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Thanks for you likes and comments as usual... Here I give you next chapter... 


Chapter 17 - Insecurity Crops In Again!!

Arnav dug into DNA fiasco and confirmed from the hospital staff and ward boy with Sheetal and Khushi's photos that it was Sheetal who had ordered and got done the DNA reports.

Arnav expected that anyways. As usual he had time and again accused Khushi first and then tried to look into the facts. Why simply he couldn't respect and trust her??

How much ever he wanted to avoid, he kept on thinking same things again and again!! Had he been smart enough to keep his eyes open, see all the signs and talk to Aarav long ago, things would not have been like this and Sheetal would not have dared to mock Khushi? I gave Sheetal that opportunity... He would be never ever doing that again in his life but still his guilt was here to stay for a long time...

He was super proud of Khushi for standing up for him and she took Sheetal head on!! He was really not sure what he must have done in his previous life to deserve Khushi!!! What he can do this time to mend the situation? And would his plan to take Khushi to farm house, talk to her and spend time with her work?

But then he had guessed Khushi would go to Buaji's house and Di confirmed it over phone. Arnav was mad at himself and switched off the phone. He decided to give her space.

Khushi just needed a break!! She knew all along Sheetal being evil but she still wished Arnav could have figured it out early. No woman in the world would like to get mocked by another woman over her husband! She sure was very upset.

She needed to relax before she talks to Arnav and what else be better than her favorite place - Her room in her house at Lakshmi Nagar.

Phone was ringing as soon as she reached Lakshmi Nagar home, she attended the phone running in and it was the lawyer calling Babuji and Buaji for their land and shop related case in Lucknow. It was urgent and someone needed to go Lucknow to represent for their case.

Khushi tried calling Arnav many times and left him a VM as well as message that she is going to Lucknow with Buaji. Khushi reached Lucknow with Buaji in the evening by plane but was worried not getting any calls from Arnav.

Arnav as usual returned late from work. Di called him for dinner.

"Khushi" he screamed out loud not seeing her in their room.

"Don't you know she is in Lucknow with Buaji for their court case related to land and shop?" Di asked him surprised.

"What the?" was his standard reply and that's when he switched the cell back on to see so many missed calls from Khushi and her voice messages and texts.

He barely ate dinner due to Di's insistence and rushed to call Khushi. But he was not sure what to say after Sheetal fiasco was over and he got to know about the DNA report.

Suddenly insecurity cropped up into Arnav's mind. Did Khushi go to Lucknow to stay away from him and think? He was getting restless again. How will he face her and talk to her about DNA report and apologize??

"Where were you and why didn't you pick the phone? Are you OK?" Khushi bombarded him with questions as soon as she picked up the phone.

"I was... I was busy in a meeting" Arnav did not know what else to say.

"Arnav, the lawyer came. So I have to go and I will call you soon. You take care" With that Khushi hung up.

She sounded normal and not upset - Was the first thing came to Arnav's mind. But he was more upset on himself...

"When will you be back?" Asked Arnav restless as soon as she had called him again. He just wanted her by his side. He just was unable to sleep under the burden of his mistakes and needed her with him.

"Maybe couple of days more, the lawyer said we should get paper work done and submitted by Friday and money will be transferred directly to Buaji's account in Delhi after land deed is done" replied Khushi.

She also did not know what else to talk over phone and kept it minimal. She was worried for him knowing his nature and how he regrets and goes in shell. She had seen it before. So she did not want to touch the sensitive topic unless she is in front of him to handle him.

Khushi needed her space to think about all the happenings around Sheetal and she got one by going to Lucknow. But she just had thought of a day break and here she was stuck in Lucknow now!

Arnav always had been open book to her and never hid his life style or his past. But still the last whole month was overwhelming for Khushi.

She wanted to take strict actions for herself also, not compromising her self-respect for him every time and not allowing him or anyone else to take her for granted. She wanted to develop habits to be straight forward with him without feeling scared or intimidated by him.

She had seen Arnav trying to mend his ways and being more vocal about their time together, wanted her to share her inner feelings with him always and was really excited for her when she decided to study further.

She also needed to step up and not let other people or things rule their relationship. She needed to take few practical decisions and not stupid, emotional ones like simply inviting Sheetal to stay with them because she was single mom and assuming she needed help managing her kid!!

What was she thinking? Obviously she wasn't thinking. If he was at fault, she was too... She realized then, if he was blaming himself, she too was blaming herself. Because they loved each other so much!!

"No more ex-girlfriends in our marriage" She smiled to herself sheepishly.

"Be demanding in a relationship as him" Khushi promised herself. Every time compromising for others and keeping quiet for family did no good to her, especially last month and she did learn her lesson hard way.

"Take time out for him and have fun!! Explore each other!! Oh yes, and less house c****s or else he is sure to fire HP and OP" She laughed remembering how he had threatened her!!

Khushi felt very much relaxed and relieved after so many days and slept well. She was desperate to go back to her Laad Governor!!

Unfortunately the land deed paper work took few more days and it was already 10 days but she was still in Lucknow.

Arnav was doing what he did best when angry, immersed himself in work, hardly slept or ate or maintained his routine. It was because of Di, he was eating his diabetic medicines on times and barely surviving.

He just was super mad at himself first and now on Khushi for staying back in Lucknow!! He was not sure how he will react seeing Khushi, once she is back. 

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There you go... Posted Chapter 17... Enjoy 

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very sensible and logical chapter. Again Arnav is angry with Khushi. Wonder what he will do next.
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he could have gone there if he was not busy
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he could have answer his phone , he could have gone behind her ,,,but no he also got man ego 
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