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i just loved the scenes where Maan calls puppy as Raj...hehe and geets get irritated.
Hoping to see some kind of attraction between them soon...
Hopefully u will update today.

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Originally posted by tania90

update kab milega

kal milegaLOL
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Waiting di!!
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refreshing ...refreshing :)
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Fabulous update
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waiting Smile
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@All: I know replies are pending. But You guys must know that
 am really so overwhelmed to see your love for this story.
Thank you so much. Hug
Will reply to each of you soon. Embarrassed

10.He Was Like The Moon Perhaps...

"Geet, why don't you call anymore?" Pooja cribbed over the phone.

Geet smiled weakly and looked at Ana who was making wired faces, slurping her noodles. They had met up in a small diner post work and caught up with each other.

"No Pooja, its not like that. I am just a little busy with college and internship."

"Stop making excuses. You have completely forgotten me since the time you went away to NY. You don't even talk to me like before! What has happened to you Geet?"

Geet wondered how to answer why she couldn't talk to her like before because nothing was "like before" anymore. She didn't want to go back to the life where she had been so naive, so stupid and so reckless.

"Pooja, please understand..."

Her low voice made Pooja sigh, knowing well Geet was going through a rough patch.

"Okay. Am sorry. You just don't call anymore. Even Raj was asking for you. We are worried."

The mention of "Raj" almost made her heart skip a beat. She hadn't talked to him in a very long time. She missed him, she had to admit.

"Am fine here. Don't worry."

"Yeah I know. Did you make any friends?", Pooja asked her lovingly.

Her head immediately turned towards Ana who was happily gorging down noodles and now hogging down the burger. She was such a foodie. Her lips stretched into a smile, seeing the cheese smeared on Ana's lips and cheeks.

"Whattt?" Ana managed to speak with the burger stuffed into her mouth.

Geet shook her head and continued on the phone, "Yeah. I did and she is very nice Pooja."

It was a heart-felt confession and Geet knew she had found a gem.

She quickly finished with her food and joined Ana in her food-marathon.

"How is it going with Arjun?" Geet teased.

Ana turned pink, "Its good so far. He is everything one could ask for Geet... and gosh he is taking me out tomorrow evening."

"On a weekday?" a surprised Geet asked.

Ana suddenly went thoughtful and then kept away her burger, "About that...I need your help."

Geet listened to her friend carefully and smiled at the apologies she threw at her at the end.

" could say no. Its okay." Ana spoke with her head hung low.

"And pray why should I say No?" Geet teased, half smiling and half frowning.

Ana clasped her fingers, trying to form words, "b...because am lying to my brothers and am using you Geet. It's wrong!"

Geet smiled at the innocence of her friend, "Ana, I will be glad to help because I know you wouldn't do anything wrong."

"You trust me so much Geet?" she asked sadly.


"Even though I am lying that I will be staying at your place but in fact I am going
out with Arjun?"

"You will come back before midnight, won't you?"

"I promise I will be back to your place before its midnight, like Cinderella! Gosh, you are my fairy godmother Geet." She rushed to Geet's side and hugged her.

Geet smiled and patted her head, "Just be careful okay. And be back on time."

Days rolled into a month and Geet had been happy. She was doing well in her internship but something was off about it. She hadn't been very careless with her work but then things didn't please her. Life became monotonous--- College, office, home and repeat. Maan was busy with some project and he was out of the country for half the month and whenever he was in office, they had almost no interaction. The respite from the boring life was Ana's presence. she'd at times come to her place, go out with Arjun, come back on scheduled time and then they would sleep off, talking anything and everything.

That night, ana rolled on the floor with the blanket wrapped around her. she had been back from a secret date with Arjun and stayed back at Geet's place as usual.

"I think I am in Love Geet..."

"Whaaatt?" Geet sat up, in surprise and shock.

Ana sat up too, "yes Geet. I think I am falling for him. he just cares so much and...and the way he talks, the way he becomes protective around me... that feeling..."

" inexplicable, right?" Geet completed her sentence with a smile.

Ana looked at Geet and narrowed her brows, "You have felt it too, haven't you, for Raj?"

"Yes I have."

"Geet, then tell me na.. what happened?" ana made a baby face.

This was a question Ana had always sought answers and Geet had always remained tight lipped.

"I will tell you one day when I am ready!"

Ana slid closer and wrapped a hand around her friend, "Do you know you are the bestest of the best friend anyone could have?"

Geet smiled, "Nopes. But you keep telling me so many times..."

"then believe it."

And Geet believed. Pooja remained in the darkest corner of her head. And she didn't dwell on it either.


He watched her face and suppressed his smile. She was hyper-reactive! He had been back from a trip and he had informed her of the work she was supposed to do. But that woman always had something or the other problem with everything.

"you want me to...what?" she managed to control her reactions.

He shook his head and dropped the papers on the table and stood firm in front of her, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I know you heard it the first time Miss Handa. Stop questioning and get to work!"

"B..but how can I..."

"That's an order and you are in no position to deny!" he spoke flatly and got back to his work.

She cursed her luck under her breath as she slumped on her chair.

"what is this Kanha? Why did his secretary had to meet with an accident last night? Why did Joe had to be on a holiday? And most of all, why do I have to fill in for his secretary for the week?"

She never understood that man in all these weeks! He was good sometimes, and then he was a jerk and suddenly he turned into Monster! Kabir paid her visits but even he had been keeping busy. Ana had been busy too. She had to deal with this all alone! Bracing herself up, she carried her notepad and stuffs to his secretary's cabin when the intercom rang.

"Miss Handa, get in here and yes, get the Brooklyn Project file."

She had no idea where his secretary arranged the stuffs! She was just an intern! Sighing, she looked at the shelves and found one after much effort and rushed to his cabin, which was just beside hers. He was pacing the room and talking on phone when she entered and gestured her to hand him the files. She obliged and turned to leave.

"Its the wrong file. Get me the accounts file of the project."

She rolled her eyes and turned back only to see him pace around, still on the phone. She hated this already. She picked up the file from the table and went back.

The call had been an important one and his new secretary was not helping at all. He had been in a fix when Stacy, his actual secretary met with an accident the previous evening and he had no one to fill in. He had been walking out of a meeting when his eyes had fallen in Miss Handa who seemed too bored with her work these days. The other intern had taken leave and hence he had appointed her as his temporary secretary, of course with an extra pay for the week. Adi was busy handling the PR team too. He had no one around all of a sudden but that "unlikeable woman" and he had no other option. She had been constantly grabbing his attention with her not-so-pleasant antics.

He faced the window and spoke on the phone, about his dealings when he heard something fall. He immediately turned around to find Miss Handa on the floor with papers strewn around her.

Crazy Woman!

He breathed in sharply and asked the person on the phone to hold. With two long strides, he was standing right in front of her, his fingers massaging his temples.

"Miss Handa, what are you doing on the floor?"

Her sharp eyes riveted towards him, "Ohh am moping the floor with my back."

Insensitive Jerk!

"But my floor doesn't need mopping!" he smirked, knowing very well of her sarcastic nature.

She twisted her lips and went to examine her foot that had hit the coffee table beside her that made her fall. Thankfully, it was intact and didn't hurt much. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Cursing her luck, she sat on her haunches and collected the papers. The papers were scattered all over the floor and she knew it would take her a long time.

A masculine hand stretched out and handed her the papers which made her look up, surprised. He was on his haunches too, right in front of her, gathering the papers. Her jaws dropped!

He was helping?? Wow.

"Here, the last ones. Arrange them and Get my coffee!"

He was back to his chair and resumed his call. She stood up, awed...surprised actually to see this side of his. Shadowing him all these days, she had come to know him as a man of impeccable discipline and dedication but never she had seen this side of his, gentle and helpful. As such he kept teasing her about the pup and that was enough to halt her good thoughts about him.

He really wanted a coffee for the day was going to be long. There was to be a client meeting in an hour. There was a knock and he watched a head pop in through the gap.

"Sir, your coffee."

"yeah...come in."

She saw him a little quiet and lost in his thoughts as she placed the coffee in front of him.

"We have a client meeting in an hour Miss Handa. Get the xyz blueprints to me and yeah print the Brooklyn blueprints. Make a call to Kabir and tell him to meet up with the telecom company for the take over and yes, set my meetings for tomorrow."

She stood clueless because everything went right over her head. She opened her mouth to ask something but he beat her to that.

"And yes Miss Handa, we have a meeting in an hour. Just be done with the blueprints and get the printed copies to me. Make sure you do not pass me any calls till that time and take notes of the meetings."


He received a call and got busy. She stood completely and utterly confused as to what was to be done. There was something about printing blueprints and calling Kabir and take notes for the meeting.

He watched her walk out and sipped his coffee, almost spitting it away. It was too sweet for his taste! What had she done? Emptied an entire jar of sugar may be? His face contorted with the stinging aftertaste the drink left him with and he immediately put away the mug. He knew by now that the day would end with a severe headache. The coffee just ruined his mood.


She hung her head low as the client looked at her in disbelief. The day was turning out to be a bad one.

Kanha, Please help!

"This is not the blueprint that we have been looking for. Mr. Khurana what in the world is this? Who had printed these?"

Maan looked at the blueprints and then looked at Geet, "What is this Miss Handa? This was not the one I asked for!"

He held his head in stress. Things were just going for the worse. And Miss Handa was not helping at all.

"I...I'm sorry sir but you gave me so many blueprints and..."

"I cannot believe you do not understand the importance of such deals.", the white skinned man cornered Geet. He had been furious to see the blunder.

"I'm really sorry.."

"A mere sorry cannot bring the time back that we have lost miss. Do you realize what it would cost us because of your sheer stupidity? And who hired you in the first place? Such low lives do not deserve to be here. Mr. Khurana We want you to fire her..."

"Enough." He thundered and watched the faces of a furious client and a morose Geet Handa.

"She is new here and that is why she probably messed up. And it's okay. I will deal with my employee and you are no one to tell me how to deal with them."

She had been looking down all this while but his words disoriented her for a while. She had not expected him to defend her, like this?!! She knew she had messed up because she had gotten confused about the whole thing and hence the scene. me!

"Mr. Khurana do you realize her one mistake could have cost us millions?"

"Its not her fault. Its mine. The meeting is over. I will get back to you tomorrow."

He said it.

And he had rendered her speechless and frozen in time.

The client pretty well knew that he was done and walked away. She just stood frozen, contemplating every word of his, defending her in front of others and she never knew of this face of different!

The minutes ticked by in silence and she just kept looking at him in awe. He was like the moon perhaps, changing phases when the time came and she was completely awestricken by the change in him! Second time in a day! She had cursed him so much for being insensitive and inconsiderate but she never knew he had something like this inside himself.

"Care to explain what that was?"

He turned to her with a questioning gaze and found her spaced out, as usual.

"Miss Handa!" he thundered, yet again.

The meeting was sabotaged. Great. But this woman still remained silly.

She jumped at his voice, "y...yes sir?"

"What was that about? Don't you understand simple instructions? Has your cognitive skills gone for a toss? I had asked you to bring the printed copies Brooklyn and you did just the opposite! Is something wrong with your head?"

If just a minute back she had thought, even for the tiniest of a second that he was nice, then his voice and demeanor just reminded her of the monster that he was! He changed faces in a flick of a second! How mean!

"Miss you not know..."

"Don't Miss Handa' me Mr. Khurana. The name is Geet, get it in your head. And who do you think I am? Just an I-N-T-E-R-N and not your bloody secretary who could be at your beck and call. I am new here, I don't know what to handle and how to handle...nahi hota mujhse. Do you realize that? No! But you keep shouting orders like am not a human but a machine. If you have so many problems with me, then why did you ask me to do this in the first place?"

She stopped when she was done and saw him look at her with a strange look on his face. it was then she realized what she had spoken and how much she had spoken away. Her heart sunk when sanity returned. If he had been against firing her, a minute back, then she was pretty sure he would actually follow the client's advice in a matter of seconds. She closed her eyes and sighed sadly. Could the day be any worse?

He had watched her rant out her mind and was amused to see her so rattled at the slightest provocation. Her face had turned red and despite himself, he had laughed. He couldn't stop himself.

Third time in a day, she was thrown a googly and she had no idea how to deal with it!

The Monster laughs?

She watched him laugh, albeit a suppressed one but his face did break out into one. Her eyes widened in shock, more than in surprise and she felt she'd faint right there. Things were crazy around this monster. She twisted her lips and looked away.

"Miss Handa... from tomorrow onwards, you are going to sit here and work with me. And if you think you don't know things around, then be prepared to learn. You could now go back."

She rolled her eyes and went back to her cabin, cursing everything that brought them together. He was such a mean monster!

He sat back on his chair and shook his head. Headache was inevitable but this woman was something. He had seen her clueless and he was experienced enough to realize she had no real goals. She was like a little leaf, floating in a river, going where the waters take it. But she had nerves, he had to admit. No one, in his entire career, had been able to speak more than a sentence to him without fumbling and this woman went off like a hot water geyser, springing off the ground all of a sudden, surprising him.


Chapter 9

Chapter 11

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The day Maan and Kabir find out abour Arjun man its going to be the day of the reckoning! Geet gave up her love of course she is not going to have the same relationship as before! Bad luck Geet she now going to be all day everyday around monster khurana! You go girl let it all out on Monster Khurana glad he defended her and listed to her rant without blowing up lol Maan is not going to go easy on her when he teaches her maybe tease her more! Coffee with overload of sugar never gets old!
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