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                               Thanks Priya for this lovely banner Embarrassed

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                                                      Thread 1

                           This Thread 

                 Chapter 10 : Page 11
                 Chapter 11 : Page 25
                 Chapter 12 : Page 39
                 Chapter 13 : Page 57
                 Chapter 14 : Page 57 
                 Chapter 15 : Page 70
                 Chapter 16 : Page 70
                 Chapter 17 : Page 82 
                 Chapter 18 : Page 94
                 Chapter 19 : Page 107
                 Chapter 20 : Page 117
                 Chapter 21 : Page 135

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                                                Story So Far
He was searching for his love since five years. He never saw her,  they never talked. Only her touch was the way, to communicate. 

He knew, she existed, he always felt her. When in an accident, he lost her vision, he had been paralysed. He never responded to any except her, nor even to medical staff.

He thought, it was she due to her, he got himself back. He came out of that traumatic phase. But why she left him? If she really had something for him.

But his family named it, after effect of that accident, in which he survived. It was only his illusion. 

Suddenly one day he felt, he had found her. How ? Just with a touch he recognised her. But why she didn't?  Why he felt she was the same girl ? 

Surprisingly she was mother of one ? What had happened such between both, that he was sure child was his' ? 

He wanted to speak her up. But she never. 

Was she the same girl ? Why she didn't recognize him? But he was adamant to his feeling.

Rest of it in story ?

       If I gets good response I ll post updates here.
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Keep patience for few seconds  n Read this : 

Yes, I never remain on my words because like those readers who cheat me, I can't cheat my loyal readers: 

Because some of them don't have blogs or FB accounts.Its hard for them

After so much introspection I have made some guide lines regarding my updates.It will be easy for me as well as you too : 

1: I will provide links here in every story thread.

2: Send me blank pm for password with page no where u commented previously  

3: Don't ask for pw if you are not ready to read and comment...But want to reserve pw for later...Coz most of the readers do so n forget.. then regret that m not doing justice...if I don give next pw...or delay.

* Keep ur inbox clear for pm

5: I will only provide password to those who have commented on last update.

6: Don't jump on conclusion at once because story could take twist and turns.

7: Your suggestions , criticism , appreciation equally matters for me so be frank.

8: If you are new reader I will give you access for old threads one by one. You have to comment on those first.No need to comment on each chapter just as a summery of your reading comment once at each thread.

9: You need not to be a reader of all stories. It is up to your interest. You can choose all or selective ones.

10 : If I give updates for more than one part , you need not to comment on each part in different box .U can give ur views in one post. Otherwise your choice

If a writer takes so much time to write. N if a reader wants to read particular story. He/She should have time to comment.If he/she takes time to read why not few words for comment...

So for the sake of my loyal readers as they will  face hardship...I am trying to sort out problem. ( as they pointed out )

But again main thing is press like ,comment n get next update  password ..

If u ll not comment for two updates I will think you are not interested

Many readers face language problem if you are not able to understand any term especially Hindi ...u can ask and clarify..Don think in which language u want to comment . So don make language a reason in between us 

Don't forget to hit like when you comment.If you comment here That ll be much better.

             Password protected story

                                              Hit Like 

One Important thing : I forget many times for pw. So I ask readers to send me pm. Even to old ones. So demanding pw is not begging, keep in mind if someone thinks. It is for regular readers.
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Congratulations for new thread
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congrats for new thread
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congrants for new thread

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        congrats for new thread

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