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Sophie evicted from Fame X
   By: Tushar Joshi
   December 13, 2006

Gayi fame kudi: Sophie Choudhary
SAB's Fame X has a new host. Shilpa Saklani has stepped into Sophie Choudhary's high heels after she demanded an apology from the production house Endemol for maligning her in a tabloid. Giving details about the development, Sophie says, "I had already conveyed my decision to quit a few days back. But I was in for a rude shock when I read an article calling me unprofessional, saying that I had thrown tantrums on the set. I've been in the industry for a long time, and have done both television and films. I won't take anyone calling me names calmly."

High expectations

There was buzz about Sophie making last minute changes in the schedule to suit her needs. Reacting to this she says, "I had already informed the production house the number of days I was pre-booked. I do a lot of stage shows and they knew this in advance. In fact, I had to appear for a Morani brothers show in Bali sometime ago and these guys kept me waiting on the sets till the very end. This happened even though I gave them three months advance notice. If I am being a professional and giving my best to the show I expect the same from the production house."

Calling herself the most chilled out person to work with she says, "Forget throwing tantrums, I have never made any demand on the set. I carry my fruits, bottle of water to my lunch on the set. My mom who is also my manager accompanies me and takes care of things. I got very upset when they started talking about me making ridiculous demands!"

Language no bar

Even though she had trouble with certain aspects of working on the show, she still cherishes the time spent with the contestants and judges. "I had loads of fun with the kids. They were the sweetest, and the judges too were kind."

Reacting to buzz about her wanting the script to be written in English, she says, "When I first saw the script it had 90 percent English and very little Hindi. I was shocked on reading it and asked for it to be re written in Hindi. Just because I'm a Veejay that doesn't mean I can't speak Hindi!"

Rajesh Kamath, MD, Endemol spoke on behalf of the production house, saying, "We have worked with Shilpa in Rin Mera Star Superstar and she's a fabulous person to have on Fame X. We had certain logistical and scheduling issues which have been sorted out."

Shilpa began shooting for the show yesterday.


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Sophie Chaudhary on films, music and Fame X 
By Moses Navgire (IndiaFM News Bureau), December 12, 2006 - 05:06 IST
She started of as a VJ on MTV and climbed the tower of success with her music albums. She then moved into films with Shaadi No.1 and today she is one of talented young artists in the industry. Yes, we are talking about the highly talented Sophie Chaudhary.

After playing the role of glamorous 'Baby Doll Vol 3' in Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Sophie Chaudhary will now be seen in Arjun Rampal's I See You. Talking about her role in the film Sophie says "I play the role of Dilnaz Boga. Dilnaz is the co-host with Arjun Rampal on his show in the film." Though she has a small role, she is highly excited about the film. "I did this film for Arjun and Mehr as I can't say 'no' to them. Besides the production was so amazing that I had fun during the time I shot for this film. Director Vivek Agarwal and entire crew were so nice to work with. Also, the team was extremely professional."

Sophie in fact is so impressed that she says this was one of the most professional productions that she has worked with till now. "You won't believe but even my costumes for the film were decided three months in advance." She was also highly impressed looking at the enthusiasm with which Arjun was handling the production. "It was so great to see that Arjun was actually taking so much interest and personally looking into things." However, one thing that Sophie is really kicked about is the dance number that she has done with Arjun Rampal. "The song is being choreographed by Shaimak Davar and let me tell you, Arjun rocks in it. He has danced amazingly well." Though all this while Arjun hasn't really impressed the audiences by his dancing skills, Sophie feels that this dance number will change everyone's views about Arjun's dancing.

Apart from this film, Sophie is also doing Vikram Bhatt's Speed. "This role is completely different from what I am doing in I See You. In Speed I am doing a complete action-packed role, something I had never though I would be doing. I have done lots of stunts and action scenes in this film." There were actually scenes where Sophie was tied by cables to do certain stunts. "I have done lots of kicking and punching" she says.

This Baby Doll however, has some bad news for television audiences who love catching her on the television show Fame X. A local newspaper has just reported that Sophie's behaviour was very unprofessional on the sets of the show. This episode has hurt Sophie a lot. She says "I never expected to see something like this being said about me. I don't have any such kind of behaviour on the sets. In fact, I share a great rapport with the crew." The news piece also reported that she keeps forgetting her Hindi dialogues. This sounds hilarious to Sophie who is extremely fluent in Hindi irrespective of her upbringing in UK.

The biggest issue this news piece created is questioning of Sophie's professionalism. It is claimed that she left the shoot early as she had to catch a flight. Sophie however clears that by saying "I had informed the producers that I would be leaving for my international shows on these particular days, three months in advance. However, they remained ignorant about it. Yet, I managed to shoot the episode and trust me; I reached the airport to catch the international flight just 30 mins prior." Still the producers of the show have projected her in bad light. Therefore, Sophie has decided to quite Fame X.

Apart from films and television, she is also currently working on her private music album. "This is completely original solo album that I am working on." Earlier Sophie had come up with two remix albums which were very successful but this time, the idea is different." This time, I am coming out with my original album. The album will have different types of music." Sophie will also be working with some Pakistani artists apart from Indian music directors for this album. "I believe in hardcore commercial music and that is something I am working on." The album should be out by January next year.
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'I will never tolerate them maligning my reputation'
Host Sophie Choudry storms out of reality show even as show producers, citing her inability to connect with the contestants and audience, replace her with Shilpa Saklani

RAUL DIAS Times News Network

Sophie Choudry, who hosts SAB's Fame X talent show has walked out after she was allegedly accused of 'serious unprofessionalism' by the show's production house and the channel. "I have quit the show. I will never tolerate someone maligning my reputation!" says an enraged Sophie. "They are spreading lies about how I am always late and that my mother throws tantrums on the sets. And to top it all that my Hindi is bad. It was my idea to speak Hindi for 90 per cent of the show as opposed to their suggestion to speak only 10 per cent. They also accused me of picking a fight with singer Soumya Raoh who was a guest judge on one of the episodes," says Sophie, who feels that the channel and the production house are creating this controversy in what she calls is a 'desperate attempt to get their TRPs up'.
   "The other day, I was to leave for a show in Bali by the 11.30pm flight which I had informed them about, yet they kept me till 10pm," Sophie continues. "They have not even paid me a single rupee for the show till date. Now who is being unprofessional?"
   Although she has decided to part ways with the show, Sophie is sure that she is going to miss the contestants and says that she wishes them all the best. "I have gotten so attached to some of the contestants and I am sad that I won't be there to see them through to the end."

The channel says...

According to Vikas Bahl, the business head of SAB, Sophie's decision to quit Fame X was not entirely her own and it was mutually decided to part ways. "There were a number of production issues we were facing with Sophie's participation in the show," reveals Vikas. "The biggest issue was her fee. Sophie wanted to re-negotiate her price which wasn't acceptable to us especially since we had agreed on a specific amount earlier." Another bone of contention according to Vikas, was Sophie's alleged inability to connect with both the contestants and audience. "We found that her interaction with the contestants was minimal and not upto the mark. She was supposed to be their friend and mentor, helping them with problems they would face but she had time issues which came in the way of her duties. We have now replaced Sophie with Shilpa Saklani who we feel has a better connect with the contestants and with the audience."

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Episode 13: Check out the Fame X-ians daily routine
After a long time, the Fame X-ians finally saw the sun. They were allowed to go out of the Academy for an early morning workout. Vidhhan, who has been a national-level athlete, was put in charge of the workout. He made them sweat so hard that by the end the students were willing to sacrifice seeing the sun if it meant release from Vidhhan. But the ordeal was not over yet. Famous dietician Leena Mogre was put in charge of their exercise routine and was asked to prepare their diet charts. She made them work so hard that Vidhhan began to look tame. Rehan's condition was so bad after the session that he nearly threw up. But Leena felt the contestants needed the session and she was not prepared to be lenient. She finalised their diets and bechara Banjo was given a portion of salad (which he used to eat as a side dish) as lunch. Lucky Alok, on the other hand, was asked to put on some weight and got the good stuff as a compulsory diet—a fact much resented by Banjo, especially because they sat next to each other during lunch. Anandrupa was asked to note down any complaints the contestants might have. They were hesitant to voice their complaints at first, but soon they picked up momentum. Rakesh and Alok were not happy about the quality of the vegetarian food and Sammy wanted more fruits. Jyotika and Rehan complained about the laundry, while Ashutosh was worried about not getting any news from home. At rehearsals, vice principal Sowmya supervised their efforts and had some expert advice for each Danger Zonist. She asked Alok to learn to hold his notes and to practice how to breathe while singing. Aditya, she felt, was very inconsistent, but quick in noticing his faults and improving upon those. Vidhhan, in her opinion, was the weakest singer and so she devoted more time to him. Dr Narendra Kinger, renowned clinical psychologist, was asked to see some of the contestants. All of them, he felt, were under a lot of stress but the contestants in the Danger Zone, as expected, were feeling it the most. Alok explained how nervous he felt on stage. What made it tough on him was the fact that he used to sing in front of a large audience in the village. Aditya confessed that though he was confident about his talent, he was apprehensive about the transition from English music to Indian. Vidhhan was concerned about his stammering. He had been operated upon in his childhood without anaesthesia and the fear had made him stammer ever since. In Dr Kinger's opinion, Alok was the weakest and was going through a very tough phase and was not able to cope with the stress. Meanwhile, all the contestants decided to give souvenirs to the three in the Danger Zone. Jyotika gave Adi a Glucose-D pack with a picture of Superman on it because Adi had worn a shirt with the Superman logo for a long time. Rakesh gave a CD to each of them. Sammy gave track pants to Vidhhan the athlete and hugged Aditya, saying they were friends forever and Adi could ask him anything he wanted. Rehan gave Adi a T-shirt with his name written on it. Banjo gave Adi a book about heavy metal and a water bottle to Vidhhan. All the contestants sang a farewell song for them, too. It was an emotional moment for all and Adi couldn't hold back his tears.

Finally, the three Danger Zonists appealed to the people of India to vote for them. The results will, of course, depend on the caf round.

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Episode 14: The three Danger Zonists
Dean Palash walked onto the stage and introduced the new Fame Kudi, Shilpa. Shilpa then took over and brought on the three Danger Zonists. The three of them started a jugalbandi. Adi sang Tu hi dil hai. Alok sang Maiya ka bulawa aa gaya. Vidhan sang Jaan maar li. Adi continued his innings with Mai hun zoomroo, Alok with Zalak dikhala jaa and Vidhhan with Zalaka jo aankho me pyaar. Shilpa asked the judges their opinions and Daler said that he was happy with the improvement he has seen in the contestants' performances. Ganesh gave them a challenge. He asked them to change their styles: he asked Adi to forget that he is Delhi's rock star and to sing a bhajan; Alok was asked to sing a Bollywood song; and Vidhhan was asked to perform a rock number. Adi sang Mata ka bulawaa in bhajan style. Alok sang Dekha jo tuze, a true-blue Bollywood number and Vidhhan sang Tu hai aasma me in the rock style. Then it was time for individual performances. Adi sang Aap ki duwa. Ganesh said the live band helped Adi. Daler said, "Pet saaf hona chahiye gane se pahle." And Dean Palash said that Adi deserved the platform of Fame X. Vidhhan sang Ada, hosh udae ada. Judges were very happy with his performance. Alok sang Tere naam se ji loo. Ganesh said that he had the ability to surprise people. Dean Palash said that Alok had lived up to his expectations.

Finally Adi told the janta that he needed more opportunities. Vidhhan asked them to vote for him once more and Alok asked for one more chance.

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Palash Sen ko gussa kyon aata hai?

   The mercury levels at the Fame X Academy reached an all time high as Palash Sen –the Dean lost his cool on the contestants for their unruly behaviour
   Things are heating up on the sets of Fame X. They came, they saw and they broke loose—nave young participants, couple of weeks after their brush with 'fame' showed their true colours (or so it seems). Recently the happenings at the Academy (read the fight between Ritu and Rehan) left Palash disturbed and also concerned about the levels of discipline.
   "He is very close to the contestants and really cares for them but, he is very upset due to the indiscipline that is creeping into the Academy," informed a unit member. In fact he gave a piece of his mind to Rehan and even went on to say, "I believe that you come from a cultured family and you try avoiding fights. Needless to say I don't want you to get an expulsion letter from me on disciplinary grounds. It will be a loss to the Academy if we lose out on a singer like you."
   Watch Fame X tonight on SAB at 10 pm, to see whether Palash will hand over the expulsion letter to Rehan or nominate him into the danger zone. You can catch the reality episodes every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm on SAB.
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