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Arnav is angry young man in the story as always... So even if apologizes, it will be in his style... Hang in there... I will update next chapter soon...
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This is an amazing story. I'm following it on myduneya
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arnav will never change!
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Uploading Chapter 18 - I have it uploaded 19 as well on hinditvadda.in 

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This chapter is an emotional one... One of my personal favorites from this story... I expect more likes and comments please... Your encouragement is making me crazy... 

The world is suddenly perfect when you are able to put your feelings in words and express them to person you love!! Arnav and Khushi both just do that...

Hope you all enjoy...  Love you all...

Chapter 18 - Reassuring and loving each other again!!

Arnav so wished he would not have listened to Khushi and simply would have gone to Lucknow over the weekend! But then she thought she would definitely return by Saturday morning which did not happen. She was still stuck there...

At last Khushi boarded the flight on Wednesday. It was 12th day she was away from Arnav. She knew he was upset. She was upset too. Even though they talked daily over phone, it was not the same. They couldn't talk freely and she knew he was sulking over his mistakes and needed to clear air between them in person and not over phone.

The flight landed late and Khushi decided to drop Buaji first at Lakshmi Nagar. Amma forced her to have dinner first and suggested to go in the morning.

Before she could even sit, she heard knock on the door and knew who it was.

"Aree Arnav bitwa, you here?" said Khushi's amma and smiled looking at Buaji.

Buaji forced both Khushi and Arnav to have dinner first and then they headed back to RM.

Dinner was a quiet affair with Arnav stealing glances at Khushi and car journey was just a little talk but mostly silent.

As soon as they reached home, Arnav wanted to get in their room and talk to her!! But Khushi was surrounded by everyone as usual. With Di and Payal asking her so many questions, it took her almost half an hour to reach her bedroom.

"Do you realize I am waiting for you? When were you going to come?" Arnav asked Khushi pushing her to the wall and caging her between his hands as usual. Though he made sure not to hurt her, he couldn't control his anger anymore.

That's when she looked up close at him and immediately regretted her decision to go to Lucknow. She could see dark circles under his eyes screaming about his sleepless nights, his hands shivering with restlessness and eyes red.

She decided to let him vent out!!

"I know" she was calm.

"What do you know Khushi? Tell me, what do you know? Do you know how much I love you, how much I missed you in last 12 days? Do you realize how much I regretted blaming you for the DNA fiasco and my behavior after it? Do you realize I could not sleep thinking you would be mad and may not come back to me? Do you realize any old girlfriend, ex flings mean nothing to me and only you matter? Do you realize I can't think straight if I cannot feel you around me? Do you know I always hated kids but started thinking about them only after I married you? Do you know I dreamt about our kids? Do you know I can see us growing old together? How could you go Khushi without actually talking to me or meeting me? How could you?" Arnav dropped his shoulder, he was exhausted by expressing everything angrily in one breath.

"I called you Arnav!! And it was urgent" She did not want to say anything to irk him further but she had to.

"You never understand Khushi!! Do you? You were not even planning to come back home tonight. Had I not come, you would have come back tomorrow" He argued, stepped back feeling defeated and moved into the bathroom for a long shower.

"Is she ever going to feel for me the way I feel for her? Even though I am the one who makes lots of mistakes? He knew he is crazily, madly and deeply in love with her but does she know?" Arnav wondered. His emotional and physical need for her was way stronger than he had ever imagined. He just needed her around him all the time, 24 by 7 and 365 days a year, period. He had always shown his possessiveness to her but he learned hard way himself in last 12 days!!

Warm water calmed him down a bit and he was relieved he could spit out his choked feelings. He only knew, how miserable he had felt last 12 days!!

And he was happy she was back!! He could live with apologizing and making up to her his whole life!!

Suddenly someone hugged him tight from behind in the shower!! He knew right away it was Khushi. His heart always felt her.

"I missed you too Arnav, you have no idea how much?" she said standing in front of him under warm water. She needed to relax her mind too!!

He could see she had cried. He hugged her tight to never let her go.

"Oh Khushi, I am so sor..." He could not say anything further. She kissed him hard and bit his lower lip.

Shock was an understatement for Arnav. First, she getting into shower with him and now kissing him deep, pouring her feelings.

"I missed you so much" she kept whining while kissing him.

Gone were all the negative thoughts and restlessness for Arnav. He responded with all the love he had for her.

"Why would I leave you and where would I go? We can always figure out issues together, right? And even though you are a person of less words and you don't always express well, I know you love me a lot!! Did you forget our Hum Hamesha (We together always)'?" she asked seriously after the kiss.

Arnav always appreciated his Khushi was simple, sorted and nave. But he felt overwhelming with Khushi putting her thoughts in such simple manner and reassuring him.

"Always together Khushi, And I want to prove my love for you million times by saying it or in actions... Every single day I love you more and more!!" Arnav did not hesitate a bit to show her how much he had missed her and how much crazy he was for her...

Soon the love and passion took over!! 

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Hopefully I will be able to surprise you by posting last few chapters before here... Enjoy Chapter 18...
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For those who are following this story on myduneya, Chapter 20 is uploaded there... 
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Read all in one go
Awesome story
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