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Lot of readers on myeduniya requested to continue some more and not close out on story after Sheetal track is done and I am trying... 
Busy at work so will update asap...
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And I am giving in to your requests to add some more chapters... Here you go with next chapter...


Chapter 21 - Khushi enjoying college!

Khushi's college had started in full swing and life was getting busy for Khushi as well as Arnav. But they made sure to steal time together from each other's hectic schedule. If not far, Arnav made sure to take Khushi to farm house over weekends or fly for a quick trip...

Khushi has taken admission in college with her old name "Khushi Kumari Gupta" and hence very few of her friends knew she was married that too with Arnav Singh Raizada. It was not on purpose but all her documents were in her old name and it was convenient for now. Though Arnav made her passport with new name now. He was planning to surprise Khushi with a quick trip outside India as soon as she has 3 to 4 days holidays...

Khushi did not want to garner too much attention by letting world know that she is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada due to Arnav's popularity and just wanted to focus on her education.

Even Arnav did not insist on Khushi exposing to the world being Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada. He knew it would be very hard on her to do simple things in life that she loves, once the media will be after her all the time and will be judged for her every simple actions putting too much pressure on Khushi and making her conscious all the time... And he was always worried, Khushi was too nave to handle media circus and manipulations they do...

And of course Arnav was always there if she needed any help in her studies... Can you imagine Arnav sitting late at night and making her tea when she was tired!! Yes, he was an expert in making tea now the way Khushi likes it, milk and with 2 spoons of sugar!!

Life is college was fun for Khushi at college too with her K group and with the freedom Arnav had given her.

Khushi started wearing her favorite clothes like long skirts, jeans, kurtis with leggings and she looked her age. All these days at RM, she looked and behaved way older than her age. But she was thoroughly enjoying this new phase of her life.

Needless to say, Khushi slowly started getting attention from boys in college due to her flawless beauty and nice nature. Obviously that kept possessive Arnav on his toes!!

Even now sometimes Arnav used to get worked up thinking about the attention Khushi was getting in college. Arnav was smart always to understand between the words from daily blabber from Khushi and Ks. But then Arnav knew Khushi only loves him plus she is always surrounded by her friends to handle any situation or attention... That would calm him down and he loved the way Khushi used to wait every evening to tell Arnav everything happened in the college... As promised Khushi always shared her girly gossip with Arnav.

One of the days Arnav was free from work during lunch time and decided to surprise Khushi by going to her college.

Arnav parked his car and started walking towards cafeteria. He knew Khushi usually has a small break at 11.30 am.

"What a gorgeous face!" One of the boys said looking at Khushi.

"Khushi is an exquisite beauty with grace" Other followed.

"She is so mine! I will propose her by end of this final semester, mark my words" Another arrogant guy sitting on a stylish bike declared.

"Let's bet Rakesh, she doesn't look like she will be interested. But you can give it a try" Others mocked Rakesh.

"Yes, let's bet. I will make sure Khushi is my girlfriend by end of this semester." Rakesh boasted again.

"Hey Rakesh, I heard she is very good in her studies also. Talent with beauty... She is topper in the last semester. So and ask for her notes... Easy route to talk to her buddy..." Another friend encourage Rakesh...

"But I heard she is married... Look at sindoor on her forehead... And the other day when another girl asked, Khushi really confirmed she is married... Leave her alone, she is married" Rakesh's close friend Rajiv tried to pitch in.

But Rakesh and friend continued talking about Khushi and bet was on.

By this time Arnav's anger had reached the college roof!! He clenched his fists to control the anger and started walking towards the boys. He was so ready to punch Rakesh and knock some sense in him and warn him to stay away from Khushi...

But then he suddenly came to a complete halt when he saw Khushi and her group sitting in a corner and enjoying their snacks with small chatting session.

It was amazing for him to watch Khushi laughing carelessly and enjoying her time in college without any tension and hesitation.

"Was he right in disturbing her college life by fighting in her name and creating a scene?" Arnav thought for a minute. Arnav knew Khushi will always be surrounded by her Ks and he knew how much she loves him to even look at someone else. And Khushi was bold enough not to tolerate any nonsense... May be he could talk to her Ks gang and inform them about Rakesh and have Karan keep an eye on him... It was be better instead of creating fight in her college...

Arnav was confident Khushi will talk to him if things go out of hands and he decided to back off. He was surprised and happy to realize that he had started putting Khushi first in his every thought and priorities. He was no longer taking angry and careless decisions but was putting thoughts in everything he did.. Made an effort for her!

Arnav took a U turn and went back to his car. He decided may be he will have lunch with Khushi some other day and will call her towards parking to keep things easy.

"Hey that was famous youth business icon - Arnav Singh Raizada!!" Couple of girls who saw Arnav getting in the car screamed.

"No way, what is he doing in our college? Maybe he came to see Principal..." Other girl shouted...

Khushi heard the girls scream and she was surprised Arnav could be here and if yes, why didn't he meet her or why didn't he call her.

"Oh come on Khushi, it may not be your Arnav" Kritika teased Khushi.

"Oh boy, how handsome he always looks. I have seen him once before in a fashion show for students that he had inaugurated. He looks so handsome in black suit and a red tie! Always dashing" the girls kept gossiping sitting on next table to K gang.

Khushi suddenly remembered pulling out the black suit and red tie in the morning. So did Arnav really come to her college? She was confused.

"But I heard he got married recently, so sad. I wish he was still a bachelor... Single and ready to mingle!!" sighed another girl.

Now Khushi started getting hyper.

"I don't mind married Arnav Singh Raizada also. He is so ****y and cool!!" another girl commented and it was enough for Khushi.

She just stood up and marched towards the next table but immediately stopped by Kritika and Karan.

It took Khushi some time to ignore comments on her hubby dear and calm down.

She decided to call Arnav later after her class and confirm if he had come to her college.

As usual driver Mohan had come to pick Khushi. Khushi got a chance to relax and think about the incident in college.

Who was she kidding? She knew how popular her husband was and almost all the young girls were crazy after him. She had seen all the models drooling over Arnav during her initial days at AR Designs. Arnav was immensely popular due to his good looks and achievements as young business tycoon.

Khushi also knew how much Arnav had changed and loved her! He doted on her so much. She decided to suck it in such trivial incident and would not care about the gossip around him... But maybe ask Arnav if he had come to meet Principal for some other reasons and was in super hurry.

"So Mrs. Raizada is quite popular in the college for her beauty and talent!" Arnav commented as soon as Khushi entered in their room.

Khushi was shocked to hear Arnav and to see him at home.

"Did you visit my college today?" Khushi could not help but ask.

"Yes I did come since I had no meeting during lunch time today" Arnav replied.

"Why didn't you come and meet me then?" Khushi was confused why he came all the way and went back without even talking to her.

Arnav was not sure how to explain her why he returned without meeting her. So he changed the topic by going back to original question.

"Got a call and had to rush back... Had no choice today... But could see Mrs. Raizada is very famous in college!!" he teased her.

"I heard her husband is more famous" Khushi replied with a smirk.

"I heard her husband has eyes only for her, not available any more to the world! And he is crazily, madly and deeply in love with her... His world revolves around his wife..." Arnav declared with mischief on his face. He as usual cornered her to the wall and kept staring at her lovingly...

"I have heard Mrs. Raizada is also loyal to him... It seems he is her first and last love! She is head over heels in love with him... She loves her Laad Governor too much..." Khushi replied looking into Arnav's eyes.

They both felt overwhelmed and hugged each other tight. Arnav took her for a romantic long drive with a dinner to follow... 

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Loved it .. they sre do comfortable with each other.. so much in love and understanding.. life taught them a beautiful lesson
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Nice update swati Smile
They are handling their relationship with lot of maturity. .. good to see that they have come a long way...
Waiting for the next chapter dear. ..
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Thank you so much for all your comments and likes... Trying to be creative and add few more chapters here... 

Enjoy and keep commenting... Love you all...

You all are   for encouraging me with my first ever attempt in story writing...

Chapter 22 - Old enemy strikes again!

Sheetal was in Mumbai initially but she managed to get a job in another company and came back to Delhi in couple of months.

She was lying low and wanted for the right opportunity to attack.

One the business parties, she went recently when she got to know that Arnav was supposed to attend. It was during Khushi's exam days and Sheetal had guessed Arnav might come alone.

To her luck, Arnav went alone for that party and attended it for barely an hour to meet all his clients and went back. Sheetal attended meeting after Arnav went back.

But she manipulated old picture of hers with Arnav to get it published on Page 3 next day! Some of the cheap newspapers always needed gossips and they published the news...

"ASR hooking up with old flame while his wife stays at home!" article was blown out of proportion with fabricated love story and indicating ASR having a kid with Sheetal and what not.

Arnav got call from Aman first thing early morning and message from various magazines and news-papers asking him to confirm the news.

Aranv was beyond rage but Khushi calmed him down. Timing also was worst. Here he was planning to surprise Khushi with a clothing line under her name for young, college going girls and introduce Khushi to the world by getting her inaugurate the fashion show!!

He immediately called a meeting to avoid further damage control but still he was hopping mad! Khushi was adamant on letting the news die on its own than giving it importance.

Arnav did not want Khushi to go to college but she insisted and went anyways. Khushi's mood was off and Ks were trying to cheer her up. She could not be upset in front of Arnav else he would get even mad and do something hastily... But Ks could see how upset she was!!

"Hey Khushi, can we for a coffee today?" As usual Rakesh stepped into her way.

"How many times I have to tell you that I am not interested" Khushi was angry now and shouted at Rakesh.

"And why is that? I am the most popular and handsome guy in the college and a topper. What is your problem, Khushi? Acting pricy, are we?" Rakesh asked back mocking at Khushi.

"Because I am happily married and you also know this. Now is that good enough reason for you?" Khushi could not help but give away. It was not that she wanted to purposely hide. Most of her friends knew she was married and she always had small sindoor in her forehead clearly indicating she was married...

Rakesh was beyond shocked and felt betrayed. He had heard the rumor about Khushi being married but never seen her with anyone and he assumed it might not be true. Or his heart did not want to believe the news or mostly he was lured by betting even though Rajiv had clearly told him about Khushi being married when they had initially talked about Khushi...

But the damage was done and he was very angry.

"Is it a joke, Khushi? I have asked you million times for a date and you are telling me now that you are married?" Rakesh was screaming at Khushi creating a scene.

"And exactly million times, I had said NO to you. Didn't you get the clear message Mr. Rakesh" Khushi replied calmly.

"Why your marriage is a secret? Had your husband left you or he does not like you or he has affair and he does not need you? I still like you Khushi and I can entertain you..." Rakesh was now mocking Khushi and saying nasty things.

Khushi was already vulnerable due to Sheetal incident was shocked to hear it. And already huge crowd had gathered around them and everyone gasped hearing Rakesh.

Khushi's eyes were teary and she was thinking what to do and obviously she was going to give Rakesh clear advice to stay within his limits... But then she heard a loud slap and Rakesh almost fell down but his friends held him.

Arnav just did not feel good about Khushi attending college today. Even though Khushi had put up a brave face in front him, he knew how hurt she was and old wounds were open again. Arnav regretted it even today and blamed himself completely for the Sheetal fiasco. Only he could wish he could go back in time and undo so many things!!

Arnav had decided to pick up Khushi from college and happened to walk into the ruckus Rakesh had created. The crowd gasped and shocked seeing Arnav Singh Raizada in their campus and that too giving Rakesh a tight slap and now holding Khushi's hand.

"Her husband Arnav Singh Raizada loves her to death!" Declared Arnav with a loud and proud voice holding Khushi even closer now...

Everyone was shocked, was an understatement. Everyone obviously had seen Khushi using expensive cars and clothes every now and then. Her dresses and style was up to date and trendy but still no one had bothered to dig deep into asking Khushi who is her husband. Khushi also had kept low profile and focused on her education but never knew one day she will be questioned like this and judged by others in public!

"Oh Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is Khushi's husband! What a News!" Rakesh started laughing out loud. Both Khushi and Aranv were surprised at his reaction. They were not sure what to expect next. But they both guess it would not be something nice for sure...

"So Khushi while the great Mr. ASR is busy with his ex-girlfriend Sheetal, you should not have any issues going with me for a coffee? Right ASR?" Rakesh mocked them both.

All the gathered students started gossiping and talking. Some of them were even recording by now. Arnav thought best way was to step back without further damaging the situation in college, go home and let his lawyers, PR team handle the situation and give out a statement on their behalf.

But Khushi was beyond rage when Rakesh insulted Arnav. Khushi stepped further and slapped Rakesh with all her energy and he fell down.

"Watch your filthy mouth Rakesh" Khushi roared "Just like some boys like you who do NOT understand the word NO, there are some women as well, who do NOT understand the word NO and run after married and rich men. Sheetal is one of those women and do NOT dare say a single word against my husband" Khushi warned Rakesh with no nonsense attitude.

"And due to the revenge attitude, such people go to any extent to malign other's image. Exactly that's what Sheetal is trying to do and you too. No matter what, the fact remains the same and truth always wins. Ask yourself, did I ever give you a single hope ever or even looked at you to make you feel I am interested but due to your big fat ego and bet, you were getting bold day by day and could not digest a NO" Khushi did not want to stop now.

"Whole world knows what type of a woman Sheetal Kapoor is, big time gold digger and all the time running after married men. Especially rich married men pretending to be mother of their child when they were friends in college or at work before... And she would adopt a child from orphanage and can go to any low level to mint money from rich guys... I don't need to justify my husband for her crap. She is not worth it" Khushi concluded with another tight slap to Rakesh.

Arnav had to hold her back now that she was getting out of control. He hugged her tight...

"Khushi baby, calm down... Let's go home... Are you ok sweetheart? Honey, look at me" Arnav kept consoling her and murmuring sweet nothings to soothe her...

By them Principal had come and Rakesh was ashamed of his own behavior knowing that Khushi had always refused to even talk to him and she was so right!

Arnav was beyond surprised seeing Khushi handle the situation so well and making them both stand tall in front of all her college mates.

Principal took them both to his office and discussed the matter at hand. He promised Arnav to take actions against Rakesh.

By then most of the college students have recorded the video of the incident happened in college and it was already floating all over the what's app and even you tube. What else can anyone expect in fast paced media world?

By the time they reached home, all TV channels were showing new video of Khushi and Arnav from her college campus and media giving thumbs up to Mrs. Raizada. There were loud applauds on how Mrs. Raizada handled vile woman and allegations on her husband!! By then news channels also had dug more information on Sheetal and her bad deeds as mentioned by Khushi and there was a complete listing of all her frauds... Sheetal sure dug a deep hole for herself this last time...

Sheetal was fuming with rage that her so well planned attempt was foiled by Khushi easily and she lost it again. But she did not realize, there was no second chance this time. Last time Arnav had quickly kicked her away from his life to avoid hurting Khushi. But this time he had no excuse.

His hired private detectives, they clearly identified the pictures were photo shopped. Arnav held a press conference and declared law suit was filed against the newspaper as well as Sheetal.

He also had opened all fraud cases against Sheetal and she was arrested immediately. She had taken too many fraudulent loans and money to escape this time. He even informed London police where she had done frauds and vanished.

Sheetal had no friends who could bail her out and take open enmity against Arnav!! Plus Sheetal was wrong and she had duped many of her friends as well. So any attempts for her to come out of jail would land up in prosecuted for her frauds in London!!

Sheetal was gone permanently this time from Arnav and Khushi's life this time around!!

Arnav made sure of that.

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Uploaded Chapter 22 - Enjoy reading and waiting for your likes and comments as usual...
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Nice update
Loved the way khushi handled the situation
Continue soon
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