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Part 4
Maan didn't like the way Geet ran and hugged Raj...
Ana is sweet...
Cont soon...
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Part 3
Awesome and Beutiful parts..
Laga tha maan hai par nikala kabir ana toh bach gayi maan ka gussa sa par humara dil tut gaya na maaneet ko na dekha kar Wink
Kabir na maan ka call recieve kia tha toh ana bachane chala aya aur protective bro ka tarha geet par gusaa kia par ana na situation handle kar lia aur kabir and geet ki friendship ho gaya aur kabir toh geet sa flirt karna laga hai..
Barish and taxi na milna sa geet phasi hui hai road ma ek tree ka nicha and maan vi wahi hai and geet ka apne kanha ka saath cribing and harkato sa uska entertainment ho raha hai lol..
Part 4
Geet apne kanha sa pura day ki baatein share kar rahi hai akeli hai aur kaun hai jisa wo baat karegi..
Ana na geet ka saath dayout plan kia hai and kabir unka driver hai and finally maaneet ki meeting hui and adi toh cupid ka role kar raha hai unka meeting ma and maan geet ko dinner ka liya invite karta hai geet badi muskil sa agree hui par raj ka ane sa wo kya karegi sochna ma hai par raj ka saath dinner ma jati hai..
Waiting for next part..
Thanks for pm..
Sorry for my late comment
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Awesome ss. nice update. waiting for next ...plzcont soon
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 5. "I Was Born Again Because of Your Love But..."

"...But I Died of the Same Reason."

She sat with Raj, feeling extremely sad. They had enjoyed their time so much that she had forgotten the world. The previous night he had surprised her with his visit and they had dinner together, laughing and talking about anything and everything under the sun. And he had taken her out for a tour of NYC this morning. But he would be going away. His flight was in a few hours and they sat in the restaurant having lunch!

"Hey Miss Universe, how can I go if you make such pathetic faces?" Raj tried to lighten up her mood.

"I am not making pathetic faces!" she mumbled, playing with her noodles.

"Geet, I am on an official tour yaar... I know it was a short visit but I promise, Pooja and I will visit you during Christmas!"

"I know." She sighed.

"Then what are you upset about?"

She shook her head, "Raj, you know I want to complete my studies but then uncle and aunty asking me to visit some's so unfair! Don't I deserve time for myself?"

Raj looked at her forlorn face and didn't know if she had lost her charm because of the love she held for him or for the fact that she was so lonely. He, in fact, felt lucky that she loved him so much but her share of love was something he couldn't give her. It belonged to Pooja. But he loved her, nevertheless. She was his closest friend ever!

"Listen Geet, don't worry about it. Take all your time and do whatever your heart desires. I will talk to uncle and aunty. You shall not be forced into something that you don't want!"

She looked deep into his eyes and felt herself drown in their depth. She saw conviction in them and she knew he supported her. Her heart melted with the care he showered upon her. That was enough! That was enough love she could ever ask from him.

She slowly walked back home, her steps lingering and dragging along the pavement. Raj was on his way to the airport and she was left with nothing. Her cell beeped.

"Bye, Miss Universe. See you soon."

A small smile crept on her lips, "Eyi Mr. America, you couldn't stay away from me for 15 minutes, could you?"

She heard him laugh on the other side and her heart warmed up with its sound.

"Bye Raj. Take care."

"Bye. And you better take care of yourself. I will call."

It was dusk when she reached home and sat down to complete her notes. It was then she realized that she had to update Ana about their pending assignment too. She finally took out her phone and found 10 missed calls from Ana.

Maan wiped the sweat on his forehead as he walked across the hall and found his sister sitting on the couch with a sad look. He picked up a bottle of water and plumped on the couch beside her. Ana didn't seem to notice.

He patted her head lovingly, "What happened?"

Ana turned to see him and slid into his arms, sighing sadly, "Nothing bhai."

He rubbed her arms, "You can lie to Kabir, not me. Do you realize that?" he spoke

Ana took a deep breath in, "Its about Geet."

The name made him cringe and he versioned her public display of affection of the previous night. For some unknown reasons, he just didn't like her presence.

"What about Geet?"

"We have this assignment to complete and she has got the materials. I have called her almost ten times now and she isn't responding. We have to submit it tomorrow."

His jaws clenched. He had never liked that woman and this just made him dislike her a little more. He thought for a while and looked at Ana, "Listen Antara, don't trust people easily. I know you are a grown up now, but you need to be careful."

It took some time for Ana to understand the context and her eyes widened in surprise, "Bhai no...geet is not like that!"

"You should know better!" Maan shrugged and went for a shower.

Ana kept thinking about those words, worried and sad till she was called for dinner! Maan noticed her fallen face and sighed.

"Did she call?"

"No." she answered dejectedly, "she might be busy with family, right?"

It was more of assuring herself, Maan knew but he didn't say anything after that, leaving it on her to learn things of her own. As much as he hated his sister losing credits, he disliked her friend more to have done this to a person who cared for her so much more.

Maan finished his food and stood up, "Ana, learn whom to bring closer and whom to keep away from."

The moment he was gone, Ana's phone buzzed, making her sigh in relief.

"Geet, where were you?" she cried.

Geet smiled, "Am sorry. Am sooo sorry that I couldn't take your calls. I was with Raj. Am so sorry Ana..."

"yeah i guessed you would be busy with family but our assignment..."

Geet didn't even let her complete.

"I have done it for you!"


"Yeah. I know I had messed up so I thought why not I finish your assignment too?"

Ana could feel the mirth in her voice but she couldn't hide her surprise, "You did the assignment twice?"

"Yeah. I had actually seen your calls long time ago but I just wanted to surprise you. So I finished our assignments first and got back to you. Hope you are not angry with me!"

"Ohh gosh Geet, You are crazy! You didn't need to..."

"Shhh.. It's okay! As such I feel sad for not being with you when you had invited me for dinner... and the trouble I put you through for the assignment, I could do only this much!"

Ana was so relieved as she talked with her new found friend, laughing and giggling. Maan passed her and threw her a questioning look. She wanted to tell him about Geet but then shook her head, gesturing nothing and continued talking. She, for the first time, saw her brother being proved wrong in such an innocent way!

1 Week Later,

"Happy birthday Kanha!" she whispered the moment she opened her eyes. She stretched herself and took the idol in her hands, "We have been invited to your birthday party at the Khurana Mansion! And since we are going directly from college, you are coming with me to college too."

She washed herself and she washed her Kanha in warm water, she wiped him dry with his own towel and stuffed him nicely in her bag before rushing to college.
She was surprised to find Ana fasting. Basically, she lived on fruits!

"Dadima, mamma and I fast on janmashtami every year Geet. And am so excited that you are coming to my place this evening. Dadima is so excited to meet you."

"Yeah, my Kanha is excited to visit your place too."

"Whatt? You got your Kanha with you?" Ana squealed.

"Shhh. He is in the bag. Now come on. Lets finish the class and get home quickly."


She had never been this expressive in the past few months than what she had been in the last 5 minutes. Khurana Mansion was a place of dreams perhaps. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the house was something straight out from the movie to her. The huge mansion stood in the middle of a huge lawn,
beautifully lined with Bonsais and fountains. The driveway itself was quite a long route and she had her mouth hung till the ground, figuratively.

"Hey, what are you thinking? Come In." Ana held her hand and pulled her in. If she thought the mansion was beautiful, then she had no idea how to describe the interiors. The hall was huge and the grand staircase, carpeted with the costliest rug and the army of servants scurrying around made her realize how timid her existence was!

"this is so beautiful Ana..." she murmured, looking around.

"All thanks to Mamma. She has this OCD for home decor!"

she blinked a couple of times to get the entire house captured in one gaze but it was way too difficult. Giving up, she followed Ana to her room and both the ladies freshened up. Ana wore a beautiful pink lehenga while Geet dressed in a plain mono-color cotton chudidaar, light blue from top to bottom.

Dadima watched a beautiful woman descend down the stairs, her curly hairs let loose and her hands clutching a Radha-Krishna idol. she had known Geet's love for Krishna from Ana but seeing her with her kanha with her own eyes had given her such happiness that she couldn't help kiss her forehead when Geet took

After exchanging pleasantries, Geet kept her Kanha with bal-gopal of the khurana house when Kabir, dressed in white kurta-chudidaar entered with a smile.

"Oh My god... Geet! You look absolutely beautiful." He took her hand and pressed a kiss at the back of her hand and she immediately pulled back.

"Thank you." She spoke meekly.

She met the entire Khurana family and loved the way they welcomed her. But her eyes searched for that intimidating aura that had left her restless some time back. When something rattles you, you look forward to not facing it. Same was with Geet. But her thoughts halted the moment she watched him walk down the stairs, folding the sleeves of his peach colored kurta. She was awed just by the way he carried himself and then he looked up. Their eyes met once again and the feelings returned.

He had not forgiven her for troubling Ana and her presence in his house made him feel sad about his little sister. She was naive and she had no idea of the world and its people.

His glare burned her as she felt uncomfortable with his orbs peering down at her with such intensity that she looked away, getting scared. She felt intimidated; he was unapproachable, she knew now and perhaps had too much attitude to have made her feel so.

The priest read the Holy Scriptures describing the birth of Krishna as everyone sat around. Geet kept away from Maan and sat with Ana and Kabir, listening to their banter and laughing. It was almost ten when the ritual got over and everyone got up to take a break before it struck midnight.

She stood beside Ana who was munching an apple when Ana's father called the boys for a round of drinks. She was surprised to see dadima and Mrs Khurana frown.

He laughed, "Come on Ladies, you celebrate Krishna birth by fasting, we do by drinking. Don't we Maan?"

Geet giggled and Maan looked at her. she gulped down her laughter and looked away.

"Right Dad. Dadima, we don't fast. So, there are no restrictions on us!" he supported his father.

"Man, I was hungry." Kabir hopped in, carrying a bag of chips and offered to Geet and Ana.

Ana declined, munching her apple while Geet took a few and popped in the crunches.


Dadima was surprised. She had formed her own idea of Geet from what Ana had described about her. She knew of Geet and her love for Kanha but she hadn't expected such deviation from the rules.

"Geet beta, you are fasting right!"

Geet smiled, "No dadima."

Maan and Mr. Khurana took to the bar and watched the confrontation happening. Most amusing to Maan was the bewildered look of his strong dadima's face. Needless to say, that arrogant woman had surprised his grandmother, a woman of strong stature and willpower now seemed fazed.

"But you are a Kanha devotee right? And we know you worship him. Then why?"

"Yes dadima, I am. I worship but I don't believe in starving myself."

She watched dadima who was not convinced and she realized she was a staunch believer in tradition and a Krishna devotee. Many, like dadima, never understood her relation with kanha.

She knew dadima was angry. She didn't show it but she was. She took a deep breath in and walked in front of dadima.

"Dadima, Kanha had been with me long before even I can remember. More than a God, he is my friend. He is my only family. I love him as much as you do but tell me, do we need to starve ourselves in order to prove our love to him?"

Dadima just looked at her, unable to form answer.

"I don't believe fasting just one day would take us any closer to Him in any aspect. I mean no offence because everyone is free to believe what they wish to but in my view, do I even need to prove to him how much I love him or respect him by giving up on food and water? He knows Dadima, He sees it every single day. A child loves his mother but does he go and confess his love to her every single say?"

"No." dadima could just whisper.

"But still, the mother knows. More than anything else, Kanha is my friend and it's his birthday today. Gives us all the more reason to celebrate."

Maan pressed his lips and heard her, twirling his glass of whiskey, contemplating her words. Not that he was any religious person but she was legit. He hated to agree with her but deep down, he knew she was right. Was she the same person who had abandoned his sister for some guy?

Dadima kissed Geet's forehead, "May you get someone just like your Kanha."

Geet smiled and looked around for Ana. Worst, she saw him gazing at her intently.

Why kanha?

She failed to understand that man. He drank and talked to his father and brother but he kept looking at her which made her feel uncomfortable. Didn't have some shame?

Midnight rolled in as they sat around the swing and welcomed Kanha. Once done, she picked her kanha up in her arms and whispered in his ears, "happy birthday."

He watched her with her Kanha and failed to understand her. What was she?
Dadima called everyone for dinner and Kabir was all praises for Geet for supporting the boys.

"You know what Geet, this is the first time, someone had actually supported dad and others, though indirectly but you did.!" Ana laughed.

Geet sat beside Ana and kept her kanha right in front of her plate.

"What are you doing beta? You must not keep Him on the dining." Mrs. Khurana stopped her.

"Aunty, Kanha always eats with me."

Dadima watched Geet serve herself and Kanha on the same plate and for the first time, she realized the kind of relation Geet shared with her Kanha. It was way deeper than her or anyone's devotion...she had herself been a Krishna worshipper for a long time of her life but Geet taught her something new...a new meaning of Love for God!

"See, you have puris and kheer and paneer too. Happy?"  she separated her share and Kanha's share on the same plate and ate with absolute delight.


She had wandered off to the backyard all alone while Ana had gone to get ice creams for them. The backyard held a huge pool and the entire area had been decorated with beautiful fairy lights hanging from the bushes and fences, giving such peace that she couldn't stop admiring. She walked along the edge of the pool when she heard the familiar yet the unfamiliar voice that threw her off balance.

"You are a pretty good actress."

She jumped with that voice and lost her balance by the edge; she didn't fall though.

He caught her by her elbow and steadied her. Burning black orbs met the soft brown ones, emotions fleeting with such fierceness that she trembled.

"You can fool everyone but not me." he threw off her elbow once he knew she was steady.

She had not expected anything good from his side but she had not expected this rudeness too.

"What do you mean?" she asked, meekly though.

He held an aura that made her shiver and he seemed too big a personality that overshadowed her presence.

"Listen Miss Geet. I know you cheap people very well, trying to rope in innocents for their name and money. But dare you hurt my sister, I will not spare you. Remember that!"

She stood numb with his rudeness. Tears threatened her eyes; what did she do to deserve such a thing? He was one mean, rude and arrogant man. She had been so happy the whole evening and love of the Khuranas had overwhelmed her. But one rude man just ruined it all. One rude man just made her realize that she was not welcomed at all. Maybe with open arms but not with open hearts! She was not a weak person but then she had been just so happy.

He walked back into the mansion the moment he heard Ana call out for Geet.
Geet quickly wiped away her tears and smiled back at Ana who handed her a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream. She looked over her shoulder and found that man turn back and give her one last look before vanishing into the mansion.
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Hi dear ash 
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I think i m first 

Yesss i m ... Yeee ... Happy after ages... ..

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Big smile
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Old habbit 
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