-15T09:56:17Z
Hi again...

Here are the roses for you... Tongue

Request thru flower for more updates Embarrassed
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Posted: 2016-12-15T09:59:15Z
Only that person will understand what geet feels for Raj who has been in love with someone for the first & reluctantly had to let it go.
But it's a fact that for Raj she seems to forget everything that is around her.
LOLi love the way maan always make sure to make her irritated with the pup, RajLOL

Ana was saying right, geet have to understand that pooja & raj are happy in their life & she is somewhere has become their responsibility & she finally understand this when she stays with them in California.
Can't blame Raj & Pooja for being happy, it's actually Geet who make them a really important part of their life.
Glad to see Maan & Geet having conversation like normal personLOL otherwise it always looks like war b/w two.
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Posted: 2016-12-15T10:07:54Z
hi thanks 4 da pm n excellent update! superbly written! Love Ana! she is so sweet! she explains 2 Geet who fails 2 undersatnd! Geet goes wid Pooja n Raj 2 California! she didnt inform Ana n Kabir! Ana upset! Geet back n lost! Ana knows y! Geet angry as Awara took her feather! Monster Khurana becomes sweet Khurana! he consoles Geet n tells abt the feather! awesome explanationClapStarSmile
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Posted: 2016-12-15T10:22:29Z
Ana was so worried about Geet
Feel sad for Geet
She finally saw that she stood outside the circle of Raj and Pooja's love
But now she has the khurana family to call her own and that is where she went

Maan and consoling Geet - That is a new side of him
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Posted: 2016-12-15T10:42:18Z
Finally geet realised where she stands in raj and pooja's life!
Ana is a darlingEmbarrassed
Hwww awaara destroyed her featherShocked
She was crying profusely Cry
But then maan finally made her smileSmile
Thanku for pm 
Continue soon 
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Posted: 2016-12-15T10:53:11Z
Awesome update...
Geet was so involved in doing all those things for Raj and was losing herself...
Am glad that Ana made her realize this and this how much they both understand and care for each other...
And now geet feels home in estates rather than with her childhood friends...
Maan has also now come to understand geet and I love the way he helps geet though in his own way...
And thanks for updating the relation between kanha and the peacock feather...
Updateee Soonn
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Posted: 2016-12-15T11:04:35Z
great update
geet feel worm n protected with khurana family
ana is really a very good friend of geet
maan help geet in his own way n attitude
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Posted: 2016-12-15T18:40:49Z
Image result for heart beating gif
love the update !!!
so beautifully written and expressed ..this annie is so loving and caring ..first time in any story the bonding between girls described so beautiful ..annie is worried for geet and that concern can be easily seen in all her words that she spoke to geet ..
geet went away with raj and pooja and again got herself lost ..
first love ...hmm can never forgot how hard u try ..memories still struck you again and again and u drowned ...geet trying hard to pace up with life but failed ..happens happens ..she is lost and weak after spending a week with raj and pooja may be she realise her place in their lives ..

she is back ...back the way kabir welcome her with open arms ..welcoming her back to home ..a place where she belongs ...such a small time and everyone showing so concern for geet ..
geet in mess after losing her feather to that little devil ...hayyie mar jawaa...maan there to pacify her ..he was unable to stand her tears ,make her relax by telling her krishna's story ..this made me remember my childhood too when i used to cry and my mumma to stop me would tell different stories to me ..
kanha and peacocks dancing around...

unimaginably beautiful!!!!

thank u for the update ...

waiting for next one ...

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