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nice update...maan is full of attitude man..poor geet.. thanks to Joe kabir and adi... and feather maan got... is it geet's? how maan ll react... waiting eagerly
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@Jade0001: Welcome Aboard Darling.
Glad to see you enjoying the story. Thank You for the lovely comments.

P.s its good to see new readers on this thread
but its even better to see old readers returning.Hug

9. The Tenth Floor Chronicles II

They say you never realize the worth of things until you have lost it and they are right. Geet had cried herself to sleep that night. She had come back home and freshened up and cooked and looked out for her note to revisit her day. But what she had discovered was her missing feather. The beautiful blue-green feather that dadima had gifted her; the feather that she had solely attached to her Kanha; the feather that now she loved so much. She ransacked the whole house but she couldn't find it. She tried to think if she lost it in her office or on the way back and she couldn't bear the restlessness. So, she fell on the bed and cried till she fell asleep.

He checked the time and walked into the 10th floor, getting off the lift. Everyone greeted him the usual kind and the two interns were just a new addition. He noticed her, a little off and then she had looked away.

Crazy Woman!

He went back to his cabin and got busy with his work. He did his usual stuffs and called for the interns who would be shadowing' him in a few meetings.
He explained them what they were supposed to do and much to his annoyance, the female intern hadn't been paying attention! He was a man with sharp brains and a sharp tongue. He could very well know who paid attention and who was distracted. And he absolutely hated that. To him, people with no real goals had no attention span. He cleared his throat to gain her attention and for few seconds he successfully did. But she was back in her own world in no time. He clenched his fists to practice self control and managed to complete what he had been saying. But her eyes were glued to something behind him, perhaps enjoying the cityscape from his window.

"Did you understand, Miss Handa?"

His stern voice just couldn't bring her back. And he lost it.

He banged the file he was holding on the desk.

"Miss Handa?!!"

She jumped with the sound and looked at him, a little unsure, a little scared,
"ye...yes sir?"

"If you are here to space out, then please leave this organization. You are no longer needed here!"

She wasn't sure why she was being scolded but his red eyes did unnerve her.

"but I was..." her voice trembled.

"No excuses! You do not deserve to be here, do you realize that? I absolutely detest people who do not take their careers seriously. If you don't want to work, then just go back home and spare us the trouble."

She walked out with tears in her eyes. Joe made her sit in her cubicle and held the water bottle to her.

"Geet, is everything okay? You seem disturbed."

She just nodded and rested her head on the table, thinking of her feather. She had been upset about that and then Maan's words just hurt her. He was right though, her sane mind reasoned. She had been spacing out indeed but he didn't need to be so rude! She didn't feel like talking to anyone until Adi found her sulking during the lunch hour.

"Geet, what happened? I know boss was strict but please don't take it to heart.
Maan Sir is really strict when it comes to work."

She had then looked at his cutely funny face and tried to derive solace from his words.

"Its okay Adi sir, I guess it was my fault. I just lost something very precious so just a little disturbed.."

"Oh Am sorry Geet. Don't worry. Whatever it is, you will find it soon."

He looked at the piles of files he had to go through and knew a headache was to come soon. He sent for a coffee through the intercom and stood by the window, watching the afternoon sun burn out the day, slowly. He had no meetings lined up post lunch so he decided to finish up the pending work.

The warm coffee soothed his nerve...caffeine in small doses was relaxing. He sipped his bitter drink and picked up a file. The room was completely silent and he loved this pin-drop silence when he worked. His feet made rhythmic tapping sound as he paced from one end of the glass wall to the other end and vice versa. The file and the coffee took the same amount of time of his attention for he went back to his desk to find another file.

Amidst the pile of files, he found a report, precisely Miss Handa's report that she had left the previous evening. He sighed, recalling the morning when he had blasted at her and suddenly felt like keeping her report away. He had almost done that when a shiny blue-green feather caught his eyes. It had been buried under files on his table and now that he had been arranging it, it had made its presence felt. He picked it up and looked at it carefully, wondering what it had been doing in his cabin when Adi knocked.

He quickly put it back on the table and sat down.

"Sir, here are the papers that you had asked." He kept the papers on the table and watched his boss flip some pages.

He flipped through the pages of her report and smiled a little, seeing the corrections made. It was not perfect but he knew she had worked. It was then things came back to him, about the morning and the previous day when he had seen her holding the feather. She had got it from his grandmother!

She completed the second report and sighed sadly. She had lost her Kanha's feather and she had ruined her day with her own hands. Monster Khurana had helped her a little in the way.

"Hey G..G...Geet!"

She looked up and gave a weak smile to Adi Sir, who handed her the report.
"Here, take this!"

She looked at her report and then back at him.

"you had my report?"

"he he he...No. Maan Sir gave it to me some time back and asked me to give it back to you."

Adi left and she stared at the report skeptically.

"Should I open you or should I not? But knowing that monster, am pretty sure he must have not seen it again!"

Shaking her head, she opened her report and flipped pages, trying to find any sign of his remarks when something fell on her lap.

She looked down and went numb for a while.

The blue-green feather gleamed in the light, shining in all its glory, probably feeling happy about finding its way home!

Her happiness knew no bounds as she held the feather close to her heart, overwhelmed at the relief that coursed through her. When she thought of how she lost her feather, she couldn't recall accidentally passing it to him through her report. Could it be that he had found it in the office and kept it safe?

It was her reflex that she clutched her feather and rushed into his cabin to thank him, for she was one expressive woman. But when she did, i.e. push open his door, she stopped; his eyes went rife with surprise and then amusement upon finding her with her feather!

She didn't know how to proceed from there because she knew he hated people who intruded his privacy and she was very well doing that now!

One brow went up in amusement and inquisitiveness seeing that happiness on her face, but he pretended to be engrossed in his file.

"Something wrong, Miss Handa?" he kept his voice low and tried hard not to look at the funny face she made.

She had opened her mouth to thank him but then she had to answer his question. She closed her mouth and opened it again, to form words, like a fish and after a second of thoughtfulness, she managed to speak out, "Well, erm, thank you."

She got her voice back.

"Yes, thank you Sir, for the report.

He smirked, half hiding his face behind the file. She was being paranoid for a feather?!!!

The door opened and he put his file down.

"Miss Handa?" he called out, making her stop.

She turned back, "yes sir?"

She saw his face, pleasant and cool; he seemed to be in a good mood.

"Just try to be a little responsible."

She wanted to respond but he beat her to that, "...and next time, knock the door before you get in." He bit back, sourly.

That Monster! Why can't he speak politeness?

She gritted her teeth and went back to her cubicle. She had really wanted to thank him but that jerk just kills the mood. Every.Single.Time.

Saturday evening had been long and relaxing and she was back in KM after a long time. Ana had literally dragged her home and both sat on the couch, giggling and catching up.

"how was your date?", Geet whispered and then increased the volume of the tv, making sure no one hurt them!

She watched Ana's cheeks turn from pink to red. she poked her with her elbow,
"Bolo na... how was your date last night?"

Ana's eyes twinkled as she held Geet's hands, "Ohh gosh Geet... he is just so amazing yaa. I never thought he'd be so nice.."

"Details please."

The friends talked of Ana's budding story with Arjun, how he made her feel comfortable and that he spoke such lovely things about anything and everything relating to Ana that made her blush profusely. Geet could feel Ana's excitement, through her expressions and felt happy for her friend.

"...and he even ordered all my favourites. Gosh... I think I like him a little!"

"Not bad Antara Khurana, I think you are in the right hands!"

"Whose right hands, Ladies?", Kabir jumped on the couch, munching a cucumber.
Ana froze for a while and looked at Geet for help.

"wo..she was at my house last evening right, so we were just talking about the spaghetti she made!" Geet managed.

"You cooked?" Kabir eyed Ana in complete shock to which she gave a feeble nod.

"..hey where is Awaara?" Ana recalled her baby husky, successfully diverting the topic.

Kabir shrugged, "Must be with Maan Bhai!" and went to get a bottle of water.

Ana turned to Geet, "So, how was your week with Maan Bhai? Was he good?"

Geet slumped back into the couch, "I made it, Alive! That answers!"

Ana giggled and watched the brother in question jog in, with her husky in tow. It was supposed to be Ana's gift but the pup had taken a liking to the eldest sibling.
She watched him stride in the hall, wearing tracks and a tee, sweating and huffing. His face had turned red, probably with all the running and even in dirt, that man had a certain aura around him that didn't let anyone close easily. The pup jumped around when he stopped for his bottle of water.

He gulped down the entire bottle of water and found a pair of eyes staring at him. he looked at her and she immediately looked away.


" boy...come here..." Kabir called out, "Bhai, does he fetch?"

The pup ran around the house not listening to even Ana who ran behind him.

He smiled, "yeah. I have been trying to teach him. wanna see?"

Kabir nodded and she just remained a mere spectator. As such her boss was one sadistic man, she had come to conclude at the end of the week and so she kept her silence intact around him.

He looked around and found a news paper on the table. He rolled it and tied a rubber band. He knelt down on the rug and waved the roll in the air.

" boy...Raj"

Geet's cheeks flared as her eyes turned red! What was he doing?

The pup riveted his attention towards Maan and barked.

"Go get it my boy." He threw the roll to one corner and Raj (the pup) ran towards it.

Ana and Kabir looked at Geet, getting reminded of something and then at each other. Geet was definitely not happy with it. they could see her reactions so well. She had crossed her hands on her front and her lips had thinned down at the seams.

The pup returned with the roll and Maan lovingly patted his head, "Good boy. Now, again."

He threw the roll again, "Raj, here we go budyy."

Ana immediately warned Maan, "Bhai, stop calling him Raj. His name is Awaara!"

"thats a pathetic name. Raj fits better."

"No it doesn't!" came the shrill voice of the woman he felt so unlikeable'.

He rolled his eyes, "Says who?"

The husky came back to Maan and tried pulling him for another game.

"Later buddy."

"I say it!" Geet stepped up, finally!

"And I say, who are you?" he picked up the husky and he licked his face, making him smile.

Geet hated the pup.

"Ohh Raj stop it!" he felt tickled with the licking.

Geet almost puked.

"I am Geet Handa, if your memory fails you and stop calling him Raj!" she finally felt her patience snapping.

He put the pup down and gave her a pointed look, "Whats your problem Miss Handa?"

She gritted her teeth, "My problem is you call him Raj."

"So, what am I supposed to do? Dance may be?" he spoke flatly.

Sarcasm!!! She hated that jerk.

"Ohh you could possibly do that if it pleases you. But stop calling him Raj!" she almost screamed.

"And why do you think I will listen to you?"

Ana and Kabir looked at the fighting duo and knew Geet would be upset.

"Fine fine. Geet come on. Lets have dinner." Ana intervened.

"Come on Mi bella...we will go for ice-cream post dinner and we can drop you home."

She was locked in a fiery eye-contact that called war' with that Monster Khurana. Why was he so insensitive?

"Geet...come now." Ana dragged her towards the table.

He shook his head and went ahead to take a shower not before calling out to the pup.

"Raj...come boy!"

He smirked.

That Jerk! He did it deliberately. He called out louder than required deliberately!

"Geet, am so sorry. Bhai's intention is to tease me actually. I had chewed his head once to watch DDLJ with me because mom was so in love with it!", Ana gave an apologetic smile.

Geet twisted her lips, "so?"

"Erm...well actually, lets not talk about the movie but I loved Raj. Bhai hated everything about it because he felt it too dramatic and from then on, he is on a mission to irritate me with that name. And this time, he just unknowingly targeted the wrong person!"

Geet left an angry breath that she had been holding for a long time. Monster Khurana definitely had no idea about Raj and he was enjoying teasing her!

"Are you Mad?" Ana made a baby face.

"Come on Mi bella...ignore bhai. Lets eat na..and Bhai just wants reaction. You
are reacting and thats why he is teasing." Kabir urged.

It took some jokes and funny faces for her to melt and eventually she smiled, relieving Ana and Kabir. But she had neither forgotten nor forgiven for that person was deliberately teasing her. But how could she have sat back quietly knowing he was teasing her' Raj!


She sat with Joe at the corner of the conference hall, taking notes. They had been shadowing' Maan for a while for which they had followed him to his presentation and observed the activities relating to the Company's turnover. There were a few other dignitaries and all seemed the same to Geet. She watched Joe carefully take down notes and then she looked at the people sitting around the conference table.  Every one of them dressed in black suits with matching ties, like an array of waiters, waiting to take your orders in a restaurant. She pressed her lips to hold her laughter at her imagination. There was no color but the monotonous black. Did they color-synchronise for this particular meeting or did they all wear black co-incidentally? Her brain tried to find answers as she looked at each of them carefully, her eyes squinting at her own questions and then widening at her own answers. The meeting was boring and hence, she found her muse in finding answers to the simplest of the questions. Were all of them equally rich? Were all of them painfully sarcastic as Monster Khurana?

Nah! They are better!

She bit her cheeks to hold her face throwing away her expressions and emotions at this particular question. She saw someone scratching his head a little, amidst the silence and thought of the possibilities of the moment when she found out that man wearing a wig!

He had been so engrossed in the meeting all this time until the slideshow projected a Thank You note and another person went up ahead to carry the meeting forward. He took this chance to turn his head towards a particular corner where his intern sat, grasping whatever knowledge that had been thrown on them. Or, so he thought!

His eyes widened in shock when he found his female intern busy looking at the ceiling for no apparent reason and smiling to herself when the new presentation had already started! Joe was in his right minds, jotting down points and analysing his thoughts but that woman's mind was nowhere near the conference! He couldn't believe she was wasting this opportunity like this! Spacing out! His fists clenched under the table as he glared at her, hoping to catch her attention!

Did he say 'attention'?? Because that 'unlikeable woman' had none!

She felt a piercing gaze at her and looked around only to find a pair of black orbs spitting fire, focussed at her. She gasped and the pen she was playing with fell on the ground making a loud noise in the otherwise silent room. Everyone's head riveted towards her and she quickly picked up the pen and looked back at her boss with hooded eyes, and the attention from everyone made her cringe!

He scrunched his brows angrily and gestured her to concentrate. He had the extreme urge to speak and tell her to focus but he couldn't, in front of everyone! He hated people who had no sense of their own life! She was proving to be one of them.

She quickly nodded and looked down at her notepad, wishing with all her might that everyone forgot about her. and from the looks, she knew her boss was displeased and she was going to get an earful soon enough!

The meeting ended within an hour and she sighed in relief! She had always liked things bright and chirpy. Boring, dull things held her attention for a very short period of time. She walked out, slowly, behind Joe after everyone had gone away.

"Miss Handa!"

She jumped with the voice and turned to see his stand by the door..almost as if waiting for her. And by the look he carried, she knew she was a goner.

"ye...yes sir?"

"Meet me after lunch. We have a serious business to talk about."

He was gone. The tall, broad shoulders clad in black walked away from her, making her miserable and scared at the same time. Things just weren't smooth on the tenth floor!

A knock brought him back to reality from the world of work and he checked the time.

"Come in." He kept working on his file and convinced himself mentally to not lose his mind.

She peeked her head in through the gap first and noticing him busy, she shot a quick prayer to her Kanha and ventured into the lion's den.

"Good afternoon Sir." She spoke meekly.

He breathed in sharply, "take a seat Miss Handa!"

He was offering a seat? He had never done that before, especially to his interns. She recalled the last time he had been mad at her, he had asked her to just leave the organization. Would he fire her today? Gulping down, she took ample time to settle down in front of him.

A few minutes of silence felt like eons to her! Why couldn't he just be done with her than make her wait? She straightened when he kept the file away and looked straight at her, his hands on the table, fingers entwined. His looked with a straight-face that gave away nothing which scared her even more.

"So, care to explain what that was about?"

She didn't know what to say or how to answer that question even though she had every urge to tell him how boring the meeting was.

He watched her fidget with her fingers, looking down and he knew well she didn't have any answers. He sighed and leaned back on his chair, "Listen Miss Handa, do you realize how lucky you are to even be here at the Khurana Empires? And you are working under me, get that straight. I want no compromise on any front. If I found you slacking off the next time, be prepared to go home. I do not entertain people who do not take their job seriously."

She kept looking down. She had known by now that he was a disciplinarian and he liked things to perfection. She could very well see it in front of her, with the kind of work that he handled and with the kind of people he hired.

" sorry sir. It won't happen again!"

"Umm." He replied with an air of arrogance, "This is my last warning. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir." She nodded.

She had been around him enough to not curse him for the ultimatum. Even though he had been a jerk to her outside office, she had somehow started respecting him on the professional front. That was the only time he wasn't a jerk to her. in fact, he gave his interns chances to prove themselves. Joe was doing good... better than her and if this kept up, he would have his portfolio climb a notch higher when it came down to placements. And she needed a job to survive.
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Chapter 8

Chapter 10

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Thanks for pm
Refreshing update,i soo loved masn geet one on one bickering about Raj and awaara...
Uff maan wants to tease ana but it railed geet up...
For sure he is getting on geet nerves both in and out of office...
Omg how many more names geet was going to Cal maan starting monster khurana to jerk!!!!! Wink LOL
Ana date was a blast Embarrassed
Maan actually gave geet two chances to rectify her mistakes...
He actually send the feather back to her hmmm
Waiting for next
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Lovely update di!!
Loved it
Geet was overwrought as she couldn't find her blue green feather 
Geet was feeling low and distracted during the presentation which didn't go unnoticed by the scrutinize eyes of maan
Maan took out his frustration over Geet for spacing out and goofing off in the presentation and geet was hurt once again due to maan's demeanor yet she knew that she was the reason behind maan's temperament
Maan realised reason behind geet's mindset and returned back her valuable feather to her through his own gesture
Geet was delighted and overwhelmed when she got her feathers back and thought of conveying thanks to maan
A smile adorned on maan's face seeing her antics of saying thanks yet he gave his statement to keep things safe!!
Ana shared her new found endurance for Arjun with geet and geet's frame of mindset yet again ruined by maan by touching the wrong chords of geet's nerve by calling the pup as Raj
The duo ana and kabir tried to cheerup geet's mood with their light-hearted talk
Geet again came under maan's hawk eyes for her conduct and maan cautioned her not to repeat the same!!

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Thanks for the update and pm as well
Will be waiting for the next update
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Maan is becoming more n more mad at her.. wonder what is in store for her until he falls for her Big smile
Lovvving the storyyy
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nice update..
waiting for next update..
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