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Wowww. Fabolousss Big smile
So maan give pet name Raj LOL which trigger Ana n Geet
Eheheh so now Geet wl work under maan
Waiting for nxt Smile
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

update, anyone?

Yes Please..
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Of course  ^_^ waiting 
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Awesome update... geet under maan...goood ...puppy names r Oh My God... waiting fr next update... mainly heart pendant gift is super...
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Oh god... maan is too much ok... he named the dog raj... how mean of him... n poor geet she was like yeh kya hua...

So finally some new twist... geet will be working under the man who does not like her n vice versa. .. ab tho maaza aayega..
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Happy Diwali...albeit a late one!LOL

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8.The Tenth Floor Chronicles I

Monday could well have been renamed as Monster-Day. Not because it gave you the blues but it also gave her a real Monster...who even carried a surname called Khurana!

Monster Khurana!

She sighed as she packed her books and got ready to leave. She stopped and looked back at Kanha, "I have never dreaded a day such as today!"

Her eyes fell on the blue-green feather by Kanha's feet and she sighed in relief. She stuffed it within her notebook and went to college. She met up with Ana who arrived in her new car and seemed so ecstatic about it. They had two lectures to attend before they went to their respective works.

"You seem too chirpy on a Monday morning. What's up woman?"

Ana blushed a bit, "Arjun called last night, to wish me on my birthday!"

"He was late!" Geet poked.

"Yeah he apologised about that because he hadn't known it until he had checked Facebook but it was a sweet gesture."

Geet grinned, "So sweet that your cheeks are burning red?"

Ana flushed but couldn't control her smile, "Geet, stop it."

"Fine. But when is the date?"



The promotion from the 7th floor to the 10th floor, however welcoming, had not put her at ease for two reasons. First, because she knew that a certain person didn't like her at all for some unknown reasons. Second, that dastardly monster had named the dog Raj! Whatever love she had harboured for that innocent pup had all been flushed down the drain!

"Good Morning people. Welcome to your new place." Adi greeted the duo and walked them around the floor, briefing them about their work.

"Maan Sir will see you in a while. Till then make yourself comfortable."
He had left her with Joe, her friend who would work with her under Maan. They sat in their cubicles, right adjacent to Maan's cabin, taking in the grandeur of the area. She remembered this place well but it held a lot more mortals that it had on a Saturday of the past. She saw women, sophisticatedly dressed but carrying themselves with poise and pride and she saw men, dressed in crisp shirts and dress pants, carry an aura of formality in them. Kabir's floor had a little bit of casual air that made people comfortable in their own skin. But the 10th floor was impeccably disciplined and silent!

She watched him in awe as he walked in, with strides that screamed out who was the boss. Everyone stood up and she did too.

He stopped by their cubicle and looked at her for a brief moment.

"Meet me in my cabin in 5 minutes."

And he was gone.

She had been awed by his presence because his presence demanded that. But deep within, she knew he was a Monster. A mean monster that happened to name a pup as Raj!

How dare he!

His cabin had just remained as she had seen the last time, dark and silver and the same bookshelf and the same awards and certificates. What changed were the closed blinds on the floor-to-ceiling glass wall! And he sat on his chair like a mighty king, telling them what to do and what not to.

"You both must know that you are here because you were slightly better than others! Nothing exceptional but a little better. Your task here is to prove me that you deserve to stay. If am proven wrong, you can go back to the 7th floor, for all I care!"

She had listened to him well but hated his guts! He was too proud!

He felt cold daggers on him and looked up to find the unlikeable' woman glaring down at him.

"Any questions Miss Handa?"

She blinked away and shook her head, "No Sir."

"Then please don't waste your time and mine."

She opened her mouth to retort but she settled for a curt nod.

She sat with Joe, discussing about the project that had been handed over to them by the MD himself. It was some ongoing project and he wanted a report on it right before lunch! She liked the silence of the floor as she did her work and Joe did his, occasionally discussing about important things. She took out her notebook to jot down some points and found her blue-green feather neatly tucked between the pages. A smile crept on her lips of an assurance that her Kanha was with her and she resumed her work.

As such she had been angry at him for the naming ceremony they had the previous night but it seemed Monster Khurana didn't have enough! He had been okay with Joe's work...not happy but okay that he had to make a few corrections but that man had refused to see hers after just two pages!

"You call this a report?" he threw her file on the desk and watched her like a hawk, his eye lashes thinning down as he focused his gaze on her red face! He looked displeased but she wondered how he even kept his voice calm! She was so shocked to be at the receiving end of such remarks!

"Is something wrong?" she asked, meekly, unsure and a little scared. Monday was indeed proving to be Monster-Day!

"I ask questions here Miss Handa, not you!" he replied coldly, making her wince.

"And I asked you do you call this a report?"

She felt damn angry at his arrogance! Who was he in the first place?

"I did as you asked me to..."

"Of course not! You did nothing even remotely as close to deserve an Okay! Do you really want to work here?" he leaned back on the chair, folding his arms across his chest, looking at the intern who had no idea what she was working on!

She felt embarrassed and looked down, " sorry if you didn't like it. Its my first day here and I have no idea..."

"I don't buy excuses Miss Handa. Get that straight! If you didn't know, make an effort to ask before doing absolute bullshit to the work given to you!"

She burned red, out of anger and embarrassment. And she had nothing to say. If he didn't like it, he could have simply asked her to redo it! What was the need to give a lecture?

He watched her keenly, waiting for her to speak something but then he knew he was pretty much done! He checked the time and got up to leave.

"I want a new report by the end of the day! And if you don't understand, please put an effort to help yourself!" his sour words just ruined her mood. And he
wasn't even telling her politely.

She walked back to her cubicle with a sullen face and slumped on her seat!
"hey Geet", Joe asked softly, knowing how upset she was, "Lets go for lunch. Come on, don't be upset. You will do fine!"

"Am okay. You go ahead Joe."

"Are you sure?"


She rested her head on her table, thinking where she could have gone wrong. The floor was almost empty with people flocking the cafeteria for food which gave her a much needed space to gather her thoughts. He was a rude man, no doubt about that! She stayed low for a long time until she felt someone softly tapping her head.

"Hey Mi Bella... how is work going?" Kabir's cheerful voice was like a soft balm to her.

She raised her head up to see him smile down at her. He had taken off his coat, loosened his tie and left a few top buttons of his shirt open, making him look absolutely gorgeous of a man!

"hey." She spoke weakly.

He pulled her chair a little back and perched himself up on her table in that little cubicle, "Work...not good I guess!" he spoke thoughtfully, gauging her reaction.

That sigh she let out gave away her distress.

"What happened Geet? Tell me. I know my brother can be very difficult at times so yeah, you can tell me!"

She looked at his curious face and told him earnestly how Maan Khurana just didn't like her report to which he only smiled.

"you are smiling? I just don't know how to start all over again Kabir!"

He shook his head, "You know what, Bhai wants things to happen the way he sees it! He didn't like something means he wouldn't let that go easily."

"Then what do I do?" she made a baby face.

"For starters, let's go and have lunch first. I personally believe empty stomach is the home of disasters!"

"But I have to complete the report..."

He stood up, held her hand and dragged her out, "not with an empty stomach. And about the report, I think I can help you a little. But just don't tell Bhai Okay?"

She smiled and walked with him, "Yeah.Thanks Kabir. But what are you doing here on this floor?"

"Came to see you. Kind of worried about Bhai eating you alive. So I had to check for myself!"

She felt better. They had a very relaxing lunch with Kabir cracking some office jokes and her face fell the moment he walked her back to the 10th floor!

"Now, where is that Adi?", Kabir looked around.

"Adi sir?"

The moment Geet uttered his name, he appeared like a fairy, right at that moment.

"he he he you called for me Sir?" he adjusted his specs over his nose.

"yes Adi, what are you doing? You are supposed to help the interns understand the requirements but no!"

The playfulness in Kabir's voice could lift anyone's mood. Geet watched him put a hand around Adi's shoulder and instruct him to help the interns until they are settled.

"Worry not Mi Bella! Adi is here to help. Anything, just anything and he will be there. And if you need me, just call me. okay?"

She nodded happily and settled with Adi who told her what she should target for. She found Adi sir, simple and very dedicated and he was glad to help. Adi carried on with his work while she walked behind him, making notes.

He had come back from an important meeting and found her walk up and down the aisle of cubicles, fanning herself with some goddamned blue-green feather, lost in her thoughts! For a newcomer, she did have a lot of guts, trying to answer him back. But she didn't know who she was dealing with. He shook his head and went ahead with his schedule.


Light from the setting sun had not been as beautiful ever as she was witnessing now. She had walked into his cabin to submit her report and she was welcomed by the orange-y emptiness of the room. The blinds of the glass wall had been pulled away and beyond stacks of buildings, the mighty sun dipped a little lower each passing minute, leaving behind slowly waning amber colored warmth in its wake. She stood rooted for a while, taking in the sight of the room, flooded in shades of light and couldn't help walking towards the wall that presented her the most spectacular view of the Big Apple bathing in the fuzzy warmth of the dying star. Sky-scrapers lower and higher greeted her with their elegance and design but never bend down to acknowledge her presence!

Satisfied with her admiration, she decided to leave. He was out and if he found her that she was in his cabin without his permission, she was pretty sure he would send her back to the 7th floor.

She smirked, that wouldn't be bad, would it?

She turned to leave when she noticed the bookshelf to her side. She looked at his collection and marveled at the number and its kind. He had a varied range of books, starting from the business ones to encyclopedias, from self-help books to motivational ones, some fiction and some non-fiction. But there was one strange book that caught her attention, stacked between huge fat books, the spine read- Krsna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

She would have dwelled further had it not been the sound of the door opening and a certain man stepping inside.

"Excuse me!" he asked, wondering what that woman was look for!

She turned back with a start and froze at being caught like this, in his cabin, without his permission and touching his books!

"Miss Handa, what are you doing here?" he gave her a stern look. He absolutely hated distractions. And more than that, he hated people who intruded his privacy.
She knew well, that suppressed voice! She knew he was raging inside and had every urge to scream at her because she watched his fists clench by his sides. She gulped down her saliva and extended the papers.

"I..I just wanted to submit the report!"

He narrowed his brows at her, "then what are you waiting for?"


"Do I need to host a special ceremony to commemorate this event?" he bit out the words caustically, that made her cringe.

"No..I was just.."

She couldn't even complete.

"Miss Handa! Please do the needful and get out of my cabin!"

He was cold. He was mean. He was bitter. He was a Monster!

She bit her lips, resisting the urge to just go and abuse him verbally and rushed out, flushed and red, keeping the report on his table.

He ran his fingers against his hair and went to his chair. With a swift move, he locked the door effectively, using a button and rested his head back on the chair. The meeting had been mentally exhausting and Miss Handa was just making things difficult. It wouldn't be long when he would lose his calm. Self control had to be mastered when he dealt with morons on a daily basis and this woman was proving to be another addition to it.

It was almost dinner time when he was done with the overseas call and realized everyone was gone. He sighed and got up to leave when his eyes fell on the report left by Miss Handa. He had no more patience left, for he was a mere mortal and he had his limits too. He walked out, holding his coat in the crook of his elbow, dragging his feet when he stepped on something shiny in the dim lights. he looked down and sighed at the carelessness. He picked up the blue-green feather and placed it on his table carefully, before walking ou

Chapter 7

Chapter 9

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maan is so heartless type ..waise wo esa kyu he ye jaane k liye i have to read previous chapters .will do it soon ..geet ko kitna pareshan kar k rakha he ..but kuch bhi kaho maan kiyahi personality sabko diwana ban k rakhti he and i m in love with this MSK avatar..
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