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Both want to talk to the other about the baby. So sweet.
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Just cant belive you are a first timer
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Sorry for the delay... " style="max-width: 100%; height: auto; vertical-align: middle; border: 0px;">Got busy shopping Black Friday deals and enjoying long weekend... 

Here comes the last chapter... Thank you all for reading my story and enjoying it so much... 

U all are 

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Chapter 26 - Happy Ending

Last Chapter...

These days 4Ks were running their own company named "4Ks".

Arnav had thrown idea to 4Ks during one of their casual meeting at the mall. They all were excelling in their work. Karan, Kriti and Kamya had started taking contracts of small events and Khushi was also taking small orders for catering as well as she used to cater all Arnav's fashion events.

Arnav threw in idea asking them to join together and manage entire event from space to decoration to food end to end. Everyone jumped over the idea. Arnav asked for 2 days to work with lawyers and come up with a fair plan suitable for everyone.

Arnav discussed the plan with his lawyer, decided on what would be the fair share for a good partnership and sponsorship etc.

Arnav called Khushi and remaining Ks at AR to explain his plan and give them time to absorb and accept or reject.

Arnav would sponsor them on behalf of Khushi investing 100 crores. It included buying 4 exquisite banquet halls in Delhi and a four farm houses outskirts of Delhi. These halls could host various events from marriages, corporate seminars to fashion. It also included office space, 5000 sq. ft. with 1500 sq. ft. ultramodern kitchen where 20 cooks can work easily. It had two separate entrances. Rest 3500 sq. ft. area was spacious enough to have a big office for around 50 people to work. This building also had a godown and ample parking space.

This space was a prime location next to AR. Arnav had bought this single story building long time ago and decided to give it to Khushi since he wanted her to be next to him always. He could easily build additional floors on top and double the parking if needed.

Arnav offered 10% partnership to Karan, Kritika and Kamya each while keeping 70% with Khushi since he was the only one investing. He offered them another 5% each if they could recover initial investments with 10% profit in 3-5 years and an open door policy if anyone wanted to quit and he would be buying his or her shares. 

3Ks knew how much talented they were, no one would invest 100 crores on them or give them opportunity to host events and forget about offering partnership without investing a single penny. Even Arnav was shrewd businessman and kept maximum shares for Khushi to keep control in his hands since they were all young and inexperienced. He also lured them to perform by throwing another 5% shares.

Karan, Kamya and Kritika discussed for couple of days and agreed with Arnav's terms and conditions and signed the documents. It was a win-win situation for all of them...

And that's how "4Ks" was born and 4Ks were handling it pretty successfully under Arnav's guidance.

Khushi was on 10 days trip to Paris, France. She was managing an event contracted to 4Ks. It was their first assignment overseas and of course all other Ks were there in Paris and even Kavi joined the gang from USA. They were having super busy but fun time.

Khushi was feeling the stress of work and fatigue. Though talking to Arnav almost every 8 hours was keeping her going, she was tired and exhausted and wanted to head home as soon as possible.

Paris fashion event was a great success. Arnav could not attend being busy at another bigger event himself but was eager to have Khushi back and hear all her blabber about her first ever event overseas... He knew she would be super excited and talk animatedly for hours!! He was so looking forward to it and every detail about their event!!

Arnav had also decided to wait until Khushi finishes her Paris event and comes back to India... He did not want to talk anything over phone that could stress her or distract her from her first ever abroad assignment... He would hear about her project, take her out for dinner and maybe slowly talk to her about their baby, he planned!!

For some reason, Khushi was missing Arnav too much, she did not understand why? She also decided maybe after telling Arnav all the details about their project in Paris, she could open up and talk to him about planning for a baby...

Khushi was back home, felt tired and was almost fainting when Di held her and took her to Dr.

"Mrs. Raizada, you should be more careful during such condition. You need lot of rest" Dr. Das was concerned.

"What has happened to her? Anything serious?" Anjali was getting worked up...

"Oh you are not aware! Let me congratulate you first in that case. Mrs. Raizada, you are pregnant almost 6 weeks pregnant" Dr. Das wished Khushi.

Dr. had done the blood test, provided the results and turned out Khushi was almost 6 weeks pregnant and with her busy schedule did not realize it.

Anjali Di and Khushi went crazy with such a fantastic news. Khushi wished Arnav was with her but then decided to surprise him.

Khushi made pool side ready with help of HP, OP and Di and hid it by switching off the lights and closing curtains. She told Di not to share the news with other family members yet. She and Arnav would announce it the next day!

"Khushi" Arnav came screaming as usual. He was hopping mad that Khushi returned back to India in the afternoon but did not even call him. Though he was informed by Di and HP, old habits never die. He was very angry as usual.

"How dare you not call me Khushi? Are you ignoring me these days?" Arnav was demanding immediate answer from her as usual.

"What's wrong with him? She was calling him 10 times every day before getting on a flight. May be last 12 hours she did not talk to him but this much anger and tantrums!! Somethings never change" thought Khushi. She just wanted to tell him the real reason but a naughty thought came in her mind. She decided to trick him.

"Yes Arnav, I have something to tell you and I cannot hide it anymore" Khushi said with a serious face though she was laughing inside...

"What is it?" Arnav also got serious now looking at her face.

"I am in love with someone" whispered Khushi. Arnav could not believe his ears. His worst nightmare, he thought.

"Who the hell is he?" Where did you meet him and how dare you Khushi?" Arnav was harsh on her and aggressively cornered her and as usual nailed her to the wall.

Was he spending too much time with Pari or at work and ignoring Khushi? She looked so happy with him and he too is so happy with her. They are having a rocking married life so what is this?? He was confused now... How much ever harsh the reality is, he needed to know...

"Yet to meet him or her but how can I not fall in love knowing he or she is part of us" replied Khushi shyly.

"What? Tell me clearly Khushi, who is he?" Arnav almost roared losing his patience.

Khushi took his hand and put on her tummy. "I don't know yet but I am 200% sure I love him or her more now than I love you..." she winked at him.

Arnav by now understood what she was trying to convey. She smiled and confirmed.

"Are you sure?" He wanted to jump in joy with her but controlled.

"Yes, did a blood test this afternoon and Dr. confirmed" Khushi replied.

Arnav hugged her tight and picked her up in his arms and spun her like crazy. He wanted to talk to her about their decision on baby as soon as she is back but she was always 2 steps ahead of him! She directly gave him good news and he was ecstatic.

"Let's celebrate, give me two minutes I will be ready and we can go out" He ran to bathroom.

She took the opportunity, switched on the pool side lights. Again there was beautiful lighting, dinner table with dinner for two, candles floating in the pool and surrounding areas and their favorite shear canopy under the stars!!

Arnav came out of the bathroom and she took him pool side. He was pleasantly surprised. There was a cake and their favorite food.

Arnav and Khushi cut the cake together, had dinner enjoying every minute being together and baby on board.

Then suddenly Arnav remembered Khushi saying she loves someone more than him.

"But there is no way you are allowed to love our baby more than me, I am always your first love and priority" demanded Arnav.

"Looks who is talking. As is I am royally being ignored these days since Pari has come in our lives and with new baby, you will forget me completely, I am very sure. And you are asking to me to make you my first priority. Just forget it!! Isn't going to happen" spat came a reply from Khushi.

With that they both laughed out loud and at the same time promised each other not to take each other for granted and will spend quality time with each no matter what!

They both dozed off weaving beautiful dreams of their family and baby... They had come a long way indeed and had long way to go carving beautiful memories of their lives together, forever and ever!!

Started with fights and then love but they figured out they needed many additional pillars to build their relationship over the years.

Today they both were sure their relationship was built strong to last long! 

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Hope you all love the story as much as I loved writing it... 
Thank you again for all your comments and feedback... 

Love you all... 
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What is going on (in a good way)?
It looks like it is a "happily ever after" day today.  Loving though!
Wonderful last chapter.  Thoroughly enjoyed.
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beautiful last chapter...
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fabulous story 
loved it 
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