RAYA OS : Passionate Love

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"Goa! I can't believe we're in Goa!' Neha yelled dropping her bags on the floor of a Ram's beach house they were staying in, Her eyes widened as she saw everybody standing there in the living room. Ram, Vikram, Karthik, Rishabh, Priya, Soumya, Natasha... Everybody. Even Isha! everyone staring at her. They all burst into laugh,

"Baby, you okay?" Vikram asked.

"Yesss...Neha shout happily.

They decided to go on vacation, and Goa seemed like a perfect place for it.

Priya sat on the sofa completely mesmerized by the beautiful sight in front of her, Ram. She had a big crush on him since...forever, she don't know when, how or why it started but now she were ruining her life by doing his compromise wife but think about her Mr. Kapoor. Priya were so hypnotised by Ram, who was talking with Vikram, that she didn't even notice Neha and Natasha come over and sit on the couch next to her.

"Hi, Darling" kisko dekh rahi ho." Neha's words made her snap out of her trance, Priya hadn't realized she had been staring.

"O oh nothing main nhi toh."

"Oooh, denial, that means Bhabhi you must of been staring at someone, who was it?" Nuts asked.

"I I wasn't staring at anyone."

"Oooh! Even more denial! that means it's a love!" Hamko tumse pyar hua pehli baar hua... Neha teased.

"When did you start reading Priya Bhabhi's face?" Nuts asked.

"C'mon it's obvious, and besides, I can read everyone's face like books any way."

"Since when?!?!" They both started arguing, again. They always did. As the two girls were arguing Priya turned her gaze back to Ram and began sta-observing him once again. And because Priya were so completely entranced she hadn't noticed Neha and Nuts had stopped arguing and were now trying to figure out who she were looking at.

"It's Vikram!" Neha said, causing Priya to once again snap out of her trance.

"No it's not!" Nuts began, "Vikram Bhai has a Wife and it's you."

"Oh yes it's me, OK then it must be Karthik!"

"Karthik?!?! Hardly, what Bhabi aap ne apne bhai ko kabhi dekha nhi hain kya." Nuts said.

"Priya roll her eyes and said Natasha.

"Okay Okay sorry."

"Ok the only one left is Ram, OMG !!! You have crush on RAM" Neha was interrupted by Priya covering her mouth with her hand.

"Okay, okay you got me, I've got a crush on Mr.Kapoor but kya farak padta hain... he is love in with that stupid Isha."

"Plz, don't tell him." Priya whispered.

" But Priya you have to tell him that you love him. You are his wife, you have all right on him just go to him and bol de Mr. Kapoor I love you.

"Priya smile and said but he found his love In Isha, after all she his first crush since college and me, main toh bas abhi aai hu unki life main.

"But Priya.

"Plz yaar Neha" now no more discussions.

"Hein? No more discussion, But Bhabhi...

"YES AND DON'T TELL YOUR BHAI!!!" Priya said. Nuts's jaw dropped causing the bread to fall out of her mouth.to fall out of her mouth.

"Promise I won't." Nuts whispered.

" WAY!" Neha exclaimed.

"SHUT UP!!!" Priya yelled. Before Neha could say anything else Priya placed her hand on Neha's mouth.

"Mmm hmm mhmhm mm." Neha mumbled, Priya took her hand away from her mouth to let him speak. "I won't tell anyone either."

"Why don't you just tell him? I'm sure he likes you too, I mean how cute you two look together!" Nuts teased. Priya giggled

"Super cute!" Neha squealed."You are Made for Each Other."

"You need help Bhai ," Nuts finally said, causing her to chuckle and Neha to frown.

After Ram and Vikram finished their conversion, the family members went to their rooms to get some sleep and rest from the long journey. 

Meanwhile, Priya was busy with Neha and Natasha from thinking Ram and her relation.

"I don't know what Ram did to you, but you've been all right so far, right?" Neha said to Priya.

"But..." Priya lowered her head.

"Just go and expressed your feelings." Neha said calmly.

"But, Ne..." She looked up to her.

"No, but... Bhsbhi he is your husband.

"Yes, he is my husband but he didn't love me, he love only Isha"

"Come on yaar, how can you talk like that, Ram told you that he loves Isha" Neha said.

"No, he didn't tell me that he love Isha, But why he staying other room.

"Oh, so you have an a problem.

"Stop it Neha! Priya cried and Nuts and Neha burst into laugh.

"Uhm... I should go asked this question to Bhai." Nust said trying to stood up.

"Yes... That's... That's probably a good idea." Neha said and looking at Priya.

" Priya eyes widened and she blushed. "It's a very bad idea..." She mumbled.

She looked up to Nuts and raise her eyebrow. I  told you na... don't tell your Bhai.

"What yaar Priya, this not fair pyar toh karti ho but batana nhi chatati ye khesi jidh hain.

"Yes, Bhabhi Neha Bhabhi is right you should have go to Bhai and tell him expresses your fleeings.

"Priya plz... Jake bol de usko ke tu usse pyar karti hain...tujhe koi problem nhi hoti kya Isha aur Ram ko aise ek sath dekh ke agar main teri jagha hoti na toh main kab ki Isha ko iss ghar se kya Ram ki jindagi se bahar nikal deti.

"But main aisa kaise kar sakti hu mujhe toh ye bhi nhi pata Mr . Kapoor mujh se pyar karte bhi hain ya nhi

"Priya Bhabhi!" She turned around and saw Soumya waving at her.

"Coming!" Priya shouted to drown out the noise. She looked after Ram one last time, and then she headed towards Soumya.

Neha Bhabhi... in donon ka kuch nahi ho sakata...

"Yes you are right."

After some time Priya come with Soumya when she saw Ram and Isha together in the sofa. Her face turned both sad and serious at the same, when she saw Isha flirting with Ram.

"I hope we have a great vacation Priya Bhabhi." Soumya said and smiled at her. She almost had forgotten that she was there.

"I hope so." She said trying to put up a smile on her face.

She turned around. Her face became sad again, and she just stood there in her own thoughts. Didn't our marriage mean anything to him? Priya asked herself, and tried to hold back the tears.

"Hey Priya, Ram ke khayako se bahar aavo ham bhi hain yaha." She heard Neha say. She looked surprised at her, while she approached her, and then smiled.


Priya roll her eyes.

"What happened Choti?" Ram asked bewildered.

Priya Bhabhi ko Nind Nahi aa rahi hain... Plz spend some time with her.

"Ram look at Priya. She lowered her eyes he knew that something else was bothering her. She was trying to be happy, but deep down inside she was trying to cheer herself.

Ram sat down on a chair, keeping her within his sight,"So what happened, Priya?" Ram asked,

"Hmmm... Nothing...Mr. Kapoor." Priya said.

"I don't know what's going on, I'm on a bad situation." Priya mummers. 

"Neha, let's go back to our rooms." Vikram said .

"Neha and Nuts smile and look towards Priya. Neha wink and signaled to Priya express your feelings to Ram.

"Okay, chalo sab log apne apne room main kal se ham ko Goa ki galiyo main kho jana hain beach pe jana hain, shopping and bhot sari masti karni hain apna ye vacation full enjoy karna hain akhir kabhi kabhi toh moka milta hain in logo ko nhi toh hameinsha apne office main pade rehete hain subha se lekar rat tak apne file or laptop se chipke rhete ho... She look at Ram.

"Ram raise his eyebrow and said, Kya? Main tere baby ko der tak office main ruka ke nhi rakhta hu... ulta main toh usko kheta rheta hu jaldi ghar chala ja Neha bechari tera wait kar rahi hogi... but ye meri koi bat nhi manta aur tuje lagta hain main tere baby ko jada kam deta hu official main  ruka ke rakhta hu.

"Neha turned toward Vikram, who was shocked by Ram.

"Vikram look at her, Before he could say anything else Neha turned to Ram and said tu bhi toh ghar late jata hain. Baby toh tuje company dene ke liye office der tak rukta hain. But tu ghar jane main itna late kyu karta hain... Vikram se toh kehete ho ghar jaldi chala ja Neha tera wait kar rahi hogi but khud ko itna nhi samaj main aata ke tere ghar pe bhi koi tera wait kar raha hoga .

Ram about to say something... Neha yelled. C'mon guys let's go back to our rooms.

They all went back to their rooms, except for Priya, who was still struggling with herself. Ram approached her and tried to bring her back.

"Are you okay?" Ram asked concerned. Priya snapped from her thoughts and looked at Ram surprised.

"Yes, I'm okay. I was just thinking..." she trailed off and Ram put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her.

"Yes, I know."He said with a slight smirk and Priya smiled back at him. Although, she was worried about the whole situation, somehow she felt happy around Ram..

A few minutes later, Ram decided to escort her back to her room to make sure she was okay. Once they reached her room, she began to feel a little bit nervous and tried to hide her blush from him. 

"Okay, I I'll see you in the morning." Ram said to her.

"Yes," Priya nodded. "You've heard Neha. We're starting tomorrow." She shrugged.

"I thought I was the leader." Ram teased. Priya giggled after hearing his commentary and then she goes toward her room. 

"Okay, good night Mr . Kapoor." She smiled at him.

"Good night, Priya." He also smiled at her and Priya's cheeks turned pink. Then she entered her room.

Ram stood there for a moment, just looking at her door and then simply turned around to head back to his room. Meanwhile, Priya was leaning against the door trying to pull herself back together. The way he smiled at her made her shudder and her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. There was something different about his smile; it wasn't like his usual half smirks.

After a while, she went to her bed and tried to get some sleep. However, she kept thinking about Ram's smile and that kept her awake for several minutes. She really liked his smile. It was so warm and welcoming. Ram should smile like that more often, Priya thought. 

Unable to sleep, she come out from her bed and walks around her room. She wanted to spend some time with Ram so badly, but she just didn't know how to approach him.  

After a few minutes struggling with herself, she finally decided to ask him out. She shook her head, took a deep breath, then lifted her head with determination and headed for the door.

Priya peeked before going outside and then opened the door. With no one else around, she went out and looked the room. While she did that, she heard a familiar voice coming from the hallway. She turned around and saw Isha pushing Ram out of his room. Surprised, Priya quickly entered her room to hide from them. She left the door open just a bit so she could peek again.

Apparently, Isha also had the same idea as her and she went to Ram's room to ask him out as well. Priya's face saddened when she saw him leave with her and she pushed the door to close it. She placed her forehead against the door as she listened to their steps. She was too late. 

"If only I had thought about it before, this would not be happening." Priya sighed. 

Once again, she opened the door to her room to see if there was nobody in the hallway. She peeps her head to make sure there was no one else around and quickly leaves the room to follow them. Although that Isha was his best friend, she wasn't willing to lose Ram to her.

Ram and Isha arrived to casino. There was going to be a play for couples and since tonight, all the attractions were for free, they went on to see the show. Priya saw them enter the tube and she followed them closely to keep an eye on them.  

Priya arrived to the casino and a man approached to Ram and Isha. 

"Congratulations!" Ram and Isha looked at him with a puzzled look. "You are our 100th couple today." 

Priya froze at the word "couple" and she gritted her teeth in anger. 

"You two will be the leads in tonight's show!!" he said cheerfully. Ram's face went into shock when he heard the man say that and Isha couldn't contain her excitement.

"Oh, now, it's not hard. Just play it however you want and the rest of the cast will cover for you." He finished.

"This sounds like fun." Isha said.

"Wha?" Ram said confused.

"This way plz." The man offered.

"Hey..." Ram managed.

"C'mon Ram, let's give it a try." Isha said cheerfully and he had no choice but to follow.

Priya on the other hand was fighting a chuckle when she saw his face from behind the entrance. Ram looked cute when he's embarrassed, she thought. 

When Priya tried to enter the show, another man came from behind and told her that the only way to enter the show is with a couple. She pleaded the man to let her enter so that she could see the show from afar. She just wanted to make sure that Isha didn't do anything weird during the play. The man granted her wish and she went ahead to look for a sit.

After the play, Ram and Isha went back to decide for the next attraction. Priya followed them closely and she was hoping she would pick something less romantic. Unfortunately, she picked the log drive, and Priya was worried that Isha might want to make her move there. There was absolutely no way she could follow them now and she tried to come up with something smart to stop them from entering the car. But there was no use. 

When she saw Ram sat in the car with Isha, she slowly began to lose hope. It was clear that he also had a thing for her and Priya didn't want to ruin that for him. She cared a lot for him enough to respect his choices. If he already decided to give his heart to his first crush then she should try to feel happy for him.

She saw them from some distance and after a while, she left the place and went to from their attraction to vent her frustration. She comeback to house and then head back to her room.

On the way to her room, in all she could think about was in Ram. She was so jealous of Isha because she had always been so straight forward and she cursed herself for being so damn shy with her feelings towards Ram. She knew she was being selfish for wanting to be with him no matter what, but she couldn't help it; she was madly in love with her compromise husband, The Ram Kapoor.

When Priya finally arrived at the hallway, her eyes widened in surprise when she saw Ram escorting Isha back to her room. She stood there watching her fantasy fade away with every step they took. Isha opened the door of her room and then turned around to Ram.

"Thanks for the night out. I really had fun tonight." Isha narrowed her eyes and smiled at him.

"Yes, it was kinda interesting." Ram scratched the of his forehead. 

"OK then, Good night Ram." She bends forward and hugged him tightly. Ram's eyes widened in surprised and stood still until he could manage a few words.

"Good night." He replied with a smirk. Priya watched the scene with tears on her eyes. She felt something snapped inside her and she simply turned around and walked away.

When Isha closed her door, Ram turns around to head back to his room, until he sees Priya rushing her way out through the hallway. He was surprised to see that she was still awake and he follows her through the hallway. He came downstairs and looked for her. He saw her sitting by the fireplace in the room. 

"Priya?" he called.

Priya's heart skipped a beat after hearing his husky voice and then turned around. 

"Oh..." her voice trailed off. "Hi..." She turned her  to look away.

"What are you doing here?" Ram said as he approached her.

"I uh..." Ram sat by her side. "I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk." Priya said simply.

Ram scoffed a bit. "Why didn't you tell me go with you?" he smirked.

"I was..." she paused for a moment and Ram tilted his head to look at her face.  "But then I saw you with Isha..." Her voice trailed off. Ram's eyes widened after hearing that. 

"You... you did?" Ram said surprised.

"Yes." Her voice trailed off. "I kinda figured you were on night out, so... I went on my own." Priya shrugged. Unable to look at her in the eyes, Ram lowered his head in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Isha come there and called Ram. Hey Ram, can you give me my cell phone plz... Ram look at Priya and harried pulled out Isha's phone from his jeans pocket and held in font of Isha. She took her phone and smile toward Priya

Priya smiled to. She didn't liked Isha But she was her husband's first crush or friend, but she loved Ram to, and that made her just another rival. Ram couldn't help but notice that there was something wrong with Priya. But when they parted again Isha went to Ram and kissed him on his chick, and then she left to her room . Ram stood petrified, and so did Priya. Her heart ached like if someone had stabbed her, and now she couldn't hold back the tears anymore.

"Priya it's not what you think" Ram said, but before he could finish his sentence, Priya ran towards the stairs.

"Priyaa!" He yelled and ran after her. He managed to stop her in front of the stairs, by holding in her hand. Ram looked worried at her.

"Priya, it wasn't like that... We were just..." Ram tried to explain.

"It's okay, Mr. Kapoor. You don't have to explain anything to me." Priya stop and turned her back to him. "I mean," she scoffed. "Is not like WE are in love or something, right?" she did her best to put up a smile.

Ram looked at her with a puzzled look and then looked down. "Right..." he trailed off. 

Although her words were true, deep down inside, he wanted that to be otherwise. He had to feelings for her, but now that Isha was in the picture, everything became so confused. 

After a long silence, Priya decides to go ahead and head back to her room.

"Well, I should try to get some sleep. It's been a long day, so I'm just..." 

Ram grabs her wrist and Priya stops her tracks without meeting his gaze. She was surprised by his reaction, but then she lowered her gaze sadly. 

"Why do I have the feeling that you're upset about something?" Ram looks up at her while he holds her wrist.

"I'm not." Priya doesn't turn around. "I'm just tired, that's all."

"You know you can tell me anything, Priya." his voice was soothing.

She let out a soft chuckle before turning around. "I know." she said smiling. She pulled away from his grip and then leaned forward to press a soft kiss on his forehead. Ram skipped a bit when he felt the contact with her lips and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. "I'll see you in the morning, okay?" Priya smiled warmly and then leaves.

"Priyaa!" He was still holding her hand.

"Just leave me alone!" Priya cried and struggled.

"Priya plz listen to me!" Ram begged but she didn't listen at all.

"Why won't you just leave me alone?!" She yelled while she still was struggling.

Ram's face turned sad, and he led go of her hand. She ran upstairs and closed the door with a loud smack, leaving Ram alone at the staircase.

Ram opens his mouth but the words didn't come out. He wasn't sure what to say to her to make her feel better and he stayed there for a while. He walk towered fireplace and tilted his head bit and when he did so, he saw a few water drops on the floor. At first he thought it was some sort of leaking, but then he realized that they weren't just water drops.

Who was she fooling? Why would he fall in love with her? She had never before felt so stupid.

Meanwhile, Priya arrives to her room in an instant. She opened the door of her room and closed the door behind her. She dropped her phone to the floor and begins to walk towards the bed. Once she was there, Then, she sat on the edge of her bed and simply bent to the side so she could rest her head on the pillow. She grabbed the pillow tightly and after this, she began to cry bitterly. She hugged her pillow, while her tears burst out wetting it. She felt so lost and alone, and the room suddenly seemed a lot more silent, as she could hear her own crying.

There are no words to describe the feeling she was going through. She was heartbroken and there was nothing she could do to stop the tears from falling. She loved Ram so much, but the fact that he liked another girl was too unbearable for her but right now she was angry and very jealous of her, because she was the only one capable to move Ram's heart. Her heart sank into her chest as she continues to cry, overwhelmed by all of this. 

Priya had always been the strong, the cheerful, the caring; but none of that mattered at this point, since Ram will never noticed what she truly feels for him. 

"I'm never going to be good enough for you, am I?" Priya said to herself.

A few minutes later, she heard a few knocks on her door and she come out from bed to see who it was. Her face looked like a punching bag and she tried to wipe the tears off before opening the door. When Priya opened the door, her eyes widened in surprise. 

"M. Mr. Kapoor?"  She exclaimed. Ram also widened his eyes when he saw her face and she quickly turned her face the other way to hide from his gaze. Her hair was all over her face; as if she was trying to cover the tears she had shed. "What... what are you doing here?" Priya said embarrassed. 

As soonest she said that, Ram threw his arms around her and pulled her close to him. Priya was shocked by his sudden reaction and she couldn't think or say anything at that moment. 

"I knew it..." Ram muttered. "I knew you were upset about something."

Priya tried to pull away from his embrace but Ram tightens the hug even more. 

"Mr. Kapoor, I'm fine..." Priya managed to say.

"No, you're not." Ram interrupted her. "I know something's bothering you, I can tell." He pulled away a bit just to look at her in the eye. "What's wrong, Priya?" Ram asked with concern in his eyes. 

"It's nothing." Priya lowered her head. "I uh..." he tilted his head down so he could see her face and she tried to hide her emotions.

Ram's face was filled with sadness. It broke his heart to see her like this. He took her hand in his and tries to reassure her. 

"Priya, whatever it is," Ram cupped her cheek with his free hand. "I want you to know that I'm here for you, okay?" Ram looked into her eyes. A slight blush appeared in her cheeks and Priya smiled tenderly.

"I know..." Priya said smiling. "But don't worry; I'm going to be okay. Really, I just need to get some rest." She tried to reassure him.

"Okay." Ram said simply. "Then I'll stay with you."

Priya's eyes widened when Ram said that. 

"...w-what?!" Priya said bewildered.

"I can't go back to my room knowing that you're not okay. I won't be able to sleep."

"But... Whats about Isha? What if she see you in here? What will she think?" Priya blushed.

"I don't care about Isha. Who is she?" Ram cupped her cheeks with both hands. " You're my wife right now, all I care about is you."

Ram took her hand in his, and stroked her face with the other.

"Priya... There's nothing between Isha and I. I don't know why she did what she did, but I would never have let her do it if I knew she was going to." Ram leans his head close to Priya's. "I don't know if she loves me, but I could never love her. Because the truth is... I love you." Ram whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened and she couldn't believe what she just heard.

"You love me...?" Priya mumbled surprised, just to be sure that her heart wasn't playing tricks on her.

"Yes... I love you." Ram said once again. "I have always loved you, and she can never take that away from you." Tears fell down her cheek, but this time it was because of happiness.

"I love you to Mr. Kapoor." Priya said smiling, which he could finally see, as his eyes had gotten used to the darkness.

Priya looked at him in the eye. She wanted to believe what he was saying to her, but her heart was aching and she wasn't sure what to do or say at this point. 

"I don't like seeing you like this." Ram lowered his gaze "And I can't help thinking that this is all my fault." His voice trailed off.

"Mr. Kapoor..." Priya said softly.

"I need to make sure that you're going to be okay." Ram took her hands in his and looked at her in the eye. "Plz, let me stay with you." His voice was soothing, almost like pleading. Her eyes were locked in his deep brown eyes and she couldn't look away from them. The more Priya stared at them, the more she was drawn to them. It was like he was staring at her very soul through her eyes. She loved that feeling.

Priya narrowed her eyes at him and smiled tenderly. Ram entered the room with her. There were couch in the room, but Ram wasn't planning on sleeping on the couch So, they lay down in the same bed. He took one of her hands in his and he intertwined their fingers. They were facing each other and Priya couldn't help but blush. Ram smiled tenderly at her and strokes her hair with his other hand. Priya tried to overcome her shyness by breaking the awkward silence and she asked him about his night out with Isha.

"So... how did it go with Isha?" Priya said blushing.

"It was okay." Ram replied simply.

"Just... okay?" Priya sounded confused. 

"Yes. We went to see a play at the casino and then went for a drive." 

"I see..." Priya tried to keep everything in place as she speaks to him, but her feelings were betraying her. 

"Mr. Kapoor?" Priya asked softly.

"Hmm...?" Ram hummed with his eyes closed.

"At the end of the play... How come you didn't kiss that Isha?" Priya asked curious.

Ram scoffed at this and opened his eyes to see her. "How did you know I was in the play?" he teased.

Oh Shit! She thought. She totally forgot that she wasn't supposed to be there and her face blushed even more when she realized that she had screwed up.

"I didn't! I mean... I uh... Neha told me about the play at casino and I assumed that you guys were in the play so..." Priya blushed and Ram was fighting a chuckle when he saw her cute face.

"Mrs. Kapoor, you're such a bad liar, you know?" Ram teased her.

"Yes, I get that a lot..." Priya sighed. Ram laughed at this and she smiled to see him so happy. It wasn't often to see him smile like that and she was enjoying every minute with him.

"Well, if you must know..." he began and Ram payed attention to his words. "The reason why I didn't kiss the princess, is because I'm saving myself for someone else." He smirked.

"Really? Who?" Priya asked curious.

"My own princess." Ram replied simply.

"I see..." she lowered her gaze after hearing his answer. Priya was hoping he would say he was saving himself for her, but I guess her fantasy was just too good to be true.

"Speaking of which..." Ram said afterwards and she arched an eyebrow. "I would really like to kiss my princess now." Ram smirked and Priya's eyes widened in surprised after hearing what he said. Ram cupped her cheek in his hand and caresses her with his thumb. "May I?" Ram asked softly as he looked at her in the eye with a serious expression on his face. Priya blushed at him and she simply nodded in response. Ram smiled and his eyes glowed even more. 

Slowly, he begins to approach her and Priya closed her eyes, waiting for the contact. He pressed a quick, but soft kiss on her lips and her heart skipped a beat.

After the brief contact, she opened her eyes and found his brown eyes, staring at her with deep longing. She wanted to taste more of his lips and she stirred underneath him to look for his lips. The kiss was shy and very gentle. Ram was about to lose control of himself and couldn't resist the urge to kiss her passionately. Priya responded the kiss with the same passion as him and they got lost in the moment. After several minutes, they pulled away from their lips to catch their breath. He then took her in his arms and pulled her close to him as he whispered something in her ear.  

"I was hoping it was you the one who knocked on my door." Ram whispered softly and Priya shuddered upon hearing his words.

"Sorry, I came a bit late." Priya teased him. Ram chuckled at this and once again, he searches for her lips. After kissing her for the last time, he pressed a soft kiss on her forehead and she buried her face in his neck. She had always wanted to cuddle with him and now it was her chance to do it. 

"Ram smiled to and pressed a soft kiss on her lips. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist, and lay close to her. She liked the feeling of his embrace, and she turned around searching for his lips while her fingers stroke his hair. Ram responded by closing his eyes and begins with his tender touch. Her soft kisses turned him on, and he couldn't resist the urge to make love to her anymore. This was like his wildest imaginations, and now it came true. Softly his hand slides under her top, trying to remove of her cloth.

"Mr. Kapoor..." Priya whispered gently removing his cloth as well.

Throwing all their cloth on the floor, Ram rolled on top of her, and lay gently on her. Priya sighed and his heart began to race once again. Her eyes were closed and he kissed her on her sweet, lips. She kissed back with so much passion he thought he would explode. Her tongue went into his mouth and they played back and forth, gently teasing each other. She sucked on his bottom lip and he groaned lightly. Priya ran her hand along his bareback. He shivered from her touch,  

Ram pulled his lips away and trailed across her cheeks, and down her neck, onto her shoulders. Priya gasped and felt like lightning was coursing through her every nerve. Goosebumps formed across her skin and shivers were sent up her spine. Ram the moved kept kissing her, making her want even more.

He lifted his head and stared into her eyes and saw the passion, and love in her eyes. He had been afraid all he'd see was lust, but deep in her eyes there was nothing but love. Priya looked into his eyes and saw the love in his eyes. Hoping that he saw the love in her eyes the way she saw it in his and begins passionately to make love to her. His kisses and intense touches keep on, until he separates their lips just to say something. 

"I love you," he said breathlessly again.

"I love you too."

Ram bent his head and kissed it away. Priya buried her head in his neck as she felt such love and joy from him. She knew this would be the one and only time that he would ever hurt her. She loved him more than anything, she gave up her innocence to him, and he gave up his to her. Knowing they'd be together forever and never have anybody else gave her a sense of calm and safety. He knew they were each others firsts and he loved how they were only going to be each others. Ram felt loved and like he could never love anybody as much as he loved her.

As they slowed, the both sighed. Ram stared into her eyes and slowly rolled over next to her. He propped a pillow up against the headrest and lay there under the covers. Priya crawled up to him and he reached out and pulled her to him. He held her there in his arms and never wanted to let go. What they had just experienced had been the most amazing thing either of them had ever felt and never wanted to lose that moment. Priya laid her hand across his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. She opened her palm across his heart and felt it beat. His heart was still pounding, and his breathing was slowing, as was hers. Priya sighed again and he rested his head on hers and held her tighter.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Ram whispered in her ear.

"I've heard it a few times," Priya said jokingly.

"Well, I truly do," Ram whispered again.

"I love you too," Priya sighed.

They lay there for a few minutes and neither of them moved. Ram ran his hands through her hair and down her arm. He pulled her closer to him and he felt that Priya had fallen asleep.

"She's just like an angel, even when she sleeps," Ram commented as he stared down at her.

With that, he put his head on top of hers and with one sigh, fell asleep too.Only to wake up with her still in his arms, unmoved and still asleep.

Early in the morning Ram was watching her sleeping form with a smile supporting his upper body on his elbow as his head lay on his palm. He was enjoying the morning view with admiration. The sun rise giving the way to a new and sunny day looking at her Ram stroked her head tenderly receiving a sleepy groan in response.

Priya looked like a real princess and she didn't even realize it herself. His heart skipped a beat, as Ram let himself to brush a strand of her hair away from her lovely face. It was a real temptation to look at her and not dare to touch her. She was a princess from a fairytale and he felt like her destined prince, who lived to love her. After a little battle between his mind and heart, Ram kissed her inviting rosy lips. He didn't want to wake her up, but she was too irresistible. She unconsciously made him suffer in pleasure just by looking at her innocent sleeping face. She was drawing him like a magnet and he had no strength and intentions to fight her charms. 

Ram was about to break his unintentional kiss, when his plans were interrupted by her soft moan. Priya started to answer his kiss in her sleep, encircling her hands around his neck and bringing him to her as close as she could. She continued their kiss, adding new sensations to it and making it unforgettably magical and sweet. She opened her eyes slowly and got relieved that it wasn't a dream. Her husband was really there, giving her the pleasure she was longing to feel for so long. Priya smiled in his mouth and caressed his cheek tenderly with the tips of her fingers.

Ram opened his eyes too, though he didn't even remember closing them in the first place. He placed his mesmerizing gaze on his beloved wife's face and broke the kiss gently.

Ram looked deep in her clouded with desire eyes. "I love you and I can't imagine my life without you. I want to tell you that I love you every time you wake up. You are the only one for me and you are the only woman that can make me smile and be myself."

With those words the young man placed a tender kiss on her chest, where her heart was beating. Priya wrapped his head with her arms and pressed it even closer to her chest. She felt so warm and happy being with him and listening to his declarations of love. And suddenly, blood rushed to her cheeks from the memories of last night.

She blush as she thought about how they spent the previous night. It felt just like the night he had returned home from night out with Isha. He had wanted to make it up to her that night, and let her know how much he love her, let her know how sorry he was for putting her emotions through such a roller coaster when she thought he love Isha.

Priya was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't realize her husband had woken up until she felt his lips trail kisses to her shoulder and his right hand caress her skin."Good morning." Priya giggled at the feel of Ram's lips on her skin as she turned her head to gaze over her shoulder. Ram gently pressed his lips to hers

"Mr Kapoor... Stop!" Priya pushed her hand against his chest, halting his movement. His hand that laid besides her head curled into the sheets. A frustrated grunt leaving his lips when he stilled himself. she felt his heavy breath brushing against her neck when he buried his head into her shoulder. Priya couldn't help but feel like she ruined the moment.

"I love you..." Priya managed to mumble out. Priya were a bit surprised when he responded by pressing his lips to her neck. Ram then picked up his head and pushed his forehead against hers, his half-lidded  eyes staring into hers. Priya were touched by his consideration and smiled softly at him. 

For several minutes, Ram comforted her with kisses his hand returned to ruffle her messy hair as he took noticed of her red cheeks. But it only made them redden even more.

Ram was so different last night. It was another side of him that she discovered.

"Good morning baby." Ram said softly as he slid his hand away from her cheek and curled his arm around her in a gentle hug. As he lightly settled himself in the cradle of Priya's thighs, he couldn't resist placing a soft kiss directly over her heartbeat as his arms curled more possessively around her. She sighed in bliss from the feel of his lips on her skin above her heart and gently combed her fingers through his hair with her left hand.

The worried look was replaced with one of his soft smiles. Those ones that he hardly used to do back in those days.

Ram would have never thought he would meet a woman like her, let himmarry. With his lack of presence, he would have never thought anybody would have been interested in him.

What scared him was that his lack of presence never affected her. No matter where he went, Priya always noticed him and it's been like that ever since they met. Having shared the same invisibility as his best friends, Neha and Vikram often told him that he'll find someone who would love him for him. They told him when he finds the one who loves him; he'll forget that he ever had a lack of presence.

Ram never believed them.

But now, here she are, staring at him with her magical eyes, the corners of her lips curled, pushing her pinkish cheeks upwards, and showing off her teeth.

And here he is, returning that smile, his mind oblivious to the very thing that hated his existence. Nothing on his mind except her. Only her.

"Priya.." His voice was nearly a whisper.


Ram took a moment to stare at her before continuing. "I-"

There was a knock on the door..." They both blinked blankly at each other before turning there gazes towards the door.

"Priyaaa, C'mon, Priya, open the door!'

It's Neha!" Ram told her. Priya's eyes widened and she straightened up,

"Oh, God Neha!" Mr. Kapoor, Plz do something agar usne hamin aise dekh liya na toh woh puri life hamain tease karti rahegi.

"What I do?" Ram replied, in the low voices,

Priya, you in there?' Neha was standing outside knocking on the door

'Yes , I'm coming!'  Priya said

"Chupiye... na... changing room!" Priya said. Ram nodded and immediately  wear his cloth and ran into changing room and stood against the door of the Chang room room.

Priya dressed up to inhaled a deep breath and opened the door, "Hi, "Good morning."Neha,"

"Good morning." Neha said, "What' are you doing?"

"Nothing yaar, just abhi uthi hu... and started rub her eyes.

"Yes, ye toh mujhe bhi dhikh raha hain but tu aisa kaise kar sakti hain... maine bola tha na kal hamain Goa ghum ne jana hain...tera favourite beach tu kaise bhul sakti hain...

"Sorry, woh...

"It's okey, ab aur late mat kar jaldi jake fresh ho ja." Neha was trying to push her to washroom.

"Neha, what are you doing?" Neha angrily look at her. 

"Okay, ja rahi hu... and went for freshen up.

"Come fast, I'm waiting.

When she enter into change room...looked at Ram, he grabbed her around her waist and she looked at his strong arms around her body. 

"Priya... waise tera pati kaha hain? Do you know where he is?" Neha asked,

Priya looked at Ram, No, I don't know where he is.

Ram smile and said liar...and come close to her, Priya bite her lip.

Kya? tujhe bhi pata nahi...okay, main jake usko dhunti hu tu jaldi se ready hoke niche aa ja.and she left from there to search Ram.

His lips were mere centimeters away from hers. The fire of desire was rekindling in the pit of her stomach.

Ram then lifted his hand. He cupped her cheeks until there eyes met.

"My love," Ram whispered passionately, "Kiss me."

Priya muttered a question, as she wanted to make sure he really wanted she to do it.

Ram whispered again, "Kiss me..."

Priya closed her eyes, and her lips puckered up. Then, she felt her face closing in on Ram's own...

Then came the sensation of soft lips pressing against her own...

those lips warmed her soul...

Then there mouths opened, closed again, ending in another passionate kiss...

Then came another lip lock...nd another...nd so many more...

When they had finished kissing, there lips parted...

But our bodies didn't...

They stayed in there passionate embrace, there lips kissing again, arms wrapped around each others bodies,

"I need to take a shower!" Priya screamed in her mind, but her confusion and embarrassment couldn't get even worse, could it? Actually it could... It looked like her husband decided to shower together. She swallowed hard when he placed his slightly cool hands on her top and started to removed it slowly as his lips never leaving her decollete without wet kisses and caresses. Priya sensed electric shivers running up and down her spine under his touches.

But to his great disappointment, Priya didn't give him that perfect opportunity to play naughty. She slapped his hands away and after winning a moment of his abutment, she fastened the top on her tightly and sneaked out from his hands , saying that she had to take a shower.

Why do we have to take a shower together?" Ram pulled her along towards the bathroom. He had two towels hanging over his shoulder as he held Priya's hand, practically skipping with joy.

"Because it's faster this way and Neha want to hurry and go out." Priya sighed at his answer, oblivious to the real reason why Ram wanted to take a shower together.

"Mr. Kapoor?" Priya stopped walking also making Ram stop to look at her. When his eyes met hers, Priya looked down in embarrassment, her cheeks flushing into a bright red. She look so adorable, he thought, but he suppressed the urge to pounce on her here and wait until she were showering.

"What is it, Baby?" 

Priya stared at him, her blush deepening. Suddenly she pushed him run into bathroom

Ram half-landed on a bathroom door and watched his beautiful wife run into bathroom. He didn't understand why he got mad at her. But even if she was aggravated, he didn't have plans to surrender.

He entered into the bathroom and accompany his beauty, begging her to forgive his daring and Hitler behavior with his tender caresses.

Priya washed her hair, when she sensed Ram's presence in the bathroom. Her eyes were closed, but she knew it was him. The only thing that made her surprised was his soundless entrance.

She felt his soft lips on her neck, right where her pulse was pumping. His strong yet gentle arms embrace her from behind, making her back meet his broad chest. A quiet "Sorry for embarrassing you, sweetheart" was enough for her to show a blissful smile. Priya's body relaxed as she turned in his arms and offered him a long and sensual kiss. She entrusted herself to him, giving in to his charms.

After another kiss, that made them both breathless, she pressed her forehead to his strong shoulder and said in a shy manner. "Mr. Kapoorrr" Ram sitting behind her. Her whole body went red as she hunched over, her head down and her hair falling down her shoulders as she stared in the water. Ram blinked but sighed and put his arms around her, pulling her back to him so her back was pressed against his stomach. "You act like I never seen you before." Ram said. "Mr Kapoor" Priya exclaimed and Ram chuckled as he moved the hair from her face and kept her close to him. "You look beautiful..." he murmured and she groaned softly and kept staring at the water, the blush staying on her face. Ram smirked and started running his hands over her body.

"What's the matter? You seem to be in a very shy mood." Ram said and she growled softly as she turned her head to face him.

"He brought his hand up and grabbed her chin and tilted her face up as he leaned down and kissed her gently. Priya blushed and sighed into the kiss as she kissed him back. After awhile, he slowly pulled back with a smirk and she blushed and sighed. She turned back the other way and Ram began slowly massaging her body gently. She sighed and tilted her head back a bit, resting it against him as she shut her eyes. He closed his eyes slightly and kept gently massaging her body. 

"Priya, I love you."

"Mr. Kapoor ..." Priya's cheek begins to blush as well. "I love you too."

"If you don't believe me that I care for you, then I'll prove it."

Without a second though, both he and Priya begin to kiss each other mouth to mouth when they hug each other with both of their arms wraps around each others, feeling their bodies began to warm up even high or so. No turning back, Ram.

After that, they continue to kiss each other while hugging together in the single bath tub.

"Priya looked up at him, arcing her eyebrow and smiling mischievously, but her playful mood fainted into thin air when she heard his suddenly hoarse deep voice and got into captivity of his dangerously darkened brown eyes.

"Gonna be in here much longer?" Ram asked as his right hand rested on her chest directly over her heartbeat. Priya shook her head lightly with a smile as her left hand came to join his over her heart.

"No. I'm ready to get out now." Priya answered with a smile.

It was what Ram had wanted to hear. 

"And you don't have any idea of how much I am," and he slammed his lips on hers in a very domineering kiss, pressing her fragile body to his so tightly, that Priya forgot how to breathe. Her knees didn't provide her needed support anymore, and her head started to spin with a sonic speed, making her dizzy and happy at the same time. Priya was drowning in the ocean of those emotions Ram was gladly gifting her with. She didn't even notice when he made their way out of the bathtub and grabbed a bath towel as he heard the sounds of Priya standing up in the bathtub, and the water gurgling down the drain. Carefully stepping out, she stood Ram wrap towel around his waist  and turned around and wrapped his precious wife, not only in the towel, but also in his arms as he kissed her again. He then ran the towel over her body with the greatest of care as he dried her skin from her bath. It made Priya feel like the luckiest woman on earth, as she closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of the soft, towel glide along her skin. Her eyes immediately flew open and glanced downwards when she felt Ram place a soft kiss to her stomach. He then stood back up and wrapped the towel around her body to keep her warm as they come out to change room. Priya smiled and Ram lovingly looking at her.

"Mr. Kapoor!" Priya exclaimed as she readjusted the towel in her hands to dry her hair. Ram said nothing as he walked over to his wife, and with a smile, stood behind her.

"Here, let me." Ram said softly as he gently took the towel from her hands. 

He made sure not to use so much of his strength to rub her hair dry as Priya's hands found his chest. His fingers massaged her crown with the towel as he dried her hair and she sighed in enjoyment. With a kiss to her cheek, Ram had finished drying her hair. Priya stood up with a cheeky grin and tried to flick her husband with the towel, but with his quick reflexes, caught the towel and gently pull her forward. Ram's free arm clamped Priya to his chest, stole a kiss. Priya may have been surprised that he stole a kiss from her, but not offended. She loved the playful moments they shared together, and deep down, Ram did too. Within minutes, Priya took her towel from him to dry his hair. He quickly dressed in just his jeans and run toward his room to change himself.

Ram about to enter his room. Suddenly, Neha shouted and he run to hallway to see what has happened to her,

"Ram run first towards her asked her, What happened, Neha?

Staring at him. Neha again shout Rammm...


"Tu mujhe se hi puch raha hain, kya hua?

Ha mein tujhse hi puch raha hu...kyu chillai tu.

W...Woh main tu meri chod...tu ye bata tu tha kaha aur ye pointing toward him ye tu subha subha Salman Khan ban ke kyu ghum raha hain.

Ram looed  down  at himself and then Neha Oye main ye aise Pointing towards his bare chest ye sab na teri wajha she hua hain.

"Hein...? Meri wajha se... maine kab bola tujhe aise Salman Khan ban ke ghum ne ko.

Ha...ye sab teri wajha se hua hain main toh accha khasa apne room main ready ho raha tha tu bich main chillai iss liye main aise...Ram look down at himself and said. aise hi as gaya...

"Kyu? Aise kyu as gaya shirt phen ke aana chahiye tha na..." Neha said.

Main dhar gaya tha yaar iss liye aise hi aa gaya.

Neha looked at him, and said. Tu dara the...such main phir bhi Ram tujhe aise nhi aana chahiye tha...

Ram gritted his teeth and shout NEHA... They both started arguing,

"Meanwhile everyone come their, All are looked at Neha and Ram. They still arguing, with each other...Ram was shirtless stood there ... Priya look at him and gritted her teeth give him sherni look..he winks at her...she lowered her gaze.

"Vikram looked at his mad wife, Neha kya hua tumari tabhiyat toh thik hain na.

Neha, staring at him. "Yes" Why?

"No, Baby mujhe nhi lagta tum thik ho... kyuki jabse ham Goa aaye hain tab se main dekh raha hu... tum ajib ajib harkate kar rahi ho.

"Neha angrily said." Kya main ajib ajib harkate kar rahi hu, but tum log kya kar rahain ho mujhe unsuna kar rahain ho... main kab se sab logo ke pass jake une utha rahi hu, sab ko ready hone ko bol rahi hu but yaha meri koi bat sunta hi nhi hain.

"But, Neha aise koi chillta hain kya?" Ram said.

"Ha toh aur kya karu, aur tu bata tu kaha tha kitna dhunda maine tujhe... but tu kahi mila hi nhi.

M..main kaha tha matlab he looking at Priya and said. Main toh washroom main tha. Priya bite her lips and look down and mummers God ye Mr.Kapoor kar kya rahin hain.

"Okay, Neha Bhabhi sabki our se main aap ko sorry bolti hu...Now see we all are ready.

Meanwhile, Isha come there and said. "What happened guys?" She try to come close to Ram.

Neha and Nuts looking at each other and then Priya.

"Neha Bhabhi!" such main in dono ka kuch nhi ho sakta.

"Neha shout Rammm..."

"He looked at Neha.

Tu kya aise hi aaye ga Salman Khan ban ke...

"Ram gave a sheepish smile and scratching his temple "Yes."and run toward upstairs for change.

"Priya saw Neha, who was talking with Nuts, Priya come forward toward them, they gave her angry look. She was surprised by their reaction, so she raise her eyebrow.

Minutes later, Neha was pulling her toward upstairs,

"Neha, what are you doing?" Priya asked,

"Neha, what's wrong?" Priya asked worriedly.

"Nothing's wrong. I just want to talk with Ram."

Neha and Priya enter into Ram's room. There Priya comes out from changing room shirtless, Neha's eyes falls on him she immediately shout "Ram... Ram turned around and se Neha and Priya thought what happen to her.

"Neha,what's wrong now?" Ram asked.

Tu abhi bhi Salman Khan ban ke ghum raha hain aur mujhse hi puch raha hain "What's wrong?"

"Anyways, Ram, Priya tujhse kuch kehna chahti hain... Neha said.

"Ram raised an eyebrow at his wife."

"Ram, Priya loves you. But she doesn't want to tell you. Because she thoughts ,you love Isha and Ram I know you also love her but tum bhi apni feelings Priya ko nahi bol rahain ho...but ab bhot ho gaya tum dono ka abhi tum dono ko ek dusro se bat kar hi hogi. And she pushed Priya inside the room hold the door nob and said ab jab tak tum dono ek dusre se confess fiss nhi kar te tab tak tum dono iss room main hi band raho ge and she close the door locked from outside.

"Priya surprised by her, she ran towards door and said Neha, plz open the door.

"No, abhi ye tabhi khulega jab tum dono normal couple ke tarha apni feelings ko express karoge...you made for each other guys, so plz...ek hi room main strenger ki tarha rhena band karo and Priya bol de apne Mr. Kapoor se...

"Mr. Kapoor, I love you...

"Priya smile at her and said. "Arey Neha meri bat toh sun...

"No, abhi time kuch khene sun ne ka nhi hain... aage badne ka hain...toh ab ham log beach pe ja rahe hain...bye and you guys aage bado... she left from there

Priya trun to Ram try to talk when Ram moves closer to her while saying Priya, what are you told Neha, in angry mood Priya moving back after some steps her back hit to the door. Ram bolted the door.

"Mr.Kapoor, what are you doing?" Priya asked, alarmed at her husband's uncharacteristic behavior.

"Baby, Last night I had to prove to you. that I love you. Not that Isha." And you though I love Isha. Priya lowered her eyes and bit her lips, and said no..."Mr. Kapoor, before she continuing.

"Ram kissed on her lips."

"Okay, so I'll prove to you again ,that I love you."Ram replied, pushing her against the door.

He wrapped her arms around her waist, crushing her into his chest as he pulled him closer to sink his tongue into her mouth, tasting the sweet nectar of his throat.

She try pushed him away but Ram carefully lifted her into his arms and carried her to their bed and laid her down.

With a smile, Ram carefully lied on top of her to not crush her with his body weight and deeply kissed her.

"Ram smirked as he caressed her skin. His eyes held a look of pure adoration as he gazed down at her face. Priya blushed slightly and nodded.

"I wanted to go out with every one, but you ruined my plan," and a small laugh escaped her throat, it sounded like a melody to Ram's ears though.

"Actually, I want to spend time with you. You are beautiful , Priya, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. And I am dying from happiness that you belong to me," Ram answered heartily, running his fingers through her long hair.

"I love you, my love," Ram kept on telling her those words, never forgetting to shower her with sweet kisses.

"I thought I would go crazy without you," Priya whispered back, while burying her fingers in his still wet thick hair. She kissed him like not remembering herself, trying to give him everything she got. And he was grateful, because she was the only one he longed for.

The couple was soaring in their own little yet colorful world, that was called "LOVE".


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Posted: 2016-10-06T15:06:14Z
Beautiful story..
Keep writing.
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Beautiful yaar Raya ka confess n their romance hayeere it was sooo romantic n plss pm me na
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aaila..prajakta...Kitti divsane yaar story post kelis. mast. khup chhan.do write more.
how r u?
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Beautiful story and written well.
Keep writing more stories on raya.
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OMG Parjakta I was thinking when u will post & see what u did u already did it... worth of waiting I must say too good awesome I just loved the way Story was having its own twist & turns... aur toh aur Neha the Drama queen of BALH was there toh hangama pakka tha lol... the way Priya got jelouse & the way Ram find out abt it was beautifully peened down n even the way h confessed & made her his in all sanses was just perfect in all mean too good awesome I so so loved it their love making is always have diffrent effect on us... just like always this was had also mindblowing too good waiting for next do post next part soon...

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just awesome..
ur every come back surprises me every time..
buit here is a request for u
can u plss
continue this
as i badly want to see Nuts and Neha's reaction when they will come to know about the previous day's confession..
and some teasing part..and of course Isha's reaction

plsss..if possible..and than u so much for this Raya's romantic os
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Nicely written story on Raya.
Enjoyed reading it...
And me too wuld luv to know the reaction of neha and nuts when they came to know about Raya's previous night...
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