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Hey ash

waving my hand haha well its been quite many days i red any story just logged in few days back saw ur pms

this was quite interesting i am in love with the flow at last monster laughed wah wah. and i like the way u confide ur story with all emotions.

looking forward

and was reading with you as well but this work of mine completely eating my time wil  try give my comments regularly


OMG its sooo good to see you backHug
it was a sweet surprise for me...
thanks a ton...don't worry about your work eating your time..
just do drop in from time to time...

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Amazing update

thank you

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Part 10
Well this is a first for Geet to see Maan like this...
Cont soon...

Geet has a lot to seeLOL
thank you di

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After so many days read something on maaneet, and loved it. Thanx.

welcome back...Embarrassed
so good to see old friends coming back...Hug
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@ALL: I have replied to all of you on pg 90 & 91.
 Thank you for being such a support.Hug

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11.She Was Back There Again...

"So, what do you think Kanha? Monster Khurana is bad or not?" she rolled on her bed, thinking of the day's events.

She flipped on her stomach and her wet locks stuck to her face, "I don't understand that man. Arrghh."

She couldn't think of reasons why he disliked her so much yet he helped her in that way. She had not interacted with people much for some time now and the advent of Maan had rattled her somewhere. She, in all her confusion, decided to give Ana a call and tell her about the day.

"hello?"Ana's voice came weak and low.

"Ana, are you okay? Why weren't you taking my call?"

"Umm.. just tired Geet. Am sleeping now. Can I call you later?"

"Are you alright? You seem low." She checked the time, only 9pm and she knew Ana wasn't an early soul.

"No am okay. I will talk to you later, Good Night."

She hung up the phone and left Geet in worry. May be she indeed was tired? Geet decided not to worry and brace herself up for the next day!

She sat on the corner couch, jotting down notes that he dictated in the same cabin as his and till now, he had been good.

" careful with the files and not mix them up like you did last evening!"

He stopped and looked at her busy scribbling in her notepad.

"Miss Handa?"

She looked up immediately, "Yes sir"

"Did you write that too?" he narrowed his brows at her.

"Ye...yes. Was I not supposed to?" she asked, clueless.

He left a defeated sigh and looked at her almost as if giving up, "Can't you know the difference between dictation and simple instruction?"

Her blank look gave him his answers. What was he thinking when he had decided to give her the post of his secretary for a week? Ohh well, he had been desperate and there was no other option. He shook his head, "that's enough for now. Get me my coffee."

She nodded and shot up to her feet when he called her again.

"Miss Handa, just try not to empty the jar of sugar in the coffee."

"you mean less sugar?"

"I mean no sugar at all."

Her eyes widened for a while wondering how did that man gulp down mugs of bitter coffee, without an iota of sugar in it but decided to keep shut against her better judgment and walked out.

She watched his face scrunch up into a nasty expression and gulped down her saliva.

He kept the mug away from him and glared at her, "What did you understand when I told specifically no sugar'??

He was pretty sure by now that the woman had very bad cognitive skills. She was planning to kill him with the sugar overdose.

She knotted her fingers and spoke softly, "Coffee was bitter so I thought a little sugar would make it nice..."

"You thought?? Miss Handa you thought?" he bit out, "You are not paid to think. When I said No Sugar, I mean NO Sugar. Do you get that?"

He had been so fond of the bitter drink but this woman, he was pretty sure, would make him hate it soon enough. Another headache was to follow soon.

She had been expecting him to throw the coffee away but to her surprise he didn't. He kept it away respectfully and she never knew when he had disposed it off. the more time she spent with him in the office, learning her work, the more she knew him on the professional front that awed her. He was an extremely busy person but he wasn't rude. He was strict with everyone, she came to realize, be it dealing with Kabir or any other person for that matter. In fact, he had a hell lot of patience considering the fact that he had not screamed at her despite her mistakes a few times. But she knew he had been angry. Who was she witnessing anyways? He had guided her on how to schedule his appointments and how to prioritize events. He had even taught her how to set meetings and she had learned all of it, sitting right in his cabin, on the corner couch.

It was almost Thursday and he had been in a very bad mood. For some reasons, Antara had shut herself from everyone. She didn't speak much; she went to college and her work and mostly kept to her room. He tried asking but she ignored on the pretext of a headache. He found Kabir even in the same situation. It had never happened before and that worried him. he watched Geet, sitting on the corner couch and prepare a report he had asked her to. Did she know about her?
It was after a meeting when he had gone and asked her about his sister and she had thought for a while before answering. He noticed that.

"I...I haven't spoken to her for a while."

That was what she had answered him and Kabir too. He left her but he wasn't convinced. God forbid the two women were hiding something.

Back in KM, he found his sister going out.

"Ana, where are you going?"

"To Geet's place Bhai. We have a night out." She had answered blankly.

"On a weekday?" he raised his brow.

"Yeah. We don't get time to catch up. Okay bye."

She rushed out, leaving him in thoughts. Not that he didn't trust but he was afraid of the innocence that Ana carried. It struck 10pm when Maan asked Kabir to call up Geet and ask if Ana was there with her.

"But Bhai, she must be there. she had been at Geet's place a few times earlier as well."

"Kabir, just call and confirm."

His stern look told Kabir that something was going on in his head. His brother was a clever man and if he thought something was up, then definitely something was up!

Kabir finished with his call and shrugged, "She is there, Geet confirmed."

"And did you speak to Ana?"

"Umm..I asked but she was in the washroom."

He threw away the magazine and dragged Kabir out, "Drive me to her place."

"But Bhai..."

"Shut up and do as I say."

"Wouldn't it be wrong..."

"We are just going to see our sister, thats it. i don't think there is anything wrong in it. Just drive damn it!"

Kabir saw him angry and did as he was told, quietly because there was no point in arguing.

Geet looked at Kanha and sighed, "Kabir called today, asking about Ana. Tell me Kanha, am I doing right? I mean I know Ana hadn't informed me today that she'd be out and it's scaring me. Keep her safe."

A loud knock startled her but then she immediately calmed down thinking it to be Ana. Pulling her hair in a lose pony, she rushed out to open the door.

"Ana you should have called..."

She stopped, numb in her tracks when she saw him right on her door, instead of Ana. His eyes glowed in rage and she failed to notice Kabir behind him. she hadn't expected this and she, most definitely had no idea how to cover up now.

"Miss Handa, where is Ana?"

She knew very well, that suppressed voice that held rage and so much more. She gulped down, fear settling in her chest and her feet turning cold.

"Am asking you something. Ana was in the washroom right? Call her right now."
Even Kabir was shocked to find his brother this angry about something so trivial but then now even he knew that something was wrong.

"Wo..Erm..I..." she didn't know what to answer because she hadn't know Ana was out until Kabir had called her up, asking her whereabouts and she had quietly played her part.

Kanha, what do I do? If only Ana had told me earlier...

Maan felt rage coursing through his veins. Ana lied and even her friend. The dislike he had felt for this woman returned with a vengeance. He towered on her and she took a step back, her fearful eyes confirming her blunder.

"You lied back then, didn't you?" he hissed, making her cringe and she took another step back.

He followed, "You know where Ana is, right?"

She looked away, unable to take that intensity of his gaze. And then she felt his strong hold on her arm and he jerked her close. His hold hurt.

"Stop running and answer me. Where is Ana?"

Kabir stood numb at first but then he quickly held his brother, "Bhai please. We can deal with this peacefully..."

He pushed him off, "No. We can't. Ana has been lying all these days and you think I don't notice? I know her a little too well and this..", he looked back at Geet in disgust, "this woman had been helping her all this time."

Geet had known him strict, rude, tease but never had she seen him this angry.

His attention riveted back to her and his hold became tighter, hurting her, "What are you hiding? And what have you done to her hmm?"

"I...I didn't do anything...please let me go.." her eyes welled up but she didn't cry. She was scared though, for Ana more than anything.

He did let her go but with such force that she stumbled back.

"Don't you dare speak to her ever again. Its because of you that she is missing today. Miss Handa, I knew you were up to no good but I hadn't expected you to be a liar. I had warned her earlier but still she chose to trust you...and you don't deserve that. You don't deserve to be her friend..."

"Bhai Stop.. she is not what you think.." Kabir tried stopping but he knew the damage was done.

Maan stopped and saw tears rolling down her eyes. He was fiercely protective about his family and Geet lying around hadn't gone well with him and on top of that Ana lying to him was the last straw. He turned to leave and then stopped.

"I don't want you to talk to Ana or Kabir ever again!"

He was gone but he left a lingering pain in his wake. Her legs felt weak and fell on the ground. Kabir rushed to her and held her to support but she didn't wield.

" so sorry. I will get back to you. Ana has been missing since evening and Bhai has been worried about her..."

"Kabirr..." Maan's voice from the stairs echoed in the whole building.

"I got to go Geet. Please don't cry. And if Ana visits you, please inform."

And Kabir was gone too.

She felt like she had been pushed back into the abyss that she had been in, sometime back. And then, Ana had come and pulled her out of that darkness for a while and now, she was back there again. she sobbed, feeling so lonely all of a sudden and realized she had no one to turn to now, not even Pooja and Raj. They were far from here...very very far; at a place she couldn't reach. She missed her parents. She had been good when she was alone. Friends brought relations and relations brought baggage. Sometimes it's better to be alone, at least no one can hurt you; she realized that and sat on the floor, unable to forget the bitter words spewed on her.

Sanity returned after what felt like eons with her cell phone ringing with Ana's name flashing on it. She was in no condition to talk to anyone but worry and care won. She wiped her tears and gulped down the knot in her throat that hurt her.

"he...hello, Ana? Where are you?"

She heard her friend take time to reply.

"Ge...geet..." Ana's broken voice startled her.

"Ana, are you alright?" she stood up.

"Ye...yeah. Open the door. Am outside."

She quickly rushed and opened the door, to find a distraught Ana at her door. Her hair dishevelled, her face constricted with emotions Geet couldn't understand.
Her eyes fell on her friend and a drop of tear trickled down her face and then another and another that shocked Geet.


Ana rushed and hugged her tightly and before Geet knew, she was in pieces, crying, holding her friend.

Such condition of Ana scared and shocked Geet for she was inconsolable. She
patted her back, "hey hey...what happened Ana, tell me.."

But she cried so violently that her entire body shook. Geet quickly pulled her in and closed the door. Holding her hand, she made her sit on the couch and sat on the floor and caressed her hand.

"What happened? Please Tell me..."

Ana cried harder, unable to form words and hiccupped and Geet let her. Her own heart constricted seeing her in such a condition. She made her drink some water but she couldn't. She coughed and spit it all out. Geet tried to help but Ana just hugged her, hid her face in her shoulder and cried her heart out.

"G...Geet... A...Arjun..." she managed to mumble and then she cried.

"What happened with Arjun? Did he say anything? Did he do anything wrong?"

Ana tried so hard to tell but she couldn't form words. she couldn't have gone home in such a condition and she knew she had no one but Geet to turn to. She wanted to tell her everything but her emotions choked her, took away her voice and her tears spoke louder.

All she needed now was someone who just held her without any question and Geet did just that. She held Ana until she had shattered into violent sobs and incessant hiccups.

"Geet..." she squeaked and even that took a lot of effort.


Ana paused, sniffing, still in the arms of her friend who held her close and didn't leave her for a second.

"Arjun...he... he..." it took effort for her and tears spilled again but she held back.
"He broke up with me..."

"What?" Geet's jaws dropped, in shock and surprise but Ana fell back in her arms and cried away her broken heart.

"I...I tried so hard Geet... I tried to do everything he wanted me to... but...I couldn't  stop him."
>>Was I the Monster today?LOL
>>Hope you enjoyed!!Wink

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

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aah I so much hate u kawaai
geet abhi theek ho rhi thi ahe start understanding monster khurana nd u just grrr
maan is so rude with her
nd ana oh god she is so dishevelled arjun broke up with her nd maan kabir finding ana
ana now back with geet
what will be maan reaction when he got to know tha y ana is with geet
he will surely kill geet now
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Thank you for updating...
Really really sad update...
Feeling so sad for geet...poor geet..
this also happen with my sister one time when her friend went to meet her bf and ger family get to know and they blame my sister so I understand geet was only trying to help ana but people didn't blame their family they blame others...
please help geet...
and when will maneet loce story start???
Please please now update soon really can't wait
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omg ye kya ho gya...maan ne acha khasa suna diya geet ko she is feeling lonely...
ab ye arjun ne kya kiya Ana k sath she is totally heartbroken...
ye sb maan ko pta chlega to geet to gyi kaam se...god save her from maan's anger...
plz update nxt part soon...
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What u done to my poor geet yaar,maana Mk( monster khurana) is protective ok over protective but blaming geet...he even warned not to talk with labor and can he!?
Geet just formed a line of good about maan patience with seems like every good word was flushed from her mind and heart now...
Arjun broke up with ana!?
Waiting dear...
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That was one FAB update Clap
I found Maan's reaction right n very appropriate..
Geet did a mistake by siding with Ana.. Waise hi Maan Itna aala sochta tha uske bare me now this matter came up and all booommm Ouch Shocked
When Ana didn't tell her about her whereabouts, she shouldn't say to Kabir that Ana is with her.. Mistake D'oh
Ana had an heartbreak, I hope she didn't do any mistake by giving herself to that man Shocked
Now what will he do, when he comes to know Ana is with geet again Shocked
Waiting for next..
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Ye kya hogaya...geet gayi kaam se 
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