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Yesss...Always ready for that... Embarrassed
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Nice part
Loved it
Maan asked Geet to get out from his house because they don't keep cowards like her... all were shocked ataan behaviour but dadi know why he did that...and she was right Geet retaliated and asked ana to brought her bakery items ...Ha ha ye Geet bhi sab ke liye ache se choco truffle banake khilaya but Maan Ko extra sugar daalke apna sweet revenge Liya  I am shocked at Maan's cool behaviour he didn't get angry in Geet for making him eat extra sweet but smiles at her childish behaviour...oh no dado had heartattack and admitted in hospital ..Maan was very worried and Geet know how close he is to dadi ...he wanted stay alone so he sent his family member home...
Eagerly waiting for the update
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Day Dreaming Party
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new banner by HINAL HugStar
how is it guys?Wink

@avi: so glad to see your comment. You know it scares me when I mention a place and someone saysthey have been there. I have never been to NYC so all in imagination. Galti ke liye pehle se hi Sorry.Unhappy
I tried to capture things as much as i could,
 after whatever google baba told me. LOL
Did you say BTY? Damn Shocked that Gallant tyrant is just my undoing. *drools*Blushing
Aapki farmaish zarur pesh kijayegi.Hug
You had once mentioned about family scenes.
 truth be told, I cannot write all maan, all geet or all maaneet yaa.
I have a thing for "friendship".
it reflects in all my works, be it FT or parineeta or ANA or this one.
So just to incorporate it, the family tags along. after all, who are we without our family? Relations are indispensable part of our lives!Embarrassed

@Marium_maan: your comments are always a treat to read, be it on FB or IF. Being truthful and sensible is what we always seek in people we love. We need people who speak the truth rather than those who fabricate things for a moment of pleasure. that i feel is the true essence of any relationship-trancperancy.

thanks a ton for that awesome comment. its just the beginning now. lot of patakhas on the wayWink

geet took a sweet revenge! so glad you like it. do you hate maan now?LOL

Happy birthday sheen... albeit a late one.Hug
 but never the less, this is just for you for being
so awesome.

@Hanishadevi: thank you for such beautiful comment. it touched me, truly. Maan is a strange character but hey I love him that way.
I am sure you love him too. Lots of fireworks coming up. stay tuned.Wink

: thank u for the lovely comment. I understand where you come from but Maan is not rude from inside.
he might seem so... but i guess upcoming updates will show that.
One needs to have patience to know him in depth.
about family thing, he is not scaring his family
 I am not describing much about his parents and may
be because of it, I am not able to show it in a proper way. Ermm
Will try to make it better from next.

@poongs akka @Monikaarora: welcome backHug

@All: I will be slow this month lovely people.
got a busy schedule ahead. Ouch
Updates will be once a week.
pls bear with me.

25.Unlike Other Days...

She kept watching him for a while... his face hidden between his palms, he seemed he hadn't slept the whole night. She opened her mouth to say something but then she knew whatever she tells would not soothe him in the tiniest of bit. People only told good things because they were supposed to tell those words. Comforting words, words of solace...thats what they called them. those words were supposed to make a person feel better in time of distress but then she had known better than that. They were just a formality... so empty... so hollow.

They sat quietly like that, lost in their thoughts when they heard footsteps approaching. The doctor had come for a check up and she just kept watching Maan, up on his toes, asking every damn thing he he knew all the details about dadima's health. He knew every bit of her diet plan, her blood pressure, her sleeping time, her waking up time, her appointment with doctors, her evening walks and even more. She just watched in him awe. she had known that he was close to his grandmother but she realized what he had actually meant when he had said that he shared a different bond with dadima.

She felt dazed... is this how someone was supposed to care for their loved one?

Loved One...


Did she even know about him like this?

Pooja knew them all...

A tingling pain emerged deep within her heart. what had she known about Raj? That he liked Gobi Parantha... thats all? And what Raj and Pooja shared over the years had actually bonded them...

She shook her head to clear her mind. She had been happy with whatever she had now. she had a wonderful friend and confidante as Ana and Kabir, a loving family as the Khuranas, a loving Dadima.

She felt him sitting beside her.

...and him as...??

She looked up at him, still dazed. Somehow he had always seen her vulnerable side. He was rude and mean but she had to accept that even in his rudeness he somehow always had something to tell her. Thinking back to the times when they had sat and spoken, she realized again that they were just how they were meant to be to each other.


Once she was too... and now she was learning...

"Maan.." she called him softly and heard him let out a long dragged breath.

He turned to look at her with tired eyes and sad eyes...

"You should go home."

He closed his eyes and turned away from her, much to her displeasure.

"If you want you can go home Geet. I am staying here until dadima is okay."

"what did the doctor day?"

"They are inside, checking her. they say she is fine but she needs time."

She looked at the flowers she got and back at him. she didn't like that gloomy look on his face.

Monsters aren't supposed to be sad...

She had learned it somewhere.

They are supposed to be scary!

"Can I keep those flowers near dadima?"

"Nope. We aren't allowed to go inside until the doctors say."

"Hmmm. Okay."

The doctors came out and informed them that they needn't worry but they couldn't see her until all the tests were done. Maan sighed and stood by the closed door, watching through the glass sealed tiny window. His dadima lied lifeless with all the machines around her.

"Can we go grab something to eat?"

He heard her voice, soft and sweet. He shook his head and turned back to her only to see her sit on the chair with a pout.

"I told you to go home Geet. Why are you still here?"

"I don't want to go." she whined, "I want to stay with dadima too."

"Stop being a kid..."

Her stomach growled loudly and she patted it gently, murmuring something, feeling shy.

"You are hungry!"  he asked, one of his brows going up.

She nodded, "yeah. I was worried about dadima so I just rushed to the hospital, first thing I woke up."

"So go home and eat you silly woman!"

She kept the flowers beside her, stood up and put her hands on her waist, "Yeah right. You just want to get rid of me and keep dadima all to yourself, don't you?"

His jaws dropped.

What the hell is she thinking?

"Hey..when did I say that?"

"You had problems with me from the very beginning. First Ana and now you don't even want me to stay with dadima! How mean could you get?" she gritted her teeth.

He didn't know how to respond to that! Was she that clueless?

"Stop manipulating..." he uttered.

"You stop being a come."

She grabbed his hand and dragged him out.

"Geet...stop" he called her but she just dragged him out. He sighed and followed her, not wanting to create a scene.

She had the brain of a five year old kid!

They stepped out of the hospital and the cool morning air soothed him. he had been so stressed all this time.

"Okay...what do you want to eat?" she asked.

He looked at her, amusement rife in his eyes, "Technically, I should be the one asking you considering how you were talking to your stomach back there."

She blushed a bit and walked ahead, "Lets go out. I don't want to eat from the hospital cafeteria."

He shook his head and followed her out towards the road. People were starting their work. A fresh New York morning was a beauty to behold. Tall buildings slowly filling up, the roads slowly getting jammed and the hustle and bustle of the citizens coming alive with time. They walked on the pavement and found a woman with a cart. She settled for a pretzel and he for a sandwich. Holding their respective breakfast, they walked back. He took off his coat and flung it over his shoulder, taking a bite of the freshly made sandwich.

"where had you been?" she asked with food in her mouth, eating half her words.


She gulped down and asked again, "Where had you been to?"

"San Francisco"

She realized he might have travelled overnight to reach new York.

"Ohh" she took another bite, "You love dadima a lot, don't you?"

He sighed and looked down at the pavement they walked on, slowly, enjoying the morning breeze and basking in the subtle warmth of the morning sun.

"Yeah. She means a lot to me."

Unlike other days she found his shoulders hunched and his forehead wrinkled in worry. And she failed to recognise him today. she had never seen him like this and somewhere deep down, it bothered her. he was not being mean to her. he wasn't being his usual sarcastic self. As they neared the hospital, Geet observed a small garden to the side, meant for recreational purposes, probably the property of the hospital.

How come she had not noticed this earlier?

She stopped by the iron railings and took in the beautiful view of the garden. It was lined with small vines and bushes that bore tiny colourful flowers. But what caught her attention was a giant willow tree in the middle, close to an artificial pond may be. cobbled stones made the outline of the pond. The long, thin branches of the willow tree drooped down so low that they almost touched the surface of the water. light green newly born leaves sparkled in the sunshine, making it look like a beautiful painting. The sun reflected its light in the water and the lean branches swayed gently in the breeze, amazing her. it felt as if the tree was dancing, gently to the lullaby of the breeze. she had never anything as beautiful as the tree.

He had walked a few steps ahead lost in his own thoughts when he found her missing. Looking around, he found her staring at something in particular. He walked back to her and looked at what she had been looking.

"Ahem... lets get back."

She didn't respond.

"Geet..." he called her out, a little louder.

She jumped and looked at him, "ahh what?"

He shrugged, "where were you lost?"

She gave a faint smile, "Oh..I was just looking at that tree", she pointed towards it, "It looks so beautiful... looks as if it is dancing in the wind."

He glanced once at the tree and back at her, wondering what she found so fascinating.

"Thats a willow tree Geet... what is so special about that?"

She glanced one last time at the tree and then back at him, "it just looks so heavenly. I have never seen such a beautiful willow tree ever."

They fell in steps again as he slid one of his hands into his pocket.

"Weeping Willow trees are usually like that and yes they are one of nature's most beautiful trees."

She looked at him with wide eyes, "Weeping Willow? They are called Weeping Willows?"

He looked at her face and then his eyes went to hers invariably. The sunlight falling on her face reached her eyes. Her brown orbs turned glassy... they were light brown he observed... so transparent... so beautiful.

"Maan... why are they called Weeping willows?"

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked ahead.

"There are stories related to the nomenclature. Usually the branches are thin and drooping. So when it rains, the rain drops slide down those slender leaves and drop on the ground as tears. That may be a reason..."

"It gives a sad connotation to it.." her voice dropped..

"yeah. There are other legends attached to it too..."

"wow.. tell me..."

They entered the hospital premises and worry returned to him. this woman always took his attention and focussed it somewhere else! with the hospital, worry came back to him but this time, it didn't gnaw at him.

"Why don't you tell me a story?"


"I keep telling you stuffs so for a change why don't you tell me a story."

He was in no mood to enter into her crazy inquisitive sphere. She always exhausted him.

She made a face, "but you know so much..."

He smiled, "then show me you know some too."

She saw that lip twitch after a very long time.

"but I asked you first...about the weeping willow.."

He thought for a while as they entered the lift, "Okay. Lets make this a give and take process. You tell me a story...whatever you know and I will tell you about this. Fair deal!"


"Go home." He cut her off.

Damn you monster! Back to driving me away??

"hey... stop driving me away. I will leave only when I am allowed to give flowers to dadima. As such we missed college already. Ana must be sleeping. She was here since yesterday. I will get bored at home..."

He shook his head. She was impossible.

"Fine. You will stay only if you tell me something...a story or anything you found interesting like that Forbidden City one..."

She looked down as they reached the room where dadima was kept.

"Ohh. Okay. Let me think."

He smiled at her naivety, "okay think and tell me."

It was a relief that dadima was conscious and they could see her. he left her outside, lost in her thoughts, glad that she was busy in something and not chattering around and went ahead to see dadima, waiting anxiously for her family members. Her eyes twinkled the moment she saw Maan.

He sat beside her, held her hand and kissed her palms, "You scared me dadima..."

His voice faltered and she understood the inner turmoil he must have been through. he was being brave, she knew but deep inside, he was disturbed.

"I am fine Maan... how are you? When did you come?" she spoke hoarsely.

"I hadn't known about you until midnight. I called home and found out. No one told me as well..." he complained like a kid.

She gave him a weak smile, "because they know how worried you will be. Where are others?"

Her eyes searched for the presence of any other soul and found none.

"Ohh I was angry on everyone. So I send all of them home!"

Dadima sighed, "Maan...that is not good beta..."

"There is Geet though..."


"Sitting outside."

"call her in. I want to see her."

He shook his head and called her in. She hugged dadima in happiness and kissed her cheeks, "Ohh am so glad you are okay dadima. Here I got flowers for you.."

The old lady smiled and chatted with her. people around made her happy.
Maan walked out, talking to the nurse and taking a note of her health conditions and found Geet and dadima talking about something and giggling.

"Geet...don't stress her.." he warned.

"Maan...Hush! I am fine. It feels good to be talking to someone." Dadima chided.

He rolled his eyes and went ahead to check with the doctors. It took him almost an hour get the details and the discharge papers and finish all the formalities. And when we went back, he found a sleeping dadima and a thoughtful Geet.

She was still very much there...

And you don't have a problem...

I do...

Oh No You don't...

He checked on dadima and sat down beside her.

"Umm Maan.." she whispered, trying hard not to wake dadima up.

She got up from her side and sat next to him so that she didn't have to speak loudly. The two of them sat near dadima, talking.


"I got the story.."

He scoffed, "go on then."

She pretended to think, "umm..I heard it way back in my childhood okay. so, don't mind if I get it wrong..."

"alright. Am all ears."

She cleared her throat and started her story with an innocence that made him smile.

"There was once a thirsty crow who couldn't find water anywhere. It was summer and after wandering around for a long time, he found a pot with very little water in it..."

His jaws dropped to the ground as he stared at her incredulously.

" he thought a lot and found pebbles lying around. He was an intelligent crow. So he took the pebbles one by one and dropped them into the pot. The water rose up and the crow was able to quench his thirst..."

"Geet Stop!!!" he was flabbergasted!

She stopped and looked at him curiously, "what happened?"

He just didn't know how to react to this!

" are telling me the story of a thirsty crow?? What in the world is

He wanted to laugh and he wanted to be angry and scream at her and he didn't know what to do out of all!

Monster never likes my stories...grrr

She cursed him mentally not getting the reason of him getting so hyper about a story!

"What? You told me to tell a story and I did... what is your problem?"

The room went silent and the next moment it came alive with dadima's laughter. She had dozed off while talking to Geet but their voices just woke her up. Hearing their conversation, she had no control over her reaction.

They stared at her as she laughed, despite the weakness. Dadima couldn't help feeling better!

"You are an idiot!" he huffed and went to call the doctor for a check up since
dadima was awake!

Geet looked at dadima and pouted, "see dadima...this is why I call him a monster."

Dadima couldn't believe she found someone who could actually give a tough competition to her stubborn grandson. She hugged Geet and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"You are a wonderful young lady Geet. Always be like that!"


The discharge had been easy because dadima had recovered a lot by evening. Ana and kabir were there to pick her up. But in all this, Geet found Maan a little irritated. He hadn't spoken to her after that moment and she found it weird...disturbing actually. She had gone home during lunch and came back with Ana a few hours later. But she found him so distant.

He was out in the corridor making some calls when she poked his shoulder.

"What?" he snapped.

"What is your problem?"

"What is my problem?" he shrugged.

"Why are you so angry at me? meine kya kiya?"

She saw anger flash in his eyes and then he just snapped.

"then what should I do? Award you for telling such a shitty story?"

She made a face, "you are angry because I told you story about the thirsty crow? That so stupid Maan.."

She couldn't believe he was getting hyper because of that stupid story.

"It is not about that story Geet... why are you not serious about anything?" his eyes bored deep into hers.

"What serious?" she asked, irritated.

"have you ever thought about broadening your horizons? You expect me to tell you everything but have you ever made an effort to look for things yourself?"

"what are..."

"Shut Up Geet. Just do whatever you want to. Don't bother me."

He was gone and she stood there, wondering what was it that made him so angry? They reached the estates and she wandered off to his study. It had become a place of peace for her. everyone was around dadima so she didn't have to bother about anything now. She plopped herself on the armchair and looked around only to find the book that had fascinated her since her very first day with Maan.
>>Slow Updates Ahead. This writer has got a lot on her plate these days.Ouch

>>let me know how did you like the new banner in your comments.Embarrassed

>>How about another heart-to-heart conversation? Ready?Embarrassed

Chapter 24


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Haan ji! Guess who has came on your thread. One and only MEEE!!!!!!!!!! Zara Dhol Taashe to bajwao Bhai. It's not every time i come to your thread...

Ok enough of my Mellow Drama. Now coming to the update., You know i always like this story of yours as it's backdrop is based on my favorite Movie "Mujhse Dosti Karoge." Actually i love every story of yours so this one is no exception.

So i was talking about update. it was as usual awesome. You know i really like the conversation between Maan and Geet. Both are really very much contrast with each other yet i like when they interact. Maan being the mature one really knows how to handle tough situations but then there always comes a time when even a mature and strong person too breaks down even though he or she dont show this but person close to him understand. Just like Geet and Dadimaa. Even though both Geet and Maan haven't acknowledge the fact to themselves yet but it's truth.

I like Geet's attempt to make Maan feel light. The way she took him for breakfast shows the way she cares for him even though she use to call him "Monster." But then every Monster has a soft side which Maan had shown time and again.

You know what's the best part i like about your story , the way you connect nature to the situation. And I am sure that there must be some connection of the willow tree to the situation too. May be i am not able to grasp it.

Like Maan i too havens expected Geet telling the story of "Thirsty Crow." It though shows her naivety but also the fact that how much she needs to be more mature mentally. I still wonder how she managed to take the biggest decision of her life all alone leaving "Raj" at the altar for his happiness seeing her naivety. But i know Maan is there to groom her. 

I think that Geet is slowly getting away from her fondness of "Raj." though i know it won't be easy as no matter what and how Raj was her first love and he'll always be in some corner of her heart and i know even in future Geet will compare things between Maan and Raj and will eventually understand who is her destiny.

Eagerly waiting for the next update to know how Maan's words will help Geet to groom now. Please continue soon.

P.S. Now you and Hinu know why i don't give comments from phoneLOLLOL... As my comment is not less than a small tiny update.Tongue... Though i doubt if it made any senseTongue... Because i really don't know how to express what i feel.. Hope i made myself clearEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. TC

Luv AakritiSmile
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after so many days...
1st like  and comment that too without reading it...loll
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Lovely banner hinal ...beautiful one ...loved it...much refreshing update Aishu...

The most beautiful thing abt this story is its backdrop aishu...I love the way u describe the nature ...its related story ...the whole backdrop makes the scene so perfect nd gives u emotional connection...the morning was beautiful,maan bd Geet r bridging closer with regular banters ...

I was surprised to c Geet thinking abt Raj ...nd comparing with pooja ...its an eye-opener for her ...nd somewhere she is going to accept Ki Raj was not meant for her..

Crow story hehe he aur kya expect kar sakte hai Geet se ...ab story tho story hota haina ...maan bhi na poora excitement ka falooda bana Diya ...

Agn maangyan geet hope she will ponder over ...

Daadima is fit nd Fyn ...I think she will b the one who will realise Ki maan nd geet r for each other nd maan unknowingly fallen for her ...

Oh no one week ...I know its hard but koi na we will bear with ...

Continue soon nd loved it

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Lovely update 
Waiting for next update. . . 
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