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Interesting teaser Wink
Is Maan too missing geet along with anaDay Dreaming
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Big smile
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

alright ladies, update coming up tonight!Wink

already waiting Big smile
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i like ana and geet's chemistry
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U know ashu...i jus can't wait to see a moment..were maan would b addressing his puppy Raj..nd D Raj would in real respond...

maan really knows how to..tease geet..nd he does it so perfectly..

Geet ... for her..d mere name of Raj..or his call or jus enough...
for take her to some lala land..
she is still under magic spell of raj nd his 'love nd care
still not ready to accept dat he cannn never b her..

i mean common she knows...he is not kya kehte hai..ha..not able to make her heart understand dat..

nd ismain dil ka kya kasoor...
shayad koi jatka..geet ko isesay bahar laye..

ana..she is so sweet...its like god had seen d pain of geet nd had send ana for her..
reallly a sweet heart..
nd in teaser d way she is worried nd her outburst shows d care nd love she has for geet..

nd commin to geet to hai pagli..
raj ke saath bitane ko waqt mile..nd bala geet chod dey aise kaise ho sakta hai..
baawli hai..dil ko logo ke samne though she triea to keep a hard face..
she still couldn't havent able to forget hrr first ever love..

really d song ae dil hai mushkil suits geet..
can't wait for next updt..
and maneet love story...
one thing wat i noticed is..inspite of all dis..
geet never leaves a chance to admire...maan nd his looks.. seems like she is attracted towards d hotty..nd on other side..
maan..ohh i can't wait to see him.falling for his bheegi bhaagi si ladki..
waise wen he ll join d dots dat..geet is d same kodak nd bheegi bhagi si galROFL

waiting ashuuu..

wait ing..waitibggg
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Part 17
Geet is so excited about the visit that she missed her classes
Ana is scared for her as she knows that she is not over Raj yet
But doesnt know how to get it across to Geet

The muffin incident was funny and Maan had his revenege
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jaldi do
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@soch_ti: you don't know how happy you made me feel with your carefully did you read to get the tit-bits? Big smile
I could totally understand your Kanha relation.Embarrassed
In some ways or the other, am similar too.
and that bond is just too beautiful.
Maan with a camera is one of my most fav thing too.
I had always imagined him like that!Heart
Hugfor such a detailed and awesome comment.
about maan-geet...there is going to be a lot more than just these encounters to bind them.Wink
am looking forward to your feedback in the further chapters!

@Desire6: where do you go gayab all of a sudden?Ouch

18.She Never Realized When She Had Found...

Ana narrowed her brows at Geet, and Geet flashed a toothy grin.

"You do realize that giving me this yummy muffin isn't going to make me less mad at you?"

Geet nodded vigorously like a baby and passed her another tasty muffin of hers, "I am sorry Ana. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just trying to learn something new.."

Oh Muffin angel, please do the magic!

She prayed under her breath and smirked watching Ana relish the muffin and her angry expressions slowly turning into a pleasant one. She sighed in relief.

"So? Can we finish the presentation now?"Geet asked adding cuteness to her voice.

"Not until you realize what you have been doing you fool!" Ana caught it.

Ohh No! Kanha!!!

"You thought bribing me with yummy muffins would make me forget, didn't
you?" she spoke with firmness in her voice.

Just like her monster brother!

"No.." she spoke meekly though wishing the opposite with all her heart.

Muffins didn't do the magic. She glanced at the plate that still held one last muffin with contempt and decided to put it away. She lifted it up when Ana caught her hand.

"Give me that muffin and sit here you idiot!"

She didn't even wait. Rather, she just grabbed the muffin and began eating before Geet could even understand. Nevertheless, she sat down and looked towards the fading daylight. Winter had settled and it could snow any time.

"Geet..." Ana called after finishing her fourth and final muffin.

"Umm?" she turned to look at Ana and found her loving gaze at her.

Ana put one of her hands on Geet's shoulder and inched closer to her. Geet leaned on to her and rested her head against Ana's and both remained like that for a while.

"You know what, its okay. It's totally okay to do a little preparation for Raj. He is special I can understand and that you really want to make him happy, even that is understood. But why are you losing yourself in that process of pleasing?"

Geet stilled a little. She was losing herself? Was she really?

Ana found Geet silence a way to make her understand.

"You need to understand that he has moved on Geet. It is not wrong on your part to do something for him but don't forget your own life because of him! Didn't you say me this same thing about Arjun? That I shouldn't forget my own life because of him...then why are you doing the same?"

"I...I... just.." Geet couldn't form words. Ana was right though. But who would make her heart understand?

"They care for you I know and they feel responsible towards you Geet. Understand the difference between feeling responsible' and feeling love' for you. You are losing yourself and for whom? Someone who doesn't harbour the same feelings for you as you do for him? is that right? And he is a married man Geet. He has Pooja in his life who would gladly do the same and even more for him. Don't lose yourself for him!"

Geet looked down, feeling a layer of tears on her eyes. What was she doing with her life? The question rose again and she felt utterly clueless. Thousands of past memories crept into her head silently and her whole life stood in front of her, laughing at her to have not understood things before that could have saved her from this terrible heart ache.

"I just don't know what to do Ana. I don't know how it all I don't have any control over myself when it comes to Raj... it just happens"

Ana wrapped both her hands around her silly friend, "then try stopping yourself."

"I try to... but it just doesn't happen.."

"May be because you are not trying hard enough!"

Geet leaned into the warm embrace of her friend, "what do I do Ana?"

That helplessness in her voice made Ana think of her and Arjun. It was not that she had been able to forget him completely but it was Geet's constant presence that had made her strong enough to stand again.

"Save yourself. Save your heart for someone who would truly love you. I know you are not looking forward to it but trust me, that is a lot better than pining for something that can never be yours."

Ana was always this honest with her. and she liked this transparency that they shared. She didn't know what good had she done to find someone like her who could make her fly high and at the same time keep her grounded too.


Kabir looked at Ana worriedly as she paced up and down the hall and honestly, even he was worried. Christmas was over; the snow had cloaked New York in a white celebration and Geet had gone missing. New Year's Eve was just a day away and there was no news. Ana had called her but her phone wasn't reachable and they had been to her house to check on her. Surprisingly, it was locked and there was no trace of her. Ana had an inkling that it was something related to Raj and Pooja's visit but she had no idea what was going on. She was as such angry at the couple to have made her friend so vulnerable but again they were not at fault too. as far as she had known, the couple had landed in New York on 24th and she had not checked on Geet, letting her spend some time with her friends. But that had been foolish on her part because Geet had gone missing suddenly.

She sat down beside Kabir and held her hands in stress, "It is entirely my fault. I take my eyes off her for a moment and she vanishes! Great. Just great."

Kabir sighed and patted her head lovingly, "Its okay. She is with her family. You know that already, don't you? then stop worrying!"

Ana gave a frustrated sigh knowing that Kabir would never understand why she was this worried about Geet. She had been trying to reach her for two days now but with no success.

Right at that moment her phone buzzed and she picked it in one ring seeing the caller Id and started ranting even before the other person could say anything.

"You idiot, dumb-head, moron, where the hell are you? Do you realize how worried I am? Where have you gone? Couldn't you have informed me at least? Gosh... I hate you.."

Geet's heart warmed up with Ana's words. Even though she was angry at her, scolding her, she felt her love. Someone really did care for her. And that was more than she could have asked for.

"I am sorry Ana. I am actually in California. With Raj and Pooja!"

"what the hell?" Ana screamed totally not happy with it. Geet knew.

"Gussa mat kar Meri jaan. I am okay, if that pacifies you. It came as a surprise to me actually. Raj had planned this trip and we left on the same day they arrived. Sab kuch itni jaldi jaldi hua that i just couldn't get a chance to call you. Plus I don't know why my phone was acting weird these days so I couldn't reach you at all."

Ana closed her eyes and took a deep relaxing breath in, "When you coming back?"

She heard noises from the other side and then there was a complete silence and then she heard Geet sigh.

"Umm I will back on 2nd of Jan. It was a week's trip."

Her voice sounded a little distant, a little low than that of a few minutes ago.

"Is everything okay Geet?" Ana could sense that change.

"Umm? Yeahh...yeah all cool. I will call you later okay. Bye."

"Take Care Geet."

Geet sensed the worry and she hoped she'd be okay too.


She never realized when she had found her safe haven in the estates but having people around was something she had missed all these months. Ana's family, without her knowledge, had become a constant presence in her new phase of life. And that was exactly why she found herself in front of mansion right after she had landed in NYC. She didn't even go home. She just marched in straight with her suitcase and found the entire family on the dining, having dinner.

With her footsteps, everyone's head turned towards her and Maan noticed something on her face. Something that had bothered her. Everyone else was just happy to see her.  He heard the moving of the chair and found Ana getting up and rushing towards her. Did she find it too? Or was it just him?

Ana saw that look on her face and knew things were not well. She needn't ask anything. She just went to her and like a crumbling tower, Geet leaned and hugged her; tight and with uneven breaths.

"I know it's been tough Geet. But it's over now."

Geet didn't reply but felt something warm seeping into her otherwise cold heart. Ana held her until she felt better and slowly opened her eyes to see everyone looking at her worriedly. Maan Included. She gave a faint smile and found Kabir getting off and rushing towards them.

"hey hey...look who is back! Welcome Home Mi bella.." he opened his arms and bear hugged both the ladies.

"And a Happy New Year.." he flashed his ever so contagious smile that Geet
couldn't help but reciprocate.

"happy new year ..." she mumbled meekly.

"California sure has got you all tired and weak Mi Bella." He held her hand and pulled her towards the dinner table, "Come on. Lets feed you.."

"Kabir..No..I..I am not hungry right now.."

"Shut up Geet and eat." Ana whacked her shoulder making her frown.

Mrs Khurana served her a generous amount of rice and topped it with dal makhni.

"No...aunty its too much..." she protested seeing the quantity.

"Ohh don't you dare stop me. Look at week and you already look so frail. Now finish up everything.." the elderly lady served another dollop of the mint chutney whose aroma made her mouth water.

Her heart warmed up. She had missed this so much over the week. She had Raj and Pooja with her but then she lacked this warmth. She found this love missing from her life. And that was why the first thing she had done was to visit the estates the moment she had landed in NYC.

She looked at the amount and gulped down. What was dal-makhni without butter?

"Don't be like Maan and cringe at the butter young lady. Its good for health." Mr.Khurana spoke this time, making her look at Maan's plate that held some tasteless salads and some boiled vegetables and a few chapattis. Her face cringed at the sight.

Bland. Tasteless. Yuck!

"I know what is going on your head Geet. So better concentrate on your food rather than mine!"

She quickly looked up to find him looking at her pointedly.

"Hey, stop trying to read my mind!"

That Monster!

He smiled a bit and dug into his food. It was then that she realized she had missed this in the whole week. She had missed every bit of it.

Night had been restless for her. Things kept popping into her mind and she couldn't sleep despite the tiredness. She looked to her side and found Ana sleeping soundly. It was just 4am and she had just tossed and turned the whole night, getting reminded of the week she had spent with Raj and Pooja and realizing where she stood in their lives. They seemed happy and so content together and there were times when she would be forgotten. She had known this would happen but she had not expected it to hurt. Her stomach churned in the pain and she quickly rushed to the washroom to tend to her cycles.

She looked around for her feather frantically and found it missing. She remembered she had kept it in her bag when she left San Francisco and she hadn't seen it after that. Did she leave it back there? her stomach hurt and so did her heart. Restlessness settled deep. Kanha was the only one who could have helped her at this moment of weakness. she ransacked the whole bag and looked around the room, almost crying.

Not again!

The last time she had lost her feather, Maan was the one who brought it back to her. who will get it back to her now? What if she lost her feather back in California? She shook her head and in a desperate bid to find it, she ran downstairs, hoping she'd have dropped it somewhere in the hall.

The door was ajar and cold winter winds froze her. it was still dark outside and she wondered who left the door open. She looked at the wall clock and it showed 5am. Who was up so early? She looked around and found Awaara sitting on the rug, playing with something. Her head instantly looked around.

Was Maan around?

It was then she saw something blue-green from the corner of her eyes and immediately took a closer look at the pup. She couldn't believe what she saw! The monster of a pup had somehow found her feather, played with it to his heart's content and tore it apart!

"What have you done Awaara?" she whisper-yelled and tried to pull away that broken feather from him.

He barked. He had found his plaything lying on the rug the previous night and it had enticed him. He was no ways giving it up to Geet. And so he barked.
She looked horrified at the broken feather, tears filling up her eyes and she tried to pull it away.

"Give it to me you bad dog..."

The pup was fiercely protective of his new plaything and he hated her guts. He growled and chewed the feather, holding it in his mouth and ran towards the door.
She ran after him.

"Give it back you monster... its mine!"

Awaara ran out of the door and she ran after him only to hit someone on her way. She disoriented and felt a cold hand grab her by her wrist from falling down.

"You are up early?"

His voice was shaky due to the cold but he was sweating. Did he do out for a jog on such a cold morning? she looked at him, his gaze focussed at her and then her eyes fell on the pup hiding behind Maan. Her face hardened yet a drop of tear rolled down as she pulled away from Maan and leapt towards the dog.

"Give it Back..."

Awaara growled angrily and ran away.

"get back here you..."

She wanted to run after him but the cold was making her numb.

He held her hand and dragged her inside and shut the door. She wriggled.

"Geet, whats wrong? Why are you after that poor creature?"

She pulled her hand away from him and looked at him angrily. Hot tears trailing down, that shocked him.

"he...he took my feather and tore it into pieces!"

"What?" even he was surprised, "How did he reach for that?"

She fell on the couch and held her face in her palms, "I..I don't know how he got it.."

She sobbed, feeling extremely emotional about everything. He knew she had loved that feather but to see her crying for something like that was definitely crazy!

Ohh Geet! Why are you so crazy?

He sat beside her, "hey don't cry now. Its just a feather Geet."

Her head riveted towards him, "its not just a feather! Its kanha's!"

He raised his hands in air and backed off seeing that hurt in her eyes.

"Fine. Stop crying. We will get you another feather!"

She didn't seem to understand his words and kept sobbing. She didn't even realize when he had gone to the kitchen and brought two mugs of piping hot coffee and extended one to her. she wiped her tears and quickly took in the first sip, almost puking it out.

"Its bitter!" she sniffed.

He took in the aroma and smiled in content, "because it is meant to be bitter!"

She kept the coffee mug on the table and held her head in stress.

How could he forget! he recalled their office encounters when she had added sugar to his coffee just because she didn't like the bitter taste. He quickly jogged back to the kitchen and handed her the jar of sugar and a spoon.

"Here, kill your taste buds!" he teased and she didn't reply.

She was seriously upset, he knew now. she had deeply attached herself to the feather. He sipped his coffee and watched her stir the sugar in her drink in silence. Satisfied with her work, she sipped her coffee and sighed in defeat.

"Do you know why Krishna always used a peacock feather on his head and not any other?" he tried distracting her.

She looked up, her eyes still teary but not crying, "huh??"

He circled his cup and the dark fluid moved along, "have you ever wondered why Krishna always used a peacock feather?"

She seemed a little confused for a while, ""

"then tell me Geet why are you so attached to the feather when you don't know why Krishna loved it so?" he looked up and stared straight into her eyes, catching her off guard.

She had never thought of this. She had accepted the feather because she knew it belonged to her Kanha. She had accepted it as a part of him and nothing else.

"I never gave it a you know why?" she asked, lost in her thoughts.

His lips curved up into a very small smile, "Do you want to know?"

She relaxed back on the warm couch and took another sip of her drink, "Yes I want to know..."

He watched her curious face and eased into the couch, relieved at the fact that she wasn't crying anymore.

"Okay... there are lot of stories regarding the reason why Krishna used a peacock feather but there is this story I heard in my childhood. Once Krishna was out in the forest with his cowherd friends and everyone dozed off in the afternoon. He woke up first and thought of calling his friends and all the cows by playing his flute. The enticing rhythm of his melodious flute enchanted the peacocks of that forest and they were pulled towards him with a super magnetic pull."

He stopped a little and watched her eyes shine with a childlike enthusiasm and continued.

"They danced around him, losing all their senses with their beautiful plumage raised high and fell on his feet when he stopped. The king of peacocks put his head on His feet and requested Him to dance with them. Pleased by their love and their dance, Krishna threw them his beautiful smile and danced with them. The flute played of its own and the peacocks cried in happiness. They danced around Him, making the entire universe stop and marvel at the beauty. It was so overwhelming that some of the peacocks even fainted.

 They stopped dancing after a long long time and the Peacock King appeared in front of Krishna with great humility and said, "You have created a festival of bliss for which we remain eternally indebted to You. It is our duty to offer you 'Gurudakshina'. I request You to accept our only opulence, our plumage. Wear them on your crown as a decoration." With large tears of ecstasy, the king of peacocks dropped many divine feathers. Krishna lovingly accepted the offering of the peacocks and picked up the feathers and to everybody's joy, placed a few of them on his turban. Thus he came to wear the peacock feathers."
>>A Long Relaxing Update. Does that make you happy?Wink

>>How many of you loved this side of Monster Khurana?Embarrassed

>>Now, On a Very Serious Note, I will update one on weekend. Guys, Kill the LIKE button if you want quick updates!Big smile

Chapter 17

Next: Chapter 19

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