Tu Tu Hai Wahi #2/updating 12th June 2019(Page 94)

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                                                 Chapter 19

This is pw free..Only those will get next part pw who ll comment on this..I gonna publish next.
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Finally Dadi & Pota Khurana reached Maan. They have seen Geet.Now Geet got her voice back. Waiting to see the reaction of Dadi Khurana
Posted: 2017-04-05T04:51:32Z
lovely update the moment maan came to know abt geets condition he ran towards her he was numb and scared for her though she had minor injuries but her feet had sores like she walked maan was in his own world of sorrow when dev and dadi ended up in same emergency ward where dev saw maan finally they found maan was lost and sad he was so depressed that he had an attack dadi and dev took care of him though he was fine but dadi wanted answers but before she could ask more specially abt geet the nurse told that geet gained conscious and was very voilent geet was scared yo lose maan who was trying to calm her doctor told maan how coz of the incident geet got her voice back she is not  in a state to be told so doc thought to let her realise it on her own hope dadi dosent pester her for information scaring the poor soul more
Posted: 2017-04-05T05:01:05Z
Nice update dear Mann rushed to Geet room and be her side asked dr to do all test to know about her well being but dr assume that she fine just in shocke Mann was waiting out side the room were Dev and daddimaa came to him asked what he is doing here and send dev to medical need daddimaa asking about the reason of hide and seek with them but stopped listening to Geet screaming and rushing to her dr told that she got voice back due to shock
Posted: 2017-04-05T05:02:58Z
Finally got the update after soo long..thnku sooo much..
Geet is stable now and also got her voice back.thats amazing..
Maan and daadi's encounter was gud..both r shocked to meet each othr like this..dev is injured but he is the one reason for geet being safe today..now i think kunal myt change his view regarding dev and daadi...
Will wait to see amu's reaction seeing his mom talking..little child will be on top of the world..
Posted: 2017-04-05T05:05:43Z
Maan when his son was in serious condition he had Geet by his side standing firm supporting him making sure he does not stress but now this very moment he is all alone though his sone is out of danger now he is confused as how did his wife get into an accident he now stands alone no one to support him as the person he wants she lies unconscious in the ward at the same time injured Dev and Daadi makes way and they all meet
though Daadi is concerned about Maan's state she is also angry but at the same time I find her dominating as if she wants that hold over Maan's life which has slipped away from her
Maan hears his name at the same time the nurse calls him and he cannot comprehend that the voice was actually Geet's
Maan finding his wife filled with fear and doctor tells Maan that Geet's voice is back he is shocked I mean a miracle took place something that he never even asked for
I cannot imagine just how happy Armaan will be to learn his mother can talk
I just hope that both Dev and Daadi can at least leave Maan and Geet alone with their child for two days before they start with their family drama

Posted: 2017-04-05T05:12:05Z

I am so happy that geet got her voice back!

no amu here !:(
i hope that dadi will not create any scene

cont soon
Posted: 2017-04-05T05:14:11Z
Maan in a state of shock learning from the nurse that Geet is in emergency room he leaves his Amu with the nurse and goes to Geet waiting outside her ward he is in great turmoil it seems he wanting his wife and child happy with him is been prolonged as now yet again another tramatic news and at the same time its dangerous for Maan's mental state too stressing may causing attacks which at this moment he cannot afford to get weak
Dev and Daadi also arrives at the hospital as Dev is injured
but somehow I did not like Daadi's approach on Maan her spying at him and Geet I just hope she does not confront Geet in any way
great news Geet can speak again but the doctor also warns Maan that if she finds she can talk she may remember the accidents her mental stabilty has to be strong and maybe both Maan and Geet just need each other to make their mental stabity strong

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