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Hey guys...don't call me crazy please...can't help it...actually I don't think I will study properly if I go without writing it...but the credit for this fs goes to prasanna coz she cleared my confusions with this fs n gave me support to make it happen...stay tuned...n response is expected after each part as I wish to complete this by tmrw n ur comments will add fuel to my fire...
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Her heart started thumbing hard and she felt it was on the verge of explosion as his touch travelled from her cheek down to her chin, then to her neck and further down. His face was close to hers, his eyes were fixed on hers. She tried moving away from him but he was moving close to her on their bed. Finally she reached the edge of the bed and was about to fall when he held her by her waist and pulled her to the bed again. The next moment he was on top of her staring to her gorgeous face. Various emotions filled her heart at a single moment. This was the moment she longed for; having him so close, so proximal to her. But now she don't know how she should feel. Definitely his touches were creating magics inside her; her feminity was responding like crazy to what he was doing with her. But if she allow him now, it's gonna turn out as a big mess in future...some big mess...Something that can't be reversed. She got snapped out from thoughts when she felt his lips pressed in to hers. Oh no...this shouldn't happen...thought her. But his effect was too much for her to bear. As she munched her baby lips with full passion she couldn't prevent herself from her hugging him and responding to him. He broke the kiss slowly, allowing her to take breathe. Roli was shaken by the kiss; her heart loved it like hell but her brain was scared. She spotted that his hand was travelling to her shoulder to unpin her saree. "Siddhantji..." cried Roli to stop him as the fear dominated her. Sid looked at Roli as her panicked cry confused her. "What happened Roli?" he asked with lot of concern. Roli realized that she had overreacted and tensely rubbed her palms. "Woh Siddhantji...Not're not well...please don't take strain..." she requested. Sid smiled cutely and pulled her close and pressed his lips on her forehead. "Awww wifey...i'm fine..i'm not a serious patient at the ICU...I'm fine...I wish to be with you...feel you...make you mine again...Just allow me yaar..." his sweet plead melted her heart but she was afraid of the consequences of her approval. "Siddhantji...please listen...I'm very tired...I just can't..." she said hesitantly. "Oh're tired...why didn't you tell me before...see I sleep now..." he pulled her to his chest and patted her neck. Roli felt a deep pain in her heart. She is forced to lie to him when she seriously don't want that. "'re not disappointed na?" she asked him slowly. Sid hugged her more tighter and said "No Roli...why should I feel's obvious that you feel tired...I don't want to force you...I just wanna love you...just that...this can happen later too when you're all mine..." Roli's heart clenched in pain. His warmth was soothing and congesting her at the same time. "'s hot...can I sleep turning to other side..." she asked moving from her hug. "Fine...but it's hard to sleep without you in arms...anyway be comfortable..." He left her from his embrace.Roli turned to other side and settled herself on the edge of the bed. Tears rolled from her eyes as memories rushed to her mind. "Forgive me Siddhantji...I'm so helpless that I'm forced to do this...but I can't bear it when you'll blame me for this in forgive me..." said Roli in her mind and closed her eyes with a heavy heart.
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its confusing & interesting dear clear it soon why roli is behaving like this waiting for next eagerly update soon
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Yes very confusing or interesting can't wait
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Nice but confusing waiting for next updates.
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Interesting dear!!!!!ClapIs there any thing like sid had memory loss in past he didn't like roli and their marriage?????so bcuz of that only roli is scared to get close to sidSilly
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Wow..So Roshni chechi back to form..Very interesting update it...
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