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Good Bye, Vidhan!
Fame Kudi Shilpa invited the three Danger Zonists to the centre stage. Vidhan appreciated fellow contestants in his signature phrase 'Tum sab sahi ho, yaar!' Aditya mentioned that it's like a big family and Alok expressed how much he valued the support by other contestants. They were shown messages from home. Seeing their parents after almost a month was an emotional moment for them. The parents, too, got sentimental but asked their kids to face the eviction with courage. Daler mentioned how important paren''s blessings are and cited his own example. He was named before he was born, he said, and it was decided that he would be a singer. Shilpa finally revealed the name of the contestant India had voted. It was Aditya! He had won 45 per cent of the votes. A happy Aditya expressed his gratitude by hugging his friends. Alok had won 35 per cent votes. Dean Palash urged the judges to reconsider Alok's case. The judges asked him to perform once more. Alok sang 'Maiya ka bulawaa aaya hai'. The judges agreed that he should be given a second chance. And so they decided to call him back in the Academy.

Vidhan, who had 20 per cent votes, unfortunately had to go out. He left the Academy with sadness but with his pride intact. He has learned a lot in the Academy and everybody wished him luck.

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Shame X!

First it was anchor Sophie Chaudhary. Now judge Palash Sen storms out of the sets of Fame X .

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Judgement day: Palash Sen on the sets of Fame X

Sab Sony's reality show Fame X seems to be in trouble again. After anchor Sophie Chaudhary's ouster from the show last week, it's now judge Palash Sen who is spewing venom against it. The buzz is that last week Palash stormed out of the sets of Fame X. Reason? He is extremely unhappy with the way the show is shaping up. To begin with, he feels that the other judges Daler Mehendi, Cyrus Broacha and Ganesh Hedge are too harsh on the contestants.

"It's fine if you, as a judge, find fault in a contestant. But too much of gyaan and criticism can make them lose faith in themselves. If you rub it in too hard, they start thinking whether they have failed as a singer, and that shouldn't happen. We're here to boost their talent and negate it," says a miffed Palash.

Does he feel that too many reality shows have dampened the audience's enthusiasm for them? "A good show will be a hit, come what may. But if you make a show with weird concept and zero knowledge of music then nothing can save you from being a complete disaster," he replies.

Palash Sen and Ganesh Hegde engaged in a heated argument

The trouble on the sets of Fame X started when Palash disagreed with his fellow judges about their decision to put three candidates in the danger zone. "My question is, on what basis did we put them in the danger zone? There is no valid reason. I realised that the good ones were in the danger zone and the mediocre ones were safe. That's highly unfair!"

Palash has differences with the three judges. "I don't connect with them at all," he laments. In fact it was difference of opinion that made him walk out of the sets halfway. "What's the point of hanging around and posing for the camera? If what I say or feel is of no worth than I may as well quit."

The singer-cum-actor doesn't wish to continue in the show any more. "I've already informed the production house about my decision. But they want to have one meeting before I leave."

http://www.mumbaimirror.com/net/mmpaper.aspx?page=article&am p;sectid=12&contentid=2006121602475562372f47c7

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Guru cool out of Fame X
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   December 16, 2006

Fame X has suffered yet another casualty. After anchor Sophie Chowdhry's exit, the academy's dean, Palash Sen, has decided to walk out of the SAB reality show. The Euphoria frontman is unhappy with the happenings in the Fame academy vis--vis the judges Daler Mehndi and Ganesh Hegde.

TRP trap

It is learnt that during the shoot on Thursday evening at RK Studios, Chembur, Sen was taken aback when a singer who was not up to the mark was not placed in the danger zone by the judges. "They wanted to give the contestant a second chance. But in a competition there are no second chances, either you perform or you do not. Things cannot go on like this," rues Sen.

It is obvious that viewpoints of the judges don't match when it comes to the contestants. "I don't want to make a fool of myself on television," says Sen. "It may be good for TRPs, but I cannot see myself doing all this. I can't be fighting on screen for everyone to see. I have already voiced my displeasure to the channel and the production house (Endemol)."

It is learnt that both SAB and Endemol are in talks with Sen to stay on. "What is the point if things are going to function like this?" asks Palash. He completed the shoot on Thursday and the next shoot schedule will be on Monday. "I was supposed to visit the contestants at the academy on Friday morning, but refrained from doing so," he adds.

Emotional bond

Sen agrees that the judges have their own sensibilities and belong to a different schools of thought. "But there has to be a middle path. You cannot retain a bad singer at the cost of another who is better, by saying that you want to give him/her another opportunity. Why deprive someone a chance just because of that?" he questions.

"Maybe I am getting too emotional when it comes to the contestants but that's because they have been handpicked by me from across the country. I have been with them since day one so there is this emotional bond. But in the end, only their performances matter; there should not be any other reasons for not putting a candidate in the danger zone."


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Saved by public vote
Saved by contestants
Voted out
Saved by Jury
Arshad said: You've got X factor, 100 per cent!

Daler said: Kumsura mat bano. Kumsure ko lagta hai ki who bada kamaal gaa raha hai, magar asliyat me uska sur se nata nahi hota.

Palash said: He started singing English music and to convert to Indian music is always tough. I know because I started out in the same way.

Arshad said: You are looking very cute. I don't know whether to listen to you or take you home. Daler said: Awaaj bahot achchi hai magar sur ka khayaal rahe.

Sowmya said: She chose a different style of song today and still sang very well.

Arshad said: You should work on your body language. Daler said: Sur se khush nahi hun, sur ko pakadna chahiye.

Palash said: Mera ye khiladi front foot pe khelta hai.

Daler said: Awaaj to khuda ki den hai, magar sur ko mehnat karke polish kiya ja sakta hai. Aur tumhe vo karna jaroori hai. Arshad said: Confidence level kum hai. Your performance should be bang-on.

Palash said: Sophie ki taraf point karke jo gaya vo bada achcha laga.

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'I want to be called Shilpa A Agnihotri'

Shilpa (Saklani) Agnihotri speaks on the love of her life and her hasty entry in Fame X


   Now her fans get to see Shilpa on Fame X, a reality show on SAB, where she takes over Sophie Choudry as a host. In between the gal preferred to concentrate on just one assignment at a time. "That was because I wanted to spend time with my husband (Apurva Agnihotri)," says a much in love Shilpa who insists on being called Shilpa A Agnihotri.
   On the professional front, much has been said about the unceremonious exit of Sophie from Fame X, and her entry. Shilpa prefers to steer clear of all controversies, "I had no intention of replacing Sophie. I joined the show because I was very familiar with the production company and also as a channel SAB was doing some challenging stuff. I honestly believe that Sophie is a fab VJ, and that she did a superb job. I hope I am able to match up to her performance."
   In fact, Shilpa was slightly jittery on the first day of the shoot of Fame X, but it all vanished when contestants cheered her on excitedly. "Quite ironically in my earlier show I had welcomed Palash Sen and Daler Mehndi, and this time the tables had turned. Ganesh Hegde was all set to make me dance as well," shares Shilpa with a laugh. For her it was a moving experience to watch contestants giving their 100 per cent and wanting so much to make their parents proud. As for the gal herself, Shilpa confesses, "I am just a little better off than a bathroom singer! If there was a do or die situation wherein I was to choose between singing and dancing, it will be the former."
   So how does she take to the mike? To catch Shilpa A Agnihotri in action tune in to Fame X on SAB, Monday to Thursday at 9 pm and at 10 pm on Friday.
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Episode 16: Palash walks out!
Fame Kudi Shilpa brought the contestants onto the stage to participate in 'The Party Zone'. There are just 13 left now since Trupti, Rohit and Vidhhan are out of the Academy. Shilpa asked the judges what they were looking in a Fame X champion. Ganesh said it was the whole package: singing, looks and dancing—basically the overall performance. Daler was adamant that, first and foremost, they have to be good singers. Cyrus, as usual, avoided the issue by joking that his vote depended on the tightness of the pants the contestants wore. Dean Palash, however, reminded everybody how tough it was to do what the contestants were doing there. Rehan, nicknamed 'Iago', was called on by Shilpa to sing his song. He sang Kambakht ishq so beautifully that Daler actually complimented him. Ganesh said that he had a fondness for the song, which had been a turning point in his career. Dean Palash admired Rehan's performance and told the contestants that this was the standard that they should try to achieve. Ritu came out with a bunch of Russian dancers to back her up. They performed on Hai ishq to gale lagale. Cyrus didn't let the back up dancers go unnoticed, jokingly asking for their contact numbers. Ganesh asked Ritu to have more control and to hold the crowd. Dean Palash just kept repeating the words "hot, hot, hot'. Neeti, the tikhee mirch, performed in her usual inimitable style and the song she had chosen, Shakalaka baby, came alive. Ganesh was so impressed with her that he asked her the forbidden question, her age. When Neeti answered that she was 19 years old, a surprised Ganesh said that it was a mind-blowing performance from such a young lady. Samrat a.k.a. Sammy, sang the Punjabi number Tenu kala chashma jachata hai with panache. He said the secret of his performance was the fact that his chayaji had come to encourage him. Sammy was wearing a typical Punjabi suit made popular by the famous singer Gurudas Mann. When Daler explained this fact, Cyrus the funny man quickly asked, "If Sammy is wearing Gurudas Mann's clothes, what is Gurudas Mann wearing?" Banjo sang Sapno ke din hai, which is a song that is at odds with his style. But he couldn't resist adding a 'Banjo touch' and took off his flaming red coat during the performance. Cyrus, who wouldn't let an opportunity like that go waste, warned Banjo not to do a stripe-tease. Daler gave his usual warning about "sur" and Ganesh his usual advice "to smile more". Aditya, fresh out of Danger Zone, sang Koi kahe in his rock style. But Daler was extremely unhappy with it. According to him, Aditya just wasn't a good enough singer. However, Sowmya Rao felt that Adi was improving and had given a far better performance than last time. Alok, who had been given another chance by the judges the last time, sang I am a disco dancer. For a bhajan singer, this was a new step. Ganesh appreciated the fact and praised his dancing, too, which he said reminded him of the original disco dancer, Mithun da. Arunima, the tattoo girl, sang Aaj ki raat. She sang well, but like the last time, her performance lacked movement and the judges noticed it. Dean Palash was especially disappointed with this fact. He asked the Bengal Tigress not to let him down. Drama Queen Anandrupa performed Dhoom machaye dhoom. All the three judges were happy with her performance. Dean Palash, who had earlier nicknamed her Drama Queen, gave her a new one: Nakamo, which in Bengali means bahot nakhare wali. Ashutosh, the flirt from Delhi, sang Pretty woman. Sowmya was especially happy with his selection of song because it gave him an opportunity to sing in both Indian and Western style. Ganesh asked him to interact more with the audience. Jyotika sang the evergreen number Hawa Hawaii. It wasn't a stunning performance according to Ganesh. Daler was quite unhappy about Jyotika not singing with rhythm. Fame Academy's Britney Spears, Priyanka, sang It's the time to disco. It was an uninspired performance, despite the fact that Priyanka was singing the song as a wedding present to her brother. She was quite heartbroken and Daler had to console her, saying that criticism was supposed to help the person and not put tem down. The final performance was from Sufi singer Rakesh who sang Ya Ali. Daler liked his voice quality and said he had sung better than most. But Rakesh's problem was similar to Arunima's. He, too, didn't move much during singing. The judges took their time with their Danger Zone decision. They finally selected Priyanka, which was expected, Rakesh for not moving, and, finally, Aditya and Jyotika. Dean Palash immediately challenged the last two choices. He felt the two, who had been in the Danger Zone earlier and had been saved, had given performances that had showed their improvement and should've been appreciated for that fact. He also argued that the fact that the people of India had saved the two should also be taken into account. Daler and his colleagues disagreed. They said the two had been selected for their performances and not for any other reasons. But since Dean Palash kept urging the judges to reconsider, they asked him to pull the two out and substitute them with two other contestants. Dean Palash couldn't come to terms with this and, in an emotional moment, left the stage.

It was left to Vice Principal Sowmya Rao to take the decision in lieu of Dean Palash. She decided to pull Aditya back into the Safe Zone. Jyotika once again faces the danger of being eliminated along with two new Danger Zonists, Rakesh and Priyanka.

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Episode 17: The Dean returns!
After Dean Palash left the Academy, the students, whose morale was already dangerously low, went into depression. They were seen sitting in the living room, not in a mood to do anything. However, they came to life when Ismael, a crew member, tried to remove Dean Palash's nameplate from his office door. When the students saw this, they bounded up like the tigers their Dean always referred to them as and gheraoed the man. The students were so carried away by their emotions that some threatened the crew member, while others decided to quit the Academy. But sense finally prevailed and, after someone from the management intervened, the matter was sorted out. The students returned to the living room and the nameplate stayed on Dean Palash's office. But the anger and frustration simmered. Adi and Banjo wanted to leave the Academy if the Dean did not return; Rakesh was hopeful that the Dean would come back; Sammy said he would never let the Dean go if he did return; and the girls cried their hearts out. And then… Dean Palash came back. He quietly went into his office and addressed the students over the mike. As soon as they heard his voice, the overjoyed students rushed to meet their mentor. As the students hugged him, Palash seemed lost in a sea of arms. Wisely, Palash let the students take some time to get over their emotions, and then he asked them to gather in the music room. Once there, Palash explained his reasons for leaving the Academy. He was an emotional man, he said, and his decisions were usually based on instinct and impulse. He had felt helpless during the gala round because everyone seemed to feel that the students he had handpicked did not have any talent. He said that he had felt disappointed because he knew what wonderful performers they had been at the selection level and now the quality had gone down instead of going up. He said that he didn't know what was going wrong and so felt morally responsible for their failure to impress the judges and the people. The students really had no defence except to promise him that they would do their best in the future. Palash asked them to join him in the voting room. He asked the students to vote for one contestant in the Danger Zone. Most of them voted for Rakesh because they felt he had really sung well in the gala round and also because Jyotika had her chance before. Some of them voted for Priyanka, but Rakesh won with a clear majority. Dean Palash asked him to come back to the Academy. Priyanka was very upset about her bad performance and blamed herself for Palash's walkout. Palash and her friends spoke words of encouragement to pep her up. With a new vigour, Priyanka promised the people of India that in the next round they would get to see the real Priyanka who was no less than Britney Spears. Jyotika asked the people to vote for her, assuring them that she, too, would do her best.

Watch them as they compete for a seat in the Academy in the caf round.

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Episode 18: Sunday was no funday!
Dean Palash decided to regiment the life of the Academy students. He appointed Neeti and Rehan as monitors because they had given the best performances in the last gala round and asked them to look over the students' tasks. What do we know about Neeti? This tikhee mirchi has trained in Bharatnatyam and Carnatic music for five years. A conservative girl, she says her personality changed completely after coming to the Academy. She wishes to be remembered even after the show. Rehan, Mumbai's tapori, loved music right from childhood. His mother and father fondly remember how he used to sing and ask them to sing along. His sister said he was very naughty, but that he had a pure heart and wished him lots of luck. Rehan also revealed the secret of his bandana. He had received 25 stitches after an accident and the scars are still visible on his ear. He wears the bandana to hide the bad memories. On Sunday morning, the students were asked to clean the Academy. Rising early in the morning was a big task for them. Then Rehan and Neeti took over and allotted various tasks to the students. Adi was given a fadaka and asked to wipe the furniture clean. He did it, but not without cursing 'Mirza Galib', his nickname for Rehan and planning how he and the others would murder him after the day's work was done. Arunima was cleaning the girls' room and found so much hair on the floor that wondered why the girls weren't bald already. Banjo, as usual, was at his best. Funny side up, he held a broom in one hand and a guitar in the other and asked the people to make a choice for him. Next it was time for the fitness regime. Rehan did 20 push-ups without much pushing actually done. Spot jogging and stretching stretched the time and finally the trainer, feeling the heat, let the students go without further torture. The hungry bunch of contestants was eager to have their breakfast and they did, but with a twist. This time they had to prepare it themselves. Banjo was conned into the task of making juice and kept squeezing fruits throughout the morning. A smiling Adi gladly drank a quarter glass of Banjo's effort. Now it was time for a riyaaz session. Tendons hurting, tummies full, the contestants were happy to stretch their voices for a change. This time the riyaaz was fantastic. Everyone sang well. Priyanka and Jyotika were retained for further training for the caf round and the rest of the contestants left for choreography session. In choreo, special work was done on Rakesh's dancing. The poor guy really struggled to put his feet together but ended up making everyone laugh. But after being in the Danger Zone for poor dancing he seemed keen to improve. At lunch, someone remembered mom's cooking and that triggered off a series of memories. Ritu was missing her sister's adrak wali chai, Jyotika was missing her pet names her parents call her, Banjo was missing his mom's Chinese cuisine and Adi was missing his mom's hug. The emotion was so universal and sincere that Anandrupa's crying represented everybody. A quick session with Sowmya helped the students pinpoint their weaknesses and they took the chance to improve upon that.

The long day ended with everyone singing a special song for their beloved Dean. Priyanka and Jyotika will compete in the caf round tomorrow.

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