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Posted: 13 years ago
Episode 10: Ye sahi hai, yaar!
For tonight's eviction round, Ganesh was not present. But the funny man Cyrus Broacha filled the MTV seat. When the contestants were asked who they would vote for, they were divided in their opinion. Aditya voted for Vidhaan while Sammy voted for Rohit. Anandrupa's vote was a no-brainer. Rohit was shown a video clip that featured his parents and younger sister. Listening to them express their feelings was an emotional moment for Rohit. Vidhaan's little sister was brought to the sets by the Fame Academy to cheer him on. Daler mentioned that whoever was better should win. But he seemed a little partial towards Vidhaan for his jump back into the contest. Sophie joked about Rohit's belief that his red underwear would help him in succeeding and Vidhaan's fascination with the colour blue. On a serious note, Dean Palash said that to change one's personality was the most difficult thing to do and that it was a feat that both the Danger Zone contestants had achieved—Vidhaan by getting over his emotional problem and Rohit by making himself more friendly. He also said that he believed the people of India would choose the right person. If they can choose the Prime Minister, he said, they certainly can choose a better singer.

Suspense was building fast when Sophie revealed that people of India, with an overwhelming majority, had chosen Vidhaan to be in the Academy. That meant Rohit was out of the contest and Vidhaan would get a second shot to be the Fame X champion.

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All's not balle balle with Daler

The pop star had an on-screen tiff with fellow musician Palash Sen

DEEPALI DHINGRA Times News Network

Daler Mehndi recently had an on-screen fracas with Palash Sen on reality show Fame X on Set Max. When BT asked Daler about his tussle with Palash, he said, "Palash is the dean of the show. He's selected all the participants. So he feels hurt when any of the judges say something bad about the participants." Daler is one of the judges on the show. So is there a full-fledged fight on between the two? Daler denies it: "There's no fight at all. He's emotionally attached to those kids and feels for each one of them. He has worked a lot to get these kids here and I would have felt the same if I was in his place."
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Groove to the retro beats!

Excitement never stops on Fame X . Tonight retro picks will be rendered by 14 rock stars on this show of SAB

   The musical extravaganza in the star-studded night will have the viewers glued on to their seats with the famous tracks from the early 80s to 90s. The opening act will be by Banjo on Mehbooba Mehbooba followed by other gala performances. To give you a sneak peek—Mumbai contestants Neethi and Rehan will be belting out Laila Main Laila and Hai Agar Dushman Zamana respectively while Delhi boy Ashutosh will perform on Parda Hai Parda. Judge Ganesh Hegde is very excited to watch them perform on these classic tracks and says, "It is an excellent opportunity to perform on the popular retro tracks which were the most beautiful compositions of that era." Dean of Fame X Academy, Palash Sen adds, "I am ready to show the world that the 14 rock stars trained by me will belt out the most famous numbers with much lan."
   To experience all the musical glitz, tune in to Fame X tonight at 10 pm on SAB. You could also catch the show, Monday to Thursday at 9 pm.
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Do you have that 'X'ing in you?

Arti Kapur Singh
Posted Sunday , December 10, 2006 at 10:07 Updated Sunday , December 10, 2006 at 10:12

Mumbai: Palash Sen is seen in a completely different role in Fame X, a sequel to reality talent show, Fame Gurukul.

He is a friend, a mentor and Dean to the 16 contestants participating in the show. The talent of the participants is formidable and so are the influences.

"Right from R D Burman, A R Rahman, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd influence me," says a contestant, Aditya.

But talent is not that the show demands. The new season of the show will judge contestants not just on their singing abilities, but also on their X-factor. So amidst the comfortable confines of the rather well done up Fame X Academy, there are a number of spy-cams to monitor their every move and even a timetable to be strictly followed.

But when asked hat exactly is this X-factor, we got mixed reactions.

"That's a question still reeling on my mind," says Aditya.

Cyrus Broacha, who is one of the judge was in one of his humourous moods. "You mean the girl I was seeing before," he says.

But the dean has things sorted. "It could be the way the person walks or talks. X factor comes from within," says Palash Sen.

"X factor is when you perform fearlessly and confidently in front of any number of audience, " says singer and judge, Daler Mehndi.

So X Factor is not something you can borrow or steal. That's one reason actor Arshad Warsi gives for his presence in the industry.

"I don't know what X factor is. But if I didn't have it, I wouldn't have been here," he says.

FINDING THE 'X' FACTOR: The new season of the show will judge contestants on their X-factor.
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Episode 11: Kabul Express reaches Fame Academy
Raghav, the music director of the much-anticipated film Kabul Express, made a guest appearance at the Academy and gave an encouraging speech to the contestants. Today's guest judge was actor Arshad Warsi, widely known as 'circuit' (of the Munnabhai series) and also a lead actor in Kabul Express. Fame Kudi Sophie asked him about his career. Arshad, who has been through the highs and lows of show business, affirmed the importance of having patience and self-belief. Today's theme was 'Retro' and all the songs chosen by the contestants were from the 70s and 80s. Rehan came out with the famous kawwali Hai agar dushman, dushman, giving the young audience a glimpse of the lost art. Daler was very happy with the 'bindhast' style with which Rehan performed the song. When Arshad asked if Rehan had the X-factor, Rehan quoted a dialogue from Arshad's film Munnabhai and a pleased Arshad said that he had. Anandi sang Parde me rehne do with such ada that Arshad specially mentioned how much he enjoyed it. MTV judge Cyrus Broacha gave her a nickname—Happy Buniyan, playing on her name. Sammy came out in style riding a motorbike, but without a helmet, a fact that was later pointed out by funny man Cyrus, and sang Bin tere sanam in a rock style. Arshad asked him never to lose his style and Dean Palash explained to Daler the rock fusion of the Hindi song. Sammy sang a particularly meaningful line pointing at one of the contestants and on further prodding by Sophie revealed the name of that contestant. He was singing for Arunima. Jyotika sang the evergreen Asha number O mere sona re. She looked so pretty that Arshad said he didn't know whether to listen to her or take her home. Cyrus, not one to miss a chance, promptly reminded him that he was a married man. Alok sang Kya huwa tera vaada. Daler asked him to work on his voice quality and Arshad asked him to be more confident. Cyrus joked that he wrote the song when his girlfriend dropped her 'vada'—as in the vada of vada pav. Priyanka crooned the sensual song Bahon me chale aao and everyone was dumbfounded by the performance. Even Dean Palash commented on this fact. Ritu sang Aur is dil me beautifully. Arshad said that she had the X-factor but that it had not come out well yet. Daler was so happy that he asked the audience to give Ritu a big hand of applause. Rakesh, who had received a letter from his wife (the first since his admittance to the Academy), chose an apt song to—Chitty ayee hai. The judges liked his performance. Vidhaan, who had been saved from the Danger Zone last time, sang Sara jamana. He looked more confident before. Arshad felt that he needed to work on his body language and Daler asked him to get the right notes. Aditya, full of attitude, sang Om Shanti Om. Arshad exclaimed that there was no doubt about him having the X-factor. Daler, however, was not so happy. He advised Aditya to not be kumsura—someone who feels he sings well, but, in reality, does not have sur. Ashutosh sang Parda hai parda, his wonderful smile in place. Arshad noticed his boyish charm and told him so. 'Cash on it' was Arshad's advice to him. Daler's compliment was 'Dusaron se behatar gate ho.' Arunima, wearing a beautiful sari, sang Tumse naraz nahi zindagi with 100 per cent feeling. So much so that for the first time in the contest, the judges stood up to cheer her on. Naturally, no one had a bad thing to say about her performance, but almost everyone commented on her looks and poise. Neeti, the petit beauty, sang <>Laila o Laila. Daler, pretending to be upset, asked her if she had got the correct musical track. A confused and scared Neeti answered that she had and then Daler revealed that he was only joking and, in fact, she had sung very nicely. Last was Banjo who performed Mehbooba mehbooba. The classic song was sung by the late great R D Burman. Banjo's performance was not equal, but pretty good. In an impromptu moment, Anandi joined him to dance to the tune. Arshad asked Banjo to smile more and enjoy the song. This time the judges decided to send five contestants, instead of four, to the Danger Zone. They chose Aditya, Jyotika, Vidhan, Priyanka and Alok. Dean Palash mentioned that since it was Aditya, Jyotika and Vidhaan's second time in the Zone, he wouldn't save them. He chose Priyanka to be back in the Safe Zone.

On Monday, the contestants will vote for one of the four to be back in the Academy.

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Infamous behaviour

Apparently veejay Sophie Chaudhary is throwing tantrums on the sets of Fame X

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Ranjib Mazumder

Sophie Chaudhary is giving a tough time to the crew members of Fame X, the new reality show on SAB. Apparently, the hostess has earned the reputation of being high-handed and arrogant on the sets. Says a source in the production house, "Sophie vies for constant attention from everyone on the sets. She throws her weight around and picks fights with Saumya Rao, vocal trainer and vice-principal in the show. What irritates others the most is that Sophie is accompanied by her mother on the sets, who keeps complaining about everything. She also forgets her dialogue very often and starts talking in English instead of Hindi."

Another source says, "She takes the maximum time to get ready for a shot. Recently, she kept the entire unit, including cebebrities like Palash Sen, Daler Mehendi and Ganesh Hegde, waiting till 11.30 pm, which was two hours behind the scheduled time for pack-up. Recently, she asked the producers to wrap up the shooting of the gala episode at 7.30 pm, as she had a flight to catch." 

When contacted, Sophie Chaudhary said, "My mother doubles up as my manager and she will always be there with me. Moreover, I carry my food and water from home and take nothing from the production house. How can they say that I am creating problems for them? I have always been punctual on the sets. There have been so many instances when I reached at the venue before anyone else did. This is an attempt to malign me."

She continued, "That day, the shooting got delayed by four hours. The shooting was supposed to start at 2 pm, but it started at 4.30 pm. I had to catch an international flight, but even then I stayed back till the end. I somehow managed to catch the flight at the eleventh hour. When I signed the contract, I had informed them about the tour. So, why I should be held responsible for it now?"

Sophie added, "I share a very good rapport with the crew members. As far as my speaking in Hindi is concerned, I can teach the language to anyone. Ironically, when the scriptwriter handed me the first draft, it contained 90 per cent English lines. I insisted that my lines should be in Hindi. It's disheartening to hear such accusations."

When contacted Rajesh Kamat, MD of Endemol India, said, "These are routine professional hazards of any reality show."

I share a very good rapport with the crew members. As far as my speaking in Hindi is concerned, I can teach the language to anyone
Sophie Chaudhary

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Episode 12: Jyotika gets the votes again!
The Fame Academy students are enjoying their return to a college-like atmosphere: Arunima complaining about too much pink in the girls' room; Banjo singing Anda hai anda during breakfast; the boys pulling each others' leg (often literally, to wake up a late sleeper); girls doing their girly things. All in all, everything indicates the wonderful time the Fame X-ians are having at the Academy. They did not even spare the judges and faculty. In a fun session, they enacted the gala round. Banjo played Daler, Aditya was Ganesh, Ashutosh was Cyrus, Arunima was Sophie, Sammy played Dean Palash, Priyanka was Sowmya, Rehan was a floor manager, and Jyotika played 'Jyotika the contestant'. Arunima's Sophie act was on the dot and so were Aditya's Ganesh and Ashutosh's Cyrus. Sammy excelled as Dean Palash and as usual, Banjo, the joker in the pack, did Daler to hilarious results. But then it was time to get serious. Dean Palash assembled everyone in the music room and brought up a serious point. Rehan had verbally abused Ritu. Dean Palash was quite upset with it and said lack of discipline among the students won't be tolerated. He also commented on the performances by the Danger Zone contestants. He made sure each understood his/her mistake and asked them to improve on it. He was specifically unhappy about the lack of performance in the contestants' acts and told them they are not there just to sing. They are supposed to move around, have more expressions and basically win over the audience. Only Rehan and Neeti, he said, seemed to have grasped that fact. All the Danger Zonists appealed to their fellow X-ians to vote for them. Jyotika mentioned that she had sacrificed an academic year to be there and Aditya asked them to vote for him if they thought he was worth it. Banjo, who is good friends with Aditya, was worried about the tough decision because he felt Jyotika had performed better in the gala round. He got so emotional that he made Aditya cry along with himself. Dean Palash called everybody in the rehearsal room for voting. One by one each contestant revealed his/her vote and once again it was clear that most of them thought Jyotika didn't deserve to be in the Danger Zone. Dean Palash asked Jyotika to be back to the Safe Zone.

Fate of the remaining three will be decided after the caf round. This time two contestants will be voted out. Tune in to SAB TV at 9 p.m. to find out which one.

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