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                          Chapter 13


Sometimes we left with no hope..next moment life suddenly takes another turn..Like with her. She never had expectation from her life..How could she have ? Because an innocent unfortunate girl was all alone..No one was for her..To make her feel , what expectations meant.

 Ever she dared to expect..She didn't get.

 Surprisingly what she never expected , she got..Just worse..

 Same , she never expected..What happened with Amu. Her only reason to live..A dumb girl.. couldn't bring out her grief even..So for a moment only..any stranger, any passer by could be sympathetic with her..listening her cry of agony..God snatch words from her too.

A mother who was living for her son.Her only hope..She was loosing battle As he was sinking..Then unexpectedly her knight in shining armour came  This time taking bright sunshine..in her dark life...

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                                             Chapter 14

Maan was standing outside door..Blocking way with both arms.. He closed door behind.. Was not letting nurse to go inside...She had to give injection to Amu..It was part of course..He was not ready to listen..Nurse's polite requests.

" Sir please, let me go inside..Its important for Armaan" she warmly  repeated ..

"I know..so no need to tell me..I am nt stopping you ? Just asking to wait for 10 minutes..Let my wife come.." irked Maan said in low tone ..He wanted to scream like he generally did with his staff..

"But Sir.."

" Nurse..my child is too small..when this needle ll pierce him..It ll hurt him...I can't c my child in suffering .." He seemed too scared..Nurse understood his emotions..Still she was bound..to follow strict medical procedure..Like with any other patient.

" Mr. Khuraana, I can understand ur fatherly emotions..Your son underwent surgery yesterday..Such a young child needs more care n attention..His delicate body needs  these medications..to recover soon..please let medical staff do their work.." a young lady doctor..now joined..trying to convince him patiently..

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These are lengthy updates..Still its better not to expect from you now..If any reader has not commented..ll not get next access..

I have checked many readers take pw but don't comment ..Keep me at last if they get time..So don expect from me now..I know who do so...Its better u do concentrate on your choice..

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PART 13...
I pity dev yaar poor him every one was playing with him.. LOL
I sooo love Kunal in this part..Such a brain and functioning knowing and planning Everything for maan and geet...
He is a true Frnd one could kill for to get...I hope Kunal all planning gals in place...
Geet was amazed with the care and things around her..Maids with own and paper..Maan keeping his eyes even from hospital...
Hoo I can't wait to read next part

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Thanx dearie 
Posted: 2017-01-24T08:45:59Z
Lovely part sonia ... Full of emotions 

Part 13 ... Dadi n dev trying to catch maan ... Par kunal is a real friend indeed ... Nai milwayega vo unko maan se ... He he he lya kya kar diya usne ... Maan la ph bhi tod dala 
Geet rest house gayi ... Wahi jaha ... Vo chottey chottey kaam karti thi ... Par aaj use kitna royal treatment mila ... Par  i live her simplecity ... Usne made ko bhi thamx likha ... Lovely ... 

Part 14 
Lovecthe way maan narrate his love story to amu ...cute baby ... Ek dum se,papa maan,liya maan ko 

Cute family ... 

Ufff itna likha tum ne ... Par ye dil maange more ... Thanx ... Plz visit again on this thread soon with another update 

Hope,dadi koi drama na,kare 
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part 13 & 14

amazing updates... geet went to guest house and she got a royal treatment their... maan arranged everything for her and karan is really a very great friend to have... he is protecting maaneet from all angles... he is thinking everything from all angles and trying to make maaneets relationship legalized. before that he doesn't want dadima and dev to know anything about maan...

maan is so possessive of amu and geet and he is not even allowing the hospital staff to give injection to amu in geets absence as he is woriied about amus pain... finally maan told to amu that he is his papa... very emotional scene when he called maan as papa... eagerly waiting for next...
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Geet been send back to the RH to bath and have breakfast before she leaves , Geet realizes now what she has been doing all along now was been done for her and everyone been respectful and polite towards her truly this is more like a dream and a well deserved one too
Geet knows Maan has to also eat have his medicines so she ask the kitchen staff to send both their breakfast to hospital
while Maan is filled with fear seeing that the nurse wants to inject Amu and I guess not been with his son all these years seeing him suddenly in surgery he cannot take the fact that his son must get that needle once again in his body he wants he pleads that the nurse should wait for his wife as she is much stronger and can control their son
Geet understands Maan's emotional turmoil and also send him off for bathing while she and the nurse attends Amu .
when the little boy awakes he wants his uncle as Maan promised to always be there but now he is missing and it had to be the first time the little boy truly behaved like a little boy
Maan comes in and the Amu at first angry with him but when Maan tells him he can never leave him and go away the child his innocence accepts Maan's words
I loved how Amu put everything together and realized Maan is his papa but yes he is a very intelligent boy now he demands answers and wants to know why was it hidden from him why did Maan not tell the first day their met and Maan has to put all blame on Geet
Armaan now demands his mother writes it down why she was fighting with Maan and why she stopped Maan from introducing himself as Amu's papa he already has Maan's trait .

Kunal is an exceptional person without troubling Maan knowing it could become a issue if Maan's family put up a fuss about Geet and Armaan , Kunal does all the necessary planning that will entitle both Maan and Geet peace
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awesome update...
Kunal always helps maan...
hmesha maan ki help krne ke liye ready rhta h...
finally amu ne maan ko papa bola...

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