MG FF: Someone Like You THREAD #2(Page 132)

Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 19
Maan and Kanha? 
Whats up with this connection? 
Geet is baking super muffins!
I so want to have them right now .
Monster Khurana has weird tastes 
Bland and then bare minimum sugar! 
Heart wrenching moment for Geet 
Thank god she has Khurana gang Now. 
Feather and that to with Maan! 
Geet just let go your past embrace Maan oops I mean future :p

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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 20
Deep! The Radha -Krishna Convo and the destiny. 
Oh this is Bliss! 
Maan and Geet talking in civilized manner. 
I can get use to this. 
So Maan how were the muffins? 
Do you now approve? 
Kabiraa B-Day , yay!
Geet and Maan shopping together! 
Aww that's sweet. 
The photography scenes were Beautiful
I enjoyed this. 
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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 21
Restaurant and tummy talks! 
Chinese it is? 
Monster and small restaurant hmm 
I m liking this guy Now, 
He looks normal 
Forbidden city,  got to check this out. 
Cake disaster?
Aww poor Geet! 
But this time Maan was correct, 
He didn't give her false hope 
Beautiful update! 
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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 22
Late night conversations? 
Hell yes! I m up for this 
Accidental muffins LOL
That's epic! 
Get is lost when it comes to her future. 
I hope she figures out somehow 
What she wants to do. 
Maan is at his best behaviour 
The title is alluring! 
I hope they become BFF soon. 
Kidding Wink
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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 23
Oh no! 
That's terrible! 
Geet is all withdrawn  , 
Khurana gang to the rescue! 
Wait what's up with Maan? 
Monster is entering again? 
I hope he is not doing anything stupid. 
Maybe he just wants her to be normal.
Thank god the 'IF ' didn't happen 

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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 24
It was just a shock therapy! 
Phew LOL
Maan is scary in this avatar though. 
Feisty Geet is back! 
Yes, take that crappy muffin Now Ex monster LOL
Maan is very good in acting though. 
Photography plus acting this dude is all over the place 
Oh no! 
Dadima , 
I hope all will be well.
Will it? 
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Posted: 2 years ago
Chapter 25
Dadima is still serious Ouch
I hope all will be well 
She holds the Khurana gang together. 
Maan is so heart broken. 
Geet is back with her quirky ways. 
Weeping willows ?
And someone was asking  me
What is philosophy ?Tongue
Beautiful garden? 
Crow storiesLOL
Geet please see a bigger picture nowTongue
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Posted: 2 years ago
Yaar you really crack me up upon when I m emotional by your witty jokes in the story its really too much how mean you are ...

From maan throwing her out and then the geet turning into sherni and she grabbing her collar and maan telling her a looser and after that truffle really... They consoling her and then maan telling her the lines she was in awe for her monster khurana...

Cherry in cake was the thirsty crow even I m laughing like.maniac what had maan expected but still maan got angry... But it was really funny...
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