OS- Mile Ho Tum Humko Bare Nasibo Se

Posted: 2016-10-31T23:26:53Z
" Geet how many times i have to say that im fine. Don't call me again and again. You are disturbing me please " Maan hanged up angrily.

                      He came Australia for an important project and there his over worried wife calling him again and again saying she is missing him also to take care of his health. ' for God sake I'm not a child why can't she just stop worrying ' .

               " What happen gentleman " Maan's client Mr Thomas asked..

              " Ah nothing just over worried wife you know " Maan answered irritatedly as he switched off his phone...

                     " i am sorry now there will be no disturbance ".. Mr Thomas smiled and they continue with their meeting. All day went quiet fast as he was very busy and forget eat or to switch on his phone...

                   At night he joined the client party. He took a drink and stand in a corner, seeing couple dancing he start missing his over protective, worried wife. Then remember he didn't switch on his phone..

                  ' oh no pata nehi Geet kitna parashan hoga ' but surprised to see no missed call. Its 8 hours since she called, how come she didn't call him . She usually keep calling him at every two or one hour to hear if he is ok or not . ' what happened to her ' Maan thought worriedly. He thought to call but seeing the time stop... .

            ' it must be very late there, she must be sleeping now '. He was about to walk pass when Mr Thomas came

               " what wrong young man, you seem worried ? "...

               " its nothing " saying he looked at his phone...

                 " seems like your wife takes your advice and didn't call you " ...

                  he said smiling. Maan shocked " how do you know? "...

                  " come on man ,few years back i was also in your place, worried irritated of over loving wife. Lets go take a drink with me ". They went to counter and ordered drinks ...

             " so tell me about her ".

                 Maan smiled " she is crazy, irritate woman with a big heart. Not just people she can't even see an animal in pain " he finished proudly...

                  " And you love that crazy woman " Thomas said with half smile. Maan simply nodded.

                   " from morning she was calling you continuously then you scold her and she stop calling, it's bothering you right , i mean you must be thinking why she not calling me ? Is she fine or stop thinking about me ? "...

               " umm she must be busy so..".

                 " Accept it young man you missing her worried voice. It is fact, we get annoyed when someone show concern for us too much but we get more tensed when that person stop worrying and its feels terrible "...

                  Maan looked at him surprised yes he is feeling the same. He now only want to hear her voice Thomas noticed it ...

             " go call her, trust me she would be more happy if you broke her sleep " saying he left .

                 Maan thought for sometime and went outside to call but stop seeing Mr Raj Kapoor and some other businessman totally drunk and talking about their wife.

              Karan - hey Raj you are so lucky, your wife loves you so much.

                 Raj- sorry to break the bubble but I'm unlucky just like you. Meri patni ko shopping aur party se phursat mile tab toh mujshe pyaar karegi na. It's almost one week I'm here she didn't even bother to call me once.

                 Rohit - your wife didn't call you and there my wife didn't have time to talk when i called. seems like our fate is same, our wife only bother about money. We have money, power ,everything but still we are so unlucky..

          Karan- it seems ages since she said she loves me. She ...

               Maan couldn't hear more and went from there and start thinking about their words.. Their wife didn't care about them ,stay in their own world and for Geet he is her only world.

                 Every time he went aboard for business she got so worried and he always laughed of that.. He may got busy but she never forget to call to ask about him, she loves him so much and here he is ignoring that care ,that love only because of business how could he do that. He finally realised what he was doing and smiled proudly...

                 " how come i became so lucky "...

                 He wants to hug her, kiss her want to say thank you for caring for him, for loving him so much . He looked at his mobile but drop the idea to call her instead booked a flight to go back after all Geet deserve more than a phone call and business can wait, nothing can be important than his wife...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-10-31T23:52:28Z
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Posted: 2016-10-31T23:37:29Z
Time pass os hope you guys will like it
enjoy Smile

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Posted: 2016-11-01T01:06:34Z
Beautiful OS!!
Can we have a next part of it where Maan surprises Geet!!
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Posted: 2016-11-01T01:10:27Z
Nice OS... Short and SweetClap...
Conveyed your message with our maaneet in a beautiful way.. Keep it up Smile

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Posted: 2016-11-01T03:49:43Z
Originally posted by jasika08

Nice OS
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Posted: 2016-11-01T05:51:17Z
Originally posted by jasika08

Nice OS
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Posted: 2016-11-01T06:11:59Z
Beautiful os. Simple and cute with a small but deep message.
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Posted: 2016-11-01T07:59:41Z
beautiful os dear
geet calling continually and maan irritated and switch off the phone
thomas given good advise
waiting for maaneet moments dear
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