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Awesome update. Clap
Loved the FB part. Update soon. Wink
Dear from the next update plzz PM me. Embarrassed
With love,
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well written update
thanks for the pm...

Posted: 3 years ago
fantastic update. loved it.
loved what sanam did to teach a man lesson that to in his language.
ahil saw all this from car.
she was late for interview.
but ahil called her inside for interview.
waiting for next part.
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Here the episode goes

Ahil Ki Deewangi :

The episode starts with Sanam entering the room taking gods name , the three judges are sitting there( Ahil- sponsor of the school , Mrs Priya Sharma -schools dance teacher who is going to retire , Mr Rakesh - head teacher)


Ahil removes his googles and sees Sanam , he keeps smiling at her, Sanam doesn't look towards him.

Mr rakesh : so your name ?

Sanam (smiling and confidently): Sanam !

Mrs priya : full name?

Sanam : sorry ma'am , i am an orphan so i don't have any full name.

Mrs priya : oh , sorry...

She was saying when Ahil interrupts still in his trance  saying (smiling): phone number...??


Sanam is shocked at this and asks : sir , but why.

Ahil gets out of trance and understands what he said and says hurriedly to cover up: to call you , if you get selected.

Sanam sees towards him with wide eyes and smiling and understanding his liking for her  says : sir , it is in my resume and actually i got to know that it is on the spot selection result .

Ahil : so leave it , lets come to point , mrs priya you were asking something?

Priya : yaa ,  which dance form?

Sanam : ma'am kathak .

Priya : kathak , i also taught same i the school so now we wanted something new and you think kathak...

Sanam cuts in between saying : ma'am kathak is our origin and all people prayed to god in old times through dance forms , the prominent among them being kathak  and i don't have any objection if we move forward with time but i don't want children to forget their roots.


Mr rakesh : i like your thinking but i just want a sample of your dance to check you , can you dance now .

Sanam nods and Ahil goes near music player  hurriedly before others and plays " ki pag kungharo bandh meera nachi thi..."

Sanam looks towards his awkard action and starts dancing , she performs a marvelous performance on the song and in whole performance Ahil keeps looking towards her.

Before anyone could say a word Ahil tells Sanam that : you are selected.

Sanam  smiles and says : really!


As Ahil is the sponser  and Sanam too danced really well everyone nods and Sanam goes out dancing in excitement.

The scene comes to present where Sanam stops and Ahil says  smiling : and this is how the London studied architect became kathak teacher in a school.

Aliya : architect?


Zain : were you an architect didi?

Sanam nods and says : your doubts would soon be cleared , don't worry but you know i couldn't believe that he would play that song (pag khungaro badh meera nachi thi) for me .

Ahil (laughing) : why not , infact that was the truth ,  My Meera was dancing wearing ghungaro.


Sanam (angrily): when did i wear ghungharo????

He again laughs and she starts hitting him lightly.

Zain : bhaiyaa , please continue the story , we want to know more.

Ahil smiles and says this time i'll continue.

Sanam nods .

Ahil: when she went out , i ran like anything behind her...

Flashback : Sanam is in school corridor happily going to her home .

Ahil follows and stops her.

Ahil: hi ,Ahil here...

Sanam smiling says : i introduced myself before , but i have a question for you ?

Ahil  : then ask...

Sanam(still smiling) : did you selected me for my dance or my beauty?

Ahil: actually we selected three girls for different forms of dance for the children and you are also selected for your good dance only but i want to say something and that is that if you wouldn't have danced well , then also i would have selected you.

Sanam : why?

Arjun: kyunki tumhe dekhte hi tumpar fida ho gaya hun.(because i got flattered on you after seeing you.

Sanam smiles .

Ahil further says : now if you know then come on a coffee date with me.

Sanam (smiling): then i have a condition.

Ahil: anything for this date.

Sanam : we'll go by local bus.

Ahil(first shocked then calmed): ok!!!.

The episode ends on smiling faces of both of them.


Sorry guys for short update.

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Surprise update. I am so happy. So aahil is the sponsor of school. That's why he allowed her inside. loved her thoughtd on kathak n her wish to preserve traditional art forms.wish i could see her dance in real.So sweet of sanam to understand his liking towards her.so bold she is to ask her if she is selected on the basis of beauty.he too admitted his crush on her and they are going for a date.wow.never expected it to be so fast.Waiting for the date.
Dear..when the update is short try to give us 2 parts.
Craving to read your other ffs.but not forcing you as you don't have ready made updates.so waiting for the ffs which are already written 
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The title suits sahil as sahil bgm was junoon in qh 
Posted: 3 years ago
Fantastic update 
Thanks for pm Smile
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Wow...nice update...Sanam&Ahil r too much truthful..i mean Sanam asking Ahil if he selected her based on her beauty nd Ahil saying yes..its smthg different nd i am loving it...but d question is Sanam is an architect nd she prefered to be a dance teacher, so so much of suspense to look fwd to!!!Thanks for d PM..Update soonish!!

Karanvir Bohra Surbhi Jyoti Qubool Hai 

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