MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #2(Page 19)

Posted: 2 years ago
Ana was right..wasn't she..geet was being paranoid...her love was something I could not accept...she knew raj lives pooja and they r happily married still her feelings for raj.. wasn't she betraying pooja still carrying feeling for raj...
Was pooja willb that much ignorant not to know what's running on geet brain once she finds the look in geet eyes for raj...won't pooja feel betrayal...
Maan did avenge geet in lovely way...
Wonder what he will do to geet once he comes to know about raj and her love for him...
Thanks for pm
Wilb waiting for next
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Posted: 2 years ago
Wonderful update Thumbs Up
Ana hell angry on geet for neglecting her studies... Raj n pooja are happy in their lives n geet forgetting her studies bcoz of raj coming 
Geet stuffed muffin in maan's mouth LOL
Maan irritating geet by feeding muffin to raj... He told her that he n raj liked the muffin... Maan bhi kuch kam nahi hai... He stressed the word rajCool
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Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome.. superb...
Thanks for update...

Thanks for pm...

Continue soon...

Geet is excited could be a under statement... She is very much excited about raj n pooja visiting her ...

She is on a cleaning spree .. n missed her college n an important seminar... Upsetting ana to the core...

She asked dadimaa to teach her how to cook muffins , making ana go mad with anger... resulting in her outburst leaving maan n dadimaa shocked...

Maan talked to ana making her understand geet's state of mind... It's really difficult to stay alone n when you have anyone from visiting after so long .. u are bound to go crazy...

Ana is concerned for geet n doesn't want her friend to get hurt...

Geet is unable to convey her feelings to ana ...

Maan did it again .. irritating geet ...
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Posted: 2 years ago
I also wanted to shake Geet, what is she doing to herself?
she feels she can love Raj and still be unaffected. It doesn't work like that. She is running after something which she can't get.
loved her nok jhonk with Maan.
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Posted: 2 years ago
Nyc update
Loved it!!
Gosh Geet needs to realize that Raj is a white whale who is beyond her reach and wild goose to chase
Geet is taking Ana's words with a grain of salt and Ana's concern did warm cockles of geet's heart that she blurred out about Raj and Pooja's visit
Ana wants geet to show fortitude and determination towards her life and studies but her words is are going in on one ear and out the other ear's for Geet
Geet's lack of care towards her studies is like jump down Ana's throat
Ana felt really miserable seeing geet's demeanor and her unconditional endurance for Raj that she is taking her life lightly
Maan's words did make Ana realise Geet's state of mind 
Maan does it deliberately yet again to annoy geet by calling his pup Raj, though he knows geet does nt like it, just to get his back up for stuffing his mouth with muffins
May Raj and Pooja visit turns out to be blessing in disguise for geet !!
Hope Raj and Pooja's closeness may open up geet's eye !!
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Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks for the pm
Will be waiting for the next updateSmile
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Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Smile

Nice update... Clap

When the update started ... My gussa was like Ana. Angry
But Maan ke bacche na gussa thanda kar Diya... Ouch
His explanation was good and correct...
Magar geets act is too much to digest...

On other hand... Love is just like this ... Saala katam hi nahi hota...
Anyways... Ana aur mera gussa is thanda now Big smile

Maaneet encounter had been good...
She stuffed muffin to him... Shocked and also called him by name... It was thrilling.

It looks like geet feels herself... Around him.
So is Maan too... His teasing was incredible... Clap
I loved it... Tongue

Raj wala toh... Too good...

Geet all crazy about raj is irking Angry
But she admiring Maan is to good... How she observers him in detail is lovely...

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Posted: 2 years ago
Maan is getting to know Geet better but when he comes to know abt herr past will know why she is weird. Ana is such a true friend who doesnt want her friend to get hurt. Geet is admiring her Monster Khuranna and getting quite carefree around him. Love this slow pace story. Waiting for Raj and Pooja arrival and for the change they are gonna bring.
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