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The streets of Mumbai were extremely busy as people were bustling about their day. Some could say the city was busier, the city of dreams stands with open arms for every single soul that looks up to it. Thousands of expatriates flock to Mumbai every day with hopes and aspirations of fulfilling their dreams. Amongst the hectic atmosphere, frustration was an all too familiar feeling that kept surfacing within a specific company building.

Within the very top floor of Kapoor Industries, a certain man was becoming more and more irritated by every passing minute. Any normal person would believe such stress was being caused by the stacks of paperwork however; Ram Kapoor was having trouble remaining sane for a completely different reason,

"I thought you wanted this file completed?" His head of a secretary assumed, popping her chewing gum between her teeth. 

"No Ayesha... I gave you the file and said not to make any amendments to it because it needed to be looked over. I gave you the red file and told you to write the already written notes up." Ram exhaled, angrily. He always tried to keep a reasonable tone even when the majority of his secretaries got their tasks completely wrong. 

"Okey, you totally should be clearer Sir." Ayesha replied stubbornly, checking her nails to make sure they weren't chipped. Ram gritted his teeth in annoyance and ran a hand over his face.

"Right." He mummer. Ayesha clicked her tongue and glanced at the clock,

"I'm going for my lunch break now!" Ayesha jumping in place and turning towards the office doors. Ram snapped his head up in disbelief,

"Ayesha, you have got work.." Ram was cut off her

"Human rights, Sir!" She responded, run out of the office without another word. Ram groaned and rubbed his temples angrily. He got up from his chair and walk over to the doors. He propped one of the doors open to take a look at Ayesha's decks. 

He couldn't believe what a mess the desk was in. Empty coke cans were sprawled over the desk with a couple littering upon the floor. Crumbs of cookies were dotted over the ripped chair and what angry Ram most of all was the fact that there was more bottles of nail polish than there was paperwork or stationary. 

"That's it." Ram inflame, clenching his fist by his side. He stormed down the hallways in search of the only person in charge of his decisions; it is owner of The Kapoor Industries, the person is his father.

When he came to Amarnath Kapoor's door, he didn't even stop to he fist against the door. He barged straight in and planted his hands firmly against the desk, creating a loud thud. AK stared at him patiently with an eyebrow raised,

"I want her gone." Ram demanded, jaw set.  

"Her being...?" Amarnath urged,

"Ayesha! She barely does work and treats the place like a home from home." 

"Why don't you wait a while? She might change"

"No!" Ram commanded, "I'm sick of this, Dad. I don't want any more bubble headed or any more fat oldies who hardly remember what I asked them seconds before." 

AK nodded as a sign that Ram had his attention,

"Seriously. Where do you even find these secretaries? I need someone who's willing to actually do work; not someone who uses the job as a pastime." 

AK shrugged, "If you're not happy with your current secretary then I'll be happy to find you a new one," He informed him,

Ram sighed in relief, "Thanks Dad," He breathed. AK held up a hand which made Ram gulp on cue.

"But," AK began, causing Ram to groan, "Since Ayesha is your secretary, I expect you to fire her." 

Ram visibly slumped, "But I hate that!" He protested, "They either cry or shout and throw things at me."

AK made a disapproving expression at Ram and pointed to his door, "Go and fire her." AK ordered,

Ram rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, "mein abhi aisa nahi kar sakta..." He huffed, "She's on her lunch break."

AK held an expression of confusion before double taking at the clock, "It's 9am..." He stated. 

Ram sighed, "I know. Do you see what I mean now?" 

"I'll work on it and try and find you a new secretary within the next few days," AK reassured, ushering him from his office. Ram nodded in thanks and went back to his office, feeling a migraine coming on.

After about an hour of Ram simply relaxing in his chair to relieve him of his headache, the doors to his office swung open and Ayesha entered in, "You call me?" She stand in awe, chewing a new piece of gum. Ram sat up and sighed,

"Yes... Ayesha, listen..." Ram started, "As great as you've been at this job... I'm afraid I'm gonna have to let you go..."

"You are so not serious, right?" Ayesha asked, "this news has left her totally flabbergasted" at the idea of being fired,

"I'm afraid I am serious. It's just that..." Ayesha cut him off with a wave of her hand,

"Do you know what? I don't even need this crappy job. You will don't know what you are losing." She  storming out of Ram's office. Even when she was just outside, he could still hear her incessant moaning. With a heavy inhale of breath, Ram pushed himself away and up from his desk to follow Ayesha out. He stood by the door and tried to look remorseful about firing her but he was honestly so happy that she was no longer going to be working there. She was beyond terrible.

Ram had completely stopped listening to her words of anger and rage but he was drawn out of his own thoughts by her last shout throughout the floor, "Jerk!" Ayesha shouted, stomping her foot and huffing. She turned away, her things in her hand and stormed through the hallways. 

Ram smirked once she had completely gone and punched the air with as much enthusiasm as he could. He knew no one was around but he cleared his throat and straightened his suit immediately afterwards.

He turned and re entered his office as casually as he could without seeming too gleeful at the thought of no more idiotic secretary. 

Ram gently cricked his neck as he made his way out of his car. He really needed to obtain a new and more comfortable way of sleeping; every other morning he had to deal with soreness in his joints. He yawned and stretched his arms above his head, locking his car in the process.

The first thing he did when he got into the lobby of the office was buy a strong espresso; he definitely needed it this morning. His father had informed him the previous night that he had found him a new secretary. AK's recommendation of this one seemed to be rated pretty high; he had told Ram that she was very eager to work and was very organized and she had received quite high standard references. These factors definitely intrigued Ram but what really shocked him was the fact that this girl was only nineteen and yet she had more work experience than Ram himself who was now  twenty three. That was the very gist of what his dad had told him; he would have at least liked to know her name or what she looked like.

As Ram received his coffee and paid, he felt a firm hand come down upon his shoulder. He turned and wasn't really surprised to see AK,

"Hey Dad," He greeted before taking a sip of the coffee,

A man of few words, AK simply nodded his hello' to Ram. Most people would usually become insulted at AK's silence but Ram had become habituated to it; he had had last 1 year to do so in all fairness.

"So," Tell me some more about the girl then".Ram said.

"She's waiting at her new office," AK explained, "What else do you need to know?"

"A name would be good, Dad."

"Well her name is Priya Sharma." 

"Priya... Huh... aur bataiye." 

"Mm... She's had 4 different jobs since finishing her 12th at the start of this year?"

"Not bad... What else?"

AK sighed, clearly bored of giving Ram a file report on his new intern. Ram couldn't help but smirk. He may not have been classified as a teenager anymore but he would forever be stuck in his ways; especially when it came to irritating his Dad.

Ram and AK stepped into the elevator and Ram pressed the button leading to the top floor. While they waited, Ram decided to try and get some more info on Priya.

"So what type of girl she is ?" Ram wondered,

"What?" Ram groaned,

"Serious, polite? What?" 

"She seems quite... smart."

"Mm... Never had a smart secretary before."

AK didn't respond.

"Is she a paid or unpaid intern?"

"Paid," AK said in a matter of fact tone, "I don't think this company has ever tried unpaid,"

Ram nodded to show that he was listening. He hated having to make small talk with his Dad; whereas Ram was willing to talk, AK was not.

Finally they arrived on the floor. Ram eyed AK carefully, "What? You are going to walk me to my intern?" Ram asked, sarcastically,

"Okay, Do you know what she looks like?" AK retorted,

Ram made a face, "Fair enough," He shrugged. They continued walking through the hallways. He wouldn't admit it out loud but Ram was kind of excited about gaining a new secretary; as long as she did her job, he saw no reason why they couldn't get along; maybe even be general friends.

They rounded the final corner and Ram gulped as he  noticed a girl patiently waiting at the secretary desk. He smiled fondly as she was already tidying things on the desk to be more organized. They approached and AK cleared his throat, causing the girl to jump and turn to them with a friendly smile.

Ram felt his jaw drop slightly. Something AK had completely forgot to mention was the fact that Priya was stunning. His main focus was drawn to her eyes. They were a deep shade of black and they brighten more that Ram thought other people's eyes shone. Her eyes practically lit up as her dazzling smile electrified every feature upon her face which only enhanced her beauty. Ram found it suited that her hair matched exactly to the preferred hair and length that he was always so very fond of.

"Ram," AK say, "This is your new intern secretary; Priya Sharma," 

Ram blinked a couple times to shake his intense thoughts involving Priya's appearance. He produced a friendly smile upon his features and gently put his hand out to her.

"Nice to meet you, Priya. I'm Ram Kapoor and I'll be your new boss." Ram said in a professional tone that he used with every employee but he couldn't help but feel as though his greeting seemed more upbeat than it usually was.

Before Priya could answer, AK placed his hands behind his back, "I'll leave you to it then. Good luck, miss Sharma." AK said with a smile before disappearing towards his own office.

Ram's eyes never left Priya's face as she nodded to AK. When she turned back to face him, Ram's mood intensified slightly.

"Mr Kapoor. I would like to thank you for the opportunity of working here at Kapoor Industries; it means ever so much to me," Priya said with that infectious smile of hers. 

"No problem. It seems you have got a lot of ranged experience which only makes you perfect for the position," Ram replied, placing his hands in his pockets at an attempt to break down the social boundaries. Priya's smile only grew and Ram felt his own lips quirking up into a smile. Priya placed her hands behind her back in an obedient manner and stared up at him.

"What would you like for me to do first?" Priya questioned,

Ram cleared his throat and shook his head, "Oh right..." He coughed and readjusted himself, "Follow me plz, Priya." 

Priya nodded and instantly followed behind Ram as he entered into his office. He picked up a small stack of paperwork that was urgently needed and turned back to Priya. Ram smirked as he watched her staring around his office in awe,

"Like it?" Ram smile,

"Sorry Sir," Priya apologist, tinging slightly pink, "I have never seen such a lovely office."

"Thanks," Ram grinned. He suddenly felt like he was back in college; Priya seemed so easy to get along with and the thoughts he had earlier on involving her good looks pulsed within his mind; it wasn't really something he could ignore.

Priys bashfully nodded and stood closer to him. Ram gulped as her hands slipped against his own while she took the paper from him,

"Plz," She said, "Is there a specific time you need this paperwork to be completed by, Mr Kapoor?"

Her voice is so angelic Ram thought to himself.

"Mr Kapoor?" Priya prompted, 

"Huh? Oh!" He was trying and failing miserably at acting cool in front of her, "Hmm... If you could get them done as soon as possible Priya, that's be fantastic." 

"I shall begin working on it immediately." Priya said. She brought the paper closer to her chest and nodded to Ram before turning and swiftly leaving his office. 

Ram smiled after her but his dreamy smile vanished suddenly and he ran a hand over his hair. He was conflicted. 

What am I doing? She's your intern, Ram; you can't think of her in any way other than professionally. C'mon... You have only just met her. She might be a terrible worker. You wanted a secretary who does the work, not one who captures your attention every time she speaks! Although... She is really endearing and really quite beautiful.?..Stop it Ram! Sit down and do the work that YOU are supposed to be doing.

Having a mental argument with himself wasn't helping anything in the slightest. Ram sighed and took a seat and tried to forget about the effect that his new employee had already had on him...

... Which was kind of hard considering Priya was back within 45 minutes with the work he had given her earlier on, finished and completely up to scratch. 

Okay... So, trying to convince himself that she was going to be a terrible worker had already failed...

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Posted: 2016-10-12T08:12:08Z
Hey Prajakta...how r u?
Beautiful SS
i loved ur Ayesha LOL total chic...nail paints, can n biscuits in place of paper LOL
Priya-the efficient worker that Ram always wanted but before her work could impress him, she herself hv impressed him
do PM next tym as I tend to forget :P
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Posted: 2016-10-12T08:22:07Z

Nice story..
Reading intern as title, thought a doctor's storyEmbarrassed
But yes interns are applicable in all other fields tooLOL

Ram Taalash for an efficient secretary finally ended..
But before finding her work efficient , he was boggled by her only..
Waiting to see how story moves ahead...
And does ayesha hv a part in future too...
Edited by LuvSSever - 2016-10-12T08:21:31Z
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Posted: 2016-10-12T09:48:05Z
so superb yaar prajakta...khup mastach Priya ram ki secretary. wow. looking forward how the story progress. thanks for pm. pl continueEdited by iluvusakshi - 2016-10-12T11:21:14Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-10-12T11:57:44Z
very nice
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-10-13T00:21:11Z
Very nice beginning.
Different concept and a young Priya and ram.
As ram is already smitten by Priya.
Waiting to see how the story unfolds?
Thanks for pm and continue soon.Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-10-13T00:20:45Z
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Posted: 2016-10-13T05:38:38Z

Part 1
awww Parjakta this is complete bliss part yaar ... the way u discribe Aayesha was fab & Ram completlt pissed of from her worth reading then our heroien made entry she is effciant & good worker too good but Ram is more intesret in her nature lol... it was really great to read I so enjoyd the way Ram got clean blowled by her in first meeting only... waiting for next do post soon...

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Posted: 2016-10-13T06:45:30Z
Nice start of ss
Fresh story
Thank for pm
Hope we get regular updates
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