OS- Bolna Mahi Bolna

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                                Bolna Mahi Bolna

                   ' Uff its so hot i just hate this summer God knows why i agree with Naina to travel by bus i shouldn't give those air tickets to that Uncle and Aunty...' Raghav cursed himself for agree to his wife's idea to go Delhi by bus ...

                            He looks at her beautiful wife who is also sweating in this hot summer day... but surprisingly she is not looking irritate at all in fact she is enjoying this ride, she is so busy to talk to others that may be she forgets about her husband. Her talking are the musical sound for his ear... He was missing this for so long...

                          Its six months since they got married but he never saw her talking like this... She is so reserve around him but he also noticed that she is very free with his family then why just with him . He is still searching for an answer but never asked her...'may be this journey won't be that bad ...'Maan thought to himself. Raghav again look at her she was smiling with a small girl name Cahat .

               Ah that beautiful smile for which he can die. Seeing that smile he actually fallen for her at first sight... He was at 10th grade and Naina was 8th both studied at same school but he never noticed her. Raghav still remembered when he first met her. He went to meet his friend Adi when he was about to enter the house he heard a cute voice ..

                      ''no no vaiya that one , that one is big"

               he turned and saw a cute girl asking Adi to pick a big kadama (a flower) for her...

             Adi was trying hard to pick that but couldn't ''sorry Neenu that one is very far i cant...'

               Naina's face instant became sad don't know why Raghav didn't like it. At once he climbed that big tree to pick that flower and he gave that to her . She gave him a big smile that just stole Raghav's heart... from that day he couldn't forget that smile.

                   First he thought its must be a mere crush but it didn't he fallen more hard for Naina... Even they went to same college but he was her senior so their class was not at same time. Because of higher studies he had to leave London ... He so much wanted to confess but couldn't as she didn't came to his farewell party. After come back to India the first thing he did was convinced his parents to marry her and they were ever ready to fulfill their son's wish...

                   He still remember that day she was looking so beautiful as his bride but something was missing he could feel it looking at her eyes... and from that day he is still searching something in her eyes.

                               The bus horns bring him back to present. He notices his wife who is now giving her favourite chocolate to that cute girl 'lucky girl' Raghav thought. Soon bus stop at a dhaba . Raghav didn't want to eat there but seeing his wife's eager eyes couldnt say no and also their first dinner date was at a dhaba ( for Raghav that was a date )it was when she was a fresher's in college was going home but dew to rain they had to struck together...

                   That was such a lucky day for him... he got to know what his lady love like although those foods were too spicy for him but he couldn't say no just like now also he can't say no... he was alone with her for three hours. First time and also last time they talked freely , they danced in rain together... there he realised his one side madness was not just one side ...

                   Suddenly a song playing nearby, not just a song but now a days his favourite song bolna mahi bolna . Just like this song he also want his wife to say something and that desire never fulfilled but he has full faith in his love someday she will surely confess which he read four years earlier in her eyes...

                     They again start their journey after sometime he heard "thank you Raghav , i know you are not comfortable going like this but still you agree " at last his wife said something to him...

                        "how can i refuse you Naina never foget your wish is command for me" ...

                  Naina first surprised hearing him then give him a shy smile Raghav thought she would say more but she again get busy with other passenger without seeing any option he starts humming his favourite song bolna mahi bolna...
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cute...hope u continue...
u wrote geet maan at few places
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Posted: 2016-12-03T21:41:52Z
Awesome OS! Keep it up! Party
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Posted: 2016-12-04T03:59:58Z
Awesome OS loved it, got to know Raghav's pov can we get Naina's pov.  Please write one more part.
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Posted: 2016-12-04T19:20:21Z
Originally posted by utopia88

<font size="3">Awesome OS! Keep it up!Party</font>
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Posted: 2016-12-05T06:05:49Z
Originally posted by mariya354

lovely os
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Posted: 2016-12-05T09:51:11Z
Originally posted by Geetdrashti

Lovely os
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Posted: 2016-12-05T18:52:15Z
Originally posted by ananya2010

Awesome OS loved it, got to know Raghav's pov can we get Naina's pov. Please write one more part.
I'm not sure about another part...thnx for reading
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